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Bronco Invitational HS

Thursday, October 21, 2010

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Meet Host - Burrillville HS
Location - Burrilliville Middle School, Burrilliville, RI
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Mens Races
5,000 Meters Varsity
5,000 Meters Junior Varsity
Womens Races
5,000 Meters Varsity
5,000 Meters Junior Varsity
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Womens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity  
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1.10Michaela Hackett18:46.00Cranston West
2.10Alexandri Hackett19:03.30Cranston West
3.12Jenna Moen19:50.50Toll Gate
4.11Rachel Orlando19:56.90Westerly
5.11Anna Dumais20:19.00Burrillville
6.10Rebecca Stamp20:19.90Cranston West
7.10Casey McGrath20:21.80Ponaganset
8.12Maggie Sheerin20:29.80Prout
9.9Jessica Elliott20:30.30Prout
10.12Connor D'Albora20:42.20Toll Gate
11.11Lauren Deguire20:43.60Mt Saint Charles
12.11Rebecca Tellier20:46.50Smithfield
13.9Victoria Matrullo20:47.40Prout
14.11Elana Zanzarov20:47.90Cranston West
15.10Danielle Dumais20:53.70Burrillville
16.11Cat Piper20:54.40St Raphael
17.12Elizabeth Hanke20:56.50Pilgrim
18.10Sarah Musard20:58.00Smithfield
19.11Paige Vargo-Willef...20:58.40Chariho Regional
20.11Brittany Sarza21:06.50Mt Saint Charles
21.9Morgan Allen21:08.00Burrillville
22.9Fiona Beltram21:09.90Ponaganset
23.10Diana Frenze21:10.60Ponaganset
24.10Danielle Stonely21:11.40St Raphael
25.9Hannah Tavares21:14.90Cumberland
26.10Adeline Hanssen21:19.10Westerly
27.11Kristen Treganowan21:21.50Woonsocket
28.12Olivia Emerick21:27.70Cranston West
29.12Melissa D'Albora21:30.90Toll Gate
30.11Laura Sullivan21:42.10Cumberland
31.10Shannon Gavel21:46.00Woonsocket
32.11Courtney Bricault21:47.20Cumberland
33.9Amber DeCristofaro21:47.80Smithfield
34.9Victor D'Agostino21:50.90Scituate
35.12Sherry Tsang21:51.80Cranston West
36.10Kelly O'Neill21:53.10Mt Saint Charles
37.12Stephanie Ward-Smith21:56.10Smithfield
38.10Esther Kwara21:57.90Cumberland
39.9Megan Wilks21:59.80Pilgrim
40.10Casey Soares22:10.70Toll Gate
41.11Maddison Moulico22:14.10Mt Saint Charles
42.11Jessica Orr22:22.70Westerly
43.10Amanda Drainville22:25.60Ponaganset
44.12Victoria Pereira22:27.70Mt Hope
45.12Marissa Page22:28.80Pilgrim
46.10Amber Lacey22:35.30Westerly
47.12Kelsey Devlin22:36.50Veterans Memorial
48.10Sienna Carraccio22:38.90Prout
49.10Kaitlyn Morrone22:42.30Westerly
50.10Lizzie Rogers22:43.70Burrillville
51.10Janelle Platt22:47.10Cumberland
52.10Sara Ryan22:49.00Narragansett
53.9Hazel Baldwin-Kress22:52.30Mt Hope
54.11Madelaine Dennis22:54.60Mt Hope
55.10Jamie Anderson22:56.70Prout
56.11Cassidy Bowers22:57.90Burrillville
57.10Rebecca Prata22:58.30Mt Saint Charles
58.10Tayla Bogan22:58.50North Smithfield
59.10Abigail Dandurand22:58.80Chariho Regional
60.11Mya McCollouch23:03.90Chariho Regional
61.12Brenna Guay23:07.20Smithfield
62.10Melissa Mardo23:07.60Cumberland
63.12Victoria Harris23:07.80Fatima
64.12Hannah DeSarro23:12.50Westerly
65.12Nastasja Rittling23:14.00Cumberland
66.10Megan Delamer23:18.00Fatima
67.11Stephanie Lizotte23:21.60Burrillville
68.12Alyssa Allyn23:22.70St Raphael
69.11Courtn Sutherland23:24.10Narragansett
70.9Rebecca Mariani23:24.90Chariho Regional
71.12Leah Coutu23:25.80West Warwick
72.11Alyssa Pawl23:28.70Mt Saint Charles
73.11Catherine Fish23:30.60Pilgrim
74.9Hiroko Yano23:34.80Lincoln Senior
75.11Kiley Quinn23:35.60Mt Hope
76.12Laine Wagner23:36.10Narragansett
77.12Victoria Ramos23:36.90Scituate
78.9Megan Scrivani23:38.90Pilgrim
79.10Elaine Ingalls23:40.90Westerly
80.10Rachael Fanning23:43.20Narragansett
81.11Amanda Brown23:44.30Smithfield
82.10Emily Pride23:46.40Pilgrim
83.9Sarah White23:46.70Prout
84.11Michelle Torres23:47.60St Raphael
85.12Maria Verdi23:48.30Toll Gate
86.11Emma Hirst23:49.80Prout
87.10Anna Hawkins23:52.30Middletown
88.12Phoebe Shuman-Good...23:54.30Ponaganset
89.11Sunny Nguyen23:58.60East Providence
90.12Emily Hebel24:00.90Middletown
91.11Cathrine Corriveau24:09.70Mt Saint Charles
92.11Stephanie Ruano24:12.10Central Falls
93.12Christina Berrios24:13.70Mt. Pleasant
94.11Elizabeth Marcotte24:19.20North Smithfield
95.11Casey Peterson24:20.00North Smithfield
96.10Angelique Domena24:24.60Mt. Pleasant
97.12Jessica Souza24:26.00North Providence
98.12Yinelly Ramos24:26.30Mt. Pleasant
99.11Sandy Kun24:26.70Juanita Sanchez
100.-Enma Cabrera24:31.70Juanita Sanchez
101.11Justyna Pietrus24:32.40Woonsocket
102.10Alondra Berrios24:35.90Mt. Pleasant
103.11Lisa Li24:37.50West Warwick
104.11Jocelyn Alexandre24:42.20Mt Hope
105.12Shannon Collins24:43.40Burrillville
106.11Victoria Botelho24:44.30Ponaganset
107.9Anne-Marie Votta24:52.70North Smithfield
108.11Alicia Andrew24:54.70Lincoln Senior
109.9Paige Ross25:07.80Chariho Regional
110.12Ellie Tarczuk25:12.60Toll Gate
111.12Emily Tessier25:23.90Middletown
112.10Angeline Marcks25:29.70Veterans Memorial
113.12Brittany Morrison25:32.60North Providence
114.11Katelyn Belleville25:35.60Woonsocket
115.11Emily Shanoski25:36.90Charles E Shea
116.11Stephanie Espino25:44.40Central Falls
117.12Joneirys Baez25:47.40Juanita Sanchez
118.10Emily Cabrera25:48.50Juanita Sanchez
119.12Caroline Bertram25:50.40Scituate
120.10Andrea Pereira25:52.00Mt Hope
121.10Audrey Chadwick25:53.60West Warwick
122.11Haile Kadisevskis25:55.80Woonsocket
123.10Alexandra Mink26:00.50Scituate
124.11Lauren Romano26:02.40Ponaganset
125.12Danielle Snodgrass26:04.10Rogers
126.9Lauren Rochefort26:07.20Woonsocket
127.12Anyela Valdez26:10.20Davies Career and Te...
128.12Holly Webb26:14.90Central Falls
129.10Wenli Frazier26:15.40Pilgrim
130.9Victoria Soares26:16.20Veterans Memorial
131.9Sarah Palmer26:16.40Fatima
132.11Jessie McDonald26:17.70Veterans Memorial
133.9Amanda Matuszek26:20.00Tolman
134.10Stella Alobwede26:28.30Woonsocket
135.-Haide Munoz26:29.60Hope
136.10Jordan Scott26:40.20Lincoln Senior
137.9Jamie Iacofano26:41.60Lincoln Senior
138.10Sarah LaMountain26:54.40West Warwick
139.11Janielle Charbonneau27:00.40West Warwick
140.11Nelsy Reyes27:03.50Hope
141.9Lisa Mongeau27:04.10Tolman
142.9Jenny Mongeau27:12.40Tolman
143.12Sasha Oyenuga27:19.10Mt. Pleasant
144.10Kasey Mowry27:25.20North Smithfield
145.10Brittany Black27:26.20Tolman
146.10Hanna Desforges27:27.50Narragansett
147.11Melissa Sequin27:42.40Davies Career and Te...
148.9Hannah Nahes27:43.40East Providence
149.12Fatima Paye27:49.20Davies Career and Te...
150.10Haileigh Baier27:52.00Middletown
151.9Zoe Cloutier28:06.00West Warwick
152.12Jessica Salisbury28:23.90North Smithfield
153.12Daniella Vitale28:25.60North Smithfield
154.12Karla Morales28:28.70Mt. Pleasant
155.10Hannah Coderre28:30.10St Raphael
156.9Jackeline Sequen28:57.80Davies Career and Te...
157.11Virginia Casado Ga...28:58.40Narragansett
158.9Allison Stopyra29:06.40Veterans Memorial
159.9Emma Gilbert29:10.40Lincoln Senior
160.9Zahra Ahmed29:14.50Tolman
161.12Nicole Haar29:20.00East Providence
162.11Tara Stanzione29:22.30Tolman
163.-Racquel Vasquez29:24.10Juanita Sanchez
164.11Chelsliegh Gomez29:33.30Fatima
165.9Alexis DiGiacomo29:35.40Veterans Memorial
166.11Kenia Merci29:51.00Central Falls
167.11Celina Rodriques30:09.20East Providence
168.11Sandra Semedo30:15.50Juanita Sanchez
169.11Carmela Wilkins30:47.80Davies Career and Te...
170.12Nicole Gracie30:50.10West Warwick
171.9Brenna Bilodeau32:16.70Davies Career and Te...
172.12Elizabet Bradshaw33:40.30St Raphael
173.-Kelyn Salazar33:56.20Central Falls
174.-Josepha Nix34:28.50Juanita Sanchez
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