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Ripon Invitational 2007 Collegiate

Saturday, October 06, 2007

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Meet Host - Ripon Collegiate
Location - Ripon Campus, Ripon, WI
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Mens Races
8,000 Meters Men
Womens Races

Ripon Campus

5,000 Meters Women
Last Updated 4:05 PM, Tue, Jan 25


1. UW-Stevens Point      30 (4,5,6,7,8,9,11)
2. Ripon College         33 (1,2,3,10,17,19,20)
3. UW-Oshkosh            80 (13,14,15,16.22.25,28)
4. Carroll College       98 (12,18,21,23,24,26,29)
5. Concordia University Wisconsin 153 (27,30,31,32,33,34,35)
1. UW-Oshkosh                      27 (1,3,4,8,11,13,18)
2. Carroll College                 47 (2,9,10,12,14,15,17)
3. Ripon College                   74 (5,7,19,21,22,23,35)
4. UW-Stevens Point               103 (6,20,24,26,27,28,34)
5. Finlandia University (Mich.)   152 (16,31,32,36,37,39)
6. Concordia University Wisconsin 155 (25,29,30,33,38,40,41)

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Mens Results

8,000 Meters Men  
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1.SrJim Hein26:52.58Ripon
2.SrHarrison Smith27:16.26Ripon
3.SrBryan Schneider27:27.46Ripon
4.JrJosh Shaffer27:31.70Wisconsin-Stevens Po...
5.SoBrandon Dworak27:34.89Wisconsin-Stevens Po...
6.JrCory Baumann27:56.43Wisconsin-Stevens Po...
7.SoAdam Lang28:02.50Wisconsin-Stevens Po...
8.JrZach Bitter28:06.46Wisconsin-Stevens Po...
9.FrSean Hasenstein28:10.58Wisconsin-Stevens Po...
10.FrJason Smith28:18.03Ripon
11.Jrjason Lisowe28:25.40Wisconsin-Stevens Po...
12.SoAdam Steinke28:31.28Wisconsin-Stevens Po...
13.SoDaniel Brinker28:40.15Wisconsin-Stevens Po...
14.FrDerek Nechuta28:44.97Wisconsin-Stevens Po...
15.FrJames Jordan28:50.53Wisconsin-Stevens Po...
16.SrTim Lyons28:55.79Carroll (WI)
17.FrWilliam Koepp29:03.04Wisconsin-Oshkosh
18.Kevin Sommer29:04.02homealone
19.JrJason Weslowski29:09.19Wisconsin-Stevens Po...
20.SrJason Fast29:14.08Wisconsin-Oshkosh
21.FrBobby Gibson29:17.52Wisconsin-Oshkosh
22.SoDusty Dorshorst29:22.01Wisconsin-Oshkosh
23.FrBen Brunner29:34.63Wisconsin-Oshkosh
24.SoChris Cebula29:39.37Marquette
25.FrTim Thornburg29:46.86Wisconsin-Stevens Po...
26.Nick Berndt29:47.50Stevens Point Running
27.FrCody Jolin29:53.53Ripon
28.FrDan Miller30:16.64Carroll (WI)
29.FrEric Allen30:17.17Wisconsin-Stevens Po...
30.FrBen Worcester30:20.96Ripon
31.SoAndrew Peck30:22.53Ripon
32.FrSteve Moch30:26.45Carroll (WI)
33.-Mike Treder30:56.35Ripon
34.FrLucas Felten31:09.59Ripon
35.SoJacob Haury31:15.46Wisconsin-Oshkosh
36.FrDustin Houk31:17.73Carroll (WI)
37.FrKyle Ferg31:29.15Carroll (WI)
38.FrTim Schneider31:29.16Wisconsin-Oshkosh
39.SoGeorge Nelson32:10.73Carroll (WI)
40.Ryan Jasper32:49.31Stevens Point Running
41.FrMichael Dussault32:58.90Ripon
42.Jacob Cox33:03.40Stevens Point Running
43.SoTyler Biederwolf33:16.97Concordia (WI)
44.SoJeff Baudry33:22.32Wisconsin-Oshkosh
45.-Mark Nolan33:39.95Ripon
46.FrRyan Hanus33:49.93Carroll (WI)
47.JrZach Graudin34:02.40Concordia (WI)
48.SrCaleb Schewe34:24.85Concordia (WI)
49.FrPhil Adams34:29.41Marian
50.John Mumm34:52.76Stevens Point Running
51.FrDavid Uffenbeck35:39.24Concordia (WI)
52.FrKevin Carew35:52.64Wisconsin-Oshkosh
53.-Matt Gehring36:24.17Ripon
54.JrJosh Weber37:23.46Concordia (WI)
55.FrAdam Sarabia38:14.24Concordia (WI)
56.SrMike Muhs38:20.37Lakeland
57.SoJustin Koepsell38:51.05Carroll (WI)
58.SoDavid Rockwood41:09.65Concordia (WI)
59.SrPaul Muther43:25.47Concordia (WI)
60.FrBrian Valenti44:21.17Lakeland
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Womens Results

5,000 Meters Women  
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1.SrJenny Melville21:02.60Wisconsin-Oshkosh
2.SrBeth Pollard21:43.47Marquette
3.-Briana Hoskins21:56.06Marquette
4.SoMichelle Weber22:01.34Carroll (WI)
5.FrCassie Peterson22:06.16Wisconsin-Oshkosh
6.FrBrittany Haas22:07.96Wisconsin-Oshkosh
7.SoJessica Davey22:08.96Ripon
8.FrHeather Sheets22:12.79Wisconsin-Stevens Po...
9.SrRebecca Duley22:19.82Ripon
10.SrWhitney Langer22:27.12Wisconsin-Oshkosh
11.FrAmy Killian22:34.76Carroll (WI)
12.SoLauren Rein22:44.45Carroll (WI)
13.SoShannon Madigan22:50.33Wisconsin-Oshkosh
14.SoMonica Curruchich22:59.97Carroll (WI)
15.FrMallory Burk23:06.38Wisconsin-Oshkosh
16.FrJessica Laurin23:09.32Carroll (WI)
17.SoHanna Piepenbrink23:12.91Carroll (WI)
18.JrKate Abbott23:12.94Finlandia U
19.FrAllison Logsdon23:25.38Carroll (WI)
20.SrToni Morning23:31.06Wisconsin-Oshkosh
21.JrErin Beggs23:37.79Ripon
22.FrJoyce Kleiman23:40.86Wisconsin-Stevens Po...
23.FrPaula Puntillo23:54.22Marquette
24.FrJenny Garcia24:14.98Carroll (WI)
25.SoKristin Bemis24:16.58Wisconsin-Oshkosh
26.FrBrenda Kasten24:18.31Carroll (WI)
27.FrHeather Bassett24:23.33Wisconsin-Oshkosh
28.FrAmanda Fabian24:29.13Marian
29.FrErin Bavery24:31.21Ripon
30.FrLaura Reuling24:41.46Ripon
31.FrCarrie Kohn24:46.90Marian
32.FrBrooke Zank25:05.70Ripon
33.FrAmanda Roswell25:16.58Wisconsin-Stevens Po...
34.FrKatie Horner25:16.84Concordia (WI)
35.FrBrittany Dantinne25:32.96Wisconsin-Stevens Po...
36.FrTara Whiting25:34.89Wisconsin-Stevens Po...
37.SrMelanie Helmbrecht25:45.71Mount Mary (WI)
38.FrKim Lindberg25:46.34Wisconsin-Stevens Po...
39.JrAshley Jensen25:47.22Mount Mary (WI)
40.FrSamantha Gries26:00.66Concordia (WI)
41.SrMelody Koney26:06.89Carroll (WI)
42.SoKatie Boudro26:12.20Concordia (WI)
43.SrKristen Koljonen26:13.49Finlandia U
44.SoElise Krause26:14.40Mount Mary (WI)
45.JrChaslyn Duffek26:16.24Finlandia U
46.FrKelsey Kiesow26:40.68Concordia (WI)
47.JrKate Sullivan26:43.98Carroll (WI)
48.FrSarah Coughlin26:50.11Wisconsin-Stevens Po...
49.SoGwen Casey27:07.26Ripon
50.SoJess Baker27:14.87Carroll (WI)
51.SrSara Kussmann27:45.77Ripon
52.FrSarah Schettle27:49.32Wisconsin-Oshkosh
53.SoMaghan Smith28:00.01Finlandia U
54.FrMegan Webb28:04.38Wisconsin-Stevens Po...
55.SoKendra Benson28:07.22Finlandia U
56.FrRachel Schumacher28:30.82Concordia (WI)
57.FrHolly Anderson28:34.51Carroll (WI)
58.JrJessica Blake28:49.59Finlandia U
59.FrBeth Gleason28:49.62Concordia (WI)
60.SoGail Stapelkamp29:38.37Concordia (WI)
61.-Jen Millen29:57.56Ripon
62.FrAnna Holman30:22.36Concordia (WI)
63.SoKristin Schwake30:38.30Lakeland
64.JrBriony Zlomke31:13.49Mount Mary (WI)
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