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Pineland Super Cross Country Meet 2010 Collegiate

Saturday, September 18, 2010

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Meet Host - Bates Collegiate
Location - Pineland Farms, New Gloucester, ME - Map
Mens Races

Pineland Farms

8,000 Meters Men
Womens Races
5,000 Meters Women
Last Updated 4:53 AM, Fri, Feb 25


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 MEN Scoring 10 
Order Bates   Bowdoin   Tufts  Colby 
Total 164     170       192    326 
 WOMEN Scoring 10
Order Colby  Bowdoin   Tufts   Bates  
Total 119    186       243     306   

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Mens Results

8,000 Meters Men  
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1.FrNoah Graboys26:09Bates
2.SrDevin Dilts26:20Bates
3.SoAndrew Wortham26:21Bates
4.FrCoby Horowitz26:34Bowdoin
5.SrBen Cunkleman26:38Colby (ME)
6.SoMatt Rand26:41Tufts
7.SrJeffrey Ragazzini26:45Tufts
8.JrColin Ogilvie26:48Bowdoin
9.SoSamuel Haney26:49Tufts
10.SoTyler Andrews26:50Tufts
11.SrStan Berkow26:52Bowdoin
12.SoKyle Marks26:53Tufts
13.FrSamuel Seekins26:56Bowdoin
14.JrMatthew Hillard26:59Bowdoin
15.FrTully Hannan27:10Bates
16.SrPeter Gurney27:11Bates
17.SoBrian Desmond27:13Colby (ME)
18.FrNicholas Saba27:17Bowdoin
19.SrAndy Maguire27:21Colby (ME)
20.SrCharlie Berdahl27:22Bowdoin
21.FrJames Boeding27:23Bowdoin
22.JrConnor Rose27:24Tufts
23.SoEric Kimball27:25Bates
24.JrSean Colligan27:26Bates
25.SoGraham Pearsall27:28Bates
26.FrMichael Martin27:30Bates
27.SrAndrew Bellet27:31Tufts
28.SoTom Letourneau27:33Colby (ME)
29.SoJames Lepage27:38Bates
30.JrAlex Williams27:49Bowdoin
31.JrWill Stafstrom27:51Bowdoin
32.SoLucas Maher27:55Tufts
33.SoBrandon Severson28:02Tufts
34.SrJerzy Eisenberg-Gu...28:08Tufts
35.JrAnders Samuelson28:09Bowdoin
36.SoKenneth Whitney28:12Bates
37.SrAndrew del Calvo28:18Bowdoin
38.JrMatthieu Nadeau28:19Colby (ME)
39.SoJames Epstein28:21Bates
40.SoLuke Doherty Munro28:22Colby (ME)
41.SoJohn Williams28:23Colby (ME)
42.JrErik Antokal28:25Tufts
43.SrBenjamin Taska28:26Bates
44.FrJamie Norton28:30Tufts
45.SoAdam Brosh28:31Tufts
46.SoNicholas Ferrentino28:33Tufts
47.JrCliff Bargar28:45Tufts
48.FrMathew Cloherty28:49Colby (ME)
49.FrDylan Nisky28:50Colby (ME)
50.JrJeffrey Prescott28:54Tufts
51.JrJonathan Ryss28:54Bowdoin
52.FrBobby McShane28:58Tufts
53.SoMichael Langley29:01Colby (ME)
54.SrKevin McDonald29:03Bates
55.SrMichael Mitchell29:04Bowdoin
56.SrSamuel Hutchinson29:06Tufts
57.SrJoseph Musso29:07Bates
58.FrPeter Lewis29:12Tufts
59.JrJustin Rouse29:20Colby (ME)
60.SrThomas Esponnette29:31Bates
61.FrDavid Murphy29:36Colby (ME)
62.SrConor Walsh29:37Bowdoin
63.SoJeffrey Marvel29:43Tufts
64.FrChris Greenlee29:50Colby (ME)
65.SoMyles Black-Ingers...29:52Bates
66.SoAndrew Haskell30:02Tufts
67.SrTristan Black-Inge...30:06Bates
68.SoNick Papanastassiou30:08Colby (ME)
69.FrChris Henderson30:10Colby (ME)
70.SoChris Hernandez30:24Bates
71.FrSean Keller30:37Bates
72.FrKevin Clarke30:49Colby (ME)
73.SoJulio Suastegui31:18Colby (ME)
74.SoThiago Lima31:22Tufts
75.FrLogan Greenblatt31:23Bates
76.FrKevin Wu33:05Bowdoin
77.FrDaniel Palken33:18Bowdoin
78.JrRandy Kring35:22Bowdoin
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Womens Results

5,000 Meters Women  
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1.SoAmy Tortorello19:12Colby (ME)
2.JrLayne Schwab19:12Colby (ME)
3.JrBerol Dewdney19:13Colby (ME)
4.FrCarolyn Baskir19:20Bowdoin
5.SrEmma Linhard19:23Colby (ME)
6.JrAnna Ackerman19:23Bowdoin
7.SrChristina Argueta19:26Bowdoin
8.SoOlivia Mackenzie19:27Bowdoin
9.FrAllison Rigby19:29Colby (ME)
10.SrKerri Leonhardt19:30Bates
11.SoClaire Dunn19:30Colby (ME)
12.FrKatherine R Connolly19:31Colby (ME)
13.SrGrace Kerr19:33Bowdoin
14.JrAnya Price19:37Tufts
15.JrYasmine White19:38Bowdoin
16.FrMadeline Carey19:44Tufts
17.FrAbby Barker19:50Tufts
18.SoLilly Fisher19:55Tufts
19.FrMira Carey-Hatch19:56Bates
20.FrLauren Creath19:59Tufts
21.FrMelissa DellaTorre20:05Bowdoin
22.SrJennifer Yih20:14Tufts
23.SoClaire Cannon20:14Colby (ME)
24.JrJennifer Monsulick20:15Bates
25.FrMadelena Rizzo20:15Bowdoin
26.JrRobyn St. Laurent20:17Colby (ME)
27.SoBrittany Colford20:18Colby (ME)
28.FrKallie Nixon20:22Bates
29.SoMelanie Monroe20:23Tufts
30.SrChloe Bourne20:27Bates
31.FrEmily Nadel20:30Colby (ME)
32.JrAbigael Cheruiyot20:30Colby (ME)
33.FrMargaret Ogilvie20:33Bates
34.FrLaura Peterson20:41Tufts
35.FrSarah Barrese20:43Colby (ME)
36.SoEvelyn Orlando20:45Tufts
37.SrChristine Loftus20:45Tufts
38.SoAlicia Fannon20:47Bates
39.SoLisa Reedich20:52Bates
40.FrEmily R Arsenault20:53Colby (ME)
41.FrMaeve McGovern20:55Colby (ME)
42.SoWinnie Chelengat20:58Bates
43.JrCaroline Melhado20:58Tufts
44.JrSadie Lansdale21:01Tufts
45.SrLaura Newcomb21:06Bowdoin
46.SoMolly Porcher21:09Bowdoin
47.SrJennifer Mitton21:09Bates
48.SrAlexandria Alberto21:09Bates
49.SoLydia Jessup21:10Tufts
50.JrKelsey Picciuto21:12Tufts
51.JrRachel Frenkil21:12Colby (ME)
52.FrJessica Fenton21:15Tufts
53.SrHolly Jacobson21:15Bowdoin
54.SrJessica Mullaney21:19Colby (ME)
55.FrLaura Garbes21:19Tufts
56.SoIsabelle Goossens21:21Tufts
57.FrReaha Goyetche21:25Bowdoin
59.FrAlexandra Ojerholm21:33Colby (ME)
60.FrJessica Moore21:33Colby (ME)
61.JrLauren Klinker21:34Tufts
62.-Grace Hafner21:34Tufts
63.JrLauren Flament21:34Tufts
64.SrAlexandra Steverson21:35Bates
65.SoMary Sypek21:35Tufts
66.FrMolly Mirhashem21:36Tufts
58.JrBryn Kass21:39Tufts
67.SoHillary Chisholm21:40Bates
68.FrKathryn Brady21:59Bowdoin
69.SoToby Crispin21:59Tufts
70.SoVirginia Keesler21:59Colby (ME)
71.FrRachel Ison22:00Tufts
72.FrChristina Garbarin22:00Colby (ME)
73.FrSavannah Dix22:01Tufts
74.SoJosephine Herman22:08Tufts
75.JrColleen Kenny22:10Colby (ME)
76.FrDevin Tatro22:12Bates
77.SoAlex Testa22:25Tufts
78.JrLindsey Horowitz22:33Bowdoin
79.FrAlison Travers22:35Bates
80.FrMegan Berkowitz22:38Tufts
81.JrKathryn Deneroff22:39Bowdoin
82.FrAmy Schweitzer22:48Bowdoin
83.JrCasey Dropkin22:55Bates
84.SrMolly Nelson23:05Bates
85.FrMadeline Lamo23:23Bowdoin
86.FrSara Chari23:46Bates
87.SrShirley Wu23:51Bowdoin
88.FrGrace House24:17Tufts
89.SoCarolyn Mayer24:28Bowdoin
90.JrJadria Cincotta24:29Bates
91.FrCaroline Propopwicz25:47Bowdoin
92.SoMargaret Green26:23Bowdoin
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