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Wittenberg Invitational 2007 Collegiate

Saturday, September 08, 2007

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Location - John Bryan State Park, Yellow Springs, OH - Map
Mens Races

John Bryan State Park

8,000 Meters Men
Womens Races
5,000 Meters Women
Last Updated 4:36 AM, Tue, Jan 11


Team Scores
Rank Team     Total 1 2 3 4 5 *6 *7 *8 *9
1 Wittenberg University 32 4 5 6 8 9 12 13
    Total Time: 2:07:41.02
       Average: 25:32.21
2 Wilmington College 33 2 3 7 10 11 15 16
    Total Time: 2:07:07.82
       Average: 25:25.57
3 Muskingum College 85 1 17 20 23 24 27 30
    Total Time: 2:15:29.19
       Average: 27:05.84
4 Capital University 94 14 18 19 21 22 25 26
    Total Time: 2:16:31.16
       Average: 27:18.24
5 Central State University 153 28 29 31 32 33 34
    Total Time: 2:45:05.90
       Average: 33:01.18
Team Scores
Rank Team     Total 1 2 3 4 5 *6 *7 *8 *9
1 Wilmington College 29 2 3 4 9 11 29 31
    Total Time: 1:44:28.82
       Average: 20:53.77
2 Wittenberg University 52 6 7 10 13 16 22 30
    Total Time: 1:47:59.64
       Average: 21:35.93
3 Muskingum College 77 8 12 15 18 24 27 34
    Total Time: 1:51:10.48
       Average: 22:14.10
4 Capital University 86 1 19 20 21 25 26 32
    Total Time: 1:50:36.17
       Average: 22:07.24
5 Cedarville University 87 5 14 17 23 28 33 35
    Total Time: 1:51:48.19
       Average: 22:21.64


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Mens Results

8,000 Meters Men  
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1.SrJD Walters24:18.51Muskingum
2.SoAustin Stiles24:40.67Wilmington (OH)
3.FrBrad Orr25:00.55Wilmington (OH)
4.JrGabe Savage25:10.44Wittenberg
5.FrKevin Frick25:29.35Wittenberg
6.SrMichael Wismer25:33.85Wittenberg
7.JrDavid Warren25:39.24Wilmington (OH)
8.FrAndrew Carter25:40.07Wittenberg
9.SrChris Michael Echols25:47.31Wittenberg
10.FrCody Pontius25:49.98Wilmington (OH)
11.FrRobert Romeo25:57.38Wilmington (OH)
12.JrBen McCombs25:58.69Wittenberg
13.FrBenjamin Hanf26:06.27Wittenberg
14.FrEmerson Rhoad26:15.48Capital
15.FrSeth Thomas26:21.13Wilmington (OH)
16.FrJackson Stults26:31.26Wilmington (OH)
17.SoSteven Dade26:46.29Muskingum
18.FrDylan McElfresh26:48.40Wilmington (OH)
19.SrShawn Hils26:48.75Wittenberg
20.FrKyle Griffith27:02.52Capital
21.SrStephan Woods27:09.32Capital
22.SrTom Aluise27:27.26Muskingum
23.SrBrik Anderson27:32.57Wilmington (OH)
24.FrDaniel Whonsetler27:41.01Wittenberg
25.JrJames Lewis27:43.77Wittenberg
26.FrNathan Wirrig27:58.56Capital
27.SoKyle Hively27:59.47Rio Grande
28.FrMatthew Overturff27:59.66Wittenberg
29.JrKraig Reiber28:00.75Wittenberg
30.JrEric Myers28:02.94Wilmington (OH)
31.SoJoel Eversole28:05.28Capital
32.FrGreg Chumney28:22.30Muskingum
33.JrMichael Maneage28:22.50Wittenberg
34.SrJustin Metzger28:34.83Muskingum
35.SrAndrew Keppler28:50.40Capital
36.FrNick Annarino29:07.09Wilmington (OH)
37.JrJoe Miceli29:27.33Capital
38.SoNick Del Grosso29:35.27Wittenberg
39.JrMichael Lamar29:38.94Wittenberg
40.SoJp Jackson29:50.03Wittenberg
41.SoBen Lynch29:52.44Wilmington (OH)
42.FrMatt Spencer30:00.68Rio Grande
43.SoEric Schmelzer30:07.43Muskingum
44.FrJoseph Angle30:51.16Wittenberg
45.-Rayvon Williams30:57.01Central State U (OH)
46.SrDaren Staugh30:58.51Wittenberg
47.-David Sawyers31:00.09Central State U (OH)
48.SoMichael Phillips31:00.27Wittenberg
49.JrJordan Cunningham31:04.81Rio Grande
50.FrZachary Link31:04.89Capital
51.FrZach Nelson31:06.46Rio Grande
52.FrRaphael Allen31:28.93Wittenberg
53.SoDavid Hearne31:30.86Wittenberg
54.-Andre Clayburn31:37.03Capital
55.SoJoseph Oliver31:43.78Muskingum
56.SrChris Sprowl32:22.04Wilmington (OH)
57.FrRonnie Johnson32:47.15Central State U (OH)
58.JrKyle Babcock32:53.22Wilmington (OH)
59.FrDanny Little32:57.44Wilmington (OH)
60.JrAdam Beeler33:53.23Wittenberg
61.JrJustin Stallworth35:10.37Central State U (OH)
62.FrD'Mile Cunningham35:11.28Central State U (OH)
63.JrIan Duff36:22.99Central State U (OH)
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Womens Results

5,000 Meters Women  
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1.JrShelly Gaines19:09.91Capital
2.SoSarah Matthews20:20.22Wilmington (OH)
3.FrKelsey Stief20:21.96Wilmington (OH)
4.SrKerstin Liederbach20:22.64Wilmington (OH)
5.FrBethany Stone20:29.15Cedarville
6.JrKatie McIlvain20:47.32Wittenberg
7.-Jordan Kennedy20:55.84Rio Grande
8.SrMegan Poling21:06.92Wittenberg
9.SoStacey Arnett21:14.18Rio Grande
10.FrJessica Bauer21:15.77Muskingum
11.FrLillian Bunn21:29.03Wilmington (OH)
12.-Margot Nevin21:37.93Wittenberg
13.FrBeth Hysell21:44.85Rio Grande
14.FrHannah Wolfe21:54.97Wilmington (OH)
15.FrBrooke Canfield21:57.39Muskingum
16.SrAlissa Goble22:01.56Wittenberg
17.FrAmber Ellett22:03.32Cedarville
18.SrMelissa Kollman22:17.18Muskingum
19.SrKara Clunk22:25.91Wittenberg
20.-Erica Hoff22:32.00Cedarville
21.FrKatie Smith22:33.18Muskingum
22.JrMegan Baxter22:33.55Capital
23.JrKara Baker22:39.89Capital
24.FrChristina Walker22:48.77Capital
25.SoKristie Baker22:52.11Central State U (OH)
26.SoAlison Brown22:56.38Wittenberg
27.JrLucy Olney23:01.28Cedarville
28.FrBriahna Lally23:06.95Muskingum
29.JrLindsay Dearth23:24.05Capital
30.FrBetsy Melick23:29.24Capital
31.SoAnna Baker23:34.17Muskingum
32.FrAngela Beatty23:42.44Cedarville
33.FrFontaine Graham23:46.69Wilmington (OH)
34.FrChristina Brinkhoff23:47.57Wittenberg
35.FrHeather Mclin23:55.85Wilmington (OH)
36.FrAlysha Vehre23:59.95Capital
37.FrRebekah Jones24:03.14Cedarville
38.JrLauren Jackson24:10.51Muskingum
39.SoChelsea Morris24:13.21Muskingum
40.-Hillery Hayes24:14.20Rio Grande
41.SoLauren Woodard24:23.96Wittenberg
42.SoFaith Williams24:24.39Capital
43.FrCecilia Core24:34.19Muskingum
44.JrNicole Holt24:49.22Central State U (OH)
45.SoDanielle Pruzaniec25:02.96Cedarville
46.-Brianna Fabianni25:23.97Capital
47.SrWhitney Reeves25:40.56Capital
48.-Ava-Gay Campbell25:51.28Central State U (OH)
49.JrFaith Meitzler26:02.59Cedarville
50.SrNikki Kline26:03.48Wilmington (OH)
51.FrErin Crawford26:29.96Cedarville
52.SoJoslyn Waidelich27:55.90Wilmington (OH)
53.SoAdrienne Taylor28:16.22Wilmington (OH)
54.SoSarah Huggins28:27.07Wilmington (OH)
55.FrRachel Wigton28:28.45Wittenberg
56.-Mariah Bergeron28:56.15Wittenberg
57.JrStacey Clouse29:11.34Wilmington (OH)
58.FrLauren Palmer30:13.43Capital
59.JrJessica Rizzo30:39.70Wittenberg
60.FrMichelle Graham37:58.91Wittenberg
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