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Corvallis HS Cross Country Meet HS, MS

Wednesday, October 05, 2011

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Location - Willamette Park, Corvallis, OR - Map
Mens Races
3,000 Meters Middle School4:00 PM

Willamette Park

5,000 Meters Varsity5:15 PM
5,000 Meters Junior Varsity5:15 PM
Womens Races
3,000 Meters Middle School4:00 PM

Willamette Park

5,000 Meters Varsity4:30 PM
5,000 Meters Junior Varsity4:30 PM
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Mens Results

3,000 Meters Middle School  
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1.8Marcus Corbett11:09Lebanon
2.8Gavin Bomber11:21Linus Pauling
3.7Adam Yarbrough11:36Santiam Christian
4.8Kevin Geniza11:37Cheldelin
5.7Jackson Tegan11:38Linus Pauling
6.7Noe Jines11:44Mark Twain
7.8Zach Marler12:08Lebanon
8.7Glenn Petersen12:15Linus Pauling
9.7Case Regan12:28Linus Pauling
10.8Alex Anderson12:34Talmadge
11.7Chris Graham12:51Cheldelin
12.8Garrett Mason12:53Lebanon
13.7Alex Clapp12:56Cheldelin
14.6William Sisley13:00Mark Twain
15.7August Thornton13:14Santiam Christian
16.7Nash Bauder13:17Linus Pauling
17.8Jake Kreager13:19Linus Pauling
18.7Cole Visser13:21Mark Twain
19.7Nicholas Turkisher13:23Cheldelin
20.8Stephen Chenard13:27Cheldelin
21.7Coby Boeder13:41Linus Pauling
22.8Rex Omlid13:41Talmadge
23.8Daniel Neuffer13:45Linus Pauling
24.7Zach Johnson13:47Linus Pauling
25.6Evan Howe13:48Linus Pauling
26.7Braedon Moore-Price13:51Linus Pauling
27.8Tucker Engle14:01Talmadge
28.6Ian Vickstrom14:02Linus Pauling
29.8Jesse Marley14:06Linus Pauling
30.7Zachary Meyer14:07Talmadge
31.5Ian Geniza14:13Cheldelin
32.7Payton Lommers14:15Linus Pauling
33.6William Wright14:28Mark Twain
34.7Ryan Frederickson14:29Linus Pauling
35.7Zachary Schoening14:37Cheldelin
36.8Darien Hume14:39Talmadge
37.6Parker Hamel14:46Linus Pauling
38.7Matthew Sundberg15:21Cheldelin
39.7Cameron Bloom15:22Cheldelin
40.6Myles Worsham15:24Cheldelin
41.6Rufus Schraeder15:32Talmadge
42.8Brandon Bloom15:40Cheldelin
43.6Mike Seiber15:46Talmadge
44.6Tevan Chinsangaram15:47Linus Pauling
45.6Harrison Marshall16:05Linus Pauling
46.7Albert Tufillaro16:26Linus Pauling
47.6Chad Crook16:37Linus Pauling
48.6Essen Sellers-Blais16:38Linus Pauling
49.7Craig Lind17:35Cheldelin
50.8Jake Haley18:10Lebanon
51.7Joe Hall18:15Linus Pauling
52.7Zakery Whitfield18:27Lebanon
53.6Ryan Moore18:35Talmadge
54.6Aaron Moore20:43Talmadge
55.6Jacob Hamilton20:44Talmadge
56.8Jayson Cariati21:18Linus Pauling
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5,000 Meters Varsity  
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12Nolan Sekermestrov...17:31Corvallis
9Maclean Panshin17:42Corvallis
12Charles Dearing18:07Corvallis
12Tyler McCausland18:20Willamette
6.10Scotti Anderson18:24South Albany
7.12Jordan Burford18:25South Albany
8.10Chris Morgan18:26South Albany
12Eric Medina18:32Willamette
11Jalen Drath18:37Willamette
12.12Bryce Valencia18:41South Albany
10Nathan Shaw18:42Corvallis
9Ellis Roper18:43Corvallis
9Jordan Nelson18:46Willamette
12Alex Brown18:49Corvallis
18.10Charlie Vandetta18:51Lebanon
10Tristan Mitchell18:54Corvallis
20.10Coyote Stevens18:58South Albany
12Davis Schneider19:11Corvallis
24.12Philip Dostie19:15South Albany
25.11Austin Culver19:19South Albany
10Hunter Frank19:36Willamette
27.12Juan Ocan19:36Lebanon
11Mackenzie Johanesen19:37Willamette
31.10Cody Brewer19:46Lebanon
34.11Tim Maddox19:57Lebanon
9Gabe Schoenfeld19:59Corvallis
11Chris Johnson19:59Corvallis
12Nick Hochfeld20:00Corvallis
12Christopher Ewing20:07Willamette
38.10James Lutz20:07Lebanon
40.11Devin Burroughs20:09Lebanon
12Charlie Squire20:10Corvallis
12Isaac Shepard20:11Corvallis
9Mitchell Card20:32Willamette
47.12Lucas Markert20:34Lebanon
10James Woods20:44Corvallis
11Patrick Arnold20:55Corvallis
11Tasman Thenell21:00Corvallis
12Rudy Clark21:23Willamette
11Blake Gee21:25Willamette
56.12Blake Hoerauf21:29Lebanon
57.11Andrew Robinson21:34Lebanon
58.10Andrew Frederic21:38Lebanon
9Paul Bomber21:42Corvallis
10Nicholas Felt21:47Willamette
12Derek York22:03Willamette
9Aidan Fashena22:21Corvallis
11Jesse Erickson22:24Corvallis
11David De Hart22:33Willamette
67.10Andrew Nelson22:35Lebanon
10Everett Christensen22:53Willamette
9Thomas Howe23:00Corvallis
9Theo Brainerd24:49Corvallis
9Joseph Shim25:14Corvallis
10Dakota Johnson26:22Corvallis
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5,000 Meters Junior Varsity  
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26.12Javier Solis-Sanchez19:23South Albany
32.11Ross Downer19:51South Albany
39.10Martin Herrera20:08South Albany
43.10Aaron Kraft20:17South Albany
45.10Omar Ramirez20:19South Albany
48.11Jacobi Smith20:41South Albany
49.10Justin Whittaker20:42South Albany
62.9Michael Ketsdever22:05South Albany
63.10Kevin Koos22:07South Albany
74.12Sebastian Richardson23:10South Albany
77.10Cory Swigert23:29South Albany
81.10Braden Moffitt24:15South Albany
83.10Bryce Weber24:22South Albany
84.10Greysen Ratcliff24:24South Albany
92.9Cap Schreiter26:12South Albany
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Womens Results

3,000 Meters Middle School  
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1.8Maddie Fuhrman11:44Mark Twain
2.6Hannah Mason12:02Lebanon
3.7Christina Hollon12:13Linus Pauling
4.8Maddy Trost12:49Cheldelin
5.7Sarah Kenyon13:11Lebanon
6.7Lily Sabin13:34Lebanon
7.8Clea Poklemba13:45Linus Pauling
8.7Leah Doeden13:49Mark Twain
9.7Abby McBeth14:00Talmadge
10.8Maria Ingersoll14:01Linus Pauling
11.7Kaylie McElravy14:02Talmadge
12.6Mya Corbett14:10Lebanon
13.8Madison Cox14:25Lebanon
14.7Olivia Helback14:29Linus Pauling
15.8Michelle Esterhuizen14:29Cheldelin
16.8Norah Storniolo14:30Cheldelin
17.6Bailie Hartford14:39Talmadge
18.6Joanna Bomber14:42Linus Pauling
19.6Maya Stock14:42Linus Pauling
20.8Shawna Meyers14:43Linus Pauling
21.6Jastyn Shilts14:43Lebanon
22.5Avielle Lauzon14:45Mark Twain
23.8Bethany Llewellyn14:48Linus Pauling
24.6Remy Noble14:49Cheldelin
25.8Jamie Smith14:51Talmadge
26.8Grace VanDeGraaff14:52Cheldelin
27.7Camille Bliss15:06Talmadge
28.8Malia Becker15:24Linus Pauling
29.8Kate Anderson15:28Cheldelin
30.7Zeah Frederick15:33Linus Pauling
31.7Malia Allen16:07Linus Pauling
32.7Isabella Hallowell16:10Talmadge
33.6AnneMarie Hasbrook16:15Talmadge
34.7Piper Engler16:16Lebanon
35.6Beatriz Trujillo16:36Talmadge
36.8Emma Spakoski16:40Linus Pauling
37.8Aubrey Whitty16:49Cheldelin
38.6Ellie Harding17:00Linus Pauling
39.8Helen Eldred17:08Linus Pauling
40.8Hannah Harding17:09Linus Pauling
41.6Abby Lawrence17:15Cheldelin
42.8Tavia Dye17:37Cheldelin
43.8Jessica Martorello17:44Cheldelin
44.8Callie Riggs18:20Linus Pauling
45.6Alayna Willis18:31Talmadge
46.6Annie Taylor18:33Talmadge
47.6Emily Anderson18:42Cheldelin
48.8Maya Armour18:43Linus Pauling
49.5Jayla Williams18:43Linus Pauling
50.8Olyvia Childress18:47Linus Pauling
51.7Joann Moomaw21:05Linus Pauling
52.7Mary Panfil21:27Linus Pauling
53.6Jamie Mackey21:39Linus Pauling
54.6Brielle Gumm21:45Linus Pauling
55.8Jazmine Cariati21:46Linus Pauling
56.7Madeline Hernandez22:00Santiam Christian
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5,000 Meters Varsity  
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1.12Brigid Behrens19:25Corvallis
2.10Gwyneth McMorris20:16Corvallis
3.10Kindra Gutt20:27Corvallis
4.12Madeline Gorchels21:16Corvallis
5.9Justine Feist21:24Corvallis
6.10Georgia Dunn-Hartman21:29Corvallis
9.11McKenzie Huso21:43Corvallis
10.9Haley Morris21:48Lebanon
11.11Mariah Harvey21:50Corvallis
11Katie Higinbotham21:53West Albany
13.10Luba Demchuk21:59South Albany
14.12Amina Hassan22:02Corvallis
15.12Marli Corbett22:03Lebanon
16.12Ari Blatt22:25Corvallis
17.12Brianna Beckner22:26South Albany
18.9Caitlyn Rowe22:33South Albany
19.10Tristin Fraga22:37South Albany
21.12Isabel Goni-McAteer23:25Corvallis
23.12Lindsey LeMay23:31Corvallis
24.12Anna Ma23:42Lebanon
12Rebecca Falleur23:53Willamette
9Brittany Norton24:15Willamette
29.11Meagan Beattie24:19Lebanon
30.12Alissa Runyon24:20Corvallis
31.10Jenica Neuffer24:23Corvallis
32.9Annika Gabriel24:45Corvallis
11Elizabeth Mingus24:48Willamette
34.9Sarah Wright24:49South Albany
36.10Leif Woodford24:54Corvallis
37.10Sophia Salus-Kleiner24:55Corvallis
11Maria Santana24:58Willamette
39.12Tanna Wilson25:02Corvallis
40.12Lyubov Prokovych25:16Lebanon
44.9Susan Thomas25:35Lebanon
45.10Karen Solis-Sanchez25:47South Albany
46.12Breanne Schnell25:48Corvallis
11Jordan Perry25:53Willamette
50.10Grace Spaulding26:10Corvallis
51.11Mariah Anders26:19Corvallis
52.9Dory Nafshun26:22Corvallis
11Estela Vega-Rios26:48Willamette
58.11Anna Wills27:29Corvallis
59.9Merisa Schilke28:26Corvallis
11Hannah Nealy28:27Willamette
62.10Allison Lakeey28:33Lebanon
10Hiedi Hall28:47Willamette
11Erin Anders29:20Willamette
77.9Carissa Bickel32:14Lebanon
78.11Paulina Pentitila32:32Corvallis
78.9Marika Stock33:18Corvallis
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5,000 Meters Junior Varsity  
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53.9Sofia Flores-Rodri...26:42South Albany
57.10Anashea Wright27:28South Albany
57.10Annashea Wright27:28South Albany
63.12Jodie Morgan28:39South Albany
67.9Mariah Wilkerson28:53South Albany
70.12Kimi Gay29:33South Albany
71.10Jessica Dilbone30:12South Albany
72.9Aimee Gay30:15South Albany
74.12Larissa Blackwell31:18South Albany
76.9Alyza Harris32:07South Albany
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