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4,000 Meters Varsity
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4,000 Meters Varsity
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We hope your team will enjoy this low key meet in the Boise Foothills. The course will be 4200 meters in length, starting at Mtn Cove School winding up the hills above Fort Boise Park and down through the old Military Reserve Park Archery Range and back to Mtn Cove School. In keeping with the low key atmosphere the entry fee for the meet will be one edible pie per athlete. At the finish of the race the 1st place finisher will have first choice of a pie 2nd place 2nd choice and so on. The Boys race will start at 10:00am and the Girls will start at 10:45. Please enter your complete roster by the 6th so we can have tags ready for you. See you on the 8th.

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Mens Results

4,000 Meters Varsity  
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Hypothetical Scores

1.12Tyler Curtis13:51 PRCaldwell
2.10Eric Fitzpatrick13:55.00 PRBoise
3.11Max Hardy14:11.00 PRBoise
4.12Cody Rome14:35.00 PREagle
5.12Austin Edwards14:36.00 PREagle
6.11Ander Jayo14:38.00 PRTwin Falls
7.12Neil Easter14:41.00 PRColumbia
8.11Greg Montgomery14:42.00 PRBoise
9.11Ray Miller14:44.00 PRCaldwell
10.9Dunia Emmanuel14:56.00 PRTwin Falls
11.12Keaton Keene14:58.00 PREagle
12.11Lars Lunstrum15:03.00 PRColumbia
13.12Jordan Hopewell15:06.00 PREagle
14.10Taylor Molenaar15:07.00 PRBoise
15.11Alex Shippy15:18.00 PREagle
16.11Nick Jacobs15:19.00 PRTwin Falls
17.10Neil Garrett15:21.00 PREagle
18.10Alex Schenk15:24.00 PRTwin Falls
19.9Connor Riebe15:25.00 PREagle
20.9Kenton Freemuth15:35.00 PRBoise
21.12Mike Collett15:38.00 PRCaldwell
22.10Oscar Fennell15:39.00 PRCaldwell
23.11Walker Grimshaw15:40.00 PRBoise
24.12Kyle Little15:43.00 PRTwin Falls
25.10Zach Burney15:44.00 PRColumbia
26.10Conor McMillan15:46.00 PREagle
27.11Nick Hampton15:56.00 PREagle
28.11Christian Kincaid15:57.00 PRBoise
29.11Spencer Lundgren15:58.00 PRTwin Falls
30.11Matt Ferronato15:59.00 PREagle
31.11Tim Ronan16:00.00 PRBoise
32.12Evan Malberg16:06.00 PRTwin Falls
33.12Nick London16:08.00 PREagle
34.11Justin Kondeff16:09.00 PREagle
35.11Sam Swanson16:10.00 PRBoise
36.11Henry Ross16:11.00 PRBoise
37.11Chris Childers16:12.00 PREagle
38.10Colin Reed16:13.00 PRTwin Falls
39.9Cody Fivecoat16:18.00 PRMiddleton
40.11Sean Hart16:22.00 PRBoise
41.10Koby Keene16:23.00 PREagle
42.11Chris Downey16:31.00 PRCaldwell
43.10Sean Saxton16:32.00 PREagle
44.12Brandon Hodges16:35.00 PRMiddleton
45.11Trent Anderson16:44.00 PREagle
46.11Matt Baker16:50.00 PRBoise
47.12Daniel Wilkinson16:53.00 PRMiddleton
48.9Watts Landon16:54.00 PREagle
49.9Ty Sterk16:55.00 PREagle
50.12Kris Davis16:56.00 PRMiddleton
51.12Thornton Nathan16:59.00 PREagle
52.11Levi Lancaster17:04.00 PRTwin Falls
53.12Grant Rosandick17:06.00 PRCaldwell
54.11Jamie Thompson17:15.00 PRCaldwell
55.12Seth Hull17:16.00 PRBoise
56.11Tyler Hash17:19.00 PRTwin Falls
57.12Kyle Rogerson17:20.00 PREagle
58.10Max DeLawyer17:21.00 PRBoise
59.12Peter Esch17:22.00 PRBoise
60.12Cory Zufelt17:23.00 PRMiddleton
61.10Jordan Fuller17:25.00 PRTwin Falls
62.10Kameron Elumbaugh17:31.00 PRColumbia
63.11Cody Hanson17:32.00 PRTwin Falls
64.10Paul Jamboretz17:36.00 PRBoise
65.11Alex Unger17:39.00 PRBoise
66.10Taylor Salinas17:44.00 PRColumbia
67.11Josh Giudicelli17:48.00 PRBoise
68.10Lucas Hull17:50.00 PRMiddleton
69.9Alex Ames17:51.00 PRCaldwell
70.12Morgan Danes17:53.00 PRCaldwell
71.10Austin Prohl17:57.00 PRBoise
72.10Jacob Schlado18:09.00 PREagle
73.11Andrew Sprenger18:15.00 PREagle
74.12Jeff Garner18:16.00 PRMiddleton
75.11Jackson Reid18:25.00 PRBoise
76.12Austin Peterson18:27.00 PRMiddleton
77.12Tyler June18:35.00 PREagle
78.10Vinnie Dimas18:36.00 PRCaldwell
79.11Will Tiedeman18:37.00 PRBoise
80.11Ryan Sullivan18:38.00 PRCaldwell
81.11Jordy Admire18:39.00 PRMiddleton
82.11Hauter Taylor18:46.00 PREagle
83.10Joseph English18:55.00 PRMiddleton
84.10Matt Hamanishi18:59.00 PRCaldwell
85.10Rey Celestino19:05.00 PRCaldwell
86.12Craig Cowling19:08.00 PRCaldwell
87.10Stephen Porter19:17.00 PRCaldwell
88.9Ryan Cobleigh19:18.00 PREagle
89.10Graham Ririe19:31.00 PRBoise
90.12Eric Eldredge19:36.00 PREagle
91.11Jack Boren19:40.00 PRBoise
92.10Pat Sprenger19:45.00 PREagle
93.12Gerad Thornton19:47.00 PREagle
94.9Ben Simpson20:10.00 PREagle
95.9Ben Strausbaugh20:11.00 PRTwin Falls
96.9Will Keeter20:23.00 PRTwin Falls
97.11T J Richardson20:25.00 PRTwin Falls
98.10Steven Anderson20:37.00 PRColumbia
99.10Atticus Thiel20:41.00 PRBoise
100.10Nick Thornton21:15.00 PREagle
101.11Adam Prickett21:37.00 PRMiddleton
102.9Rudy Becerra21:41.00 PRMiddleton
103.9Sam Murphy21:54.00 PRCaldwell
104.12Joel Hernandez22:12.00 PRCaldwell
105.9Brennan Rohs22:28.00 PRMiddleton
106.9Braeden Lieberman23:26.00 PREagle
107.10Ivan Gonzalez23:27.00 PRCaldwell
108.11Jesse Wallace24:06.00 PRCaldwell
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Womens Results

4,000 Meters Varsity  
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Hypothetical Scores

1.9Kate Jamboretz16:29.00 PRBoise
2.10Liz Brandon16:32.00 PREagle
3.9Amanda Ward16:40.00 PRTwin Falls
4.12Anne Lovelace16:57.00 PRBoise
5.11Jordan Powell17:14.00 PRColumbia
6.10Lisa Drury17:28.00 PREagle
7.11Dani Bates17:34.00 PRTwin Falls
8.11Ellen Mering17:44.00 PRBoise
9.10Madison Crookham18:02.00 PRCaldwell
10.10Sarah Neufield18:06.00 PRCaldwell
11.12Fiona Wilhelm18:07.00 PRBoise
12.10Paige Lancourt18:11.00 PREagle
13.11Madi Holt18:12.00 PREagle
14.12Natasha Bortz18:13.00 PRTwin Falls
15.9Mackenzie Roberts18:18.00 PREagle
16.9Abby Biedenbach18:22.00 PRTwin Falls
17.10Piper Jackson-Sevy18:25.00 PREagle
18.10Sydney Storms18:27.00 PRTwin Falls
19.9Stephanie Filas18:28.00 PRTwin Falls
20.12Kelli Roemer18:34.00 PRTwin Falls
21.10Katie Lovelace18:39.00 PRBoise
22.10Megan Tanner18:43.00 PREagle
23.10Kayla Foster18:54.00 PREagle
24.11Amanda Mosher19:09.00 PRBoise
25.12Rebecca Fusselman19:19.00 PRBoise
26.9Maddie Cullen19:24.00 PREagle
27.11Jakelyn Lotspeich19:25.00 PRMiddleton
28.12Jenni Thomas19:26.00 PRCaldwell
29.11Mikayla Todd19:28.00 PRBoise
30.11Kerry Molina19:38.00 PRBoise
31.9Irene Lotspeich19:39.00 PRMiddleton
32.12Jessica Johnson19:41.00 PRCaldwell
33.9Isabel Wallace19:43.00 PREagle
34.10Haley Willison19:44.00 PRBoise
35.10Jenessa Miller19:50.00 PRTwin Falls
36.9Lexi Hash19:54.00 PRTwin Falls
37.10Jessica West20:17.00 PRColumbia
38.10Amanda Pham20:21.00 PREagle
39.10Jasmine Wilhelm20:23.00 PRBoise
40.10Emily Williams20:26.00 PRTwin Falls
41.10Connor Sheldon-Mod...20:27.00 PRBoise
42.9Sarah Dodds20:30.00 PRTwin Falls
43.12Katelyn Mortensen20:31.00 PREagle
44.9Tori Cameron20:32.00 PREagle
45.12Brandi Davis20:33.00 PRMiddleton
46.10Janis Blaugher20:38.00 PRBoise
47.12Annie McKeeth20:49.00 PRMiddleton
48.11Alison Swenson21:02.00 PREagle
49.9Emily Childers21:11.00 PREagle
50.9Marissa Dey21:17.00 PRCaldwell
51.10Samantha Kiley21:19.00 PRBoise
52.11Grace Relf21:20.00 PRBoise
53.11Devon Storrs21:22.00 PRColumbia
54.11Hannah Lawrence21:33.00 PRBoise
55.12Carley White22:07.00 PRMiddleton
56.12Sarah Simpson22:38.00 PREagle
57.11Megan O'Neil22:39.00 PRBoise
58.10Nichole Trosper22:55.00 PREagle
59.10Morgan Ferronato22:56.00 PREagle
60.12Meredith Murdoch22:58.00 PRBoise
61.10Stevie Newbill22:59.00 PREagle
62.12Sarah Jareczek23:00.00 PRBoise
63.10Genny Gustin23:08.00 PRMiddleton
64.9Colleen Bonas23:26.00 PREagle
65.9McKayla Anderson23:29.00 PRColumbia
66.10Roz Wallace23:46.00 PRCaldwell
67.11Elizabeth Warner23:50.00 PRBoise
68.11Ashlee Hemmert24:19.00 PRMiddleton
69.12Teela Craig24:38.00 PRMiddleton
70.10Carol Phillips24:47.00 PREagle
71.9Kat McQuown24:50.00 PRMiddleton
72.9Brooke Healy25:02.00 PRCaldwell
73.12Joanna Scudder25:09.00 PRMiddleton
74.11Erin Ferris25:13.00 PRMiddleton
75.11Reiley Ney25:19.00 PRCaldwell
76.12Emily Strom25:33.00 PRTwin Falls
77.11Beth Mosso28:09.00 PRMiddleton
78.9Maria Rodriguez28:58.00 PRCaldwell
79.12Cori Caldwell29:36.00 PRMiddleton
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