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Camelsback Invitational HS, MS

Saturday, August 27, 2011

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Meet Host - Borah HS
Location - Camelsback Park, Boise, ID - Map
Mens Races

Camelsback Park

5,000 Meters Varsity8:30 AM
3,000 Meters Middle School9:40 AM
Womens Races

Camelsback Park

5,000 Meters Varsity9:00 AM
3,000 Meters Middle School9:40 AM
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Mens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity  
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Hypothetical Scores

1.11Justin Ross16:38.00Rocky Mountain
2.10Jordon Wallin16:58.00Rocky Mountain
3.11David Covert17:25.00Rocky Mountain
4.11Nate Quist17:26.00Rocky Mountain
5.11Camron Pearce17:37.00Rocky Mountain
6.11Andrew Bienapfl17:39.00Rocky Mountain
7.10Aden Kutsurelis17:40.00Rocky Mountain
8.11Alec Sigston17:41.00Rocky Mountain
9.11Reuben Mulhern17:41.50Borah
10.10Sam Powell17:42.00Borah
11.9Garrett Plant17:54.00Rocky Mountain
12.12Bryant Quinn17:58.00Rocky Mountain
13.10Jimmy Lee18:10.00Borah
14.10Trevan Reese18:14.00Rocky Mountain
15.11Josh Wallin18:16.00Rocky Mountain
16.12Mike Price18:17.00Mountain Home
17.11Ian Cavey18:27.00Rocky Mountain
18.11Parker Gordon18:35.00Rocky Mountain
19.12Jordan Kofoed18:45.00Borah
20.12Riley Tidmarsh18:57.00Borah
21.11Zach Miller19:03.00Borah
22.11Taylor Mower19:04.00Rocky Mountain
23.11James Crawford19:06.00Rocky Mountain
24.12Scott Khuu19:12.00Borah
25.12Stuart Winsor19:19.00Payette
26.12Taylor Croft19:20.00Mountain Home
27.12Rulon Briscoe19:23.00Emmett
28.11Geoff Miller19:24.00Borah
29.10Joe Giese19:26.00Rocky Mountain
30.9Jared Medrano19:27.00Rocky Mountain
31.10Taylor Paskett19:33.00Rocky Mountain
32.10Brandon Oram19:41.00Emmett
33.10Phil O'Brien19:43.00Rocky Mountain
34.12Ryan Anderson19:52.00Borah
35.10Payton Cline19:56.00Mountain Home
36.11Cole Smith19:57.00Rocky Mountain
37.11Steven Kreyche19:58.00Mountain Home
38.11Daniel Courtright20:04.00Mountain Home
39.10Andy Croft20:07.00Mountain Home
40.9Morgan Watson20:13.00Rocky Mountain
41.12Stephen Cook20:16.00Emmett
42.12Jack Bradford20:21.00Rocky Mountain
43.11Dallin McAllister20:24.00Rocky Mountain
44.12Sawyer Rotell20:26.00Payette
45.9James Lutes20:41.00Emmett
46.10Ryan Murphy20:42.00Rocky Mountain
47.11Alex Garner20:51.00Emmett
48.12Morgan Crawley20:56.00Rocky Mountain
49.9Lane Inwards21:34.00Rocky Mountain
50.9Jon Bassett21:38.00Emmett
51.10Tucker Nitzel21:49.00Payette
52.10Daylon Lewis21:57.00Rocky Mountain
53.11Charlie Newbill21:57.50Rocky Mountain
54.9Landon Winegar21:59.00Emmett
55.9Jake Jackson22:05.00Rocky Mountain
56.9Spencer Clark22:12.00Rocky Mountain
57.10Joseph Kozlowski22:32.00Rocky Mountain
58.9Jacob Barton22:35.00Rocky Mountain
59.9Stetson Venche22:39.00Rocky Mountain
59.9John West22:39.00Borah
61.9Cameron Gross22:45.00Rocky Mountain
62.10Wes Russell22:54.00Emmett
63.12Donny Bassett23:02.00Emmett
64.9Jake Bray23:08.00Rocky Mountain
65.11Nick Re23:12.00Rocky Mountain
66.12Brock Holubetz23:20.00Borah
67.11Andrew Schirer23:24.00Rocky Mountain
68.10Chase Hainsworth23:35.00Rocky Mountain
69.10Andrew Wardle24:09.00Borah
70.10Michael Lysy24:43.00Rocky Mountain
71.11Jeff Stedjee24:58.00Payette
72.11Andrew Turner25:21.00Mountain Home
73.10Cody Austin25:52.00North Star Charter
74.12Scott Squire26:04.00Rocky Mountain
75.9Jesse Duff27:03.00Rocky Mountain
76.9Bryan Ralphs29:36.00Rocky Mountain
77.10Nate Simmons29:37.00Rocky Mountain
78.9Cody Price32:25.00Mountain Home
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Womens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity  
  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Total Time | Spread

Hypothetical Scores

1.10Sam Mckinnon19:32.00Mountain View (ID)
2.12Jordan Mathes20:02.00Mountain View (ID)
3.10Paige Dilmore20:09.00Rocky Mountain
4.11Dana Snell20:16.00Rocky Mountain
5.12Valerie Mitchell20:26.00Mountain View (ID)
6.11Becca Williamson20:38.00Mountain View (ID)
7.12MacKenzie Bennett20:55.00Mountain View (ID)
8.12Jacarei Echevarria21:09.00Rocky Mountain
9.11Angie McGraw21:29.00Mountain View (ID)
10.10Kallie Young21:45.00Emmett
11.10Katie Mower21:47.00Rocky Mountain
12.10Chandra Smith21:57.00Emmett
13.12Rebecca Holland22:01.00Rocky Mountain
14.9Erin Hagen22:07.00Mountain View (ID)
15.11Mackenzie Carruthers22:16.00Borah
16.10Paige Brock22:19.00Rocky Mountain
17.10Arisha Karren22:21.00Mountain Home
18.12Nicole Daun22:27.00Borah
19.12Sarah Richins22:33.00Mountain Home
20.12Keesha Janis22:33.10Mountain Home
21.12Emily Blake22:42.00Mountain View (ID)
22.11Hannah Kropf22:50.00Rocky Mountain
23.12Kacee Cameron23:01.00Mountain Home
24.12Shelby Henrick23:24.00Mountain Home
25.11Sierra Kross23:38.00Borah
26.9Morgan Seastrand23:48.00Borah
27.12Aja Miller23:58.00Borah
28.9Melissa Brown24:01.00Rocky Mountain
29.12Autumn Martin24:05.00Rocky Mountain
30.10Brittney Anderson24:49.00Borah
31.11Aerial Groene25:07.00Mountain Home
32.10Becca Cole25:19.00Rocky Mountain
33.10Sofia Broadbent25:26.00Borah
34.9Katie McCreary25:29.00Rocky Mountain
35.11Courtney Rupe25:38.00Payette
36.10Kendra Chamberlain25:39.00Rocky Mountain
37.9Hannah Wentland25:41.00Rocky Mountain
38.10Shalonda Reed25:48.00Mountain Home
39.11Kacee Ramirez25:55.00Payette
40.12Kayli Oram26:23.00Emmett
41.11Alicia Reynolds26:32.00Mountain Home
42.11Rachel Goodman26:41.00Mountain Home
43.12Clare Myers26:44.00Rocky Mountain
44.9Sara Stoddard27:03.00Borah
45.11Miranda McCreary27:04.00Rocky Mountain
46.10Ellen Caminiti27:13.00Rocky Mountain
47.12Heather Williams27:16.00Mountain Home
48.11Emma Lock27:18.00Rocky Mountain
49.11Katelyn Sun27:50.00Rocky Mountain
50.9Hannah Decker27:52.00Rocky Mountain
51.10Shayla Soper27:54.00Borah
52.10Shanda Rowley28:08.00Emmett
53.11Kaylie Eldredge28:17.00Rocky Mountain
54.10Megan Ashton28:46.00Rocky Mountain
55.10Rachel Bolin28:57.00Payette
56.12Kaeydy Eldredge29:03.00Borah
57.9Linnae Bultez29:07.00Rocky Mountain
58.9Aundrea Dickinson29:14.00Mountain Home
59.11Mary Ankenbrandt29:33.00Borah
60.10Madison Parks29:39.00Emmett
61.9Heather Siddoway29:59.00Borah
62.11Mackenzie Edward31:36.00Rocky Mountain
63.10Cheyenne Hurt32:29.00Emmett
64.12Kindra Janes32:32.00Borah
65.9Paige Simpson32:37.00Rocky Mountain
66.9Kirsten Forster33:26.00Rocky Mountain
67.11Erika Cook33:52.00Mountain Home
68.11Paisley Worthington33:52.10Rocky Mountain
69.11Aline Meyer34:41.00Borah
70.9Kaitlyn Jewkes34:51.00Emmett
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