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Friday, October 03, 2003

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Location - Whitetail Golf Course, Colfax, WI - Map
Mens Races

Whitetail Golf Course

8,000 Meters Men Long
5,000 Meters Men Short
Womens Races
6,000 Meters Women Long
5,000 Meters Women Short
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 Men 5k - results not found   
 Women 3k results not found  
 Men 8k
  1   St. Olaf                 53    2    5   22   24   35   44   26:13.9    1:06.3
  2   Saint John's             58    8   12   17   21   40   45   26:20.9      31.2
  3   St. Thomas               75    3   16   26   30   34   39   26:30.3    1:13.5
  4   Wisconsin-Platteville    78    6    7   28   37   38   43   26:32.3    1:12.1
  5   Wisconsin-Eau Claire     79   10   15   23   31   42   54   26:31.6      55.9
  6   Eau Claire Alumni        82    9   11   13   49   61   63   26:31.9    1:32.7
 7*   Wisconsin-Stout          84    1   20   27   36   46   47   26:33.2    1:34.9
 7*   Wisconsin-La Crosse      84   14   18   19   33             26:36.6      53.0
  9   Wisconsin-Oshkosh       122    4   29   41   48   50   51   26:53.9    1:43.5
 10   Hamline                 176   25   32   52   67             27:52.7    2:43.3
 11   St. Scholastica         228   55   56   58   59   62   66   28:40.0       9.4
 12   Winona State            242   53   57   64   68   70   71   29:03.7    2:00.3
 13   North Central (Minn)    266   60   65   69   72             30:27.9    3:58.7
 Women 6k
  1   Luther                   34    3    7   10   14   16        23:10.8      42.9
  2   St. Benedict             40    2    8   12   18   29        23:14.8    1:05.4
  3   St. Olaf                 78   17   19   20   22   23        23:42.6      14.0
  4   North Central (Ill)      85    6   13   15   51   52        23:53.2    2:22.1
  5   Wisconsin-Eau Claire     93    9   24   26   34   38        23:55.8    1:02.8
  6   Wisconsin-Stout         111    4   11   40   56   58        24:10.9    2:40.3
  7   Bethel                  131    5   35   41   50   55        24:26.7    2:22.2
  8   Wisconsin-Oshkosh B     133   21   30   37   45   46        24:25.5    1:22.6
  9   Winona State            142   27   31   36   48   57        24:32.6    1:07.3
 10   St. Scholastica         145   28   32   42   43   44        24:33.3      49.6
 11   Minn State Mankato      164   25   39   47   53   62        24:50.2    1:32.3
 12   Wisconsin-Platteville   188    1   60   63   64   67        25:17.6    4:27.6
 13   St. Kate's              214   33   54   61   66             25:53.9    3:04.5
 14   Augsburg                241   49   59   65   68             27:29.6    5:49.7

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Mens Results

8,000 Meters Men Long  
Upgrade Meet Host
Wisconsin-Eau Claire

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1.SrDave Huber25:36.5Wisconsin-Stout
2.JrKelly Fulton25:40.9St Olaf College
3.FrWill Hawthorne25:45.7St Thomas (MN)
4.SoJesse Sanchez25:47.4Wisconsin-Oshkosh
5.JrMalcolm Richards25:51.1St Olaf College
6.SoNathan Warnberg26:00.8Wisconsin-Platteville
7.SrAdam Christnovich26:01.6Wisconsin-Platteville
8.SoTim Smit26:04.5St John's (MN)
9.-Richard Maleniak26:05.8Wisconsin-Eau Claire
10.JrAdam Condit26:08.8Wisconsin-Eau Claire
11.Bill Skiba26:10.5Eau Claire Alumni
12.SrAaron Bumgarner26:11.8St John's (MN)
13.-Jason Finch26:12.8Wisconsin-Eau Claire
14.SoSean Luedke26:13.8Wisconsin-La Crosse
15.JrBen Schmiege26:14.2Wisconsin-Eau Claire
16.SoJohn Schwerkoske26:25.4St Thomas (MN)
17.SrMichael Marschel26:31.6St John's (MN)
18.FrJames DeBaker26:32.8Wisconsin-La Crosse
19.FrKyle Long26:33.1Wisconsin-La Crosse
20.JrRyan Chernik26:33.5Wisconsin-Stout
21.SrBrian Anderson26:35.6St John's (MN)
22.SrPeder Arneson26:36.5St Olaf College
23.JrMicah Hernandez26:38.8Wisconsin-Eau Claire
24.SrNic Reichenbach26:47.2St Olaf College
25.FrTravis Bristow26:50.3Hamline
26.JrCory Fusco26:50.9St Thomas (MN)
27.SoBrett Heimstead26:51.4Wisconsin-Stout
28.SoBob Dillis26:54.0Wisconsin-Platteville
29.JrShelby Anderson26:58.8Wisconsin-Oshkosh
30.SrBill Kretsch26:59.2St Thomas (MN)
31.JrJacob Ebner27:04.6Wisconsin-Eau Claire
32.SoJeffrey Metzdorff27:05.5Hamline
33.FrNate Koster27:06.7Wisconsin-La Crosse
34.SoColin Sullivan27:09.2St Thomas (MN)
35.JrPaul Sovik-Siemens27:10.5St Olaf College
36.FrNate Haeny27:11.4Wisconsin-Stout
37.SoJosh Placke27:12.9Wisconsin-Platteville
38.SrJesse Spankowski27:15.8Wisconsin-Platteville
39.JrFranz Klein27:17.2St Thomas (MN)
40.FrJordan Hoaglund27:18.1St John's (MN)
41.FrNate Boehlke27:18.5Wisconsin-Oshkosh
42.SoMatt Hofkes27:22.8Wisconsin-Eau Claire
43.FrKyle Stangel27:24.1Wisconsin-Platteville
44.SoMarc Ellingson27:24.9St Olaf College
45.SoDavid Chancellor27:25.1Wisconsin-Platteville
46.SoPaul Jeske27:25.8St John's (MN)
47.SrCasey Otto27:28.6Wisconsin-Stout
48.SoAdam Burrack27:29.7Wisconsin-Stout
49.SrGreg Gesell27:30.5St John's (MN)
50.FrRyan Richardson27:30.8Wisconsin-Oshkosh
51.SrChad Reuter27:31.9St John's (MN)
52.-Kevin Larson27:38.5Wisconsin-Eau Claire
53.SoBrian Scott27:39.5Wisconsin-Platteville
54.FrHarrison Fegley27:39.6Wisconsin-Oshkosh
55.FrDan Dobbe27:42.1St John's (MN)
56.FrAusten Scudder27:44.0Wisconsin-Platteville
57.SrChris Anderson27:48.8Wisconsin-Oshkosh
58.JrMatt Kurke27:52.5St John's (MN)
59.Jacob Kemper27:56.0orphan
60.JrBrian Hauge27:58.1St Thomas (MN)
61.SoDerek Johnson27:59.5St John's (MN)
62.SoEric Langsev28:01.6Hamline
63.JrJustin Graham28:04.2Wisconsin-Stout
64.JrAaron Schwarzenbart28:05.9Winona State
65.JrTodd Dexheimer28:08.1Wisconsin-Stout
66.JrJeff Freund28:14.0St Olaf College
67.SrScott Bromelkamp28:16.1St John's (MN)
68.FrKyle Triggs28:18.2St John's (MN)
69.SoNathan Hall28:18.4Wisconsin-Eau Claire
70.JrAndy Kahler28:19.5Wisconsin-Platteville
71.FrMark Johnson28:21.4Wisconsin-Oshkosh
72.JrNate Lynch28:23.7Wisconsin-Stout
73.FrJon Simon28:25.0Wisconsin-Oshkosh
74.SrEric Crawford28:25.2St John's (MN)
75.SoMike Heinen28:27.6Wisconsin-Stout
76.SoJohn Leuck28:30.8Wisconsin-Platteville
77.SrJosiah Nelson28:35.2St Scholastica
78.FrDan Greenwood28:36.4St John's (MN)
79.SrSimon Lick28:37.5St Scholastica
80.SrMichael Pendleton28:38.0Winona State
81.SoKyle Udovich28:42.4Wisconsin-Platteville
82.SrTroy Abfalter28:42.7St Scholastica
83.JrJosh Gookins28:44.5St Scholastica
84.FrKaleb Stromberg28:47.8St Thomas (MN)
85.SrChris Duffy28:48.6St John's (MN)
86.SrRyan Buus28:48.9St John's (MN)
87.FrDan Scally28:49.5North Central (MN)
88.JrAdam Wolf28:59.1St John's (MN)
89.Matt Lahn29:04.2Eau Claire Alumni
90.FrRiley Flanders29:09.5St John's (MN)
91.FrErik Bartelson29:10.1Wisconsin-Platteville
92.FrJeff Polley29:10.6Wisconsin-Oshkosh
93.SoBen Hadrich29:13.3St Scholastica
94.-Joel Fredericks29:20.7Wisconsin-Eau Claire
95.FrShuei Kato29:24.8Winona State
96.SoJim Tilus29:27.6North Central (MN)
97.SoSean Griffin29:29.7St John's (MN)
98.SrMichael Kyllo29:30.9St Olaf College
99.JrChad Johnson29:32.1St Scholastica
100.SrPeter Kuznia29:33.5Hamline
101.Bert Wentzel29:35.6Eau Claire Alumni
102.JrTravis Flanders29:36.1St John's (MN)
103.SoChad McNutt29:40.8Wisconsin-Stout
104.FrPhil Hohl29:51.7St Scholastica
105.SoJason Stoffel30:02.6St John's (MN)
106.JrGreg Felling30:06.2Winona State
107.SrJosh Bigelow30:06.9Wisconsin-Oshkosh
108.FrJeff Doll30:09.7St John's (MN)
109.JrDavid Schueller30:11.4St Scholastica
110.SrMichael Luke30:12.7St Olaf College
111.FrBill Ludwig30:20.0St John's (MN)
112.FrDan Schumacher30:21.3St John's (MN)
113.SoTim Austin30:46.4North Central (MN)
114.FrSeth Spencer30:48.9St John's (MN)
115.SrWilliam Hessian30:49.8Winona State
116.FrDan Seglem30:50.2St Scholastica
117.FrNick Hartlep30:51.6Winona State
118.FrJason Samens31:25.5Wisconsin-River Falls
119.SrShane Keating31:36.4St Scholastica
120.FrMike Glatzel31:45.2Wisconsin-Platteville
121.FrKevin Mills31:57.1St John's (MN)
122.SoJim Skoog32:02.7St Scholastica
123.SoChris Miller32:09.1St John's (MN)
124.FrBrendan Keating32:09.3St Scholastica
125.FrChris Gruber32:11.3St Scholastica
126.JrBurgess Norrgard32:18.2St Scholastica
127.SoCharlie Griffith32:48.2North Central (MN)
128.SrAJ. Baillargeon33:48.7St Scholastica
129.SrKelly Brevik33:50.8St Scholastica
130.FrEthan Beilke-mccal...33:56.3St John's (MN)
131.SrAdam Economy34:09.1St Scholastica
132.FrAlex Ruter34:13.6Winona State
133.FrRyan Joyce37:24.3Wisconsin-Platteville
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Womens Results

6,000 Meters Women Long  
Upgrade Meet Host
Wisconsin-Eau Claire

to see charts & hypothetical scores
1.SoJackie Mulrooney22:04.7Wisconsin-Platteville
2.SoLeah Wurm22:36.2St Benedict
3.JrNatalie Retrum22:45.4Luther
4.FrKrista Jahimiak23:03.2Wisconsin-Stout
5.FrAmy Lyons23:06.3Bethel (MN)
6.SoChristine Holl23:07.8North Central
7.JrKrista Nelson23:09.4Luther
8.JrMegan Rose23:18.7St Benedict
9.SoJennifer Warmke23:19.9Wisconsin-Eau Claire
10.JrErin Dunham23:20.2Luther
11.JrTracy Oostdyk23:21.5Wisconsin-Stout
12.JrAnna Gunderson23:22.5St Benedict
13.FrJessica Griffin23:25.4North Central
14.SoEmily Lynch23:28.2Luther
15.FrRebekah Faber23:29.9North Central
16.JrBethany Schiefelbein23:33.0Luther
17.FrStephanie Block23:33.8St Olaf College
18.SrCindy Blendermann23:41.6St Benedict
19.SoLarisa Nordstrom23:44.3St Olaf College
20.SoLindsay Boetcher23:44.7St Olaf College
21.SoJessica Linberts23:45.9Wisconsin-Oshkosh
22.SrMarit Grorud23:47.7St Olaf College
23.SoSarah Estill23:50.0St Olaf College
24.SoKari Koos23:50.3St Olaf College
25.SoKeidra Anderson23:52.9Hamline
26.SrHeather Lipinski23:57.8Wisconsin-Eau Claire
27.SrCarrie Nicklin24:00.3Minnesota State Mank...
28.SoErin Bengtson24:01.2St Olaf College
29.FrKorah Petrasko24:03.1Wisconsin-Eau Claire
30.SoNicole Coleman24:07.4Winona State
31.SrAmanda Noska24:07.6St Scholastica
32.SoEmily Cook24:08.1St Benedict
33.FrErin Weier24:12.8St Olaf College
34.FrLacee Schrupp24:13.1Hamline
35.FrJenny Graef24:14.6Wisconsin-Oshkosh
36.SoKezia Manlove24:14.9St Olaf College
37.SoHeidi Inabnit24:16.1Winona State
38.JrMeredith Fahrner24:18.8St Olaf College
39.FrStacy Kantola24:19.3St Scholastica
40.FrNicole Burg24:19.9St Catherine
41.SrNicole Johnson24:22.6Wisconsin-Eau Claire
42.FrJackie Meintz24:24.5Bethel (MN)
43.FrMolly Krehlik24:24.9St Benedict
44.FrJoanna Clagnaz24:26.3Luther
45.JrMaureen Ringlein24:28.1St Benedict
46.FrCorey Hickner24:28.3St Benedict
47.FrAnnie Aschim24:30.9Luther
48.SoBrenna Bray24:31.4St Olaf College
49.JrAmelia Soto24:32.1Winona State
50.FrRachel Tedrick24:33.1Wisconsin-Oshkosh
51.JrHeidi Hancock24:33.6Wisconsin-Eau Claire
52.SrKara Vosters24:34.6Wisconsin-Stevens Po...
53.SoJan Schuldt24:35.2Minnesota State Mank...
54.JrKersten Wilson24:35.4Wisconsin-Stout
55.JrStephanie Noonan24:36.3St Benedict
56.FrAndrea Gelle24:39.4St Olaf College
57.JrPaige Emery24:47.5Bethel (MN)
58.JrApril Graves24:49.0St Olaf College
59.SoJennifer Houck24:49.2St Scholastica
60.SoRebecca Trombly24:49.8St Olaf College
61.SrKari Peterson24:53.6Luther
62.SrBritt Carlson24:54.5St Olaf College
63.SoMaria Witham24:54.9St Benedict
64.SoAmy Wicker24:57.2St Scholastica
65.SrSandy Safford24:57.7St Scholastica
66.FrLauren Ciechanowski24:59.1St Olaf College
67.JrAnnette Pufall25:08.5Wisconsin-Oshkosh
68.SrKjersten Johnson25:09.4St Olaf College
69.FrCrystal Cook25:10.2Wisconsin-Oshkosh
70.JrErin Flaherty25:10.7St Scholastica
71.FrBrittney Schwager25:11.9St Olaf College
72.FrMeredith Rudh25:12.8Minnesota State Mank...
73.FrJennifer Rognrud25:14.6Winona State
74.FrRose Spring25:15.7St Benedict
75.JrDyana Houck25:20.0St Scholastica
76.SoAngela Bauer25:21.1Wisconsin-Oshkosh
77.SrJaci Butala25:21.5St Olaf College
78.SoAshley Fromader25:21.7Wisconsin-Eau Claire
79.FrAngela Rattray25:22.4Wisconsin-Eau Claire
80.JrRebecca Welle25:26.5Augsburg
81.FrKristine Thompson25:28.5Bethel (MN)
82.SoLeAnn Hayes25:29.6Wisconsin-Eau Claire
83.FrRachael Young25:29.8North Central
84.FrColleen Syring25:30.4North Central
85.FrFahtima Rentz25:32.6Minnesota State Mank...
86.JrElizabeth White25:35.4St Olaf College
87.SrMichelle Beichley25:35.9North Central (MN)
88.FrAmy Kristapovich25:36.3Luther
89.SoBriggs Rolfsrud25:39.1St Catherine
90.SoErilynn Russo25:40.4Luther
91.SrEmily Gerber25:42.9Bethel (MN)
92.FrCarly Mann25:43.5Wisconsin-Stout
93.SrSarah Givot25:43.9Winona State
94.SoChristine Enger25:46.9Wisconsin-Stout
95.FrKimmie Hall25:47.1Luther
96.SrErica Clausen25:47.8St Olaf College
97.JrJaci Malone25:48.9Bethel (MN)
98.FrAbby Hilby25:49.2North Central
99.SrKaitlin Cutter25:49.7St Olaf College
100.SrJanet Dieter25:51.7Bethel (MN)
101.JrAndrea Carlson25:54.0Augsburg
102.SoAbby Campbell25:57.0St Benedict
103.SrEmily Hagen25:58.7St Olaf College
104.SoLeah Pustovar25:58.9St Benedict
105.SoDiana Ostrowski25:59.6St Olaf College
106.SrTerra Dahlheimer26:00.4Wisconsin-Stout
107.FrSteph Martin26:02.0Wisconsin-Platteville
108.SrDarci Koll26:02.5St Scholastica
109.SoSara White26:03.4North Central
110.JrHolly Reinsmoen26:04.3St Benedict
111.SoErin Boulay26:09.4St Olaf College
112.SoMary Krusen26:11.0St Olaf College
113.JrAshley Bean26:11.6St Benedict
114.SoHavila Bribois26:12.1St Catherine
115.FrLinn Dale26:13.6St Olaf College
116.JrLynda Budnik26:14.3North Central
117.FrMia Gaw26:14.7St Olaf College
118.SoAmy Lein26:14.9Luther
119.SrKatie White26:16.4St Benedict
120.SrAmanda Williams26:18.5Wisconsin-Oshkosh
121.SoMichelle Kohlmann26:19.6Luther
122.FrAdrienne Johnson26:20.2Minnesota State Mank...
123.JrFiona Hatfield26:21.5Hamline
124.FrLeslie Rau26:21.7St Benedict
125.JrGreta Bernatz26:22.4Luther
126.FrAmy Parno26:22.8St Scholastica
127.JrCrystal Raiber26:24.0Luther
128.JrPatricia Steele26:26.3Bethel (MN)
129.FrJulie Plicka26:31.2Wisconsin-Platteville
130.FrHannah Landwehr26:32.3Wisconsin-Platteville
131.JrMaggie Gill26:34.5Luther
132.FrAmanda Beard26:34.9Wisconsin-Oshkosh
133.JrAmy Lehmeier26:38.1St Benedict
134.FrSarah Goplen26:39.3Luther
135.FrLauren Cassat26:40.5St Olaf College
136.FrShannon Mccoy26:41.0Bethel (MN)
137.SoIda Jensen26:41.8St Olaf College
138.JrCasie Anderson26:42.2Wisconsin-Eau Claire
139.FrAllison Schmidt26:42.4Minnesota State Mank...
140.SoBrenna Greenfield26:42.6St Olaf College
141.JrMarian Studer26:42.8St Benedict
142.JrJenny Hopps26:44.1Wisconsin-Stout
143.FrHannah Jones26:46.1Luther
144.FrBarbara Youso26:50.1St Scholastica
145.SrMary Canton26:51.6Luther
146.FrJulie Netzer26:52.5Wisconsin-Oshkosh
147.FrKristin Emery27:01.8St Scholastica
148.JrKirsten Pearson27:03.6St Olaf College
149.FrMichelle Hunt27:05.0St Scholastica
150.SoJennifer Hoffman27:06.6Bethel (MN)
151.FrJill Burgard27:08.2St Benedict
152.SrAngie Johnson27:12.1St Benedict
153.SrKatie Gruner27:14.3St Olaf College
154.JrSarah Roach27:14.8St Olaf College
155.SoMegan Slempkes27:15.8Wisconsin-Oshkosh
156.JrCarrie Kern27:19.8St Olaf College
157.FrAndrea Slack27:21.8Augsburg
158.JrLeanne Kolb27:22.9St Benedict
159.FrMegan Jung27:24.4St Catherine
160.JrChristine Erickson27:25.7Luther
161.SoSarah Litchy27:31.5St Benedict
162.SrSarah Steingas27:33.4St Olaf College
163.JrKate Indrelie27:35.6Bethel (MN)
164.JrRachel Williams27:40.4St Benedict
165.JrSarah Hegg27:41.3St Benedict
166.JrPatty Canik27:42.4St Benedict
167.JrFritha Schedgick27:42.6North Central (MN)
168.SrElise Braaten27:43.5St Olaf College
169.FrKathleen Koval27:44.5Bethel (MN)
170.JrJenean O'Brien27:45.8St Scholastica
171.FrKari Schairer27:46.4Wisconsin-Platteville
172.FrRachel Lillemo27:47.0St Scholastica
173.SoSheila Kruse27:53.8Wisconsin-Oshkosh
174.SoLindsay Sumner27:55.0Luther
175.FrAmber Hill28:01.3Luther
176.SrCharnelle Hendrick...28:02.9St Benedict
177.JrChrissy Ramstead28:04.1St Scholastica
178.SoKatie Striegel28:06.3Luther
179.FrSheila Johnson28:07.4St Scholastica
180.SoKelly Johnson28:11.8Bethel (MN)
181.FrJenny O'Brien28:14.5Wisconsin-Eau Claire
182.JrCasey Margotto28:16.6St Benedict
183.JrBecky Werner28:22.4Wisconsin-Stout
184.SrLindsay Fisher28:25.1St Scholastica
185.SoBreanna Peterson28:25.4St Olaf College
186.JrKate Thompson28:26.4St Benedict
187.JrMichelle Matters28:26.9St Benedict
188.JrKatie Van Wyngeeren28:28.9Luther
189.FrKelsey Marshall28:34.2Wisconsin-Oshkosh
190.SoEmily Schleppegrell28:40.0St Scholastica
191.FrJaime Henning28:42.0Wisconsin-Stout
192.FrEmily Freehauf28:42.5Wisconsin-Platteville
193.FrRachel DesMarais28:44.9St Benedict
194.SoLisa Goeden28:46.7St Benedict
195.SrAlexis McKinley28:49.9St Olaf College
196.FrErika Kufahl28:53.5Luther
197.SoSarah Kania28:54.5St Scholastica
198.SrKim Wories28:58.3Bethel (MN)
199.SoJen Salvog29:06.1St Scholastica
200.FrCourtney Funke29:09.6St Scholastica
201.SrAmy Frost29:10.5Bethel (MN)
202.FrAshley Walkin29:12.5St Scholastica
203.FrStephanie Hahn29:22.8St Olaf College
204.SrBethany Larson29:35.4St Benedict
205.JrCassi Carey29:36.2Wisconsin-Platteville
206.SrRachel VanHale29:38.8St Scholastica
207.JrMelissa Garbrecht29:44.2Luther
208.SoCrystal Johnson29:49.6St Scholastica
209.JrJane Zinn30:01.3Wisconsin-Platteville
210.SoJodie Klimas30:20.6Wisconsin-Oshkosh
211.JrMandy Huth30:31.2St Benedict
212.SoSuzanne Crumley30:37.5Luther
213.FrMolly Malone30:46.5St Benedict
214.FrElizabeth Newhouse31:08.2St Benedict
215.SrDanielle Slack31:16.1Augsburg
216.SrLisa Hamilton31:22.3Bethel (MN)
217.SoKari Johansen32:10.1St Scholastica
218.SrErica Hazzard32:14.5St Scholastica
219.JrNatalie Machkovich32:25.1North Central (MN)
220.FrLena Schultz34:05.4Wisconsin-Platteville
221.JrElaine Walin34:22.9St Scholastica
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