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Bullis Home Meet HS

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

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Location - The Bullis School Campus, Potomac, MD - Map
Mens Races

The Bullis School Campus

5,000 Meters Varsity4:15 PM
Womens Races

The Bullis School Campus

5,000 Meters Varsity4:45 PM
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Mens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity  
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Hypothetical Scores

1.12Henry Duncan18:23.00Landon Course Record
2.12William Kuhn18:41.00Landon
3.12Mac Hightower18:51.00Landon
4.12Brian Liu18:59.00Landon
5.11Harrison Voslow19:31.00Landon
6.12Reginald Lesesne19:40.00Bullis
7.11Joshua Michael20:25.00Landon
8.12Jeff Bass20:36.00Bullis
9.11David Fireman20:53.00Bullis
10.10Jack Chellman20:55.00Bullis
11.10Samuel Fox21:05.00Landon
12.11Corbin Blumberg21:15.00Bullis
13.11Nick Barpoulis21:17.00Bullis
14.9Nick Jundanian21:58.00Landon
15.11Alexander Harvey22:39.00Landon
16.11Kourosh Kalachi22:49.00Bullis
17.9Trevor Maco22:56.00Landon
18.11Joe Sageman22:59.00Bullis
19.9Stone Dreyer23:01.00Landon
20.9Teerit Vongkovit23:26.00Landon
21.9Deacon Brew23:30.00Landon
22.11Max Nordeen24:18.00Bullis
23.10Anderson Folsom24:26.00Bullis
24.10Drew Micholas24:28.00Bullis
25.9Matthew Wellington24:40.00Landon
26.11Ryan Rose24:55.00Landon
27.10Riley McTague25:01.00Landon
28.10Sam Lynch25:09.00Landon
29.11Nick Funger25:56.00Bullis
30.11Tony Scott25:59.00Bullis
31.12Cameron Buck26:05.00Bullis
32.9Sam Krauland26:08.00Landon
33.9Alec Economakis26:19.00Bullis
34.10Andrew Oglander27:15.00Bullis
35.11Mitchell Goldberg27:15.00Bullis
36.9Caden Ulanet27:16.00Bullis
37.9Teddy Sullivan27:18.00Bullis
38.11Max Bramson29:23.00Bullis
39.12William Christner29:30.00Landon
41.10Gabe Melrod29:38.00Bullis
42.9Connor Schultz29:53.00Bullis
43.10Alec Bertero30:30.00Bullis
44.9Nick Lowenthal30:40.00Bullis
45.10Adam Cohen32:13.00Bullis
46.10Kevin Heymann32:26.00Bullis
47.9Stephen Clement33:18.00Bullis
48.9Arman Salmasi33:29.00Bullis
49.9Kyle Hahn33:30.00Bullis
50.10Alec Merski35:59.00Landon
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Womens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity  
  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Total Time | Spread

Hypothetical Scores

1.12Stephanie Jones22:39.00Georgetown Visitatio... Course Record
2.11Maria Aukward22:50.00Georgetown Visitatio...
3.11Katie Daniels23:12.00Georgetown Visitatio...
4.12Meaghan Gilmartin23:58.00Georgetown Visitatio...
5.10Jessie Foster23:59.00Georgetown Visitatio...
6.10Marie Therese Kane23:59.00Georgetown Visitatio...
7.10Morgan Zeiss24:10.00Georgetown Visitatio...
8.12Clare Foley24:25.00Georgetown Visitatio...
9.9Nora Leibold24:49.00Georgetown Visitatio...
10.9Elle Lynott24:50.00Georgetown Visitatio...
11.12Margaret Jones25:15.00Stone Ridge Sch Of S...
12.11Anastasia Pressel25:22.00Stone Ridge Sch Of S...
13.12Sara Morrissey25:35.00Georgetown Visitatio...
14.11Brooke Gutschick25:36.00Bullis
15.10Ava Baker25:38.00Georgetown Visitatio...
16.12Mary Creel25:43.00Stone Ridge Sch Of S...
17.10Cameron Kelso25:53.00Holton-Arms
18.11Anabel Kelso25:56.00Holton-Arms
19.10Elizabeth Kitt26:15.00Holton-Arms
20.9Maddie Brightbill26:22.00Georgetown Visitatio...
21.12Kate Gillespie26:22.00Georgetown Visitatio...
22.10Katherine Kelly26:25.00Stone Ridge Sch Of S...
23.12Julia Malloy26:51.00Georgetown Visitatio...
24.12Meghan Dalbec26:55.00Georgetown Visitatio...
25.10Allie Delgado26:58.00Stone Ridge Sch Of S...
26.10Clare Specht27:10.00Holton-Arms
27.10Chloe Cullen27:18.00Georgetown Visitatio...
28.9Lilly Deerin27:26.00Georgetown Visitatio...
29.12Julia Brady27:27.00Bullis
30.12Isabelle King27:43.00Bullis
31.10Katie Keating27:48.00Georgetown Visitatio...
32.12Kelsey Good27:56.00Holton-Arms
33.10Meg Troxell27:59.00Georgetown Visitatio...
34.12Chloe Nickens27:59.00Stone Ridge Sch Of S...
35.12Gaby Keane28:01.00Stone Ridge Sch Of S...
36.12Meghan Pfeifer28:02.00Stone Ridge Sch Of S...
37.10Cathaleen Grimann28:08.00Stone Ridge Sch Of S...
38.11Claire Trivisonno28:13.00Georgetown Visitatio...
39.10Allie Rock28:28.00Stone Ridge Sch Of S...
40.10Greer Korngold28:41.00Holton-Arms
41.11Allison Jones28:59.00Stone Ridge Sch Of S...
42.12Julia Hinsch29:01.00Holton-Arms
43.12Destiny Allen29:16.00Georgetown Visitatio...
44.9Frances King29:29.00Georgetown Visitatio...
45.11Brooke Neal29:30.00Holton-Arms
46.12Andrea Lopez29:47.00Georgetown Visitatio...
47.10Sarah Wolf29:48.00Georgetown Visitatio...
48.10Larissa Sloniewsky29:54.00Georgetown Visitatio...
49.11Rachel Audant29:56.00Georgetown Visitatio...
50.9Kelly Palazzo29:56.00Georgetown Visitatio...
51.11Kelly Falvey30:13.00Stone Ridge Sch Of S...
52.12Elizabeth Bahret30:14.00Georgetown Visitatio...
53.9Ashley Holder30:15.00Holton-Arms
54.11Cheyenne Coote30:36.00Holton-Arms
55.10Charlotte Gosnell30:39.00Stone Ridge Sch Of S...
56.10Kelly Mahoney31:04.00Georgetown Visitatio...
57.10Caitlin Wharton31:06.00Georgetown Visitatio...
58.12Sandy Fox31:12.00Holton-Arms
59.11Katie Norton31:49.00Stone Ridge Sch Of S...
60.9Grace Hwang35:00.00Stone Ridge Sch Of S...
61.11Tiffany Onyejiaka35:05.00Holton-Arms
62.11Katy O'Brien35:54.00Stone Ridge Sch Of S...
63.11Leigh Jervey35:54.00Stone Ridge Sch Of S...
64.11Adrianna De Lucio35:56.00Stone Ridge Sch Of S...
65.11Megan Lewin-Smith38:37.00Stone Ridge Sch Of S...
66.10Jessie Myrose39:10.00Stone Ridge Sch Of S...
67.10Justine Hayward39:22.00Holton-Arms
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