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Mens Results

2.5 Mile Varsity  
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Port Angeles

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1.12Matthew Lutz13:04.18 PROlympic
2.12Ian Goldizen13:17.10 PROlympic
3.11Zack Coulson13:22.41 PROlympic
4.10Michael Ahrens13:28.24Port Angeles
5.11Kyle Tupper13:28.52Port Angeles
6.11Craig Boekenoogen13:32.86 PROlympic
7.11Brendan Dennis13:35.44Port Angeles
8.11Mike Ward13:36.29 PRKlahowya
9.12Keith Ryan13:38.33 PRKlahowya
10.12Jared Sell13:48.99 PRKlahowya
11.12Dane Ballou14:23.01 PRKlahowya
12.12Nick Shindler14:26.22Port Angeles
13.9Peter Butler14:27.22 PRPort Angeles
14.12Jeremy Felty14:27.76 PRKlahowya
15.10Tony Dalgardno14:30.70 PRPort Angeles
16.11Egan Dunning14:36.50 PRKlahowya
17.12Kenny Hata14:40.87 PRKlahowya
18.11Ryan Woodward14:45.13 PROlympic
19.12James McCarty14:53.10 PROlympic
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2.5 Mile Junior Varsity  
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Port Angeles

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1.11Derek Avery14:49.63 PRKlahowya
2.11Alexander Strayer15:03.21 PROlympic
3.12Donovan Haga15:12.11 PRKlahowya
4.10Tyler Church15:28.98 PROlympic
5.12Ian Slater15:35.51 PROlympic
6.9Ethan Szathmary15:37.39 PROlympic
7.12Daniel Scott15:37.74 PROlympic
8.9Simon Shindler15:41.68 PRPort Angeles
9.12Micah Kipple15:49.41 PROlympic
10.11Taylor Carlson16:13.43 PROlympic
11.9Nick Ganowski16:16.21 SRKlahowya
12.10Tony Vasquez16:21.37 PROlympic
13.12Bryan Ong16:30.10 PROlympic
14.12Marco Levario16:35.67 PROlympic
15.12James Crow17:05.36 PRKlahowya
16.10Matt Ganowski17:05.73 PRKlahowya
17.12Robert Layton17:06.96 PROlympic
18.10Austin Love17:18.19 PROlympic
19.10Adam Mariner17:35.11 PRKlahowya
20.12Michael Wood17:42.60Port Angeles
21.12Loren Henry17:47.46Port Angeles
22.10Colton Kendall17:51.35 PRKlahowya
23.9Jacob Wilson18:09.72 SRKlahowya
24.10Tyler Kessler18:10.34 PRKlahowya
25.10Parker Veach19:27.45 PRKlahowya
26.11Ryan Howard19:39.32 PRKlahowya
27.9Sam Waddell20:40.87Port Angeles
28.9Marc Henry20:58.77Port Angeles
29.9Aaron Olsen25:16.56 PRPort Angeles
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