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NESCAC Championships 2003 Collegiate

Saturday, November 01, 2003

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Meet Host - This Meet Currently Has No Host Listed
Location - Ralph Myher Golf Course, Middlebury, VT
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Mens Races

Ralph Myher Golf Course

8,000 Meters Men
Womens Races
5,000 Meters Women
Last Updated 4:52 AM, Thu, Feb 17


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Mens Results

8,000 Meters Men  

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1.SoNeal Holtschulte26:18.4Williams
2.SrMatt Winkler26:26.7Williams
3.JrMichael Page26:36.4Amherst
4.SrAdam Fitzgerald26:44.0Connecticut College
5.SrNat Brown26:48.3Colby (ME)
6.JrMatt Katz26:52.1Amherst
7.FrJoshua Kennedy26:54.4Tufts
8.JrNathan Brigham26:57.5Tufts
9.SoKyle Doran27:02.2Tufts
10.JrBrian Mcnamara27:04.4Tufts
11.SoOwen Kiely27:05.6Wesleyan
12.FrStephen Wills27:09.1Williams
13.SrEric Reinauer27:09.3Colby (ME)
14.SoNeil Orfield27:09.5Tufts
15.JrSam Vanvolkenburgh27:09.8Williams
16.SrBryan Bissell27:13.8Wesleyan
17.JrMichael Downing27:15.0Bates
18.SoThomas Walsh27:22.6Trinity (CT)
19.JrJack Morgan27:22.9Amherst
20.FrJeff Alden27:23.5Colby (ME)
21.SoMatthew Fortin27:24.1Tufts
22.SoJohn Ridyard27:24.5Connecticut College
23.SrPeter Bromka27:25.3Tufts
24.SoGarrott Kuzzy27:25.9Middlebury
25.FrStephen Monsulick27:31.2Bates
26.SrJohn Stanton-geddes27:33.1Amherst
27.SrMitchell Baker27:33.9Williams
28.JrMichael Don27:34.3Tufts
29.SoDan Johnson27:34.9Bates
30.JrJames Sullivan27:43.4Trinity (CT)
31.JrJonathan Erwin27:44.1Middlebury
32.JrNick Digani27:49.0Middlebury
33.JrRobert Gomez27:50.2Bates
34.SrPeter Jurczynski27:53.7Tufts
35.JrMatt Daly27:55.0Bates
36.FrOwen Mckenna27:55.8Bowdoin
37.SoMatthew Lacey27:56.1Tufts
38.JrDave Molina27:57.3Amherst
39.SoMatt Biggart28:04.5Bates
40.SoDavid Schneider28:09.0Amherst
41.FrLucas Thornblade28:09.5Hamilton
42.SoAndrew Combs28:10.5Bowdoin
43.SoBrian Adams28:11.1Connecticut College
44.FrPeter Orth28:14.1Tufts
45.FrWilliam Ference28:18.0Williams
46.FrWilliam McDonough28:18.2Middlebury
47.FrJon King28:21.5Wesleyan
48.FrNathaniel Gravel28:22.9Trinity (CT)
49.FrFred Bailey28:23.2Colby (ME)
50.JrGianluca Digregorio28:25.8Connecticut College
51.JrPeyton McElyea28:28.1Colby (ME)
52.FrDaniel Vassallo28:30.8Colby (ME)
53.FrDaniel Jones28:31.2Tufts
54.JrPatrick Hughes28:32.3Bowdoin
55.FrAlex Battaglino28:33.0Wesleyan
56.SrEli Lazarus28:36.4Williams
57.JrBenjamin Peisch28:36.6Bowdoin
58.FrMike Brady28:38.0Wesleyan
59.SoJason Fitzgerald28:39.0Connecticut College
60.FrAnda Greeney28:40.0Wesleyan
61.FrBrandt Tullis28:40.6Amherst
62.JrNicholas Hansen28:41.3Bates
63.SoAdrian Martinez28:43.1Williams
64.FrChristopher Ellis-...28:43.8Williams
65.SrShamus Brady28:45.4Williams
66.FrCooper Knowlton28:45.6Amherst
67.FrSean Lena28:48.8Middlebury
68.JrAri de Wilde28:51.6Bates
69.JrMatt Resseger28:53.6Williams
70.SoWilliam Kenney28:57.4Bates
71.SrJohn Tyson28:59.2Colby (ME)
72.FrChristopher Foster29:00.5Wesleyan
73.SrMarshall Greene29:00.8Middlebury
74.JrMatt Moss29:03.1Wesleyan
75.SrScott Herrick29:03.7Bowdoin
76.JrMatt Drescher29:06.2Hamilton
77.SrTaylor Washburn29:06.8Bowdoin
78.SrJakub Benes29:08.9Middlebury
79.SoRyan Bartro29:11.7Connecticut College
80.SrAdam Selby29:13.2Trinity (CT)
81.SrJesse Efron29:14.5Connecticut College
82.SoAndrew Downey29:16.6Hamilton
83.SrChristopher Eberly29:17.3Middlebury
84.SoDanforth Sullivan29:21.1Wesleyan
85.SrSimon Isaacs29:23.0Middlebury
86.SoEvan Guiney29:24.4Amherst
87.FrEric Sofen29:26.1Bowdoin
88.FrPaul Jarboe29:29.1Trinity (CT)
89.SrNathaniel Silverson29:31.0Middlebury
90.FrRichard Wilson29:34.0Amherst
91.SrGeoffrey Long29:37.5Trinity (CT)
92.FrChristopher McGuire29:39.2Bates
93.SoEric AyersStepick29:43.1Connecticut College
94.SrTrent Lierman29:47.5Bates
95.FrNeal Dignum29:48.2Middlebury
96.FrSean Hyland29:49.7Williams
97.FrAntonio Quintero29:49.9Trinity (CT)
98.FrNathan Huddell29:50.5Wesleyan
99.SoMichael Record29:53.2Bowdoin
100.FrBrad Taylor30:00.9Hamilton
101.SrJon Kraus30:04.4Wesleyan
102.-Justin St james30:05.4Hamilton
103.FrStephen Morris30:06.1Wesleyan
104.FrRobert Taylor30:12.6Hamilton
105.SoMatthew Termine30:14.3Trinity (CT)
106.FrChris Pelliccia30:16.5Middlebury
107.SoLarry Athan30:25.5Hamilton
108.FrJeb Bobseine30:33.7Bowdoin
109.FrTim Noyes30:34.9Hamilton
110.JrMike Walsh30:35.2Colby (ME)
111.SoBen Martens30:44.2Bowdoin
112.FrTim Eddy30:45.2Hamilton
113.FrBryan Gattis30:49.6Colby (ME)
114.SoMatt Coraccio31:04.5Trinity (CT)
115.FrRobert Boley31:07.9Amherst
116.FrJoe Sullivan31:15.9Hamilton
117.-Aaron Goldstein31:26.7Bowdoin
118.SrJack Canning31:27.6Trinity (CT)
119.JrSteve Bogden31:41.0Colby (ME)
120.FrAndrew Samuels31:46.5Trinity (CT)
121.JrDan Hall31:58.4Bowdoin
122.FrChris Appel32:03.8Colby (ME)
123.JrChris Johnson32:22.4Colby (ME)
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Womens Results

5,000 Meters Women  

to see charts & hypothetical scores
1.FrShauneen Garrahan18:13.6Amherst
2.JrCourtney Quirin18:15.0Wesleyan
3.JrCarter Hamill18:16.3Amherst
4.JrJessica Manzer18:25.4Middlebury
5.SrAlyson Venti18:38.3Amherst
6.JrJenn Campbell18:45.5Williams
7.SoCaroline Cretti18:47.4Williams
8.SrMolly Yazwinski18:48.9Middlebury
9.JrChristina Kane18:53.1Trinity (CT)
10.SrElizabeth Brown18:53.6Trinity (CT)
11.FrNeoma Palmer18:54.9Bowdoin
12.SrLauren Caputo19:00.7Tufts
13.JrMarisa Cawley19:00.9Middlebury
14.FrAndrea Giddings19:02.0Middlebury
15.SoJaclyn Kupper19:04.2Trinity (CT)
16.FrErin Archard19:15.6Middlebury
17.JrAudra Caler19:18.5Bowdoin
18.JrKarina Johnson19:19.0Colby (ME)
19.SrKristina Depeau19:24.0Trinity (CT)
20.JrMaya Kessler19:30.0Williams
21.SoMichelle Rorke19:31.1Williams
22.SrErinn White19:31.5Amherst
23.SrEve Besant19:31.9Williams
24.FrMargaret Davis19:32.9Wesleyan
25.JrKali Moody19:37.0Williams
26.SrKAREN ROY19:37.2Trinity (CT)
27.FrKristina Miner19:37.5Trinity (CT)
28.SrHeather Lindeman19:40.5Williams
29.SrLauren Dunn19:40.8Tufts
30.FrJenny Jorvig19:43.7Middlebury
31.SoErin Smith19:44.2Wesleyan
32.JrEllen Beth19:44.6Bowdoin
33.SoMargaret Davis19:45.2Amherst
34.SrBrittany Allen19:45.8Wesleyan
35.FrStephanie Nugent19:47.3Middlebury
36.SrJessica Gagne-Hall19:47.8Bates
37.SoRebecca Ades19:49.6Tufts
38.JrKatherine Creswell19:50.1Bates
39.SoGinger Polich19:52.0Amherst
40.FrKathryn Moore19:54.4Bates
41.SoClaire Anderson19:55.2Middlebury
42.FrAnn Lovely19:56.0Bates
43.JrSusanna Theroux19:57.4Williams
44.SoJessica Minty19:59.3Colby (ME)
45.SrElizabeth Pagnotta20:02.8Bates
46.SrHlary Evans20:04.1Trinity (CT)
47.SrKirsti Fitzgerald20:04.9Connecticut College
48.FrLisa Davenport20:05.3Williams
49.SoKelsey Rinehart20:05.6Middlebury
50.SrJulie Dutton20:11.3Bates
51.FrSarah Crispin20:12.3Tufts
52.FrKaitlin Rees20:15.4Williams
53.SrMargery Glover20:15.9Middlebury
54.JrMegan Wise20:16.7Wesleyan
55.JrEmily Pfeil20:18.8Tufts
56.SoJenny Horowitz20:20.8Amherst
57.SrMary Phelps20:21.2Colby (ME)
58.JrLeslie Milk20:21.5Bates
59.FrElizabeth Lewis20:22.2Bowdoin
60.FrClaire Schultz20:26.6Middlebury
61.FrKristen Brownell20:27.0Bowdoin
62.SrKala Hardacker20:27.5Bowdoin
63.JrEmily Welsh20:28.7Williams
64.SoNora Segar20:29.8Middlebury
65.SrKate Mcnamara20:30.1Wesleyan
66.SrElizabeth Turnball20:30.8Colby (ME)
67.SoHillary Easter20:31.8Colby (ME)
68.SrHelen Dole20:36.1Amherst
69.SoMegan Hamilton20:42.0Bates
70.FrSara Morrissey20:44.5Williams
71.FrKirsten Davis20:51.4Colby (ME)
72.JrKaitlin Sheedy20:51.7Tufts
73.SoHaley McConaghy20:54.6Trinity (CT)
74.SrElinor Pisano20:55.5Connecticut College
75.JrAlison Rodriguez20:58.0Amherst
76.FrBrenna MUller20:59.1Connecticut College
77.FrSamantha Moland21:05.3Tufts
78.FrKaren Prisby21:07.5Colby (ME)
79.JrMargo Rockwell21:07.9Hamilton
80.FrAllison Zelman21:10.3Connecticut College
81.FrAlissa Wantman21:15.0Connecticut College
82.FrAngela Lee21:15.9Tufts
83.SrBrianna Tufts21:16.4Colby (ME)
84.JrGina Tassone21:19.8Wesleyan
85.SrCassandra Cote21:21.7Colby (ME)
86.JrLiz Bloomhardt21:24.5Tufts
87.SrAnna Sommo21:24.7Colby (ME)
88.SrKatie Higley21:25.0Tufts
89.SrEmily Arell21:28.6Colby (ME)
90.SrKristin Kyrka21:30.9Wesleyan
91.SoKatie Riposta21:34.7Hamilton
92.FrJulia Goldberg21:37.1Tufts
93.JrKatherine Landry21:44.0Bowdoin
94.FrLaura Bernardi21:44.5Connecticut College
95.SoKeira Moore21:46.5Hamilton
96.SrChelsea Spector21:47.7Bowdoin
97.FrAlix Roy21:48.5Bowdoin
98.SoMeghan Helliesen21:52.8Bates
99.SrRebecca Evans21:55.2Colby (ME)
100.SoJill Schweitzer21:56.2Bowdoin
101.FrAnjali Carrasco21:56.5Wesleyan
102.SoAllie Yanikoski22:05.3Bowdoin
103.SoCara Chebuske22:06.6Wesleyan
104.SrAnne McNamara22:07.1Amherst
105.SoEmily Dick22:09.7Hamilton
106.SrKatherine Mason22:12.8Tufts
107.JrAnne Barreca22:16.2Connecticut College
108.FrTeah Muller22:19.7Bates
109.JrAparna Nancherla22:20.7Amherst
110.SoCarly Holbrook22:24.0Connecticut College
111.FrAllison MC Namara22:26.2Hamilton
112.FrIsabel Yalouris22:30.4Bates
113.JrClaire Discenza22:35.6Bowdoin
114.FrElizabeth Scannell22:53.3Bates
115.JrShannon Brennan23:06.6Trinity (CT)
116.SoChloe O'Connell23:13.2Connecticut College
117.SrElizabeth Hallinan23:36.3Wesleyan
118.FrJeesoo Park23:49.3Hamilton
119.SoHeather King24:12.8Hamilton
120.FrRebecca Straley24:39.3Wesleyan
121.SoNicki Labella26:07.4Trinity (CT)
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