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Doddridge invitational HS

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

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Location - Doddridge County Park, West Union, WV
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Mens Races

Doddridge County Park

5,000 Meters Varsity
Womens Races

Doddridge County Park

5,000 Meters Varsity
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Mens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity  
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Doddridge County

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1.12Levi Grandt17:50.00Doddridge County
2.12Lucas Warner18:08.00Tucker County
3.11John King18:17.00Philip Barbour
4.10Aaron Estep18:37.00Tyler Consolidated
5.11Cuylor Edgell18:46.00Doddridge County
6.12Kyle Harris18:49.00Ritchie County
7.11Randy Price18:53.00Roane County
8.12Jacob Lafferre18:54.00Ritchie County
9.10David Rhodes18:57.00Tucker County
10.11Vinnie DeMarco19:01.00Lincoln
11.10Justin Miller19:17.00Buckhannon-Upshur
12.11Matt Mason19:36.00Bridgeport
13.10John Perry19:43.00Ritchie County
14.11Justin Fisher19:46.00Roane County
15.10Chris Toompas19:48.00Philip Barbour
16.10Mikey Cornell19:52.00Williamstown
17.10Shawn Shaffer19:56.00Bridgeport
18.12Justin Hovatter19:56.00Tucker County
19.9Drew Woodford19:57.00Grafton
21.12Tyler Sellers20:01.00Ritchie County
22.9Daniel Clevenger20:04.00Doddridge County
23.10Brandon Rowan20:07.00Buckhannon-Upshur
24.10Logan Wright20:11.00Williamstown
25.12Brett Phillips20:12.00Grafton
26.11Todd Gilkerson20:30.00Buckhannon-Upshur
27.11Derek Sparks20:36.00Williamstown
28.12Corey Meadows20:37.00Williamstown
29.9Justin Rock20:38.00Buckhannon-Upshur
30.11Seth Edgell20:43.00Bridgeport
31.9Tanner Floyd20:45.00Liberty (Harrison)
32.9Jordan Riffle20:52.00Grafton
33.12Mark Waggaman20:55.00Liberty (Harrison)
34.9Zach Tennant20:55.00Grafton
35.12Jeremy Hall20:56.00Roane County
36.12Kenny Cunningham20:57.00Ritchie County
37.11Cole Kelley21:00.00Tucker County
38.11Nathan Weese21:00.00Tyler Consolidated
39.9Jared Rock21:03.00Buckhannon-Upshur
40.11Josh Parsons21:10.00Calhoun County
41.9Logan Chipps21:27.00Doddridge County
42.10Matt Yothers21:33.00Lincoln
43.9Troy Gum21:44.00Doddridge County
44.10Jacob Cutright21:44.00Robert C Byrd
45.9Caleb Cade21:53.00Doddridge County
46.12John Failinger22:01.00Trinity Christian
47.10Adrian Summerfield22:08.00Philip Barbour
48.9Brian Britton22:09.00Ritchie County
49.9Charlie McManish22:09.00Philip Barbour
50.12J.J. Ford22:13.00Buckhannon-Upshur
51.11Travis Hayes22:26.00Tyler Consolidated
52.11John Higgins22:38.00Philip Barbour
53.10Tyler Cunningham22:39.00Ritchie County
54.9Quinton Hinzman22:40.00Doddridge County
55.12Jered Rial22:42.00Ritchie County
56.10Jacob Clevenger22:49.00Ritchie County
57.9Danny Harris22:51.00Ritchie County
58.10Zack Cunningham23:05.00Doddridge County
59.10Tyler Theobald23:09.00Williamstown
60.12Sam Robinson23:10.00Doddridge County
61.9Joseph Semple23:11.00Tyler Consolidated
62.12John McIntrye23:16.00Liberty (Harrison)
63.9Matt Stadelman23:20.00Grafton
64.9Vince Winters23:21.00Doddridge County
65.10Brandon Coburn23:39.00Bridgeport
66.10Cai Clothier23:52.00Calhoun County
67.11Corey Mcwilliams23:53.00Tucker County
68.10Nathaniel Kelley23:58.00Buckhannon-Upshur
69.9Brice Kehrer24:27.00Tyler Consolidated
70.9Nathan Bolin24:27.00Tyler Consolidated
71.9William Ohse24:29.00Calhoun County
72.10Brandon Elliott24:33.00Bridgeport
73.12Robbie Brunswick25:27.00Bridgeport
74.9Matthew Spicer25:33.00Bridgeport
75.12John Groves25:35.00Bridgeport
76.11Josh Wentz25:46.00Philip Barbour
77.9Jacob Merinar25:51.00Bridgeport
78.9Bobby Barber25:56.00Philip Barbour
79.9Brian Quattro27:20.00Tucker County
80.10Ben Scott27:32.00Williamstown
81.9Josh White28:00.00Bridgeport
82.9T. Saucer28:21.00Bridgeport
83.9Cole Dotson29:12.00Doddridge County
84.9Sky Meador29:16.00Tucker County
85.9Cody Williams34:04.00Lincoln
86.12Chris Bailey39:53.00Liberty (Harrison)
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Womens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity  
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Doddridge County

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20.12Jonathon Holbert19:59.00Trinity Christian
1.10Aly Carpenter22:01.00Ritchie County
2.10Chanel Alexander22:40.00Grafton
3.12Emily Coffman22:46.00Doddridge County
4.10Stephanie Barlow22:49.00Buckhannon-Upshur
5.10Nici Rea23:01.00Williamstown
6.10Molly Summers23:11.00Grafton
7.10Kaylen Poston23:14.00Grafton
8.12Melanie Manning23:23.00Ritchie County
9.12Katelyn Hunt23:43.00Grafton
10.12Courtney Mullenax23:53.00Tucker County
11.10Cheri Bunner23:57.00Ritchie County
12.12Kylee Boring23:57.00Doddridge County
13.11Ashley White23:58.00Buckhannon-Upshur
14.12Sarah Summers23:59.00Grafton
15.9Megan Roberts24:10.00Williamstown
16.4Lindsey Lutyens24:14.00Bridgeport
17.10Mary Beth Smith24:16.00Tucker County
18.11Anna Sampson24:17.00Calhoun County
19.12Megan Miller24:25.00Grafton
20.10Krista Schaffer24:39.00Williamstown
21.11Cassie Johnson24:41.00Trinity Christian
22.10Julianna Warner24:45.00Tucker County
23.10Julia Zorn24:47.00Doddridge County
24.12Brittney Powell24:49.00Doddridge County
25.12Kelley Wambaugh24:55.00Grafton
26.11Bree Flanagan25:01.00Lincoln
27.9Rheanna Foley25:13.00Tyler Consolidated
28.9Lauren Bucina25:14.00Williamstown
29.10Rachel Cokeley25:19.00Ritchie County
30.10Adalia Trudgeon25:20.00Doddridge County
31.10Tiffany Watson25:39.00Ritchie County
32.10Kendra Poston25:39.00Grafton
33.10Jessie Earley25:48.00Tyler Consolidated
34.11Shawna McIntire25:54.00Robert C Byrd
35.11Anna Patrick26:08.00Tucker County
36.11Amy Farr26:15.00Williamstown
37.12Dani Gray26:30.00Williamstown
38.11Bethany Evans26:52.00Tucker County
39.9Corrie Bush26:55.00Buckhannon-Upshur
40.10Stacia Sandy27:01.00Williamstown
41.10Sarah Reed27:29.00Doddridge County
42.10Chelsea Wells27:38.00Tyler Consolidated
43.12Adrienne Duckworth27:50.00Grafton
44.10Maggie Kyle27:52.00Liberty (Harrison)
45.12Paige Byrne27:53.00Philip Barbour
46.11Leah McDowell27:55.00Tucker County
47.10Melody Heath28:13.00Tucker County
48.12Brooke Miller28:18.00Roane County
49.10Tosha Saltis28:21.00Buckhannon-Upshur
50.10Meggie Swisher28:23.00Doddridge County
51.9Sarah Williams28:24.00Williamstown
52.9Priscilla Huguenin28:25.00Tucker County
53.9Sydney Mucha28:29.00Bridgeport
54.9Celeste Rosencrance28:32.00Grafton
55.11Megan Compton28:38.00Liberty (Harrison)
56.9Mercedes Jacobs28:53.00Philip Barbour
57.10Vicky Bartlett29:35.00Ritchie County
58.11Marie Friend30:00.00Tucker County
59.11Maria Kisner30:24.00Calhoun County
60.10Shasta Hayhurst30:25.00Doddridge County
61.12Kayla Hixon30:35.00Calhoun County
62.11Ashley Williams30:52.00Lincoln
63.9Hannah Beckner31:05.00Tucker County
64.11Mindy Dilly31:26.00Tucker County
65.10Maggie Cavender31:53.00Roane County
66.11Hannah Kittle32:11.00Williamstown
67.10Chelsea Sammons32:23.00Ritchie County
68.11Carrie Graffius32:35.00Calhoun County
69.10Haley Fulks32:45.00Williamstown
70.10Hannah Steele33:18.00Williamstown
71.9Emily Wells34:10.00Tyler Consolidated
72.12Megan Wiggins34:53.00Williamstown
73.10Kylee Lombard35:45.00Williamstown
74.10Casey George36:02.00Philip Barbour
75.9Anna Phillips36:15.00Buckhannon-Upshur
76.9Ashley Pfohl38:38.00Tyler Consolidated
77.9Valerie Nestor39:29.00Liberty (Harrison)
78.11Michelle Bissell40:46.00Liberty (Harrison)
79.10Emily Anderson41:31.00Lincoln
80.11Jackie Layhew42:06.00Philip Barbour
81.11Alysha Hooper42:06.00Lincoln
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