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Firelands Conference Championship HS

Saturday, October 16, 2010

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Meet Host - Mapleton HS
Location - Mapleton HS, Ashland, OH - Map
Mens Races

Mapleton HS

5,000 Meters Varsity
5,000 Meters Middle School
Womens Races

Mapleton HS

5,000 Meters Varsity
5,000 Meters Middle School
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Mens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity  
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1.10Jonothan Albaugh16:54.96New London
2.11William Crosby17:18.30St Paul
3.12Zach Smothers17:22.78New London
4.11Jeremy Rohr17:27.19Mapleton
5.9Noah Cook17:32.30Mapleton
6.11Joey Curtis17:47.42New London
7.12Dylan Shays18:00.38New London
8.10Jacob Amburgy18:05.63New London
9.11Jeremy Bischoff18:11.15Monroeville
10.11Travis Klingler18:15.03Crestview (Ashland)
11.11Brian Tyras18:17.62New London
12.11Andrew Dow18:17.92St Paul
13.10Devin Eichelberger18:18.16Crestview (Ashland)
14.9Neil Goetze18:28.39New London
15.10Mason Weibel18:31.38Mapleton
16.10Silas Weibel18:35.47Mapleton
17.9Zack Durbin18:37.43Mapleton
18.12Justin Miller18:40.45Plymouth
19.10Cody Davis18:40.79Mapleton
20.11Kyle Schnieders18:42.16Western Reserve (Col...
21.11Josh Schrader18:49.50Plymouth
22.11Ty Schrader19:08.37Plymouth
23.10Paysen Bramblett19:09.91Crestview (Ashland)
24.12Adam Johnson19:15.77Mapleton
25.11Matthew Scheerer19:26.03Western Reserve (Col...
26.10Ben Anderson19:43.02Western Reserve (Col...
27.12Jacob Meyer19:58.52St Paul
28.10Nick Bischoff20:02.69Monroeville
29.12Erik Hansberger20:16.25Western Reserve (Col...
30.10John McKinney20:37.44St Paul
31.10Jake Ruppert20:38.40Western Reserve (Col...
32.9Angel Rivera20:38.99Western Reserve (Col...
33.10Blake Bishop21:08.79Monroeville
34.12Trevor Young21:14.05St Paul
35.12Keane Riley21:19.28St Paul
36.10Charles French21:46.38Monroeville
37.10Brett Eldridge21:54.42Plymouth
38.9Lucas Caprara22:00.00St Paul
39.11Jordan Phillips22:08.98Western Reserve (Col...
40.12Blake Heyman22:14.08Monroeville
41.10Nathan Rasnick24:15.40Monroeville
42.12Dakota Foster25:33.71Plymouth
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Womens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity  
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1.10Emily Trent19:13.02Crestview (Ashland)
2.10Gretchen Sauder20:19.25Crestview (Ashland)
3.11Carey Fulk20:30.65Crestview (Ashland)
4.12Whitney Jackson20:38.74Crestview (Ashland)
5.12Madgie Dunn21:05.06Crestview (Ashland)
6.9Brenna Wnek21:08.47St Paul
7.9Tiffany Wampler21:14.16Western Reserve (Col...
8.11Kelsey Landberg21:24.81Mapleton
9.12Autumn Harmon21:32.94Crestview (Ashland)
10.10Leah Schwinn21:36.23New London
11.11Kelsey Diederich22:02.73Mapleton
12.10Corey Durbin22:10.57Crestview (Ashland)
13.10Brianna Good22:21.19Western Reserve (Col...
14.9Chelsea Roeder23:05.11New London
15.9Courtney Barber23:05.38Plymouth
16.11Lydia Collins23:05.81New London
17.11Katelen Miller23:07.48Western Reserve (Col...
18.12Sarah Kline23:29.81Mapleton
19.11Stephanie Grube23:36.99Plymouth
20.12Katie Cepero24:04.21Mapleton
21.10Jessica Talbott24:06.87New London
22.12Deanna Bradt24:21.33St Paul
23.12Danielle Schwinn24:22.99New London
24.12Amanda Kesner24:25.59Monroeville
25.11Allie Spence24:26.15St Paul
26.9Maci Hedeen24:40.11Plymouth
27.11Lauren Lilly24:48.84New London
28.10Andrea Briggs24:49.13Mapleton
29.10Kathryn Knackstedt25:02.44Western Reserve (Col...
30.12Sabrina Miller25:06.27Monroeville
31.12Hannah Koch25:08.69Monroeville
32.10Cheynne Loyer25:16.17Western Reserve (Col...
33.10Brooke Stieber25:18.17Monroeville
34.11Chels Romelfanger25:20.56New London
35.12Lizzy Mckinney26:00.12St Paul
36.9Cassidy McKinney26:01.99St Paul
37.10Amy Ruffing26:14.07Monroeville
38.12Taylor Brown27:10.54St Paul
39.10Allie Fitzgerald27:11.07St Paul
40.9Amy Grube27:57.89Plymouth
41.10Annie Plenies28:17.36Western Reserve (Col...
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