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Mens Results

4 Mile Men  

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1.SrChris Mcphee20:28 PRDetroit Mercy
2.JrPaul Pobursky20:31 PREastern Michigan
3.-David Ernsberger20:38 PRCentral Michigan
4.SoFeder Estelus20:41 PREastern Michigan
5.SrMatt Miller20:48 PRSiena Heights
6.JrNick Allen20:50 PRWayne State (MI) Uni...
7.-Ron Miller.20:56 PRCentral Michigan
8.FrJoe Borg20:57 PREastern Michigan
9.JrJoe Verellen21:01 PRWayne State (MI) Uni...
10.-Billy VanVianen21:02 PRSiena Heights
11.-Kevin Smith21:03 PRFront Line Racing Team
12.SoJason Bruscha21:03 PROakland University
13.-Brian Terpak21:06 PRCentral Michigan
14.FrAdam Frezza21:11 SROakland University
15.SoBrandon Fisk21:12 PROakland University
16.JrMatt Wehrman21:14 PREastern Michigan
17.JrEd Garza21:18 PRWayne State (MI) Uni...
18.FrJohn Cook21:19 PROakland University
19.SoBrian Goodwin21:24 SRWayne State (MI) Uni...
20.JrMatt Zissler21:25 PRCentral Michigan
21.SrKurt Brinker21:26 PROakland University
22.SoRyan Wilman21:27 PREastern Michigan
23.SoRichard Streeter21:30 PRCanisius
24.JrMatt Doyle21:33 PRCanisius
25.SoTim Dubuc21:33 PRSiena Heights
26.-Chris Schiemann21:37 PRCentral Michigan
27.SoMike Buslepp21:37 SRWayne State (MI) Uni...
28.-Eric Stambolec21:38 PRFront Line Racing Team
29.FrPaul Kulisek21:43 SROakland University
30.JrMike Wilusz21:45 PRCentral Michigan
31.SoCharlie Stamboulian21:47 PRWayne State (MI) Uni...
32.SrRyan Bills21:49 PRSiena Heights
33.SrKevin Donovan21:49 PROakland University
34.JrCiaran Carter21:49 PRDetroit Mercy
35.Paul Aufdemberge21:50Running Fit
36.SoJames Wahl21:51 PRCanisius
37.JrMike Withee21:52 PROakland University
38.SoMATT HOO22:00 PRDetroit Mercy
39.SrEric Edwards22:01 PRSiena Heights
40.JrRyan Molloy22:01 PRWayne State (MI) Uni...
41.FrMatt Kaczor22:02 PRCentral Michigan
42.FrPat Klein22:06 PROakland University
43.-Greg Feucht22:08 PRFront Line Racing Team
44.JrGabe Wordell22:10 PROakland University
45.SoZachary Palcic22:14 PRCanisius
46.SoDave Renne22:15 PROakland University
47.JrChris Burns22:15 PRWayne State (MI) Uni...
48.FrMark Moher22:16 PRWayne State (MI) Uni...
49.JrJosh Burt22:18 PRWayne State (MI) Uni...
50.FrRobert Haefner22:20 PRCanisius
51.Andy Artiaga22:21unatt-Adrian
52.-Nick Scaedig22:21 PRCentral Michigan
53.-James Furkis22:22 PRFront Line Racing Team
54.SoChris Samborn22:22 SREastern Michigan
55.JrRyan Bissell22:29 SROakland University
56.SrNick Tabb22:35 PRSiena Heights
57.SoLuke Williams22:36 PROakland University
58.SrGeoffrey Koch22:40 PRCanisius
59.FrMatt Nistor22:41 SROakland University
60.SrKenneth Bigos22:45 PRCanisius
61.Dave Peterson22:47Running Fit
62.-Andre Lefort22:49 PRWestern Ontario
63.FrKellan Stephens22:55 PRCentral Michigan
64.JrAdam Webb22:56 PRSiena Heights
65.-Muris Kobaslija22:57 PRCanisius
66.JrJake Hunter22:58 PRSiena Heights
67.SrDan Green23:01 PREastern Michigan
68.JrKevin Hoak23:06 PRCanisius
69.FrDave Vinehout23:07 PRCanisius
70.-Ian Bedford23:18 PRFront Line Racing Team
71.SoPhil Pj Van Peursem23:24 PRCanisius
72.SoRusty Edwards23:25 PRCanisius
73.-Mike Breuckman23:27 PRMacomb
74.-Chris Smith23:30 PRWestern Ontario
75.-Matt Yacoub23:33 PRFront Line Racing Team
76.JrRob Camilleri23:39 PROakland University
77.Justin Keyes23:41unatt-Ypsi
78.JrLance Bentley23:42 PRSiena Heights
79.-Kevin Melitillo23:45 PRMacomb
80.JrJack Szczepaniuk23:50 PRDetroit Mercy
81.Eric Cliffell23:59unatt-Ypsi
82.Katie Jazwinski24:05.0unatt-Ann Arbor
83.FrBryan Kelly24:19.0 PRDetroit Mercy
84.-Scott Collins24:28.0 PRMacomb
85.-Jon Clayton24:33.0 PRMacomb
86.SoJosh Larsen25:14.0 PRSiena Heights
87.-Adam Feinstein25:18.0 PROakland University
88.SoChris Nowak25:21.0 PRDetroit Mercy
89.SoPeter Koch25:32.0 PRCanisius
90.-Mike Niemczycki25:43.0 PROakland University
91.-Rick Straub27:05.0 PRFront Line Racing Team
92.-Lord Pinint PRMacomb
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Womens Results

5,000 Meters Women  

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1.JrKristie Kieffer18:14Oakland University
2.JrKim Hemstreet18:21Detroit Mercy
3.SrRuthie Cook18:32Detroit Mercy
4.FrMelissa Nasers18:47Oakland University
5.JrMichelle Ruggero18:56Eastern Michigan
6.-Janet Gamble19:07 PRWestern Ontario
7.SrJennifer Kunst19:12Oakland University
8.SoAmy Averill19:13 SRWayne State (MI) Uni...
9.JrLynn Moore19:13 PRWayne State (MI) Uni...
10.JrSarah Debruyn19:19Eastern Michigan
11.FrKaren Johnson19:20Hillsdale
12.SrKelly McNeilance19:37Hillsdale
13.SoMarne Smiley19:37Eastern Michigan
14.FrMinna Hancock19:39Hillsdale
15.FrAileen Hoak19:42Canisius
16.JrTanya Eaton-fraser19:43Hillsdale
17.SoHeidi Frank19:43 PRWayne State (MI) Uni...
18.JrJennifer Furlong19:50Wayne State (MI) Uni...
19.JrTrudy Chase19:55Hillsdale
20.SrKristin Warner20:01Hillsdale
21.FrRenee Moncion20:02 SRWayne State (MI) Uni...
22.JrSarah Klein20:09 PRCanisius
23.SrMelissa Ludon20:12 PRWayne State (MI) Uni...
24.SrCarolyn Nugent20:17Canisius
25.SrAnna Webster20:21 SRHillsdale
26.SrTheresa Derwinski20:24Oakland University
27.SoCourtney McMahon20:27Canisius
28.FrCallie Adamson20:29Hillsdale
29.-Cecelia Lapointe20:34 PRWayne State (MI) Uni...
30.SrJulie Mielke20:35Wayne State (MI) Uni...
31.-Shayna Boland20:36 PRWestern Ontario
32.-Karen Gilbert20:37 SRWestern Ontario
33.-Adrienne Metz20:38 PRSchoolcraft
34.-Krista Peters20:44 PRDetroit Mercy
35.SoTerah Malette20:46Hillsdale
36.FrAlison Bedingfield20:51Eastern Michigan
37.-Leslie Pullen20:51 PRWestern Ontario
38.SoKari Menard20:56Canisius
39.FrKristen Kroon21:00 PRDetroit Mercy
40.FrEvie Scholl21:00Eastern Michigan
41.FrKara Coraci21:06Oakland University
42.-Mandy Hein21:06 PRSchoolcraft
43.FrJackie Dugall21:07 PRMacomb
44.-Laura Gignac21:12 PRDetroit Mercy
45.SoTanya Matthews21:12 SREastern Michigan
46.JrStephanie Colombe21:19Oakland University
47.FrSarah Kane21:22Oakland University
48.SoMolly Ison21:28Hillsdale
49.SoJennifer Calvasina21:32Canisius
50.FrStephanie Carroll21:33Hillsdale
51.-Tara Johnson21:46 PRWestern Ontario
52.FrKatie Roersma21:52Detroit Mercy
53.-Liz Dillon21:56 PREastern Michigan
54.SrLaura Finucane22:04Canisius
55.-Melissa Spencer22:05 PRMacomb
56.-Jenny Bowles22:09 PRWayne State (MI) Uni...
57.JrJennifer Bartemus22:11Canisius
58.-Kristi Whitehill22:13 PRWayne State (MI) Uni...
59.-Colleen Fradette22:17 PROakland University
60.-Christine Smith22:25 PRSchoolcraft
61.-Kristin Soli22:32 PRWayne State (MI) Uni...
62.FrTara Krukowski22:39Oakland University
63.SoRebecca Bobier22:48 SRWayne State (MI) Uni...
64.-Joanna Fleming23:06 PRMacomb
65.-Angela Alfonsi23:19 PRSchoolcraft
66.-Dawn Sykes23:24 PRSchoolcraft
67.-Katie Daniels23:35 PRMacomb
68.FrErin Doherty23:48Hillsdale
69.FrErin Porter23:51 SRWayne State (MI) Uni...
70.-Lorie Baker23:51 PRCanisius
71.SoMichele Metz24:35.0 PRSchoolcraft
72.SoKristin Martin24:49.0Oakland University
73.-Keren Casciani26:33.0 PRHillsdale
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