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James Earley Invitational (12th) 2007 Collegiate

Sunday, October 07, 2007

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Location - Stanley Park, Westfield, MA
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Mens Races

Stanley Park

8,000 Meters Men
Womens Races
5,000 Meters Women
Last Updated 3:15 AM, Sat, Feb 19


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                           Team Scores                                    
Rank Team                      Total    1    2    3    4    5   *6   *7   *8   *9 
   1 Trinity College              36    1    2    6   12   15   22   23           
      Total Time:  2:16:05.00                                                     
         Average:    27:13.00                                                     
   2 Bates College                42    3    4    8   13   14   16   20           
      Total Time:  2:16:18.00                                                     
         Average:    27:15.60                                                     
   3 Vassar                      107    5   18   19   29   36   39   47           
      Total Time:  2:20:10.00                                                     
         Average:    28:02.00                                                     
   4 Westfield State College     118   10   11   26   34   37   56   60           
      Total Time:  2:20:19.00                                                     
         Average:    28:03.80                                                     
   5 CoastGuard Academy          125   17   24   25   28   31   48   51           
      Total Time:  2:20:43.00                                                     
         Average:    28:08.60                                                     
   6 Umass Dart. Cross Country   209    9   44   50   52   54   69   80           
      Total Time:  2:23:57.00                                                     
         Average:    28:47.40                                                     
   7 University of New England   261   27   30   66   67   71   89  112           
      Total Time:  2:26:05.00                                                     
         Average:    29:13.00                                                     
   8 Mass Maritime Academy       264   21   32   59   73   79   84  110           
      Total Time:  2:26:13.00                                                     
         Average:    29:14.60                                                     
   9 Gordon                      313   38   43   63   72   97   99  109           
      Total Time:  2:28:28.00                                                     
         Average:    29:41.60                                                     
  10 Western New England Colle   336   49   58   62   77   90  101  102           
      Total Time:  2:28:56.00                                                     
         Average:    29:47.20                                                     
  11 Salem State Alumni          348    7   33   57  111  140                     
      Total Time:  2:34:50.00                                                     
         Average:    30:58.00                                                     
  12 Norwich University          359   42   61   78   83   95   98  117           
      Total Time:  2:30:04.00                                                     
         Average:    30:00.80                                                     
  13 Union College               369   65   70   74   75   85   87   91           
      Total Time:  2:30:03.00                                                     
         Average:    30:00.60                                                     
  14 Eastern Conn State Univer   370   46   68   76   88   92   93  104           
      Total Time:  2:30:18.00                                                     
         Average:    30:03.60                                                     
  15 Salem State College         382   35   41   45  125  136                     
      Total Time:  2:36:08.00                                                     
         Average:    31:13.60                                                     
  16 Castleton State College     407   53   64   81  103  106  107  115           
      Total Time:  2:32:08.00                                                     
         Average:    30:25.60                                                     
  17 Nyack College               510   55  105  108  120  122  123  124           
      Total Time:  2:37:38.00                                                     
         Average:    31:31.60                                                     
  18 Salve Regina                576   96  100  121  129  130                     
      Total Time:  2:42:43.00                                                     
         Average:    32:32.60                                                     
  19 Suny Purchase               580   82  113  126  127  132                     
      Total Time:  2:43:24.00                                                     
         Average:    32:40.80                                                     
  20 New England College         585   86  114  116  134  135  137  138           
      Total Time:  2:45:27.00                                                     
         Average:    33:05.40                                                     
  21 Mass College of Liberal A   590   94  118  119  128  131                     
      Total Time:  2:43:15.00                                                     
         Average:    32:39.00                                                     
  22 Westfield State Alumni      595   40  133  139  141  142                     
      Total Time:  2:56:58.01                                                     
         Average:    35:23.60                                                     
                              Team Scores                                    
Rank Team                      Total    1    2    3    4    5   *6   *7   *8   *9 
   1 Trinity College              37    2    4    7    8   16   29   74           
      Total Time:  1:38:11.00                                                     
         Average:    19:38.20                                                     
   2 CoastGuard Academy           79    3    9   20   22   25   31   36           
      Total Time:  1:40:31.00                                                     
         Average:    20:06.20                                                     
   3 Vassar                      103    1   10   14   32   46   58   59           
      Total Time:  1:41:09.00                                                     
         Average:    20:13.80                                                     
   4 Westfield State College     122   15   19   24   27   37   45   56           
      Total Time:  1:42:57.00                                                     
         Average:    20:35.40                                                     
   5 Salem State College         169   11   23   42   43   50   97   98           
      Total Time:  1:44:24.00                                                     
         Average:    20:52.80                                                     
   6 New York University         251   30   49   53   55   64   78   81           
      Total Time:  1:47:16.00                                                     
         Average:    21:27.20                                                     
   7 Gordon                      256    5   17   63   65  106  108  111           
      Total Time:  1:47:54.00                                                     
         Average:    21:34.80                                                     
   8 Salve Regina                273   26   34   54   77   82   95   96           
      Total Time:  1:48:16.00                                                     
         Average:    21:39.20                                                     
   9 Union College               281   39   40   66   67   69   71   83           
      Total Time:  1:48:33.00                                                     
         Average:    21:42.60                                                     
   9 University of New England   281   33   44   61   68   75   76   84           
      Total Time:  1:48:30.00                                                     
         Average:    21:42.00                                                     
  11 Castleton State College     282   35   41   48   70   88  102  103           
      Total Time:  1:48:38.00                                                     
         Average:    21:43.60                                                     
  12 Western New England Colle   290    6   52   57   86   89  100  107           
      Total Time:  1:48:31.00                                                     
         Average:    21:42.20                                                     
  13 Nyack College               304   12   38   73   90   91  116  122           
      Total Time:  1:49:49.00                                                     
         Average:    21:57.80                                                     
  14 Norwich University          354   18   51   79  101  105  113  128           
      Total Time:  1:52:17.00                                                     
         Average:    22:27.40                                                     
  15 Suny Purchase               372   28   62   72   87  123  131                
      Total Time:  1:54:50.00                                                     
         Average:    22:58.00                                                     
  16 Eastern Conn State Univer   390   21   85   92   93   99  112  117           
      Total Time:  1:53:34.00                                                     
         Average:    22:42.80                                                     
  17 Mass Maritime Academy       450   47   60  110  115  118  120  124           
      Total Time:  2:00:48.00                                                     
         Average:    24:09.60                                                     
  18 New England College         480   13   80  126  129  132  136                
      Total Time:  2:10:55.00                                                     
         Average:    26:11.00                                                     
  19 Johnson State College       553   94  104  109  121  125                     
      Total Time:  2:07:52.00                                                     
         Average:    25:34.40                                                     
  20 Bay Path College            623  114  119  127  130  133  134  135           
      Total Time:  2:22:33.00                                                     
         Average:    28:30.60                                                     

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Mens Results

8,000 Meters Men  
Upgrade Meet Host
Westfield State

to see charts & hypothetical scores
1.SrMatt Anderson26:36Trinity (CT)
2.FrWesley Halstead26:45Trinity (CT)
3.SrMatt Dunlap26:46Bates
4.SoDouglas Brecher26:47Bates
5.Schuyler Schuler26:55Unattached
6.SrColin Sanders27:10Vassar
7.FrBrendan Powers27:22Trinity (CT)
8.Fabian Mejia27:23Salem State Alumni
9.SrWilliam Harrison L...27:23Bates
10.Eric Holmes27:24Xc-2003
11.SrAndrew Messer27:25Westfield State
12.SrJohn Messer27:31Westfield State
13.SoMatt Dennis27:34Trinity (CT)
14.SoGriffin Stabler27:40Bates
15.SrAndrew Percy27:42Bates
16.FrSteve Garner27:48Trinity (CT)
17.JrDillon Tung27:51Bates
18.FrNathanael Crum27:52Coast Guard Academy
19.JrAndrew Utas27:55Vassar
20.FrJonathan Erickson28:00Vassar
21.SrTimothy McCall28:01Bates
22.JrKyle Ingersoll28:02Massachusetts Maritime
23.FrBlake Fisher28:02Trinity (CT)
24.SoSteve Sullivan28:03Trinity (CT)
25.SoChris Marquis28:03Coast Guard Academy
26.JrMatt Eyler28:03Coast Guard Academy
27.FrJason Wagner28:04Trinity (CT)
28.SoCharles Beard28:04Westfield State
29.FrMatthew Veiga28:10U. of New England (ME)
30.SrSteven Grey28:15Coast Guard Academy
31.JrChristopher CJ Mur...28:15Bates
32.JrAlexander Booth28:24Vassar
33.SoJosh Wang28:27Green Mountain
34.FrJoshua Havelin28:30U. of New England (ME)
35.JrTorrey Jacobsen28:30Coast Guard Academy
36.FrPaul Matz28:31Massachusetts Maritime
37.Jim Pawlicki28:32Salem State Alumni
38.SrDavid Estabrook28:35Westfield State
39.FrThomas Esponnette28:36Bates
40.SoMark Dawson28:39Salem State
41.SoDaniel McBee28:41Vassar
42.JrPhilip Gingras28:44Westfield State
43.FrAndrew Worth28:44Gordon (MA)
44.SrChris Lewis28:46Vassar
45.SrNathan Cristofori28:49Westfield State
46.FrAlex DeRosa28:49Salem State
47.SoJohn Pomeroy28:50Norwich U
48.FrBenjamin Wheatley28:53Trinity (CT)
49.FrDan Gaunya28:57Gordon (MA)
50.Tyler Buck28:57Xc-2003
51.SrRyan Collins29:00Salem State
52.SrMichael Curley29:00Eastern Connecticut ...
53.SrJames Anderson29:01Vassar
54.JrPhillip Murray29:03Coast Guard Academy
55.SrAsif Abdul-Wadud29:06Western New England
56.Steve Burke29:06Xc-2003
57.FrAlex Hegevall-Clark29:08Bates
58.SoShea Quinn29:09Coast Guard Academy
59.Bryan Galvin29:12Xc-2003
60.JrMichael Watson29:13Bates
61.SoJeffrey Paul29:15Castleton (VT)
62.FrBenjamin Taska29:16Bates
63.JrKevin Patrick Foster29:18Bates
64.Derek Stevens29:18Xc-2003
65.SrStephen Bondira29:18Coast Guard Academy
66.JrPeter Marino29:19Nyack
67.SoJohn Connolly29:20Westfield State
68.Dennis Floyd29:21Salem State Alumni
69.SoTucker Jones29:22Western New England
70.FrPatrick Dannaher29:23Massachusetts Maritime
71.SrAndrew Strniste29:23Westfield State
72.FrZane Rooney29:24Bates
73.FrMark Leahey29:28Coast Guard Academy
74.SoTim Scarella29:29Trinity (CT)
75.SrJohn Guarnieri29:30Norwich U
76.FrTristan "Ned" Antell29:31Bates
77.SoBrett Stanek29:32Coast Guard Academy
78.FrDaniel Haryasz29:33Westfield State
79.SrNick Soule29:36Western New England
80.SoBen McGrath29:36Gordon (MA)
81.FrMichael Campbell29:38Castleton (VT)
82.SoAli Jamil29:40Vassar
83.SoGreg Seery29:43Westfield State
84.SrPeter Katlic29:44Union
85.FrJoshua Grenier29:45U. of New England (ME)
86.SrSam Powell29:47U. of New England (ME)
87.SoSam Buczek29:48Eastern Connecticut ...
88.Eric Nygaard29:51Xc-2003
89.FrDearon Panossian29:52Union
90.FrDaniel Kelleher29:53U. of New England (ME)
91.JrRyan Dean29:54Bates
92.JrJD Lavallee29:56Gordon (MA)
93.FrPeter Gurney29:57Bates
94.SoMatthew Sturgis29:58Massachusetts Maritime
95.JrJeffrey Deitel29:59Coast Guard Academy
96.SrMichael Stabinski30:00Union
97.FrKevin McDonald30:00Bates
98.SrDave Harwood30:01Union
99.FrTristan Black-Inge...30:02Bates
100.JrNicholas Moorhead30:05Trinity (CT)
101.JrNicholas Noheimer30:07Eastern Connecticut ...
102.SoDaniel Liebowitz30:08Vassar
103.SrTim Dannay30:11Western New England
104.FrZach Charney30:18Norwich U
105.FrMatt Cyr30:19Massachusetts Maritime
106.Mike Logan30:20Xc-2003
107.SoNicholas Grasso30:20Castleton (VT)
108.JrPatrick Martin30:22SUNY Purchase
109.-Sean O'hara30:24Norwich U
110.SrRyan Murphy30:24Massachusetts Maritime
111.Wes Meserve30:24Xc-2003
112.FrBenjamin Lawrence30:26Union
113.Rodney Furr30:26Unattached
114.SoJeffery Roeser30:28Bates
115.JrMike Harrison30:29New England College ...
116.FrScott Nichols30:29Coast Guard Academy
117.SoCasey Goranson30:30Coast Guard Academy
118.SoMax Jack30:31Union
119.FrKenneth Landry30:33Eastern Connecticut ...
120.SoDevin Flawd30:34U. of New England (ME)
121.FrGlen McManus30:41Western New England
122.SrWilliam Viti30:46Bates
123.SoPeter Schulte30:48Union
124.SoDavid Tignonsini30:50Eastern Connecticut ...
125.SrMatt Romano30:54Coast Guard Academy
126.Tim Whelan30:54Xc-2003
127.SoJesse Levitsky30:56Vassar
128.JrSean McLaughlin30:57Eastern Connecticut ...
129.SoNick Curelop30:59Mass. College of Lib...
130.FrDan Bliss31:02Norwich U
131.Joe Hannon31:05Xc-2003
132.FrSam Richards31:07Salve Regina
133.FrMichael McPartlin31:12Westfield State
134.SrErik Boyer31:15Gordon (MA)
135.JrMichael Monaghan31:18Norwich U
136.SoRowan Walker31:18Gordon (MA)
137.JrJohn Beaulieu31:19Westfield State
138.JrShane Murray31:20Salve Regina
139.JrCorey Mott31:20Western New England
140.JrNate Soule31:21Western New England
141.SoChristopher Lapoint31:22Castleton (VT)
142.JrJim Condren31:26Eastern Connecticut ...
143.FrAaron Baldwin31:28Nyack
144.SoStephen Griffith31:30Westfield State
145.FrAdam Guzman31:33Castleton (VT)
146.FrAndrew Hicks31:33Castleton (VT)
147.SoMarc Martineau31:35Nyack
148.SrMat Schetne31:36Gordon (MA)
149.SoNicho de Magalhaes31:40Massachusetts Maritime
150.SoThomas Fagin31:41Union
151.Jeff Rockwood31:43Salem State Alumni
152.SrCraig North31:45U. of New England (ME)
153.SoPhillip Gallo31:46SUNY Purchase
154.FrJohn Stark31:47New England College ...
155.FrNicholas Silverson31:49Bates
156.Palao Digirolamo31:49Unattached
157.SoSean Gorski31:53Union
158.JrTrevor Arthur31:53Castleton (VT)
159.FrJake Lewis31:55Green Mountain
160.FrKyle Driscoll31:59Eastern Connecticut ...
161.FrEvan Card31:59New England College ...
162.FrJoseph Perucki32:01Eastern Connecticut ...
163.FrMichael Christopher32:03Norwich U
164.JrDavid Burrows32:04Castleton (VT)
165.SrTim Allard32:09Western New England
166.FrMike Barbacano32:14Western New England
167.FrPatrick Petty32:16Union
168.FrThomas Malinowski32:18Norwich U
169.FrNick Raby32:22Mass. College of Lib...
170.JrAnthony Mendes32:28Eastern Connecticut ...
171.SoJason McWhirter32:31Massachusetts Maritime
172.FrKevin O'Brien32:31Westfield State
173.SoBenjamin Warren32:32Mass. College of Lib...
174.FrKyle Draleau32:33U. of New England (ME)
175.JrRicardo Fernandez32:33Nyack
176.FrDaniel Blake32:35Salve Regina
177.SoKyle Baitz32:36Vermont Technical
178.Erik Gonzalez32:36Xc-2003
179.FrJamie Bean32:41Johnson State (VT)
180.JrJason Hodne32:43Nyack
181.FrEvan Niedojadlo32:43Eastern Connecticut ...
182.FrJohn Nicol32:48Western New England
183.SrMatt Hunter32:50Vassar
184.SoBen Mandelbaum32:52Massachusetts Maritime
185.SrJon Harvey32:55Nyack
186.FrKevin Shivers33:07Green Mountain
187.SoCollin Crowther33:09U. of New England (ME)
188.SoJason Toews33:10Gordon (MA)
189.SrFavio Quizhpi33:12Nyack
190.JrJames Doffer33:17Coast Guard Academy
191.JrAndrew Ducheneau33:20Salem State
192.FrGregory Shapiro33:20SUNY Purchase
193.SoDaniel Joye33:20Nyack
194.SoNicholas Langone33:21Westfield State
195.SoDaniel Stringer33:22SUNY Purchase
196.FrMatt McClellan33:26Norwich U
197.JrJonathan Dunham33:28Westfield State
198.SoBen Leahy33:29Mass. College of Lib...
199.Matt Lemanski33:31Xc-2003
200.FrAlexander Coppola33:31Union
201.FrJoshua Gibson33:37Westfield State
202.SrThomas O'Connor33:42Johnson State (VT)
203.SoPatrick Greeno33:49Salve Regina
204.-Chris Baril33:51Northern Essex
205.SrPatrick Judge33:52Salve Regina
206.SoPat Moran33:53Mass. College of Lib...
207.FrAndrew Davis34:06Westfield State
208.SoBrendan Hiersche34:10Westfield State
209.FrJoseph Musso34:14Bates
210.FrNate Miller34:21Gordon (MA)
211.-MacKensie Gray34:26Holyoke CC
212.SoOwen Murphy34:34SUNY Purchase
213.SrKevin Sylvia34:45Framingham State
214.FrJeffrey Bibeau34:47Western New England
215.FrZachary Johnston35:01Johnson State (VT)
216.JrErik Petersen35:03Westfield State
217.FrJordon Prange35:08Coast Guard Academy
218.SoSherwin Richards35:12Nyack
219.-Andre Bolduc35:15Vermont Technical
220.FrFrederic Bertino35:27Union
221.SoJustin Brophy35:28Westfield State
222.-Erich Sullivan35:30Norwich U
223.FrJohnathan Waite35:30New England College ...
224.SoBen Hatch35:32Westfield State
225.SrMatthew Magliozzi35:33Norwich U
226.FrKonrad Kross35:34U. of New England (ME)
227.SoMichael Goldenberg35:34Framingham State
228.FrSean Ghamami35:42New England College ...
229.-Robert Gray36:01Northern Essex
230.FrDavid Miller36:02Westfield State
231.JrSan Andriessen36:04Coast Guard Academy
232.-Ratael Gilpan36:20Northern Essex
233.SoTrevor Eaton36:20Salem State
234.SoDusan Vuksanoviz36:25Green Mountain
235.FrAustin Cohen36:33New England College ...
236.FrBrian Fogarty36:35New England College ...
237.-Eric Garofano36:40Union
238.SoJason Mathias36:40Nyack
239.-Mike Whitman36:58ELMS College
240.SrBrandon Knox37:00Westfield State
241.FrThomas Johnson37:15New England College ...
242.Brian Beaulieu37:51Salem State Alumni
243.-Mike Roberts38:03Westfield State
244.-Rob Laprel38:03Westfield State
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Womens Results

5,000 Meters Women  
Upgrade Meet Host
Westfield State

to see charts & hypothetical scores
1.JrLaura Coogan18:56Vassar
2.SrKristina Miner19:05Trinity (CT)
3.SrSara McGuigan19:08Coast Guard Academy
4.SrAmanda Williams19:19Trinity (CT)
5.FrHannah Matthews19:28Gordon (MA)
6.SrKaylee Martin19:30Western New England
7.JrAllison Lemire19:44Trinity (CT)
8.SoJaclyn Hourihan19:45Trinity (CT)
9.SoTessa Knott19:49Coast Guard Academy
10.FrElizabeth Jones19:53Vassar
11.JrMarybeth Inman19:57Salem State
12.Leanne Nygaard20:00Xc-2003
13.FrSharon Fetters20:00Nyack
14.FrLindsay Rines20:01New England College ...
15.SoMera McGrew20:14Vassar
16.FrHeather Wiencko20:15Westfield State
17.SoGisell Harrington20:18Trinity (CT)
18.JrSarah Loy20:19Gordon (MA)
19.-MAURA KEE20:20Norwich U
20.Allison Wesolowski20:20Unattached
21.JrMarianne Mealy20:26Westfield State
22.SrLauren Tumulty20:29Coast Guard Academy
23.FrKarina Johnson20:30Eastern Connecticut ...
24.SrSamantha Gordon20:30Coast Guard Academy
25.SrSasha Macky20:33Salem State
26.SoAllison Brown20:35Westfield State
27.SoBryce Van Cleef20:35Coast Guard Academy
28.SrAnissa Vieira20:36Salve Regina
29.SoKerry Arouca20:37Westfield State
30.SoMaya Seegers20:43SUNY Purchase
31.SoKatherine Barton20:45Trinity (CT)
32.SrNatalie Wilson20:46NYU
33.FrKatie Gilligan20:47Coast Guard Academy
34.JrAnna LeMahieu20:48Vassar
35.SrQuincy Arey20:52U. of New England (ME)
36.FrMarisa Fiore20:53Salve Regina
37.SrKatie Snyder20:57Castleton (VT)
38.JrCharlotte Delorey20:59Coast Guard Academy
39.JrGwendolyn English20:59Coast Guard Academy
40.SrMelissa Joyce21:04Westfield State
41.Katelin Invernizzi21:05Boston North Tra
42.JrJoleen Butterfield21:06Nyack
43.SoSarah Tardiff21:06Union
44.JrKim Friberg21:07Framingham State
45.SrBecky Chawner21:09Union
46.FrSage Small21:09Castleton (VT)
47.FrTaylor Krajewski21:11Salem State
48.FrColin Fall21:16Coast Guard Academy
49.JrShawna Kennedy21:16Salem State
50.SrNicole Sanchez21:16U. of New England (ME)
51.JrMarlee Berg21:17Westfield State
52.JrKirsten Boreen21:18Vassar
53.SoLauren Fograshy21:23Massachusetts Maritime
54.SrJustine Campbell21:23Castleton (VT)
55.FrEmily Olsen21:24NYU
56.SoJaneen Rahman21:27Salem State
57.FrJaclyn McElligott21:28Norwich U
58.SrAndrea Bennet21:28Western New England
59.SrJane Wolkowicz21:32NYU
60.JrElizabeth Ferguson21:33Salve Regina
61.FrKatharine Wang21:34NYU
62.SoJennifer Daniels21:35Westfield State
63.JrJacqueline Beers21:38Western New England
64.SrDiana Whitney21:43Vassar
65.SoAlyssa Charney21:43Vassar
66.Marisa Petrillo21:44Salem State Alumni
67.FrMeredith Hall21:45Massachusetts Maritime
68.FrAshley Cunningham21:49U. of New England (ME)
69.SrPatricia Gaeta21:50SUNY Purchase
70.JrLauren DiSessa21:50Green Mountain
71.Sheila Mulherin21:53Unattached
72.SrAmanda Baker21:54Westfield State
73.SrKatie Mae Unruhe21:57Vassar
74.JrChrissy Scanlon21:59Gordon (MA)
75.FrNatalie Helpern22:00NYU
76.FrCasia Terenzoni22:00Gordon (MA)
77.FrCaitlin Miner22:02Union
78.FrCarolyn Canetti22:06Union
79.SrAdelaide Perr22:07Coast Guard Academy
80.SrKristin Bodner22:08Westfield State
81.JrKaitlyn DiRenzo22:10U. of New England (ME)
82.SoKatie Davis22:10Union
83.FrLauren Cosgrove22:12Castleton (VT)
84.JrJill Bigos22:12ELMS College
85.JrMonica Vielkind22:13Union
86.SrHelen Cross22:14SUNY Purchase
87.SrBritt Taylor22:18Nyack
88.SrCaroline Brown22:20Trinity (CT)
89.FrJennifer Lucey22:21Westfield State
90.SrColleen Geary22:21Westfield State
91.Deidre Ginley22:22Xc-2003
92.SrNancy Costa22:23U. of New England (ME)
93.JrKristina Roberts22:24U. of New England (ME)
94.FrBrittany Davis22:25Vassar
95.FrKasey Sheehan22:26Westfield State
96.SrKara Bowen22:29Salve Regina
97.JrMeagan Buckley22:33NYU
98.Jessica Carpenter22:33Xc-2003
99.FrAnne Vayda22:35Norwich U
100.FrMeghan Zehringer22:35Coast Guard Academy
101.SrMarion Royes22:36New England College ...
102.FrSelina Welles22:37Westfield State
103.JrMeaghan Snyder22:42Coast Guard Academy
104.FrNicole Horvath22:44Green Mountain
105.SrBeatrix Jackson22:45NYU
106.JrColleen O'Toole22:45Salve Regina
107.SoSarah Doucett22:46Union
108.FrMaryann Fehlner22:48U. of New England (ME)
109.SoLindsey Smith22:50U. of New England (ME)
110.SoJessica Gray22:50Westfield State
111.JrClara Juncadella22:51Eastern Connecticut ...
112.JrAmy Samson22:51Western New England
113.FrKelly Cau-McPhee22:52SUNY Purchase
114.-Maria Monihan22:52Holyoke CC
115.JrJanelle Bradley22:54U. of New England (ME)
116.SrBeth Pantzer22:57Castleton (VT)
117.SoKate Cennamo23:00Westfield State
118.FrRobin Boisse23:03U. of New England (ME)
119.FrKatie Slepecki23:04Western New England
120.FrJeannie Channell23:06Westfield State
121.FrNicole Brown23:10Westfield State
122.JrDaniella Orton23:12NYU
123.JrLatia Deylii23:12Nyack
124.SrJoy Blanchard23:13Nyack
125.FrMichelle Richter23:14Union
126.FrKrista Juliano23:17Eastern Connecticut ...
127.SoNicole Stefanik23:19Eastern Connecticut ...
128.SoJillian Monahan23:21Westfield State
129.FrColleen McNamara23:22Johnson State (VT)
130.JrEmily Cote23:24Salve Regina
131.FrMaria Kern23:27Vassar
132.SoElena Greck23:28Westfield State
133.JrKristina Noce23:29Salve Regina
134.FrLauren Hohenberger23:32Coast Guard Academy
135.JrNicole Downing23:34Salem State
136.Tina Marie Varzeas23:35Unattached
137.SrNicole Kasuba23:36Salem State
138.SrJennifer Cody23:37Eastern Connecticut ...
139.SoMegan Harpold23:38Salve Regina
140.FrBrittany Sider23:39Vassar
141.SrKerry Bannon23:43Union
142.SrMaryann Solomos23:44Western New England
143.FrEmily Johnson23:44Mass. College of Lib...
144.JrScarlette Grassetti23:47Norwich U
145.SoShannon Connors23:51Castleton (VT)
146.FrMaura McCarthy23:53Framingham State
147.SoKatie Messer23:59Westfield State
148.JrChristina Tobin23:59Salve Regina
149.FrDana Pulkinen24:03Castleton (VT)
150.FrNemesia Sorcar24:07Johnson State (VT)
151.JrHeather Flavell24:07Norwich U
152.FrLynn Sommerville24:08Gordon (MA)
153.SoSarah Laird24:13Vassar
154.FrAngela Koontz24:13Western New England
155.FrNicole Naude24:14Gordon (MA)
156.SoMolly Hutchinson24:18Castleton (VT)
157.FrSuzanne Estok24:19Union
158.SoAlycia Dabrowski24:19ELMS College
159.SoChelsea Smith24:26U. of New England (ME)
160.FrTheresa Cote24:29Salem State
161.JrLynn Boisvert24:37Salve Regina
162.SoAllison Wooler24:39Framingham State
163.FrMary DeLaurentis24:50Salve Regina
164.FrXhirley Gonzalez24:54Mass. College of Lib...
165.SoKathleen Dwyer24:58Vassar
166.JrAli Rodino25:05Salve Regina
167.SoBrielle Curtis25:27U. of New England (ME)
168.FrSophie Berard25:33Johnson State (VT)
169.SoKaitlin O'Donnell25:35Massachusetts Maritime
170.FrStephanie Dillon25:35Gordon (MA)
171.FrMelissa Healy25:36Eastern Connecticut ...
172.JrLauren Arsenault25:37Framingham State
173.-Savanna Tanski25:42Norwich U
174.JrAmy Ciminno25:42Gordon (MA)
175.SrEva Kulikowski25:44Bay Path
176.JrMadalyn F. Eldridg...25:44Salve Regina
177.SrStephjanie Anne Co...25:50Massachusetts Maritime
178.SoMolly Bartha25:53Nyack
179.FrRebecca Valencia26:03Vassar
180.FrRachel Wright26:03Mass. College of Lib...
181.FrAmber Bergeron26:04Castleton (VT)
182.JrLaura Ferraro26:06Western New England
183.FrAmanda Ericson26:07Eastern Connecticut ...
184.FrAriana Gilbert26:07Gordon (MA)
185.SrAnne Scoran26:15Massachusetts Maritime
186.JrJessica Maciolek26:15Eastern Connecticut ...
187.SoLori Hernberg26:17NYU
188.SrAshlee Irons26:23Salve Regina
189.JrAshley Quinn26:26NYU
190.JrSarah Wright26:29Bay Path
191.Laurie Arcoura26:37Unattached
192.FrKathleen Micheli26:45Massachusetts Maritime
193.SrKimberly Tose26:55Salve Regina
194.JrAmber Faulkner26:57Johnson State (VT)
195.SoAlisha Austin26:59Nyack
196.FrOlivia Davis27:02U. of New England (ME)
197.FrBecca Bolton27:03U. of New England (ME)
198.JrLauren Chappell27:04Salem State
199.SrPamela Gaines27:05Nyack
200.SrSarah Shadallah27:06Salve Regina
201.JrNoel O'Donnell27:11SUNY Purchase
202.SoShanequa Moore27:12Nyack
203.SoJessie Schnell27:31U. of New England (ME)
204.FrLaura Burbank27:32Vermont Technical
205.-Kristen Lund27:45Vermont Technical
206.SoZimmerer Rebekah27:46Gordon (MA)
207.JrErika Berube27:50Massachusetts Maritime
208.JrAdrienne Terra27:53Salve Regina
209.JrMichelle Barrows27:53Johnson State (VT)
210.FrAnna Miller28:02NYU
211.FrBethany Forshaw28:14New England College ...
212.SoCassie North28:36U. of New England (ME)
213.SoSara Cunnery28:42Western New England
214.SoShelby Armstrong28:42Gordon (MA)
215.FrStephanie Campbell28:44Bay Path
216.FrKelsey Cook28:44NYU
217.JrDesislava Slovova29:00Norwich U
218.SoStephanie Gilgora29:03U. of New England (ME)
219.FrBrittney Sousa29:06New England College ...
220.JrJenna Catsos29:45Green Mountain
221.SrFrancine Haddon29:53ELMS College
222.SoJordan Williams30:19Green Mountain
223.SrDanielle Thompson30:25U. of New England (ME)
224.SrJessica Desmond30:27Bay Path
225.JrBreanna Schebell30:51SUNY Purchase
226.FrCatherine Parson30:58New England College ...
227.SrMaryann Hommel31:01U. of New England (ME)
228.SoWintica Phataralaoha31:09Bay Path
229.JrCaitlin Davis32:04U. of New England (ME)
230.SrChrissy Ordyna32:06Bay Path
231.FrCarolyn Klei32:27Bay Path
232.FrTivan Campeanu32:31New England College ...
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