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Dominion, Freedom, Tuscarora HS

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

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Meet Host - Dominion HS
Location - Oatlands Plantation, Leesburg, VA - Map
Mens Races

Oatlands Plantation

5,000 Meters Varsity
Womens Races

Oatlands Plantation

5,000 Meters Varsity
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Mens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity  
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1.11Thorpe Lichtenberg17:05.60Freedom (LC)
2.12Stefan VanBuren18:01.00Dominion
3.12Kyle Thornburgh18:13.00Freedom (LC)
4.12JT Duke18:17.00Dominion
5.12Michael Hosti18:32.00Freedom (LC)
6.11Sam Coffman18:33.00Dominion
7.11Joseph Sibalik18:39.00Freedom (LC)
8.11Samuel Rodgers18:58.00Tuscarora
9.10Logan Feierbach19:10.00Tuscarora
10.12Nicholas Mayan19:25.00Freedom (LC)
11.11Phil Devine19:26.00Dominion
12.12Kyle Lonergan19:34.00Dominion
13.12James Hancock19:43.00Freedom (LC)
14.11Jason Eller19:44.00Dominion
15.11Austin Garrett19:56.00Dominion
16.10Matthew Kennedy20:03.00Freedom (LC)
17.11Kent Todoroff20:04.00Dominion
18.12Andrew McInnis20:07.00Dominion
19.10Nick Anderson20:18.00Freedom (LC)
20.11Evan Grizzard20:20.00Freedom (LC)
21.12Ian Vanburen20:23.00Dominion
22.-Stassi Maclean20:35.00Dominion
23.11Kevin Barnhart20:36.00Dominion
24.12Peter Johnson20:41.00Freedom (LC)
25.12Jonathan Capello20:42.00Freedom (LC)
26.9Edgar Resendiz20:51.00Tuscarora
27.10Daniel Aldana20:52.00Freedom (LC)
28.9David Lieberman20:54.00Freedom (LC)
29.10Tyler Demoss21:00.00Tuscarora
30.12Andre Garcia21:03.00Dominion
31.12Nate Hirshman21:06.00Dominion
32.9Micah Coffman21:07.00Dominion
33.9Romtin Nadjafi21:10.00Dominion
34.12Chris Schemmel21:12.00Freedom (LC)
35.12Peter Burnham21:21.00Freedom (LC)
36.9Sam Paxton21:22.00Dominion
37.9Andrew Peretin21:28.00Freedom (LC)
38.11William Horne21:34.00Tuscarora
39.12Robert Burnham21:40.00Freedom (LC)
40.11Kris Yorke21:48.00Tuscarora
41.11Daniel Garbus21:49.00Freedom (LC)
42.9Matthew Mettenheimer21:49.10Tuscarora
43.11Ryan Klemm21:56.00Tuscarora
44.10Dylan Saunders21:56.10Tuscarora
45.10Kyle Murphy22:00.00Freedom (LC)
46.11Aaron Branch22:04.00Tuscarora
47.11Daniel Horne22:14.00Tuscarora
48.9Jeffery Mangold22:17.00Tuscarora
49.9Jonathan Morse22:18.00Freedom (LC)
50.9Kienan Donnelly22:19.00Tuscarora
51.9Jonathan Ludwig22:20.00Freedom (LC)
52.11Mansukh Saini22:22.00Freedom (LC)
53.11Sasha Varzari22:29.00Dominion
54.11Matt Haberman22:31.00Dominion
55.11Benjamin Muscik22:36.00Freedom (LC)
56.9Garrett Lazorchak22:56.00Tuscarora
57.10Forrest Doss22:57.00Tuscarora
58.9Alexander Schmidt22:57.30Freedom (LC)
59.10Chris Sandoval22:59.00Dominion
60.10David Beherens23:02.00Freedom (LC)
61.11Daniel Sedlezak23:13.00Tuscarora
62.11Alessandro Zotta23:13.30Dominion
63.10Christian Noonan23:16.00Dominion
64.9Evan Barnard23:17.00Tuscarora
65.9Zackery Hover23:21.00Tuscarora
66.9Joshua Wasserman23:47.00Freedom (LC)
67.11Christopher Lai23:51.00Freedom (LC)
68.12Partha Rajendra24:03.00Dominion
69.11Ryan Bleull24:04.00Tuscarora
70.9Jason Thomas24:05.00Tuscarora
71.12Fernando Goncalves24:07.00Dominion
72.11Jacob Savos24:12.00Dominion
73.10Andrew Strong24:12.90Dominion
74.11Andres Morana24:15.00Freedom (LC)
75.11Michael McVeigh24:18.00Freedom (LC)
76.9Benjamin Gluck24:21.00Freedom (LC)
77.11Tyler Cramer24:24.00Freedom (LC)
78.11Michael Donnelly24:26.00Dominion
79.11Jd Codde24:35.00Tuscarora
80.12Daniel Zhang24:36.00Dominion
81.10Josh Kline24:38.00Dominion
82.9Ashton Rogers24:46.00Dominion
83.-Elliott Murray24:47.00Freedom (LC)
84.10Eric Dotterer24:48.00Dominion
85.-Brandon Gruso24:50.00Tuscarora
86.-James Burton24:51.00Freedom (LC)
87.10Mitchell Parry24:52.00Dominion
88.10Danyas Sarathay25:01.00Freedom (LC)
89.9Joshua Morrison25:07.00Tuscarora
90.10Adam Donovan25:09.00Dominion
91.9Alex Rubio25:13.00Freedom (LC)
92.9Nate Kline25:22.00Dominion
93.12Nick Grad25:26.00Dominion
94.9John Morgado25:47.00Freedom (LC)
95.11Matt San Nichols25:50.00Dominion
96.9Connor Fineran25:55.00Dominion
97.9Forest Langhorne26:01.00Tuscarora
98.9Dan Klemens26:09.00Dominion
99.10Greg Sandoe26:21.00Dominion
100.9Zachary Leonard26:25.00Tuscarora
101.10Patrick McInnis26:30.00Dominion
102.12Colin O'Donnell26:47.00Dominion
103.10Jacob Senchak26:50.00Dominion
104.9Joe Farran27:33.00Tuscarora
106.11Michael Willis27:54.00Freedom (LC)
107.9Connor Day27:58.00Freedom (LC)
108.9Chris Guirguis29:02.00Freedom (LC)
109.11Stephen Sonon29:18.00Freedom (LC)
110.9Chase Biegler29:22.00Dominion
111.10Grant McFarland30:15.00Freedom (LC)
112.11John Rowley37:40.00Dominion
113.-Thomas Henkle38:40.00Tuscarora
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Womens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity  
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1.9Siobhan O'Toole21:02.00Freedom (LC)
2.12Victoria Boone21:24.00Freedom (LC)
3.9Callie O'Connell21:32.00Freedom (LC)
4.12Rachel Moffitt21:46.00Freedom (LC)
5.9Natalie Rosas21:59.00Tuscarora
6.12Meghann Butler22:14.00Freedom (LC)
7.12Barbara Rion22:27.00Dominion
8.11Alexis Chaet22:35.00Freedom (LC)
9.11Karissa Love23:03.00Tuscarora
10.10Jannen Hermann23:15.00Tuscarora
11.9Sydney Shepherd23:20.00Dominion
12.10Katie Johnson23:45.00Freedom (LC)
13.9Maggie Low23:53.00Dominion
14.12Natalie Gibson24:10.00Freedom (LC)
15.11Natalie Bowman24:19.00Freedom (LC)
16.-Samantha Phillips24:32.00Dominion
17.12Shannon O'Toole24:37.00Freedom (LC)
18.11Bridget Rice24:45.00Dominion
19.11Katelynn Price24:57.00Tuscarora
20.10Clara Mejia25:09.00Dominion
21.9Courtney Walker25:11.00Tuscarora
23.10Katelyn Smith25:17.00Freedom (LC)
24.10Jeanna Mazaris25:24.00Tuscarora
25.10Jenny Klug25:36.00Tuscarora
26.10Sara Coulter25:42.00Dominion
27.9Maddie O'Neill25:44.00Dominion
28.11Rebeca Mignone25:58.00Freedom (LC)
29.10Mikhaila Ritz26:05.00Tuscarora
30.12Neha Bhanot26:18.00Freedom (LC)
31.10Kaleigh Rosengarten26:22.00Freedom (LC)
32.9Alex Austin26:23.00Dominion
33.10Jessica Blas26:28.00Dominion
34.11Allie Gac26:34.00Dominion
35.11Liana Atchison27:08.00Dominion
36.11Sharena Snyder27:08.90Tuscarora
37.-Liz Kapp27:11.00Freedom (LC)
38.10Brenna Curtin27:14.00Freedom (LC)
39.9Belle Brewer27:15.00Dominion
40.11Megan Zagrodniczek27:16.00Freedom (LC)
41.9Samantha Jakab27:17.00Dominion
42.10Marisa Mcmahan27:33.00Dominion
105.12Christine Cote27:53.00Freedom (LC)
43.9Isabella Chua27:54.00Tuscarora
44.10Sharanpreet Hira27:55.00Freedom (LC)
45.11Emily Herrera27:59.00Tuscarora
46.10Lexi Zorotrian28:06.00Tuscarora
47.11Chloe Donnelly28:12.00Tuscarora
48.10Courtney Young28:15.00Tuscarora
49.10Grace Bowen28:23.00Tuscarora
50.10Gentry Bowen28:23.80Tuscarora
51.11Danielle Boris28:24.00Tuscarora
52.12Ciara Laws28:27.00Freedom (LC)
53.10Holly Mode28:28.00Dominion
54.10Ariel Kesick28:29.00Dominion
55.10Morgan Longo28:30.00Dominion
56.9Shennie Yao28:43.00Dominion
57.10Katie Milenski28:50.00Dominion
58.10Ellie Barwinczak28:56.00Dominion
59.12Christinana Omland29:05.00Freedom (LC)
60.11Maddie Cook29:20.00Dominion
61.10Meghan Kolcum29:23.00Tuscarora
62.9Meaghan Smith29:39.00Tuscarora
63.10Carly Stevens29:54.00Dominion
64.9Caden Casteel30:17.00Freedom (LC)
65.9Megana Belagutti30:24.00Dominion
66.11Karoline Macias30:27.00Tuscarora
67.12Ana Wasserman30:28.00Freedom (LC)
68.10Gillian Chugg30:28.60Dominion
69.11Shannon Fineran30:32.00Dominion
70.10Camille Wolsky30:38.00Dominion
71.11Annie Archer30:50.00Tuscarora
72.10Brianna Heyer31:14.00Dominion
73.10Natasha Smith31:23.00Freedom (LC)
74.10Jessica Erim31:23.80Dominion
75.10Jessica Ashworth31:25.00Dominion
76.10Denise Rodriguez31:45.00Dominion
77.10Kathleen Gavin32:17.00Dominion
78.9Jessica Thoppil33:09.00Tuscarora
79.10Corinne Bebek33:29.00Dominion
80.10Yuna Miyamoto36:10.00Tuscarora
81.-M Kreber38:10.00Dominion
82.11Ifeyinawa Onourah39:11.00Tuscarora
83.10Christina Barbini42:01.00Tuscarora
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