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Fayette Eagle Invitational HS

Saturday, September 18, 2010

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Meet Host - Gorham-Fayette HS
Location - Harrison Lake , Fayette, OH - Map
Mens Races

Harrison Lake

5,000 Meters Varsity
5,000 Meters Junior Varsity
Womens Races

Harrison Lake

5,000 Meters Varsity
5,000 Meters Junior Varsity
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Mens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity  
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1.12Darrell Randall16:50.00Gorham-Fayette
2.12Josh Hilton17:05.00Antwerp
3.12Joshua Rumsey17:31.00Anthony Wayne
4.11Trevor Cox18:05.00Gorham-Fayette
5.12Ethan Miller18:06.00Anthony Wayne
6.12Tyler Guelde18:13.00Morenci
7.11Clayton Rice18:14.00Anthony Wayne
8.9Joey Sechrist18:25.00Anthony Wayne
9.11Tim Stoltzfus18:38.00Gorham-Fayette
10.11Brady Groom18:42.00Rossford
11.10Luke Spaulding18:43.00Morenci
12.12Steven Pedro18:45.00Anthony Wayne
13.9Jordan Moul18:47.00Anthony Wayne
14.10Tyler Westmeyer18:50.00Anthony Wayne
15.11Dalton Goeltzenleu...18:52.00Gorham-Fayette
16.11Brandon Champion18:53.00Anthony Wayne
17.12Dylan Crawford18:54.00Antwerp
18.12Tayyab Cheema18:58.00Anthony Wayne
19.10Wyatt Winright19:00.00Edon Northwest
20.12Ben Remaklus19:06.00Anthony Wayne
21.9Jason Rumsey19:13.00Anthony Wayne
22.11Matt Wright19:16.00Hudson
23.10Henry Atkin19:17.00Hudson
24.9Chandler Sanford19:23.00Gorham-Fayette
25.10Colin Krick19:24.00Antwerp
26.12Eric Clark19:41.00Hudson
27.12Tyler Keefer19:50.00Gorham-Fayette
28.11Joe Hilton19:51.00Antwerp
29.10Jake Spaulding19:52.00Morenci
30.12Micah Gillen19:52.00Morenci
31.12Albert Liu19:58.00Anthony Wayne
32.11Jeffrey Graham20:01.00Hudson
33.12Zach Kimmel20:04.00Antwerp
34.11Joey Leech20:14.00Anthony Wayne
35.11Logan Drummond20:15.00Morenci
36.11Austin Farnsel20:17.00Evergreen
37.12Forrest Buell20:20.00Edon Northwest
38.12Andrew Wuebben20:23.00Edon Northwest
39.10Dusty Lantz20:32.00Gorham-Fayette
40.12Alex Eicher20:37.00Edon Northwest
41.10Nick Raeff20:38.00Hudson
42.9Aaron Hertzfeld20:38.00Anthony Wayne
43.12Andrew Ehlinger20:40.00Antwerp
44.11Mason Tinney20:45.00Rossford
45.12Clay Burkholder20:46.00Gorham-Fayette
46.9Dylan Ashemeier20:50.00Gorham-Fayette
47.11Dave Pogoreski20:59.00Hudson
48.11Dylon Nevers21:02.00Evergreen
49.12Brandon Herrmann21:04.00Anthony Wayne
50.9Reagan Stowell21:06.00Morenci
51.9Tyler Cox21:06.00Gorham-Fayette
52.9Kyle Taylor21:08.00Anthony Wayne
53.12Jesus Romero21:14.00Rossford
54.12Kyle Kaminski21:15.00Anthony Wayne
55.12Danill S21:15.00Hudson
56.9Ian Schrock21:17.00Gorham-Fayette
57.11Nathan Seiler21:22.00Gorham-Fayette
58.12Thomas High21:28.00Hudson
59.10Isaac Reinhart21:28.00Antwerp
60.10Andrew Barker21:43.00Anthony Wayne
61.10Hunter Snyder21:46.00Edon Northwest
62.11Benjamin Allmendin...21:48.00Evergreen
63.11Alex Bartos21:59.00Evergreen
64.-Derreck Schwartz22:15.00Edon Northwest
65.10Bubba Williams22:25.00Hudson
66.11Jared Monroe22:27.00Evergreen
67.-Bowen Hills22:28.00Edon Northwest
68.9Zach Smelser22:30.00Adrian Lenawee Chris...
69.9Matt Reinhart22:31.00Antwerp
70.11Casey Hood22:42.00Anthony Wayne
71.10Carlos Sanchez22:57.00Evergreen
72.-Alex Kohart23:12.00Edon Northwest
73.12Jake Enerson23:22.00Hudson
74.9Lucas Eckel23:29.00Rossford
75.9Micah Ward23:34.00Anthony Wayne
76.12Nick Stevenson23:45.00Antwerp
77.10Alex Davis24:15.00Anthony Wayne
78.11Bryant Miesle24:34.00Antwerp
79.10Alec Hylander24:39.00Gorham-Fayette
80.11Grahm Avina24:55.00Evergreen
81.11Jonathan Boesger25:05.00Gorham-Fayette
82.12Samuel Adams25:40.00Anthony Wayne
83.9Austin Bartos26:06.00Evergreen
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Womens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity  
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1.10Victoria Hassen20:11.00Anthony Wayne
2.10Brittney Darah20:12.00Anthony Wayne
3.11Jessica Glanz20:23.00Anthony Wayne
4.10Levi Cvikel20:27.00Edon Northwest
5.12Riley Sechrist21:23.00Anthony Wayne
6.10Melani Seiler21:28.00Gorham-Fayette
7.12Mackenzie Denner21:50.00Emmanuel Christian (...
8.10Sabrina Brown22:27.00Edon Northwest
9.9Allie Loeffler22:28.00Anthony Wayne
10.12Abbey Geraghty22:43.00Rossford
11.11Paige Trojanowski22:46.00St Ursula (Toledo)
12.12Katie Bodenstedt22:47.00St Ursula (Toledo)
13.10Anna Story22:55.00Anthony Wayne
14.11Ellise Wetli23:20.00Antwerp
15.11Amy Wolf23:30.00Hudson
16.11Sarah Blachard23:35.00St Ursula (Toledo)
17.9Mariah Gillen23:41.00Morenci
18.12Ellie Hertzfeld23:47.00Anthony Wayne
19.12Lindsay Hickman23:49.00Edon Northwest
20.12Alexa Kessler23:51.00Gorham-Fayette
21.10Morga Ziegelhofer23:52.00St Ursula (Toledo)
22.12Danielle Smith23:53.00Anthony Wayne
23.9Madelyn Maginn24:04.00Gorham-Fayette
24.12Vanessa Gordon24:20.00Antwerp
25.11Sarah Mayhew24:24.00Anthony Wayne
26.12Chelsea Durham24:44.00Adrian Lenawee Chris...
27.9Julia Murphy24:50.00Emmanuel Christian (...
28.11Caitlyn Basinski24:51.00St Ursula (Toledo)
29.9Anna Fabbri24:54.00Adrian Lenawee Chris...
30.12Libby Durnwald24:57.00Anthony Wayne
31.12Sarah Whitney25:10.00St Ursula (Toledo)
32.11Sarah Kovar25:11.00Gorham-Fayette
33.11Harlee Hudson25:18.00Antwerp
34.12Tenley Seidel25:19.00St Ursula (Toledo)
35.11Elizabeth Johnston25:24.00Hudson
36.12Sierra Short25:36.00Antwerp
37.10Logan Patek25:37.00Evergreen
38.12Alaine Wetli25:38.00Antwerp
39.12Sarah Luma25:47.00Hudson
40.12Maddie Cooley25:57.00St Ursula (Toledo)
41.11Madlyn Parrill26:01.00St Ursula (Toledo)
42.11Chey Knapp26:04.00Evergreen
43.11Vicki Kralik26:05.00Rossford
44.10Ashtyn Baker26:17.00Gorham-Fayette
45.10Kacey Mullins26:30.00Rossford
46.11Becky Yarberry26:41.00Evergreen
47.11Haley Schmidt26:58.00St Ursula (Toledo)
48.12Megan Baker27:07.00Hudson
49.10Brecken Schaller27:07.00Rossford
50.10Sydney Brown27:09.00Gorham-Fayette
51.11Leah Jang27:09.00Emmanuel Christian (...
52.11Olivia Boney27:36.00Rossford
53.12Tiffany Tennant27:41.00Edon Northwest
54.11Lexie Miller27:58.00Evergreen
55.10Kristen Fandrey27:59.00Evergreen
56.12Barbara Hollstein28:02.00Morenci
57.11Linea Parry28:12.00St Ursula (Toledo)
58.11Julie Shoemaker28:15.00Hudson
59.12Desiree Delgado28:18.00Antwerp
60.9Kelsey Smith28:23.00Anthony Wayne
61.11Kelsea Burns28:30.00Antwerp
62.9Brook Schwartz28:49.00Edon Northwest
63.12Halie Lewis28:56.00Anthony Wayne
64.9Amber Smallman29:22.00Evergreen
65.11Shannon Joyce29:37.00St Ursula (Toledo)
66.10Taylor Baugh29:49.00Morenci
67.9Anna Ruth29:53.00Evergreen
68.10Mary Hollstein29:54.00Morenci
69.10Nerissa Roney29:58.00Hudson
70.-Adrain Andersen31:01.00Edon Northwest
71.11Ann Reinhart31:59.00Antwerp
72.12Sarah Istefan33:08.00Evergreen
73.-Maryssa Micham34:38.00St Ursula (Toledo)
74.10Kayla Tank34:38.00St Ursula (Toledo)
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