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NCAA DII Conference Carolinas XC Championships 2010 Collegiate

Friday, November 05, 2010

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Meet Host - This Meet Currently Has No Host Listed
Location - McAlpine Creek Park, Charlotte, NC - Map
Mens Races

McAlpine Creek Park

8,000 Meters Men
Womens Races
5,000 Meters Women
Last Updated 4:32 AM, Thu, Nov 25


Team Scores
RANK TEAM                 SCORE AVG TIME R1 R2 R3 R4 R5 R6 R7 
1 Queens University         15 24:40.8 1 2 3 4 5 (11) (26) 
2 Mount Olive               58 25:57.0 8 9 10 15 16 (27) (29) 
3 Lees-McRae College        72 26:28.8 6 13 14 18 21 (32) (34) 
4 Belmont Abbey            131 27:46.2 19 20 23 33 36 (44) (47) 
5 St. Andrews Presbyterian 177 29:15.6 17 30 31 37 62 
6 Erskine                  179 29:44.4 7 22 35 52 63 
7 Limestone College        197 29:17.4 12 38 41 50 56 (57) (59) 
8 Pfeiffer University      203 29:09.6 28 39 40 45 51 (55) (61) 
9 Barton College           214 30:03.0 24 25 53 54 58 (60) 
10 Coker College           228 29:37.2 42 43 46 48 49
Womens 5000 Meter Run Team Scores
1 Queens University         20 18:19.2
2 Mount Olive               89 20:00.0
3 Converse College         122 20:19.8
4 Lees-McRae College        140 20:41.4
5 Belmont Abbey            149 21:01.8
6 Erskine                  150 20:55.8
7 Barton College           169 20:45.0
8 St. Andrews Presbyterian 203 21:34.2
9 Coker College            208 21:39.0
10 Limestone College       213 21:37.2
11 Pfeiffer University     267 22:36.0

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Mens Results

8,000 Meters Men  

to see charts & hypothetical scores
1.SrMichael Crouch23:55.4Queens (NC)
2.SrSimon Stuetzel24:40.6Queens (NC)
3.FrColin Guillard24:43.0Queens (NC)
4.SrNelson Mwangi25:01.9Queens (NC)
5.SoAlexander Schilling25:03.8Queens (NC)
6.JrCraig Simpkins25:19.1Lees-McRae
7.JrChas Culberson25:20.0Erskine
8.FrDalton Souza25:21.6Mount Olive
9.JrRonnie Sturgill25:40.6Mount Olive
10.JrPaul Hoffman25:43.8Mount Olive
11.JrFelix Duchampt25:52.2Queens (NC)
12.JrJustus Kirwa26:11.1Limestone
13.JrMichael Davis26:24.5Lees-McRae
14.JrSondre Thorbergsen26:24.9Lees-McRae
15.FrJamar Davis26:26.9Mount Olive
16.JrChris Menjares26:31.4Mount Olive
17.SrJames Walls26:39.3St Andrews (NC)
18.FrAustin High27:00.0Lees-McRae
19.FrTim Gill27:00.3Belmont Abbey
20.SoMartin Aucoin27:12.3Belmont Abbey
21.SoJared Lupton27:15.9Lees-McRae
22.JrMatt Diaz27:27.1Erskine
23.FrJoshua Benore27:30.1Belmont Abbey
24.SoChris Free27:41.5Barton
25.FrJonathan Stallings27:43.8Barton
26.JrStefan Liotchev27:46.1Queens (NC)
27.FrRyan Henderson27:48.1Mount Olive
28.FrCody Jones27:56.8Pfeiffer
29.FrJordan Willett27:57.8Mount Olive
30.SoMichael Hicks27:59.0Queens (NC)
31.SrDoug Holt28:06.5St Andrews (NC)
32.SrJosh Pickett28:12.4St Andrews (NC)
33.FrWill McCoy28:21.5Lees-McRae
34.FrEarl Stewart28:26.0Belmont Abbey
35.JrConnor Gray28:26.9Lees-McRae
36.FrErasmo Ordonez28:37.9Mount Olive
37.JrRobert McCarthy28:38.4Erskine
38.FrStefan Schluter28:41.8Belmont Abbey
39.FrNick Springston28:42.3Mount Olive
40.SrTommy Wilson28:43.8St Andrews (NC)
41.SoMike Mercier28:49.5Limestone
42.SoWill Oliver28:52.7Pfeiffer
43.FrGreg Kielar29:07.4Pfeiffer
44.FrNick Runnells29:13.2Limestone
45.SrAustin McJunkins29:14.7Coker
46.SoQuinn Wenger29:18.9Coker
47.JrJordan Gillespie29:21.5Lees-McRae
48.FrDarren Balkey29:24.9Belmont Abbey
49.SoChris Etienne29:26.0Mount Olive
50.SrMarc Holaday29:26.1Mount Olive
51.FrDoni McCarty29:32.5Lees-McRae
52.FrCody Bivens29:36.0Pfeiffer
53.SoBritian Tomlinson29:38.7Coker
54.FrBradley Benore29:41.9Belmont Abbey
55.SoThad Sulek29:53.4Coker
56.FrJoel Bristol29:59.2Coker
57.SoMichael Laheta30:00.6Belmont Abbey
58.SoChris Runnells30:05.0Limestone
59.FrFrank Spicer30:11.8Belmont Abbey
60.SrZachary Gray30:16.0Pfeiffer
61.FrMike Cherry30:17.5Mount Olive
62.FrMichael Rodgers30:21.2Belmont Abbey
63.JrVincent Chauvette30:42.4Erskine
64.FrDerek Richey30:55.8Barton
65.FrTyler Hawley31:29.0Barton
66.SoZack Allen31:45.6Pfeiffer
67.FrPreston Grantham31:49.2Mount Olive
68.SrBrian Makupson32:08.9Limestone
69.FrZach Nimmons32:18.8Limestone
70.JrPhillip Averre32:24.1Barton
71.SoJD Donoso32:25.0Limestone
72.FrDave Wilson32:25.3Mount Olive
73.FrDustin Jackson32:28.9Barton
74.SoIan Hodges33:00.5Mount Olive
75.SrZach McKeone33:25.2Limestone
76.SrGrady Gaston33:30.7Pfeiffer
77.SoDorian Chadwick33:38.9Mount Olive
78.FrCaleb Mitcler34:35.6St Andrews (NC)
79.FrRichard Ruffin34:49.9Mount Olive
80.JrIan Moye35:20.3Belmont Abbey
81.SoChristopher Bertrand36:12.5Mount Olive
82.FrBen Huffstickler36:32.9Erskine
83.SrNathan Carmack38:21.5Limestone
84.SrGarrett Knapik46:35.4Limestone
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Womens Results

5,000 Meters Women  

to see charts & hypothetical scores
1.JrKimone Hewitt17:59.9Queens (NC)
2.JrRosa Young18:09.3Queens (NC)
3.SoCynthia Navarro18:11.9Barton
4.SoMaraya Slatter18:13.0Queens (NC)
5.FrEricka Skinner18:16.2Barton
6.SrJessica Nevile18:32.2Queens (NC)
7.JrHolly Annas18:43.2Queens (NC)
8.FrJessica Postlewaite18:53.9Converse
9.FrChelsea Long18:58.5Mount Olive
10.JrEmilia Skolobowicz19:09.0Queens (NC)
11.FrMathilde Timboni19:30.4Queens (NC)
12.FrCourtney Siefert19:34.9Mount Olive
13.SrBrittany Hogue19:49.8Converse
14.SrHannah Henderson19:52.6Lees-McRae
15.FrMeghan Donovan19:56.0Belmont Abbey
16.FrOlivia Flaggert19:58.9Belmont Abbey
17.JrKira Shoemaker19:59.3Lees-McRae
18.SrLiz Loftis20:03.9Erskine
19.SrKatie Henderson20:09.6Erskine
20.FrKaitlyn Patterson20:11.3Queens (NC)
21.FrJessica McKinnis20:13.2Mount Olive
22.JrSamantha Nicholson20:18.8Converse
23.FrChristina Jordan20:19.2Mount Olive
24.JrKaitlyn Mullis20:32.6Pfeiffer
25.SrKatie Moore20:36.8Erskine
26.FrAllyon Craven20:48.5Belmont Abbey
27.FrTaylor Blackwell20:50.1Queens (NC)
28.FrTerri Bluebird20:53.8Mount Olive
29.SoQuanika Blackmon20:55.5Limestone
30.SrKendyl Seawright20:57.1Coker
31.JrJoanne Gesuelle20:58.7Belmont Abbey
32.JrSarah Kee20:59.2St Andrews (NC)
33.SoSarah Money21:01.6Erskine
34.FrChelyn McCain21:03.3Mount Olive
35.SoCinthia Lehner21:04.8Lees-McRae
36.FrCrystal Fischer21:07.8Lees-McRae
37.SrAlex King21:08.5St Andrews (NC)
38.JrAliese Gregory21:08.6Coker
39.FrAlex Berry21:09.0Converse
40.JrJenny Altieri21:12.0Limestone
41.FrKarlee Arnold21:14.7St Andrews (NC)
42.FrAshlyn Barnwell21:18.6Coker
43.JrRocio Alvarado21:20.3Mount Olive
44.JrErica Zaveta21:23.0Lees-McRae
45.JrKathleen Coleman21:28.2Converse
46.JrLeah Buchanan21:29.6Converse
47.SoAlex Gadea21:34.4Limestone
48.FrDanielle Hall21:39.6Limestone
49.FrCameron Green21:49.0Barton
50.FrAmber Thompson21:58.9Mount Olive
51.FrAbby Sorrenson22:01.7Converse
52.SoTiondra Miller22:04.7Mount Olive
53.SoAmy Bassett22:05.2Converse
54.FrAmanda Massengale22:13.6St Andrews (NC)
55.SrAllie Faulhaber22:15.2St Andrews (NC)
56.SrAdriana Ochoa22:17.5Coker
57.JrAshley Freeman22:27.2Barton
58.SrMichelle Coloney22:31.8Converse
59.SoSamantha Fletcher22:32.5Coker
60.SoCarrie Early22:35.3Pfeiffer
61.JrRayne Delutis22:39.3Lees-McRae
62.SoShannon Bishop22:39.6Converse
63.FrHeather Peterman22:40.4Lees-McRae
64.SoMilissa Rydzik22:43.4Limestone
65.JrNikolette Lucas22:45.5Mount Olive
66.FrRachel Whitmire22:45.9Erskine
67.SoYasmine Ingram22:51.0Pfeiffer
68.FrKyra Woodyard22:51.1Converse
69.SoMandy Brandon22:55.0Erskine
70.JrAnna Egeln22:56.3St Andrews (NC)
71.JrBrittany Cowan23:00.7Barton
72.FrWykenia Hemingway23:17.1Limestone
73.JrJamie Lee Keller23:26.3Belmont Abbey
74.SoRachel Biggerstaff23:29.2Pfeiffer
75.SoApril Hinson23:32.2Pfeiffer
76.SoJoanna Lindstrom23:38.9St Andrews (NC)
77.SrAshley Meador23:43.2Coker
78.JrCaitlyn Driscoll23:49.2Coker
79.SrAlona Lawson23:54.0Barton
80.JrMary Ann Bruno23:58.9Limestone
81.SrAmy Tripson24:05.0St Andrews (NC)
82.SrDanielle Martin24:11.8St Andrews (NC)
83.FrLauren Ward24:22.9Barton
84.FrCrissy Petro24:34.6Mount Olive
85.FrNina Ubabuike24:47.3Pfeiffer
86.SoLindsey Bush24:51.1Lees-McRae
87.FrJessica Buckley25:08.3Limestone
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