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St. Mary's University

4 Mile Men
Womens Races
5,000 Meters Women
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Team Scores
Rank Team Total 1 2 3 4 5 *6 *7 *8 *9
Results - Men
1 Saint Mary's University 35 3 4 5 6 17 19 20
Total Time: 1:55:05.60
Average: 23:01.12
2 Luther College 45 8 7 9 11 10 13 14
Total Time: 1:55:43.50
Average: 23:08.70
3 Winona State University 52 1 2 15 16 18 23 25
Total Time: 1:55:51.70
Average: 23:10.34
4 Macalester College 106 12 21 22 24 27 28 31
Total Time: 2:01:13.00
Average: 24:14.60
5 Alumni 150 26 29 30 32 33
Total Time: 2:19:52.90
Average: 27:58.58 
Team Scores
Rank Team Total 1 2 3 4 5 *6 *7 *8 *9
Results - Women
1 Luther College 25 3 4 5 6 7 10 11
Total Time: 1:43:26.10
Average: 20:41.22
2 Winona State University 36 1 2 8 12 13 14 20
Total Time: 1:44:40.90
Average: 20:56.18
3 Saint Mary's University 88 15 16 17 19 21 22 23
Total Time: 1:50:31.40
Average: 22:06.28
4 Alumni 102 9 18 24 25 26 27
Total Time: 1:55:27.50
Average: 23:05.50 

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Mens Results

4 Mile Men  
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St Mary's (MN)

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1.JrBryan Lindquist22:21.90Winona State
2.SoKyle Dammen22:24.50Winona State
3.JrDavid Feather22:28.50St Mary's (MN)
4.SoJake Traxler22:49.20St Mary's (MN)
5.JrRobby McGuire22:50.90St Mary's (MN)
6.SoPeter Borash23:03.50St Mary's (MN)
7.JrShane Steele23:08.60Luther
7.SrKyle Buck23:08.60Luther
9.SoEvan Neubauer23:08.70Luther
10.SoAlex Rigdon23:08.80Luther
10.SrJordan Lang23:08.80Luther
12.SoCarl Biggers23:10.20Macalester
13.SoMatt Rubins23:22.60Luther
14.FrAustin Bauer23:22.70Luther
14.JrAndrew Papke-Larson23:22.70Luther
14.FrScott Mittman23:22.70Luther
14.SrErik Johnson23:22.70Luther
18.SoJared Haldeman23:32.50Winona State
19.FrClay Scott23:36.40Winona State
20.JrMax Molzahn23:40.70Luther
20.SoCalvin Simmons23:40.70Luther
20.JrPeter Kraus23:40.70Luther
20.JrKarl Gesch23:40.70Luther
20.JrJoel Dotseth23:40.70Luther
25.SrQuinten Moore23:53.50St Mary's (MN)
26.FrKevin Dammen23:56.40Winona State
27.FrJohn Soucheray24:02.30St Mary's (MN)
28.SoMichael Wolter24:04.50St Mary's (MN)
29.SoRyan Winegardner24:05.10St Mary's (MN)
30.SoRyan Sutley24:08.90Macalester
31.SrBenton Kodet24:17.00St Mary's (MN)
32.SoColin Sheehan24:20.20St Mary's (MN)
33.JrDale Dybvig24:22.30Macalester
34.SoMatt Ernster24:28.10Winona State
35.FrPatrick Dimpsey24:28.80Winona State
36.-Adrian St. Francis24:30.50Macalester
37.SoAndrew Bentz24:54.90Luther
37.SoDavid Pedrick24:54.90Luther
37.FrJustin Heitz24:54.90Luther
37.JrAndrew Weckwerth24:54.90Luther
41.FrJordan Henrickson24:57.00Winona State
42.-John Vallez24:59.90St Mary's (MN)
43.SrJoe Schubert25:01.10Macalester
44.SrBrent Vyvyan25:01.30Winona State
45.SoNick Andresen25:07.80Luther
45.FrBen Hanson25:07.80Luther
45.SoLogan Langley25:07.80Luther
48.SoKevin Jachymowski25:14.20Winona State
49.SoRiley Buss25:25.00Winona State
50.SoJoe Macula25:28.60Macalester
51.JrTyler Stevenson25:33.10Luther
51.FrBryan Butel25:33.10Luther
51.FrJohn Freude25:33.10Luther
51.FrTed Olsen25:33.10Luther
51.-Matt Burns25:33.10Luther
51.SoBryce Kilker25:33.10Luther
57.FrKai Hovden25:43.30Winona State
58.FrErik Germundsen25:51.80St Mary's (MN)
59.FrEthan Kastello25:58.80Winona State
60.Matt Lindeman26:00.50Alumni
61.-BJ Klenke26:03.70St Mary's (MN)
62.SoEvan Meyer26:04.20Luther
63.JrAndrew Finanger26:04.30Luther
64.FrPreston Hopkins26:04.90Luther
65.JrMichael Mockler26:20.90St Mary's (MN)
66.FrJaron Arbet26:21.30Winona State
67.JrKyle Dimke26:21.70Winona State
68.FrDavid Lunzer26:32.00St Mary's (MN)
69.SrSpencer Retelle27:03.00Macalester
70.FrTravis Hawley27:06.50Winona State
71.FrTyrell Varner27:17.80Winona State
72.FrGerhardt Buckentin27:24.30Winona State
73.-Jason Klein27:27.30St Mary's (MN)
74.Eric Engen27:41.00Unattached
75.JrVincent Weibel27:41.10Winona State
76.-Derek Harren32:03.90Winona State
77.Robert Duerst35:21.50Alumni
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Womens Results

5,000 Meters Women  
Upgrade Meet Host
St Mary's (MN)

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1.SoKayla Gudmundson20:22.60Winona State
2.JrJenna Southworth20:31.30Winona State
3.SrEllie Neubauer20:41.00Luther
4.SrSarah Lundine20:41.20Luther
5.SrSharon Heyer20:41.30Luther
5.SrKimberly Horner20:41.30Luther
5.JrEmma Spoon20:41.30Luther
8.SoSteph Sjostrom20:53.40Winona State
9.Ellen Vanden Eykel21:04.90Alumni
10.JrLisa Wegman21:19.10Luther
11.FrKayla Uphoff21:19.20Luther
11.SrLeah Jensen21:19.20Luther
11.JrMelissa Erickson21:19.20Luther
11.SoChristina Storlie21:19.20Luther
15.SoMegan Snyder21:24.40Winona State
16.SrKelsey Stensland21:29.20Winona State
17.SoAshton Lamp21:33.30Winona State
18.FrAmy Spitzmueller21:34.80St Mary's (MN)
19.FrMaggie Pierson21:40.10Luther
20.JrAnna Murray21:40.20Luther
20.JrSamantha McAllister21:40.20Luther
22.Srjulia Schiefelbein21:40.30Luther
23.FrKristen Thelen21:59.60St Mary's (MN)
24.SrEmily Dee22:08.20St Mary's (MN)
25.JrTera Bollig22:09.00St Mary's (MN)
26.SrJoanna Pace22:09.30St Mary's (MN)
27.SoJessica Roos22:15.30Winona State
27.FrRachel Ziebell22:15.30Winona State
29.FrMadeline Lambert22:18.80Luther
30.JrChelsea Lynch22:19.00Luther
30.SrNicole Wilson22:19.00Luther
30.FrJayne Cole22:19.00Luther
33.SoLauren Stokke22:23.80Luther
33.FrRebekah Schulz22:23.80Luther
35.SrKatherine McDonald22:24.00Luther
36.JrAshley Matthys22:24.20Luther
37.JrCourtney Seyller22:33.80Winona State
38.FrKatie Espe22:36.30Winona State
39.SoKatelyn Forsythe22:39.40Winona State
40.JrRegina Quandt22:39.50St Mary's (MN)
41.SrMichelle Jeske22:46.90Winona State
42.SoChelsea Tegels22:47.40Luther
42.FrNicole Powers22:47.40Luther
44.FrLauren Maze22:47.50Luther
45.JrMichelle Boursier22:47.90Luther
46.FrKatelyn Harsevoort22:50.00Winona State
47.JrJill Spitzmueller22:54.10St Mary's (MN)
48.FrNatalie Jech23:08.30Winona State
49.SrBrittany Kuehn23:13.80St Mary's (MN)
50.SrMackenzie Ferguson23:16.70St Mary's (MN)
51.JrCassie Berning23:19.40St Mary's (MN)
52.SoElizabeth Scott23:33.80St Mary's (MN)
53.JrCally Simanski23:41.00Luther
54.FrMerike Youngs23:41.70Luther
55.JrSamantha Stykel23:41.90Luther
56.JrKelsey Mitchell23:42.20Luther
57.SrMadeline Heinrich23:51.70Winona State
58.-Ashley Acosta23:59.30St Mary's (MN)
59.Alicia Duerst24:02.40Alumni
60.SoKim Koecheler24:11.90St Mary's (MN)
61.FrSarah Marchio24:49.40Winona State
62.SrDanielle Miller24:50.50St Mary's (MN)
63.SoJordan Junker24:59.50St Mary's (MN)
64.FrKatherine Mockler25:24.70St Mary's (MN)
65.SoTina Koecheler25:30.20St Mary's (MN)
66.JrLauren Baier26:14.00St Mary's (MN)
67.SoAnnie Garrigan34:09.10St Mary's (MN)
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