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Engler Park

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Engler Park

5,000 Meters Varsity
5,000 Meters Junior Varsity

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Mens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity  

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10.11Ethan Seyer17:08Oak Ridge Medal
17.11Corvin Schoen17:36Oak Ridge Medal
21.11Jake Burch17:54Farmington medal
30.12Sam Breite18:10Saxony Lutheran
35.10Jake LeGrand18:18Oak Ridge Medal
41.11Long Pan18:41Farmington
51.12Dakota Napoli19:14Farmington
60.11Dwight Nance19:28Delta
63.11Brandon Fritsche19:34Saxony Lutheran
66.11Reed Pfister19:44Farmington
68.10Aaron Koehler19:45Saxony Lutheran
72.11Anthony Etzold19:54Saxony Lutheran
11Alex Rybolt19:56Dexter
73.11Ling Zheng20:04Farmington
77.10Jesse Nance20:07Delta
81.12Matthew Wright20:21Farmington
84.9Caleb Amelunke20:33Delta
92.11Zach Vogel20:40Saxony Lutheran
100.11Daniel Pogue21:29Farmington
12Ryan Vanover22:40Dexter
108.11Ethan Mirly23:10Saxony Lutheran
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5,000 Meters Junior Varsity  

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20.11Austin Wunderlich19:36Oak Ridge Medal
21.10Travis Dodson19:37Farmington medal
27.10Adam Pleimann19:58Oak Ridge Medal
29.9Jacob Seabaugh20:10Oak Ridge Medal
9Trey Fortner20:29Dexter
42.12Kegan Summers21:04Farmington
45.10Andrew Norton21:07Farmington
46.9James Wolf21:09Farmington
50.12Justin Kaughman21:14Farmington
57.9Chris Seyer21:44Oak Ridge
58.11Gero Becker21:47Oak Ridge
59.9Derek Hankins21:50Farmington
68.10Riley Kent22:26Farmington
70.10Jonathan Svehla22:34Oak Ridge
77.11Jason Krueger23:12Saxony Lutheran
78.12Justin Peikert23:13Delta
98.9Joshua Vogel24:56Saxony Lutheran
9Damon Allston25:12Dexter
105.12Austin Miner25:36Farmington
108.9Ryan Begley26:08Saxony Lutheran
110.9Jeff Erwin26:22Oak Ridge
112.10Del Kahn26:46Farmington
113.9Daniel Hester26:46Delta
118.12Jacob Parks35:12Delta
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Womens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity  

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4.12Katherine Sitzes19:56Farmington medal
5.12Emily Harris20:06Farmington medal
10.12Jetaime Hovis20:39Farmington medal
15.10Mckenzie Elam21:10Oak Ridge Medal
17.12Shelby Hobbs21:24Farmington medal
20.10Tabitha Griffith21:31Farmington medal
25.12Amanda Lappe22:07Oak Ridge Medal
33.10Lexi Wunderlich22:53Oak Ridge Medal
10Katie Justice23:22Dexter
50.11Regan Obermann24:00Saxony Lutheran
52.11Rachael Gruenwald24:03Saxony Lutheran
53.9Kristen Gruenwald24:13Saxony Lutheran
12Renae Bartels24:17Delta
58.10Breanne Etzold25:01Saxony Lutheran
59.12Hannah Huhman25:05Farmington
9Alexis Smith25:14Dexter
69.12Sarah Winningham25:43Saxony Lutheran
70.12Alexis King25:55Farmington
12Malinda Mayo28:33Dexter
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5,000 Meters Junior Varsity  

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1.10Samantha Parson22:13Farmington medal
2.10Courtney Armon22:23Farmington medal
3.12Alexis Kiefer22:38Farmington medal
4.11Carlie Bolen23:12Oak Ridge Medal
6.9Mackenzie Weakley24:15Farmington medal
8.10Kendra Kohler24:17Oak Ridge Medal
9.10Jessica McKenzie24:35Farmington medal
13.10Emily Spray24:58Farmington medal
14.10Luereainda Pearson25:02Farmington medal
16.10Katelyn Stevens25:14Farmington medal
9Kelsey Wood25:38Dexter
25.9Chelsea Seyer25:46Oak Ridge Medal
30.10Ashley Salz26:12Farmington medal
33.10Morgan Hobbs26:21Farmington medal
34.10Emma Holmes26:25Farmington medal
36.9Grace Hanebrink26:28Saxony Lutheran
37.11Maria Ruiz26:31Farmington medal
41.11Caitlin Whitener26:57Farmington
46.12Elizabeth Galt28:27Farmington
54.10Whitney White29:49Farmington
55.11Melanie Dippold29:55Saxony Lutheran
56.10Amberlain Nielson30:02Farmington
11Samantha Midgett30:13Dexter
59.11Allison Wicks31:11Farmington
60.10Samantha Thomas31:29Farmington
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