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Marquette Invitational HS

Friday, September 17, 2010

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Location - Washington Park, Milwaukee, WI - Map
Mens Races

Washington Park

5,000 Meters Varsity
5,000 Meters Junior Varsity
Womens Races
4,000 Meters Varsity
4,000 Meters Junior Varsity
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Mens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity  
  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Total Time | Spread

Hypothetical Scores

1.12Sam Hacker15:52Madison West
2.12Josiah Swanson16:02Fond Du Lac
3.12Robbie McDonald16:15Neenah
4.12Charlie Thompson16:15Madison West
5.12Tim Zellmer16:23Marquette University
6.12Thor Laack-Veeder16:25Madison La Follette
7.11Zach Hansen16:25Kenosha Tremper
8.11Kyle Nottingham16:27Kenosha Tremper
9.10Chandler Diffee16:28Madison La Follette
10.11Jonah Barry16:28Madison West
11.12Mike Russell16:31Marquette University
12.12Stephen Duley16:33Fond Du Lac
13.10Brad Johnson16:36Brookfield East
14.10Wilson Hacker16:38Madison West
15.12Tim Kilas16:40Neenah
16.12Jack Porritt16:43Marquette University
17.11Michael Bourland16:47Neenah
18.11Joe McAsey16:50Marquette University
19.12Noah Laack-Veeder16:50Madison La Follette
20.12Charlie Coogan16:51Marquette University
21.12Alex Baumgartner16:52Marquette University
22.11Kyle Staven16:56Madison La Follette
23.11Joe Haase17:03Madison West
24.10Jeff Sereno17:03Madison West
25.12Ryan Schmidt17:05Neenah
26.11David Demet17:06Marquette University
27.11Karl Brandstaetter17:17Brookfield East
28.9Stephen Browne17:18Brookfield East
29.11Jacob Carrel17:23Madison West
30.10Chris Leisses17:24Fond Du Lac
31.9Andrew Pelto17:25Brookfield East
32.11Dan Ball17:31Kenosha Tremper
33.12Michael Schmidt17:32Neenah
34.12Drew Cockerham17:32Marquette University
35.12Zac Hodgson17:39Brookfield East
36.10Nick Kehler17:40Neenah
37.11Ben Hushek17:44Marquette University
38.12Eric Loken17:45Madison La Follette
39.11Max Roeske17:54Marquette University
40.11Kaiser Aguirre17:55Madison La Follette
41.12Nick Eggert17:58Kenosha Tremper
42.12Zach Vandenberg18:01Neenah
43.10Alex Idarraga18:02Marquette University
44.10Eric Schoenbach18:07Fond Du Lac
45.12Connor Enright18:08Marquette University
46.12Aj Matzuk18:12Marquette University
47.10Max Carson18:13Kenosha Tremper
48.11Eric Ruzicka18:16Neenah
49.12Brian Niemi18:23Brookfield East
50.11Mike Jaros18:25Kenosha Tremper
51.12Collin Flasch18:27Kenosha Tremper
52.12Sean McBride18:33Marquette University
53.12Cole McKenna18:35Brookfield East
54.12Mike Mimier18:37Madison La Follette
55.10Nolan Cunningham18:46Fond Du Lac
56.9Daniel Lopez18:51Marquette University
57.12Peter Irgens18:52Brookfield East
58.11Nathan Gunderson18:58Fond Du Lac
59.12Josh Ault19:08Kenosha Tremper
60.11Jered Sweeney-Deme19:26Fond Du Lac
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5,000 Meters Junior Varsity  
  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Total Time | Spread

Hypothetical Scores

1.12Jonathan Bleach17:33Marquette University
2.12Jacob Schultz17:44Neenah
3.12John Raihala17:49Madison West
4.12George Degen17:49Madison West
5.12Matt Weklar17:49Neenah
6.11Jasper Oltman18:00Madison West
7.10Will Greene18:03Madison West
8.11Austin Young18:08Madison West
9.10Ernesto Polania18:16Madison La Follette
10.11Tanner Jean-Louis18:19Madison West
11.11Kenny Lyons18:21Madison West
12.11Will Marcus18:22Madison West
13.10Joe Burbach18:26Marquette University
14.12Steve Ledvina18:33Marquette University
15.11Eric Lasky18:33Marquette University
16.10Max Witynski18:34Madison West
17.10Lake Larson18:35Madison West
18.10Matt Short18:39Kenosha Tremper
19.12Chris Steinhafel18:40Marquette University
20.12Jacob Kelly18:44Madison West
21.10Richard Rohe18:45Neenah
22.12Zach Bice18:48Marquette University
23.11Constantine Ivaschin18:53Madison La Follette
24.11Josh Heid18:55Neenah
25.12Peter Walker18:56Marquette University
26.11Jaime Castillo19:00Madison West
27.11Edgar Ocot19:03Madison La Follette
28.11Nate Nyquist19:06Kenosha Tremper
29.10Adam Ziepke19:11Neenah
30.12Adam Merkt19:11Marquette University
31.10Jack Ordman19:12Marquette University
32.11Ethan Schwalbe19:12Kenosha Tremper
33.10Dan O'Callaghan19:12Marquette University
34.12Jared Blank19:14Kenosha Tremper
35.11Michael Reardon19:15Marquette University
36.10Bob Noonan19:15Marquette University
37.10Michael Roznik19:17Marquette University
38.12Nick Hanson19:18Neenah
39.10Derek Spoehr19:20Madison La Follette
40.12Isaac Stafstrom19:21Madison West
41.10Hudson Bridge19:22Marquette University
42.12Daniel Krebs19:25Marquette University
43.12Max Read19:25Madison West
44.11Zander Morrell19:26Marquette University
45.10John Teich19:26Marquette University
46.10Dominick Reshel19:27Neenah
47.11Bryan Johnson19:28Madison West
48.11Alex Cimino19:32Madison La Follette
49.11Eduardo Rivera19:32Kenosha Tremper
50.10Will Henkes19:34Madison West
51.12Trevor Galley19:37Neenah
52.10Logan Goff19:38Madison La Follette
53.12Kevin Tyler19:39Madison La Follette
54.10Tom Frederick19:39Marquette University
55.10Paul Gray19:41Marquette University
56.12George Drakopoulos19:43Marquette University
57.12Drew Nigh19:46Marquette University
58.10Derrick Endres19:47Madison La Follette
59.11Tyler Lanphear19:48Madison La Follette
60.11Matt Schaaf19:49Madison West
61.10Chris Gottsacker19:51Marquette University
62.12Nick Rettko19:53Marquette University
63.10Dominic Valentyn19:54Marquette University
64.11Jason Bednarski19:54Madison West
65.12Patrick Tarpey19:57Marquette University
66.10Thomas Zastrow19:58Marquette University
67.12Michael Menard19:59Neenah
68.11Nate Haase20:02Madison West
69.10Brendan Andrews20:03Marquette University
70.12Erich Mosley20:04Marquette University
71.12Mike Bornhuetter20:05Kenosha Tremper
72.10Ben Teich20:05Marquette University
73.11Miles Tryon-Petith20:06Madison West
74.10Isaac Nealey20:06Madison West
75.12Adam Howard20:09Neenah
76.12Sam Carlson20:09Kenosha Tremper
77.11David Bougie20:10Marquette University
78.11Eric Knaus20:14Neenah
79.12Sam Anderson20:15Madison West
80.10Alex Prince20:18Neenah
81.12Thomson Remo20:20Fond Du Lac
82.12Luke Scudder20:20Neenah
83.10Will Skalmoski20:21Marquette University
84.10Alex Weldy20:27Madison West
85.10Danny Lindholm20:28Madison West
86.11Alex Sprenger20:29Marquette University
87.10Ryan Emenecker20:33Neenah
88.10Eli Jackson20:34Madison West
89.12Sam Meyer20:36Marquette University
90.12Logan Wilfong20:36Madison La Follette
91.11Stephen Zastrow20:37Marquette University
92.11Will Wortham20:39Madison West
93.11Nathan Fosbinder20:40Madison La Follette
94.10Eric Bauer20:41Madison West
95.12Ryan Kohl20:42Marquette University
96.11Garrett Zabala20:43Marquette University
97.10Will Guerin20:44Marquette University
98.11Alec Nigh20:48Marquette University
99.12John Kasper20:48Neenah
100.10Tim Spranger20:50Neenah
101.10Nick Tjarksen20:50Marquette University
102.10Steven Shultz20:51Marquette University
103.12Peter Suechting20:59Neenah
104.12Cole Stenzel21:02Marquette University
105.12David Piper21:03Madison West
106.10Bryan Olig21:04Fond Du Lac
107.12Nick Miller21:05Kenosha Tremper
108.11Andre Silveira21:07Madison West
109.10Nick Lacourt21:08Marquette University
110.12Patrick Lemke21:10Marquette University
111.11Nate Lee21:13Marquette University
112.10McKim Stropes21:19Kenosha Tremper
113.11Anders Ohm21:20Madison West
114.10Teddy Wiswall21:21Neenah
115.11Ken States21:22Kenosha Tremper
116.10Michael McDonough21:23Marquette University
117.11David Ellis21:24Marquette University
118.10Nick Rivera21:25Madison West
119.12Luis Rodriguez21:26Kenosha Tremper
120.10Conor Rowen21:26Marquette University
121.11Sam Dipiazza21:29Madison La Follette
122.10Ben Zerrien21:29Neenah
123.10Gorden Rhutasel21:30Kenosha Tremper
124.11Alex Bennett21:30Marquette University
125.11Brian Kelley21:35Madison La Follette
126.10Andrew Kueler21:35Marquette University
127.10Justin Prom21:38Marquette University
128.10Griffin Gross21:39Marquette University
129.11John Maher21:42Marquette University
130.11Sam Martin21:44Madison West
131.10Wes Daniels21:44Marquette University
132.10Tom Boffeli21:48Marquette University
133.10Kyle Kumbier21:52Neenah
134.11Dan Lubben21:53Madison West
135.10Courtland Pederson21:53Kenosha Tremper
136.12Kevin Perthel21:59Marquette University
137.10John O'Connell22:01Madison West
138.11Jack Wilkins22:03Marquette University
139.11Ian Wolf22:04Neenah
140.12Dan Brosman22:05Neenah
141.11Thomas Feustel22:08Fond Du Lac
142.10Sam Kok22:08Kenosha Tremper
143.10Zach Mau22:13Neenah
144.10Trent Vossekuil22:16Fond Du Lac
145.11Kevin McLachlan22:17Marquette University
146.10Ethan Parker22:19Madison West
147.10Jacob Amos-Landgraf22:21Madison West
148.12Alex Reiman22:22Kenosha Tremper
149.10Sam Walker22:25Marquette University
150.10Alex Rubsam22:26Neenah
151.10Riley Runnoe22:34Marquette University
152.11Nick Doherty22:35Marquette University
153.12Kyle Henry22:35Kenosha Tremper
154.10Dan Tarpey22:36Marquette University
155.10Jon Clark22:37Kenosha Tremper
156.10Dan Slaviero22:38Kenosha Tremper
157.10Logan Scheer22:42Neenah
158.12Noah White22:43Neenah
159.12Mike Endter22:48Neenah
160.10Ishan Singhal22:49Marquette University
161.10Aaron Schroeter22:50Kenosha Tremper
162.10Cole Baker22:51Marquette University
163.11Joe Major22:53Marquette University
164.11Jeremy Troup22:53Kenosha Tremper
165.10Bill Braun22:54Marquette University
166.11Jose Reyes22:58Madison La Follette
167.10Fritz Merizon22:58Neenah
168.10Chris Brooks23:13Marquette University
169.11Rob Skalecki23:16Marquette University
170.12Tayler Roal23:22Neenah
171.11Conor Ryan23:26Madison West
172.12Andy Novak23:26Marquette University
173.11Jack Sanders23:28Marquette University
174.10Ignacio Sanchez23:29Marquette University
175.11Nathan Tegge23:42Marquette University
176.10Michael Frieseke24:08Marquette University
177.10Conor O'Dea24:21Marquette University
178.10Phillip Schneider24:30Fond Du Lac
179.10James Fitzgerald24:39Madison West
180.11Bryant Lawler24:42Madison La Follette
181.10Sam Heidemann24:43Marquette University
182.11Dan Tank24:43Marquette University
183.10Stuart Benjamin24:52Madison West
184.10Michael Oberdorf24:52Fond Du Lac
185.11Zach McDonald24:54Madison La Follette
186.10Matt Lynch24:55Marquette University
187.10Mike Schmidt24:56Kenosha Tremper
188.11Brett Geilenfeldt25:00Marquette University
189.10Matt Dolnik25:04Kenosha Tremper
190.11Hector Aviles25:29Fond Du Lac
191.10Jacob Vangrunsven25:33Fond Du Lac
192.11Jorge Conido26:02Madison West
193.10Alex Baker27:12Madison West
194.10Jake Owen27:55Kenosha Tremper
195.11Michael Biermeister28:00Marquette University
196.11Chris Jakala28:06Kenosha Tremper
197.9Jamal Mahamad28:48Fond Du Lac
198.10Justin Lee32:12Marquette University
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Womens Results

4,000 Meters Varsity  
  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Total Time | Spread

Hypothetical Scores

1.10Alison Parker15:03Neenah
2.10Claire Knaus15:17Neenah
3.9Jessica Parker15:26Neenah
4.9Jennifer Parker15:27Neenah
5.12Taylor Conway15:27Brookfield East
6.11Jocelyn Perry15:34Waukesha West
7.12Taylor Drolshagen15:36Muskego
8.12Niki Drolshagen15:36Muskego
9.11Madeline Timm15:49Brookfield East
10.12Kelsey Jaeger15:50Waukesha West
11.12Sara Monson15:52Madison La Follette
12.12Kim Gietman16:03Fond Du Lac
13.9Erica Daniels16:06Fond Du Lac
14.10Amy Klaus16:12Muskego
15.9Georgi Llanas16:14Muskego
16.10Austin Anderson16:14Neenah
17.12Mia Washington16:15Madison La Follette
18.12Natalie Dillon16:17Brookfield East
19.9Jessie Laabs16:18Neenah
20.12Lindsay Turchan16:22Neenah
21.12Felicia Gesior16:25Waukesha West
22.11Priscilla Colon16:28Kenosha Tremper
23.9Mallory Washington16:30Neenah
24.10Shannon Cashin16:31Brookfield East
25.11Christina Dalton16:34Kenosha Tremper
26.12Meghan Hickey16:34Neenah
27.11Emily Harris16:40Neenah
28.11Lauren Sigfred16:43Waukesha West
29.12Jenna Ciszewski16:45Kenosha Tremper
30.10Kianna Keller16:47Waukesha West
31.12Kate Olig16:48Fond Du Lac
32.10MaKenna Stelpflug16:54Waukesha West
33.11Abby Wichgers16:55Muskego
34.9Sonya Ponzi16:57Muskego
35.11Tiffany Masters16:59Fond Du Lac
36.11Becky Horwath17:05Muskego
37.11Hadley Skalmoski17:06Neenah
38.11Wadea Mohr17:07Fond Du Lac
39.9Hannah Knutson17:08Kenosha Tremper
40.12Evelyn Werking17:09Brookfield East
41.10Brittany Allen17:10Brookfield East
42.11Curtesia Robinson17:12Kenosha Tremper
43.10Maria Gehred17:13Brookfield East
44.10Brittany Klotz17:15Waukesha West
45.12Danielle Schmidt17:17Neenah
46.9Abby Bleil17:21Kenosha Tremper
47.11Kelly Guevara17:22Madison La Follette
48.9Kat Davies17:27Waukesha West
49.9Brianna Mathison17:30Brookfield East
50.10Alyssa Jansen17:31Muskego
51.9Alana King17:33Madison La Follette
52.9Rachel Rogahn17:34Waukesha West
53.10Maddie Wanamaker17:34Neenah
54.12Nina Comiskey17:35Waukesha West
55.10Victoria Dawson17:35Madison La Follette
56.12Kendra Patton17:42Fond Du Lac
57.11Leigha Hodge17:47Madison La Follette
58.12Katie Corrao17:47Waukesha West
59.11Amani Gillette17:48Madison La Follette
60.11Aubrey Birschbach17:50Fond Du Lac
61.12Brenna Wiesner17:54Waukesha West
62.10Brenna Schobert18:06Waukesha West
63.11Stephanie Stelpflug18:09Waukesha West
64.12Jordan Meiller18:24Madison La Follette
65.11Jamie Warner18:32Waukesha West
66.11Makenzie Jones18:36Kenosha Tremper
67.9Alex McCarthy20:08Waukesha West
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4,000 Meters Junior Varsity  
  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Total Time | Spread

Hypothetical Scores

1.10Sydnee Braun16:59Neenah
2.12Kathryn Luy17:26Brookfield East
3.11Abbie Slwicki17:31Neenah
4.11Taylor Swittel17:31Brookfield East
5.10Hailey Taylor17:33Brookfield East
6.11Annie Uhing17:36Brookfield East
7.12Gianni Vaccaro17:46Muskego
8.11Claire Tipton17:47Neenah
9.11Emily Laurent17:48Neenah
10.9Allyx Kvasnicka17:49Brookfield East
11.9Anu Elangovan17:57Waukesha West
12.11Julia Barnes17:59Brookfield East
13.11Angela Schulist18:01Muskego
14.9Sabrina Sieger18:02Waukesha West
15.10Kathryn Schwarz18:05Brookfield East
16.11Annie Carlson18:10Waukesha West
17.11Elyse Linsmeier18:11Brookfield East
18.9Laura Rafferty18:15Neenah
19.10Julie Petak18:16Muskego
20.9Jessica Stamn18:19Waukesha West
21.9Cassie Kujawa18:21Muskego
22.10Hannah Rhode18:22Waukesha West
23.10Sam Greuel18:22Fond Du Lac
24.11Shannon Parmentier18:23Kenosha Tremper
25.11Angela Liesen18:24Waukesha West
26.10Adelya Kammer18:25Kenosha Tremper
27.11Courtney Robinson18:26Kenosha Tremper
28.11Ray Kutner18:26Brookfield East
29.11Kayla Kakonis18:31Muskego
30.10Emily Newton18:31Brookfield East
31.10Katleyn Pena18:32Kenosha Tremper
32.9Kathryn Hoaglund18:33Brookfield East
33.9Savannah Worden18:35Waukesha West
34.11Jenna Younger18:39Neenah
35.9Rachelle Weigert18:40Neenah
36.10Josie Schilz18:42Muskego
37.12Samantha Timm18:46Brookfield East
38.12Nicole Kastner18:48Madison La Follette
39.11Annie Montross18:50Brookfield East
40.10Emily Logemann18:53Neenah
41.10Erin Murphy18:56Muskego
42.12Celia Winters18:57Neenah
43.11Joanna Geisler18:58Brookfield East
44.11Sarah Creegan19:01Brookfield East
45.10Natalie Gehred19:01Brookfield East
46.11Kristin Fohr19:06Brookfield East
47.11Alyssa Krueger19:08Neenah
48.12Bailee Stahl19:09Neenah
49.11Breanna Bredesen19:15Neenah
50.12Jenny Brenner19:16Fond Du Lac
51.9Maggie Wekler19:17Neenah
52.9Alex Ziepke19:18Neenah
53.11Sarah Lang19:22Neenah
54.9Alexis Bodway19:23Neenah
55.11Alyssa Marks19:23Waukesha West
56.10Haley Steiner19:31Muskego
57.11Natalie Paape19:33Muskego
58.9Emma Dickinson19:34Madison La Follette
59.11Emily Baltisberger19:38Madison La Follette
60.10Brittany Riederer19:39Fond Du Lac
61.12Erin Oetting19:40Muskego
62.12Gina Rieckmann19:41Neenah
63.10Monica Krueger19:44Brookfield East
64.12Leah Quinn19:47Neenah
65.10Kaylee Rasner19:48Fond Du Lac
66.10Gabby Aijala19:49Neenah
67.10Emily Oldenberg19:50Waukesha West
68.11Katie Parlow19:50Waukesha West
69.10Haley Rafferty19:51Neenah
70.11Kali Erikson19:56Muskego
71.11Lindsey Agostini20:02Muskego
72.11Lauren Williams20:04Kenosha Tremper
73.9Sabrina Serrano20:06Waukesha West
74.11Meghann Ameen20:07Waukesha West
75.9Sarah Steiner20:13Muskego
76.12Camille Morley20:14Neenah
77.10Kailie Van Oursouw20:14Neenah
78.9Paige Ebertz20:15Fond Du Lac
79.10Lexie Hennen20:15Neenah
80.11Grace Kopplin20:16Brookfield East
81.11AnnMarie Riva20:18Kenosha Tremper
82.9Emily Genovese20:21Waukesha West
83.11Abby Schilz20:25Muskego
84.11Rielly Heintz20:26Fond Du Lac
85.9Libby Doll20:28Fond Du Lac
86.9Lindsey Allen20:31Kenosha Tremper
87.11Kelly Gullett20:34Kenosha Tremper
88.10Marissa Franke20:37Neenah
89.9Rowan Sulton20:38Muskego
90.12Allie Ponkratz20:39Neenah
91.12Megan Kaczmarek20:48Muskego
92.9Nancy Garduno20:49Madison La Follette
93.12Sarah Conwell20:51Kenosha Tremper
94.12Wendy Wolf20:52Madison La Follette
95.11Leah Pautz20:53Neenah
96.9McKenna Ballard20:57Kenosha Tremper
97.10Eileen Friery20:57Kenosha Tremper
98.10Hannah Evensen21:08Neenah
99.10Hannah Dardis21:10Fond Du Lac
100.11Dana Jaros21:13Kenosha Tremper
101.11Molly Kok21:14Kenosha Tremper
102.9Rebecca Maddia21:20Muskego
103.10Collette Wilfong21:21Madison La Follette
104.12Kaitlyn Mahlik21:24Fond Du Lac
105.9Jamie Emery21:28Kenosha Tremper
106.12Lena Hallet21:30Muskego
107.12Brianna O'Dell21:31Neenah
108.9Anisha Verma21:32Brookfield East
109.12Sarvary Koller21:34Neenah
110.9Natalie Schmer21:44Waukesha West
111.12Tamrah Kadah21:45Neenah
112.12Kelsey Morton21:46Neenah
113.10Helen Melonas21:47Brookfield East
114.10Julie Fuerbringer21:56Brookfield East
115.10Elea Jenkins21:59Neenah
116.12Samantha Lees22:01Madison La Follette
117.9Sarah Olson22:03Neenah
118.10Bridget Stollfus22:06Fond Du Lac
119.11Kassandra Igl22:08Neenah
120.9Lisa Duff22:09Neenah
121.12Caitlin Witkowski22:11Neenah
122.10Allie Junig22:12Fond Du Lac
123.12Jayna Richert22:13Fond Du Lac
124.10Christina Vaccaro22:13Muskego
125.11Meredith Klinker22:15Brookfield East
126.12Danielle Bornemann22:18Neenah
127.11Miranda Magadanz22:23Madison La Follette
128.9Samantha Van Rens22:25Brookfield East
129.10Anna Schwalbe22:27Kenosha Tremper
130.11Janae Bernier22:37Muskego
131.10Nell Kirchhoff22:41Fond Du Lac
132.11Emma Lynch22:43Brookfield East
133.9Shayna Williams22:51Fond Du Lac
134.10Lauren Hill22:57Brookfield East
135.12Claire Haggarty23:04Kenosha Tremper
136.12Samantha Gregson23:04Madison La Follette
137.11Kaitlin Rommelfanger23:07Fond Du Lac
138.11Amber Hopfensperger23:15Neenah
139.10Kayla Soliday23:21Muskego
140.12Ashly Erickson23:26Madison La Follette
141.9Hannah Altwegg23:36Madison La Follette
142.11Gretta Sutton23:39Brookfield East
143.9Maddy Connelly24:10Kenosha Tremper
144.9Emily Orr24:10Kenosha Tremper
145.10Grace Nevin25:25Kenosha Tremper
146.10Maddy Schendl25:49Kenosha Tremper
147.10Elza Margolin26:31Brookfield East
148.11Ellen Lund27:01Madison La Follette
149.9Kara Abbey27:01Muskego
150.11Shiquisha Hampton27:01Kenosha Tremper
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