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SLIAC - St. Louis Intercollegiate Athletic Conference 2009 Collegiate

Saturday, October 31, 2009

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Location - Principia Campus Course, Elsah, IL
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Mens Races
4 Mile Men
Womens Races
3 Mile Women
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                                   Team Scores                                   
Rank Team                      Total    1    2    3    4    5   *6   *7   *8   *9
   1 Fontbonne College            36    4    6    7    8   11   25   31          
      Total Time:  1:47:17.00                                                    
         Average:    21:27.40                                                    
   2 Greenville College           40    2    3    9   12   14   15   19          
      Total Time:  1:48:08.18                                                    
         Average:    21:37.64                                                    
   3 Principia College            74    1    5   18   24   26   28   32          
      Total Time:  1:52:10.03                                                    
         Average:    22:26.01                                                    
   4 Spalding University          89   10   13   16   23   27   30               
      Total Time:  1:53:34.36                                                    
         Average:    22:42.87                                                    
   5 Webster University          130   17   20   21   35   37   38   39          
      Total Time:  2:00:48.93                                                    
         Average:    24:09.79                                                    
   6 Westminister College        154   22   29   33   34   36   40   41          
      Total Time:  2:05:33.26                                                    
         Average:    25:06.66                                                    
                                   Team Scores                                   
Rank Team                      Total    1    2    3    4    5   *6   *7   *8   *9
   1 Greenville College           20    1    2    4    5    8   15   17          
      Total Time:  1:37:43.87                                                    
         Average:    19:32.78                                                    
   2 Fontbonne College            43    3    6    7   13   14   18   22          
      Total Time:  1:42:46.12                                                    
         Average:    20:33.23                                                    
   3 Principia College            81    9   11   16   20   25   26   28          
      Total Time:  1:48:43.85                                                    
         Average:    21:44.77                                                    
   4 Webster University          104   10   12   19   29   34                    
      Total Time:  1:53:40.17                                                    
         Average:    22:44.04                                                    
   5 Westminister College        146   23   24   31   33   35                    
      Total Time:  2:02:00.35                                                    
         Average:    24:24.07                                                    
   5 Spalding University         146   21   27   30   32   36                    
      Total Time:  2:09:49.83                                                    
         Average:    25:57.97                                                   

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Mens Results

4 Mile Men  
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1.SoDrew Clark20:42.99Principia
2.SrRodney Oyler21:08.13Greenville
3.JrCole Prins21:11.70Greenville
4.SoEthan Blakley21:14.79Fontbonne
5.JrJeff Strickland21:21.44Principia
6.SoTodd Schulte21:22.01Fontbonne
7.JrZach Kassman21:24.48Fontbonne
8.SoMike Horn21:25.37Fontbonne
9.SoXavier Ortiz21:36.57Greenville
10.FrAlec Zeremba21:41.83Spalding
11.SoLindquist Ian21:50.35Fontbonne
12.SoLeo Pathy22:02.43Greenville
13.FrAbram Deng22:04.56Spalding
14.SoCoree Woltering22:09.35Greenville
15.JrJohn Spencer22:14.85Greenville
16.FrJJ Depasco22:15.03Spalding
17.FrBlake Harris22:20.85Webster
18.SoDuncan Wilder22:39.17Principia
19.FrRoss Baker22:51.66Greenville
20.FrRobert Hohensee22:58.84Webster
21.FrDavid Koppelmann23:12.36Webster
22.SrAlex Robertson23:14.80Greenville
23.FrVictor Stichnot23:19.50Westminster (MO)
24.SoRylan Mitchell23:29.75Greenville
25.FrAlan Hollingsworth23:34.68Greenville
26.FrCorey Dean23:35.77Spalding
27.SoAustin Kingsberry23:38.12Principia
28.JrCharles James23:43.50Blackburn College
29.SoBill Boxdorfer23:45.10Fontbonne
30.SrNathan Sharp23:48.30Principia
31.SoEvan Teiwes23:51.17Greenville
32.SoIsaiah Lawrence23:56.43Greenville
33.SoJamal Bacon23:57.16Spalding
34.FrSamuel Nickell24:00.23Principia
35.SrJohn Hardin24:06.27Westminster (MO)
36.SoJosh Wolf24:06.96Spalding
37.FrDonnaven Akins24:15.80Fontbonne
38.SrShawn Morton24:33.55Principia
39.FrEthan Ford24:37.76Greenville
40.JrPaul Thurbon25:02.99Principia
41.FrIan Straus25:03.21Principia
42.FrIkeem Mattison25:13.54Greenville
43.FrBrenton Kastelein25:15.85Greenville
44.SoAlex Wolfe25:37.99Greenville
45.SoDerek Legg25:51.33Westminster (MO)
46.JrCorwin Ryck25:57.13Westminster (MO)
47.SoTony Morales25:57.32Webster
48.SoJohn Augusti26:03.73Fontbonne
49.FrDevin Baker26:19.03Westminster (MO)
50.FrAaron Obernuefemann26:19.56Webster
51.SoNathan Pritzker26:39.56Eureka
52.JrDavid Lampe26:49.43Webster
53.FrJoel Brewer27:50.88Greenville
54.JrRobert Aaron27:56.39Webster
55.SrJon Nacewicz28:16.27Principia
56.SrChris Flake28:19.03Greenville
57.JrDavid Orzechowski28:49.59Blackburn College
58.JrRigel Valentine29:45.76Principia
59.FrDavid Strawhun30:18.16Westminster (MO)
60.SrJason List31:01.46Eureka
61.SoMichael Cooper31:20.62Westminster (MO)
62.JrMarcus Rich33:13.03Blackburn College
63.JrMatt Spangler38:11.85Blackburn College
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Womens Results

3 Mile Women  
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1.SrMichelle Sutton18:41.53Greenville
2.SrShanna Ambuehl18:55.73Greenville
3.JrRachel Hanson19:25.93Fontbonne
4.SrJennifer Sutton19:35.10Greenville
5.SrSara Schlink19:50.03Greenville
6.SoKaitlin Titsworth20:10.53Fontbonne
7.FrErica Garcia20:31.37Fontbonne
8.FrLili Castillo20:41.48Greenville
9.JrDolly Sommer20:49.39Principia
10.FrJane McKibben20:55.85Webster
11.JrKateland Oakes21:03.35Principia
12.FrJessica Parkman21:07.39Webster
13.FrKelia Hamilton21:18.63Fontbonne
14.JrMarcey Cox21:19.66Fontbonne
15.SrKatie Stouffer21:20.44Greenville
16.SoAmanda Dunlap21:21.55Principia
17.SrAlissa Kirsteatter21:42.43Greenville
18.FrAnita Kren21:47.04Fontbonne
19.SrCandace Barry22:01.63Webster
20.SrStacey Bird22:21.89Principia
21.SoPhilita Johnson22:27.04Greenville
22.FrKerry Campbell22:47.09Spalding
23.JrTricia Morris22:50.87Fontbonne
24.FrAngela Shamhart22:57.03Greenville
25.SoPradipti Rajbhandari23:02.26Westminster (MO)
26.FrEmma Ray23:03.03Westminster (MO)
27.SoHeather Libbe23:07.67Principia
28.SoAna Liuzzi23:18.24Principia
29.SrBritney Villhauer23:21.33Greenville
30.SrMary Ackerman23:31.11Eureka
31.FrLiz Schooler23:31.83Spalding
32.JrMarissa Buescher23:33.39Blackburn College
33.SoJodie Maurer23:39.63Principia
34.FrEmily Sander23:40.12Principia
35.JrFrancee VanGennip23:40.93Webster
36.FrSarah Hodge23:46.58Spalding
37.SoAmanda Orzechowski23:52.43Blackburn College
38.SoChristina Lamere23:57.55Blackburn College
39.SrJillian Bone24:04.96Westminster (MO)
40.FrSarah Cleveland24:14.12Greenville
41.FrRebecca Koltveit24:25.26Eureka
42.SrMonica Engelbreacht24:33.49Fontbonne
43.FrMirena Cissell24:47.50Spalding
44.SrLauren Brohammer24:50.93Westminster (MO)
45.SoAnne Marx25:00.39Fontbonne
46.FrJewelle Matheney25:20.65Principia
47.SrJenny Venegoni25:54.37Webster
48.FrKim Petiford26:59.17Westminster (MO)
49.FrShelbi Rodgers27:04.34Eureka
50.FrKatie Scott27:20.09Fontbonne
51.JrKate Wells27:48.93Principia
52.JrKayleigh Kavanagh28:02.73Principia
53.SoSamantha Peacock30:53.39Eureka
54.FrErica Watts34:56.83Spalding
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