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Mens Races
1.25 Mile Junior High4:00 PM

Republic HS

2.7 Mile Varsity5:00 PM
Womens Races
1.25 Mile Junior High4:00 PM

Republic HS

2.7 Mile Varsity4:30 PM

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Mens Results

1.25 Mile Junior High

2.8Jacob Brickner
7:46 PRReardan
5.8Dylan Stambaugh
8:10 PRReardan
15.8Ruger Lillengreen
9:09 PRReardan
17.8Curtis Lee
9:26 PRReardan
27.-Casen Gracia
10:24 PRMary Walker
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2.7 Mile Varsity

1.12Austin Telford
16:04 PRDavenport
2.9Isaiah Wynecoop
16:27 PRMary Walker
3.11Saxon Brown
16:47 PRRepublic
4.12Branden Eberly
16:49 PRRepublic
5.11Slater Stambaugh
16:50 PRReardan
6.9Duncan Forsman
17:13 PRRepublic
7.11Conner Van Pevenage
17:27 PRDavenport
8.12Devin Poore
17:37 PRRepublic
9.12Kevin Murphy
17:48 PRReardan
10.11Honey Ray Brown
18:02 PRWellpinit
11.11Doug Herrmann
18:07 PRRepublic
12.11Deven Wesebaum
18:09 PRReardan
13.12Kenny McGaffey
18:11 SRRepublic
14.10Scott Schulz
18:52 PRReardan
15.12Raine Knowles
18:55 PRRepublic
16.9Mason Lasich
19:05 PRMary Walker
17.10Tanner Perry
19:22 PRDavenport
18.12Ryan Leavitt
19:23 PRReardan
19.11Bevin Matt
19:24 PRReardan
20.11Terrance Gallaher
19:25 PRWellpinit
21.11Zach Brown
19:44 PRRepublic
22.9TJ Passmore
19:45 PRKettle Falls
23.9Bryan Mendez
19:46 PRKettle Falls
24.9Kyle Reddeman
19:46 PRKettle Falls
25.12Ryan Zeller
20:03 PRDavenport
26.9Austin Zeller
20:16 PRDavenport
27.12Ben Rajewski
20:17 PRReardan
28.10Callan Ward
20:17 PRMary Walker
29.10Tanner Peone
20:19 PRReardan
30.10Cole Chamberlin
20:30 PRRepublic
31.12DJ Sebstian
20:42 PRReardan
32.12Jakob Weasebaum
20:43 SRReardan
33.11Doug Hitch
20:45 PRMary Walker
34.12Daryl Irwin
21:05 PRReardan
35.9Ian Armstrong
21:17 PRKettle Falls
36.12Dan Edgel
21:23 PRRepublic
37.12Matheus Faria
21:27 PRDavenport
38.12Kurt Larsen
21:34 PRKettle Falls
39.12Floyd Warwick
22:14 PRDavenport
40.11Tyler Weyer
22:32 PRRepublic
41.11Dan Slagle
22:53 SRRepublic
42.9Garrett Borden
23:04 PRDavenport
43.11Riley Walker
23:16 PRKettle Falls
44.9Marlin Simpson
23:34 PRRepublic
45.10Trevor Price
23:43 PRRepublic
46.9Evan Powers
24:09 PRDavenport
47.9Shannon Connors
25:07 PRRepublic
48.12Joe GAry
25:29 PRMary Walker
49.9William Fager
26:14 PRMary Walker
50.9Nick Lehman
26:35 PRKettle Falls
51.12Kayden Gilmore
26:48 PRMary Walker
52.11Eli Lowe
30:56 PRReardan
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