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CCSU Blue Dragon Invitational 2003 Collegiate

Saturday, September 06, 2003

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Location - Stanley Quarter Park, New Britain, CT
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Mens Races

Stanley Quarter Park

8,000 Meters Men
Womens Races
5,000 Meters Women
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Mens Results

8,000 Meters Men  
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Central Connecticut

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1.JrJuna Vesala26:30.9Central Connecticut
2.JrJohn Nieskens26:47.3Holy Cross (MA)
3.FrTimothy Konoval26:50.2Central Connecticut
4.FrDavid Wishart27:00.7Syracuse
5.SrZachary Bennett27:20.4New Haven
6.SoOsman Haji27:31.8New Haven
7.SrJeremy Cornue27:38.4New Haven
8.SrMichael Lucke27:42.3Holy Cross (MA)
9.SoJohn Graham27:46.9Syracuse
10.SrJon Litchfield27:48.6Northeastern
11.SrNathan Rath28:00.7Syracuse
12.FrMatt Lawson28:10.0Syracuse
13.JrJames Clifford28:25.3Holy Cross (MA)
14.FrStephen Kress28:30.3Holy Cross (MA)
15.SoTimothy Murphy28:33.2Holy Cross (MA)
16.JrCollin Capano28:36.3Syracuse
17.SoJared Paul28:38.8Northeastern
18.FrDaniel Tickner28:40.6New Haven
19.SrRandy Brodeur28:42.4Holy Cross (MA)
20.JrPatrick Gaffney28:51.9Siena
21.FrJoseph Ziminsky28:53.5Syracuse
22.SoJustin Rindos28:54.9Fairfield
23.SrMatthew Borland28:57.3Fairfield
24.SrKarl Baum29:03.8Syracuse
25.SoMarius Skarbauskas29:18.0New Haven
26.FrShawn Pollard29:20.2Syracuse
27.SoBryan Knipfing29:23.4Siena
28.FrGeoffrey Nelson29:28.4Syracuse
29.SoRyan Kroby29:37.3Syracuse
30.SoAJ Kastanotis29:41.0Fairfield
31.FrTimothy Chan29:49.5Northeastern
32.JrBrendan Kearney29:50.4Holy Cross (MA)
33.SoJonathan Geary29:56.8Hartford
34.FrJohn Ortolani29:59.4Holy Cross (MA)
35.SrMike Dougherty30:02.1Fairfield
36.FrKevin Wong30:10.3Syracuse
37.SrNick Kent30:11.3Northeastern
38.JrSean Dougherty30:19.3Holy Cross (MA)
39.FrPatrick Clifford30:20.0Holy Cross (MA)
40.SoThomas Pratt30:22.3Northeastern
41.JrJee Sunny30:23.9Hartford
42.FrAndrew Cameron30:27.9Holy Cross (MA)
43.JrRobert Oerzen30:28.9Siena
44.-Paul Luthin30:38.2Siena
45.FrBernard Ozarowski30:40.7Holy Cross (MA)
46.FrTimothy Niles30:53.5Northeastern
47.SoAdam Haywood30:55.0Hartford
48.JrJames McKeon30:59.3Holy Cross (MA)
49.SoAndrew Knipfing31:04.5Siena
50.FrChris Mcdonald31:05.7Syracuse
51.SrBrett McLaughlin31:07.0Holy Cross (MA)
52.FrNick Tussing31:26.7Northeastern
53.SoMatthew Michienzi31:32.2Holy Cross (MA)
54.FrMichael Talmadge31:33.5Fairfield
55.-Brian Notar31:38.3Siena
56.SoJonathan Campbell31:41.2Central Connecticut
57.SoJames Richard31:45.8Northeastern
58.SoDevin Hagan31:51.9Fairfield
59.SrTrevor O'Neil32:00.3Siena
60.JrJeff Collins32:02.6Fairfield
61.SoColin Dwyer32:05.7Siena
62.SoRyan Barber32:16.9Hartford
63.SoJason Roe32:25.5Hartford
64.FrJared Mezzorchi32:30.0Fairfield
65.FrDavid Campbell32:30.9New Haven
66.SoPedro Alvarez32:49.8Siena
67.FrJohn Fields32:50.7Fairfield
68.FrJames Koromanian32:54.5Central Connecticut
69.FrDavid Janofsky33:25.7New Haven
70.FrAmalee Lockhart33:30.7New Haven
71.FrJohn JD Worrall33:35.6Fairfield
72.SrPaul Hart34:25.9Fairfield
73.FrJohn LaCagnina34:36.3Fairfield
74.SrJeffrey Illustrato34:59.7Fairfield
75.JrMichael Martin35:23.5Siena
76.SoHakim Greenidge36:50.3New Haven
77.JrRory Butterly37:09.3Fairfield
78.SrMichael Jannitto38:05.0Central Connecticut
79.JrDan Fowle38:40.9Hartford
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Womens Results

5,000 Meters Women  
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Central Connecticut

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1.JrKristen Meyer18:02.0Connecticut
2.SrAllison McCabe18:29.2Connecticut
3.FrKyle MacQueen18:32.6Connecticut
4.JrAmber Cullen18:40.1Northeastern
5.SrChristine Ramsey18:45.9Syracuse
6.FrJillian Sullivan19:01.9Connecticut
7.SoNiamh Cunningham19:10.9Connecticut
8.JrJulie LaFrano19:12.0Connecticut
9.SoErin Landon19:22.0Central Connecticut
10.FrErin Ballard19:24.4Northeastern
11.SoEmily Watson19:38.9Northeastern
12.FrErica L. Williams19:46.6Holy Cross (MA)
13.FrCandace Ince19:48.7Syracuse
14.JrJoan Paul19:49.2Siena
15.SrMichelle Milton19:49.9Siena
16.FrAmanda Hicks19:51.4Syracuse
17.SrLaruen Rich19:51.9Syracuse
18.SrAngela Brown19:53.1Southern Connecticut
19.JrKelsey Hanno19:54.7Siena
20.SoShannon Kenefick19:55.0Fairfield
21.SrKiley Margolis19:57.5Connecticut
22.SoBreanne Lucey20:01.5Connecticut
23.SoErica Riecke20:02.6Northeastern
24.FrElizabeth Carolan20:03.8Holy Cross (MA)
25.SrJulia Gillis20:04.9Holy Cross (MA)
26.SoEileen O'connor20:06.5Connecticut
27.FrShelby Perkins20:08.0Syracuse
28.SrKim Milton20:09.5Siena
29.JrKathryn Thornton20:10.3Holy Cross (MA)
30.FrBethany Lepine20:11.5Connecticut
31.SoCara Muzik20:15.4Fairfield
32.FrDana Merise20:20.0Central Connecticut
33.FrKatie Simon20:21.7Syracuse
34.JrColleen Brasser20:22.7Fairfield
35.FrAshley Hill20:23.8Central Connecticut
36.SoKatherine Luker20:24.2Siena
37.SrLauren Phillips20:24.9Northeastern
38.FrAshleigh Bordwell20:26.9Northeastern
39.SrTaylor Dunn20:29.2Fairfield
40.JrApril Harvey20:33.6Southern Connecticut
41.JrStephanie Stote20:34.1Fairfield
42.JrBecky McVeigh20:35.4Hartford
43.FrCara Reardon20:36.8Connecticut
44.FrKathryn Reintjes20:39.2Syracuse
45.FrDenise Riordan20:40.9Holy Cross (MA)
46.SoBridget Hildalgo20:42.5Holy Cross (MA)
47.FrEmily Everding20:45.2Syracuse
48.SoErin Duggan20:47.6Holy Cross (MA)
49.FrMegan Hyland20:56.4Holy Cross (MA)
50.JrLauren Wilson20:57.6Fairfield
51.JrAllison Puppo20:59.4Southern Connecticut
52.FrGenevieve Rebholz20:59.8Holy Cross (MA)
53.SoBrina Wade21:00.5Syracuse
54.SoKelly Byrnes21:06.5Holy Cross (MA)
55.FrKatie Terry21:07.8Southern Connecticut
56.JrKathleen Bubnack21:09.9Siena
57.JrJulie Wargo21:13.5Fairfield
58.JrMichela Byrne21:17.2Holy Cross (MA)
59.FrLisa Ruiz21:18.8Syracuse
60.SoKara O'Connell21:20.6Fairfield
61.JrKarla Gudgel21:24.4Siena
62.FrTraver Garrity21:26.1Connecticut
63.FrAnne Redcross21:29.9Siena
64.SrKristine Lynch21:36.8Fairfield
65.SoAlison Beichner21:38.6Southern Connecticut
66.FrKelly Pimm21:41.6Syracuse
67.SoCherie Lamonica21:49.1Central Connecticut
68.SrJill Hennigar21:51.8Holy Cross (MA)
69.JrCourtney Sullivan21:54.9Southern Connecticut
70.SoKatie Malpigli21:56.1Hartford
71.SoMary-Alex Zickefoose22:04.3Central Connecticut
72.SrLiz Avery22:06.6Fairfield
73.FrAngela Marciano22:08.0Siena
74.JrMeagan Leduc22:09.1Fairfield
75.SrNicola Hines22:16.2Connecticut
76.FrElizabeth Carolan22:17.6Holy Cross (MA)
77.JrMeghan Hegarty22:21.7Hartford
78.JrKate Galvin22:22.9Siena
79.SoGeraldine Napoleon22:32.7Connecticut
80.JrKerry Barba22:36.8Siena
81.FrMeghan Torpik22:39.0Hartford
82.JrKathy Materazzo22:43.1Siena
83.FrLiz Casey22:49.2Fairfield
84.FrAlison Quinn22:59.0Holy Cross (MA)
85.SoBrenda DiNicola23:01.4Siena
86.SoMaura Carle23:02.8Fairfield
87.FrKaren Astle23:05.9Hartford
88.JrGrace Anderson23:08.6Southern Connecticut
89.SoMaryellen Pribish23:19.8Fairfield
90.JrBethany Phillips23:31.3Hartford
91.SoCaitlin Plunkett23:39.3Holy Cross (MA)
92.SoKristen Coit23:40.5Central Connecticut
93.FrRachel Smith23:48.5Connecticut
94.FrSara Devitt23:50.3Holy Cross (MA)
95.FrKristi Fanelli23:51.4Siena
96.SrAllyson McDonald24:14.4Hartford
97.FrColleen Suech24:20.3Southern Connecticut
98.FrMarlene Priest24:23.8Connecticut
99.SrStepahnie Terito24:28.6Siena
100.SrJessica McElroy24:45.3Fairfield
101.FrLauren Caggiano25:01.6Fairfield
102.JrColleen Hayden25:09.5Siena
103.FrClaire Hayes25:34.0Central Connecticut
104.FrLauren Gemske25:35.1Southern Connecticut
105.SrKristin Murphy26:02.3Siena
106.-Taylor Burch26:59.0Siena
107.SoAllyson Tuttle27:15.8Siena
108.JrKymberly Casteran27:23.5Southern Connecticut
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