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Chicopee Memorial State Park

8,000 Meters Men
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5,000 Meters Women
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Mens Results

8,000 Meters Men  
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Elms College

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1.JrJames Vance27:28Johnson & Wales (RI)
2.SoJeff Hartman27:56Johnson & Wales (RI)
3.SoGreg Redfield28:10Johnson & Wales (RI)
4.FrBrandon Mulligan28:17U. of New England (ME)
5.FrBrian Dinan29:05Johnson & Wales (RI)
6.FrNate Dimartino29:32U. of New England (ME)
7.JrDaniel Kiprono30:09American International
8.FrCurtis Johnson30:13American International
9.FrJake Delucia30:17Johnson & Wales (RI)
10.FrDaniel DJ Raboin30:20U. of New England (ME)
11.JrNathan Smith30:27Johnson & Wales (RI)
12.JrBosco Oringa30:55U. of New England (ME)
13.SoKeith Desilets31:11Mass. College of Lib...
14.FrAnthony Cancilla31:20Mass. College of Lib...
15.SrJoshua Grenier31:38U. of New England (ME)
16.SrDaniel Kelleher31:42U. of New England (ME)
17.JrJonathan Dupuis31:49U. of New England (ME)
18.FrTad Olsen32:11U. of New England (ME)
19.FrJohn Morgan32:14Newbury
20.SoMiguel Taveras32:15Lasell College
21.SoTim Denoncour32:21U. of New England (ME)
22.SrMichael Begansky32:24American International
23.SoGreg Hartwich32:27Framingham State
24.SoRaymon Donis32:30Lasell College
25.JrTaylor Poulin32:31Eastern Nazarene (MA)
26.SrMikell Branch32:41American International
27.SrZach Pinkham32:41U. of New England (ME)
28.-Raphael Sherak32:48Hampshire
29.SrJacob Kane32:53Johnson State (VT)
30.SrDjango Koenig33:23Johnson State (VT)
31.JrRyan Maliff33:29Newbury
32.SoChris Dracoles33:45U. of New England (ME)
33.SrJared Torres34:09American International
34.SrJoshua Havelin34:39U. of New England (ME)
35.SoCharlie Dilella34:41Lasell College
36.SrZachary Johnston34:44Johnson State (VT)
37.FrJesse Zina34:53Elms College
38.-Justin Baldwin35:31 PRHampshire
39.SoMikhail Krevosky35:44Lasell College
40.FrDavid Kananowitz35:47Lasell College
41.SrMark Johnson35:59U. of New England (ME)
42.JrGrant Valentine36:03Lasell College
43.JrAlfred Chen36:07Johnson & Wales (RI)
44.JrMichael Isherwood36:16Lasell College
45.SrJames Maloney36:17Mass. College of Lib...
46.SoEdwin Oliver36:23Johnson & Wales (RI)
47.SrGregory M Hanseler36:54U. of New England (ME)
48.SoGregory St Denis37:15U. of New England (ME)
49.FrKevin Tappin37:48Mass. College of Lib...
50.SoBrendan Warren37:51Elms College
51.SoAlain LaFume38:23Eastern Nazarene (MA)
52.SrAdrian Bradley38:43Johnson State (VT)
53.JrAlex Lagasse38:49Johnson State (VT)
54.SoJarryl McKey40:20Newbury
55.FrPatrick Noenickx40:25Elms College
56.FrDerek P Brotherton40:27U. of New England (ME)
57.SrNicholas Whitman40:43Elms College
58.JrBenjamin Kronlund41:34Elms College
59.SoIrving Buelto42:05Newbury
60.JrNicholas Raby42:47 SRMass. College of Lib...
61.SrSamuel Plouffe45:39Eastern Nazarene (MA)
62.SoKeith Godek46:12Elms College
63.FrMatthew Haley49:50 PRFramingham State
64.FrDavid Simao53:31 SRFramingham State
65.JrNathan Crowell53:34Mass. College of Lib...
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Womens Results

5,000 Meters Women  
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Elms College

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1.FrMJ Ohoueu19:50American International
2.FrColleen Ahern19:58U. of New England (ME)
3.JrJess Partlow20:28U. of New England (ME)
4.FrKellie Hackett20:31U. of New England (ME)
5.SrSarah Beaudoin20:41 SRAmerican International
6.SrMaryann Fehlner20:43 SRU. of New England (ME)
7.SoLaura Furfaro20:44 PRJohnson & Wales (RI)
8.FrKatherine Anderson21:04Framingham State
9.FrJulie Pattyson21:04St Joseph College (C...
10.SoLindsey Forrette21:06U. of New England (ME)
11.SoHeather Pederson21:08U. of New England (ME)
12.JrMeghan Missett21:12 SRLasell College
13.FrElena Cox21:18 SRFramingham State
14.SoKim Martins21:21 SRU. of New England (ME)
15.JrKathleen Restino21:24Johnson & Wales (RI)
16.SoKimberly Hentz21:35 PRU. of New England (ME)
17.SoSolange Thomas21:46Newbury
18.SoKaty Rabasco21:56 PRU. of New England (ME)
19.JrLindsay Panny21:59Johnson & Wales (RI)
20.FrKatie Warren22:13 PREastern Nazarene (MA)
21.FrJenna Miller22:16American International
22.JrJeileen Rivera22:19Mount Ida (MA)
23.FrChelsi Gaffney22:35U. of New England (ME)
24.FrMelody Smith22:42St Joseph College (C...
25.JrAmanda Driscoll22:51Lasell College
26.JrRachael Cooper22:52Framingham State
27.JrMaria Sideri22:54 PRWheelock
28.FrDeanna Baumert23:03U. of New England (ME)
29.SoAllison Polaski23:22Johnson & Wales (RI)
30.FrSolange Carpenter23:25Lasell College
31.SrMaryann Martinez23:27Johnson State (VT)
32.SrXhirley Gonzalez23:29Mass. College of Lib...
33.SrKendra Lapierre23:31Curry
34.FrHaley Amenta23:32Mass. College of Lib...
35.FrMelissa Pierce23:51U. of New England (ME)
36.SoChristina Annicelli24:01Lasell College
37.JrCaitlin Culver24:05Mass. College of Lib...
38.SoKate Levinson24:09Johnson & Wales (RI)
39.FrDanielle Gaudette24:12Wheelock
40.-Kelly Anne Wehrle24:12 PRHampshire
41.SrColleen McNamara24:15Johnson State (VT)
42.JrLindsey Pitts24:19Mount Ida (MA)
43.JrNoelle Bellefleur24:21St Joseph College (C...
44.FrAlex Chmura24:23St Joseph College (C...
45.FrMichelle Ambrisco24:30U. of New England (ME)
46.SoAlexandra Milot24:32Mount Ida (MA)
47.FrChristina Berselli24:33U. of New England (ME)
48.SoGiana Valletta24:45 PRJohnson & Wales (RI)
49.SoMyrlanda Lafortune24:49American International
50.SoValbona Saliu24:49Framingham State
51.FrTherese Pymento24:51Mount Ida (MA)
52.SrJessica Smosky24:51 PRMass. College of Lib...
53.FrAcacia McPhee24:59U. of New England (ME)
54.SrAngela Rocha25:01 PRAmerican International
55.JrKelly Johnson25:04Curry
56.FrMonique LaPierre25:04Framingham State
57.JrElizabeth Connolly25:05Wheelock
58.FrKristen Burke25:07St Joseph College (C...
59.FrKathryn Johnson25:10Mass. College of Lib...
60.FrAubrey Francis25:11 SRJohnson & Wales (RI)
61.SoRachael Busuulwa25:11St Joseph College (C...
62.FrJennifer Lewis25:16Newbury
63.SrNemesia Sorcar25:27Johnson State (VT)
64.JrMichelle Richard25:42Mount Ida (MA)
65.SrKimberly DeCosta25:44Curry
66.SoAmanda Ledin25:52Curry
67.FrJessica Gamari25:58Mass. College of Lib...
68.SrKerri-Leigh Palmer26:06Newbury
69.JrJennifer Cicero26:09Elms College
70.SrTaryn Avery26:20St Joseph College (C...
71.FrAlexandra Smith26:56Lasell College
72.JrAshley Kulas27:02St Joseph College (C...
73.JrBecka Boisseau27:15Elms College
74.-Megan Mallory27:18 PRHampshire
75.JrDanielle Chuba27:23Mount Ida (MA)
76.FrGabrielle Calvanese27:24Elms College
77.SrEmily Johnson27:29Mass. College of Lib...
78.FrAdelle Saunders27:35U. of New England (ME)
79.SrCaitlin Burke27:53Wheelock
80.SoLindsay Arthur28:06U. of New England (ME)
81.SrMelissa Fuller28:09Mount Ida (MA)
82.SrOlivia Davis28:24U. of New England (ME)
83.JrAmanda Gilley28:35 PRJohnson & Wales (RI)
84.FrAlaina Eldredge28:49 SRLasell College
85.SoCara McAuliffe28:56Wheelock
86.FrKatrina Trajkovski28:59Bay Path
87.JrSarah Negron29:18Wheelock
88.SoSamantha Leach29:45Eastern Nazarene (MA)
89.FrAbigail Lindamood30:03Mass. College of Lib...
90.JrKayla Grady30:10Newbury
91.SrRachel Wright30:16Mass. College of Lib...
92.FrKerry Ashe30:31Elms College
93.FrKatherine Smith30:32Eastern Nazarene (MA)
94.SoStacy Rakyta30:59 PRSt Joseph College (C...
95.FrSarah Jane Dyer31:03 PRElms College
96.FrStephani Konstanti...31:17Elms College
97.JrAlicia Ford31:47Mount Ida (MA)
98.SoMeagan Costello32:20Bay Path
99.SrLindsay Sheehan33:14Curry
100.JrJocelyn Tonello33:25Eastern Nazarene (MA)
101.JrMairead Colman33:30Mount Ida (MA)
102.JrJeffi John33:46Eastern Nazarene (MA)
103.JrSarah Nix33:55Curry
104.JrAlicia Mahony34:12Eastern Nazarene (MA)
105.JrSara Lore34:56St Joseph College (C...
106.SoCaitlin Reynolds35:34Bay Path
107.SoPamela Racine35:35 PRBay Path
108.FrAlexandria Hislop36:42Curry
109.SrMaura Dower38:41Bay Path
110.FrVanessa Conseicao41:39Bay Path
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