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Mens Races

New Hope Christian School

3,000 Meters Middle School11:40 AM
5,000 Meters High School1:00 PM
Womens Races

New Hope Christian School

3,000 Meters Middle School11:00 AM
5,000 Meters High School12:15 PM
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Team Scores:

High School Boys:
1st  New Hope Christian 19
2nd Cascade Christian 45
3rd Paisley
INC - HV, RR, CCA, Glen

MS Girls:
1st  Lincoly Savage  31
2nd Grace Christian  38
3rd  South GP  57
INC - North, NH, Scenic

MS Boys:
1st  South GP 34
2nd Grace Christian 44
3rd  North GP  70
4th Lincoln Savage 95
5th Scenic 123



Saturday OCTOBER 15, 2011

No Entry Fee!

Results available at the conclusion of the meet.  
Food Available:  Hot Dogs, Nachos, Drinks, etc.
New Hope Christian School 5k Course
The course starts in the middle of the track on the red loop, does one large loop on a mix of grass, dirt and gravel.  
The second mile starts with the yellow segment, onto Hidden Valley road, up the hill to the turn-around
at the cul de sac (with water available at the top of the hill).  
The (marked) two-mile point is just 135 meters after the turn-around.  
The green segment runs down the hill, turns right on Dietrick road then back onto the school property,
under the trees then up onto the track for the 300 meter sprint to the finish.

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Mens Results

3,000 Meters Middle School  
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Official Team Scores

2.Grace Christian44
4.Lincoln Savage95

Hypothetical Scores

1.8Ben Shields11:23.6New Hope Christian
2.7Barrett Titus11:28North
3.8Huston McCollum11:53.8Grace Christian
4.8Wyatt Croy11:59.4Grace Christian
5.6Nathan Burton12:07.89South
6.7Maxel Belnap12:20.7South
7.6Jeffrey Fairbanks12:38Grace Christian
8.8Thomas Hayes12:42.6South
9.6Teigan Jokumsen12:45.2South
10.8Walter Bain12:46.4North
11.7Hunter Matschke12:50.9 PRNew Hope Christian
12.6Bryant Perry12:57.3 PRSouth
13.7Gage Gilbert12:57.7Lincoln Savage
14.6Dane Backes12:58.7Lincoln Savage
15.7Gage Flaming13:08.29North
16.6Zeke Medley13:12South
17.7Matthew Nelson13:14.8 SRSouth
18.7Jason Ransom13:34.8Grace Christian
19.6Joel Wheeler13:36.7Grace Christian
20.8Jesse Hawk13:46.2Grace Christian
21.6Jake Barth13:48New Hope Christian
22.6Erik Olsen13:48.4 SRScenic
23.7Tyler Bellon13:49.9North
24.8Josh Dimmick13:51.1South
25.8Ian Broadhead13:51.1Lincoln Savage
26.8Andrew George14:01.2Grace Christian
27.8Tanner Shipley14:06.39 SRScenic
28.6Zach Dimmick14:07.29South
29.6Hollen Parker14:14.6South
30.6DeContreras Emiliano14:21.7South
31.6Derek Tripp14:32.6 SRScenic
32.6Nathan Wolford14:39.3South
33.7Kenneth Frankel14:46.4Lincoln Savage
34.8Jacob Carpenter14:52.1Lincoln Savage
35.6Liam Bonde14:53.6North
36.7Jacob Hastings14:55.1 SRScenic
37.7AJ Beatty15:18.8 PRScenic
38.6Ryan Laws15:22 SRScenic
39.7Michael Allen15:46.2North
40.6Teagan Brown-McPhe...16:00.79 PRSouth
41.7James Beckman16:06.2 SRScenic
42.6Jace Mitchell16:15.9Grace Christian
43.7Payton Fletcher17:27.7North
44.6Jonathan Headding17:56.59South
45.6Devin Thompsn18:46.59South
46.6Ryan Waggoner19:58.09South
47.6Josh Carson21:26North
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5,000 Meters High School  
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Official Team Scores

1.New Hope Christian19
2.Cascade Christian45

Hypothetical Scores

1.11Christian Huttema16:58.2New Hope Christian
2.9Shane Crofoot17:12.7Hidden Valley
3.9Chris Merlos17:22.5New Hope Christian
4.10Zach Blanco17:23.2Rogue River
5.11David Johnson18:05New Hope Christian
6.9Tristan Akery18:35.09Cascade Christian
7.12Terryn Downhill18:49.5Rogue River
8.11Adam Arrington19:13Paisley
9.9Adam Barth19:23.4New Hope Christian
10.10Ricky Reebel19:23.59New Hope Christian
11.9Tim McPherson19:31.5Cascade Christian
12.10Dillon Walton20:12.5Paisley
13.12Ryan Price20:15.9Cascade Christian
14.11Steven Mein20:37.5Cascade Christian
15.9Jackson Williams20:46.5Cascade Christian
16.10Justin Casebier20:58.3Cascade Christian
17.9Darian Murphy21:00.59 PRCascade Christian
18.9Jonas Lundgren21:04.5New Hope Christian
19.11Brett Marshall21:10.4Cascade Christian
20.10Gabe Kester21:31.7New Hope Christian
21.9Spencer Martin21:45.9New Hope Christian
22.10Justin Park22:16.5New Hope Christian
23.10Chris Bucell22:27.7New Hope Christian
24.12John Kim22:30.09Canyonville Christian
25.10Eric Oliveri22:47.3Cascade Christian
26.10Victor Basurto23:07.59Paisley
27.9Jacob Armas23:16.4Cascade Christian
28.11Michael Marvin23:19.59Glendale
29.10Naratit Chanpong23:40.4Paisley
30.12Linjing Shen24:22.4Paisley
31.9Stefan Mikheshkin26:01.29Canyonville Christian
32.9Corbin Laird26:26New Hope Christian
33.11Temirlan Boronbaev27:41.7Paisley
34.9Nate Perry30:17.59New Hope Christian
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Womens Results

3,000 Meters Middle School  
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Official Team Scores

1.Lincoln Savage31
2.Grace Christian38

Hypothetical Scores

1.8Katie Akery12:10.9Grace Christian
2.7Zaruba Anderson12:35.1Lincoln Savage
3.7Rebekah Ottosen12:42.4Lincoln Savage
4.6Brooke Johnson12:56.1 SRSouth
5.8Olivia Tardieu12:59.3 PRNorth
6.6Aubree Esterline13:08.39North
7.7Reilly Frerk13:26.3Lincoln Savage
8.6Janessa Rivas13:28.1Grace Christian
9.7Alex Staley13:29.7Grace Christian
10.7Haley Reed13:47.6Grace Christian
11.6Calista VanDelden13:51.4 SRNorth
12.6Mary Backes13:51.7Lincoln Savage
13.7Jadyn Sheets13:53South
14.7Autumn Michels14:04South
15.8Megan Schivone14:04.39Lincoln Savage
16.7Sydney Laird14:08New Hope Christian
17.7Kareina Hostkoetter14:10.4South
18.8Samantha Heath14:10.8Lincoln Savage
19.8Emily Schiavone14:20.4Lincoln Savage
20.8Sierra Crofoot14:20.7Lincoln Savage
21.7Elizabeth Vetter14:24Lincoln Savage
22.6Savannah Sloan14:29.9Grace Christian
23.6Megan Anderchuk14:30.8Grace Christian
24.6Amanda Grinder14:45.4Grace Christian
25.7Alli Barnes14:51.7 PRSouth
26.7Elizabeth Therson15:13.4Lincoln Savage
27.7Sierra Falk15:59.2South
28.6Danika Fish15:59.4Grace Christian
29.6Taylor Walker16:12.6 PRNorth
30.6Natashia Mathus-Vi...16:13.8 SRSouth
31.7Julie Croft16:34.8 SRScenic
32.6Emma Broome16:47.5Lincoln Savage
33.6Koral Rechberg16:58.7Grace Christian
34.8Alyzza Switzer17:14.7Lincoln Savage
35.6Lindsey Northrup18:11.2Lincoln Savage
36.6Allyson Meadows21:39.66South
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5,000 Meters High School  
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  • Team Total Time | Spread

Hypothetical Scores

1.11Sierra Brown19:38.7Hidden Valley
2.10Taylor Williams21:22Cascade Christian
3.10Samantha Milner22:16.59Illinois Valley
4.12Anna Murphy23:12Cascade Christian
5.11Brittany Brown24:00.4Cascade Christian
6.10Hailey Natho24:04.2Rogue River
7.9Amanda Forrester25:12.2Glendale
8.12Jessica Nicholes26:15.2Cascade Christian
9.12Erin Byrne28:17Illinois Valley
10.9Dominique Radant33:09.09New Hope Christian
11.10Torrie Kelly33:13.3Rogue River
12.12Stephanie Schultz33:51.09Rogue River
13.9Cheyenne Morales34:08.8Rogue River
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