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PVAC Championships HS

Wednesday, November 02, 2011

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Meet Host - This Meet Currently Has No Host Listed
Location - St. Anselm's Abbey School, Washington, DC - Map
Mens Races

St. Anselm's Abbey School

5,000 Meters Varsity5:15 PM
Womens Races

St. Anselm's Abbey School

5,000 Meters Varsity4:30 PM
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Mens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity  

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1.10Adam Augustsson17:47Field
2.11Jacob Wellner17:49Edmund Burke
3.11Jack Anninos17:59St Anselm's Abbey
4.10Michael Laskowski18:07St Anselm's Abbey
5.12Daniel Ferry18:15Covenant Life
6.10Marcelo Jauregui-V...18:15Edmund Burke
7.11Daniel Montgomery18:18Covenant Life
8.10Jared Allen18:27St Anselm's Abbey
9.11Roy Seitz-McLeese18:28Field
10.12Blaise Fortier18:29St Anselm's Abbey
11.12Daniel Allen18:49Field
12.11Justin Taft-Morales18:56Edmund Burke
13.12Andy Hughes18:57Sandy Spring Friends
14.11Stephen Calderone19:01Covenant Life
15.9Nicolas Sarfati19:02Washington Internati...
16.12Matan Kline19:02Charles E Smith Jewi...
17.11Andrew Payne19:06Covenant Life
18.11Conor Williamson19:13St Anselm's Abbey
19.11Philip Sandstrom19:19Edmund Burke
20.11Charles Hutchison19:21Sandy Spring Friends
21.12Harrison Fallon19:22Field
22.12Chris Sener19:30Field
23.10Aaron Boxerman19:41Charles E Smith Jewi...
24.9Harry Wandersman19:41Charles E Smith Jewi...
25.12Samuel Hui19:45Covenant Life
26.12Dylan Nunn19:56Edmund Burke
27.10Sean Pool19:59Covenant Life
28.12Adam Banker20:01Field
29.12Alex Tritell20:08Charles E Smith Jewi...
30.12Dan Magee20:13St Anselm's Abbey
31.9Manny Rodriguez20:23Sandy Spring Friends
32.11David Woodward20:29Covenant Life
33.11Conor Hearn20:30St Anselm's Abbey
34.9Matt Lavine20:33Field
35.10Sam Sherman20:35St Anselm's Abbey
36.11Noah Wassertzug20:36Sandy Spring Friends
37.12Joseph Yu20:36Covenant Life
38.11Matt Baker20:40Field
39.12Andrew Houghton20:40St Anselm's Abbey
40.10Isaac Amundson20:44Grace Brethren Chris...
41.11Noah Leavy20:46Field
42.9Jake Gearon20:47Sandy Spring Friends
43.9Jack Lustig20:52Field
44.12Gonzalo Paz-Soldan20:52Washington Internati...
45.10Anthony Huff20:54Covenant Life
46.12Noah Blough20:54McLean
47.10Liam Allen20:57Covenant Life
48.9Cole Miller20:59Edmund Burke
49.9Jack Tobe21:01Field
50.12Patrick Killian21:10Washington Internati...
51.11Josh Kohm21:11Edmund Burke
52.11Tim Suzich21:14McLean
53.11Tariq Ford21:16St Anselm's Abbey
54.11Duncan Bylan21:19Washington Waldorf
55.9Jonathan Smisson21:19Covenant Life
56.10Matt Combs21:30Covenant Life
57.10Matthew Warnick21:30Sandy Spring Friends
58.11Brandon Golden21:30Field
59.12Alex Schneider21:32Edmund Burke
60.9Charlie Paquette21:32St Anselm's Abbey
61.9Ben Weinberger21:34Charles E Smith Jewi...
62.10Will Rossi21:36Field
63.11Will Brown21:37Field
64.10Henry Bell21:41Washington Internati...
65.9Brian Schonfeld21:48Charles E Smith Jewi...
66.12Jake Ross21:49Edmund Burke
67.12Jacob Wasserman21:52St Anselm's Abbey
68.12David Dabrow21:54Charles E Smith Jewi...
69.12Jake Miller21:56Washington Internati...
70.11Saikrishna Vemulap...21:59Sandy Spring Friends
71.9David Keeler22:01Covenant Life
72.9Christian O'Brien22:04Sandy Spring Friends
73.12Everitt Tyrie22:09Sandy Spring Friends
74.10Alexander Grimaldi22:11St Anselm's Abbey
75.12Nick Isaacson22:12Field
76.11Andrew Flynn22:13Sandy Spring Friends
77.11Nick Ryder22:14McLean
78.11Steven Brenner22:16Field
79.12Taylor Friedman22:17Sandy Spring Friends
80.10Vorakit Chudatemiya22:34Sandy Spring Friends
81.8Cuatro Johnston22:39St Anselm's Abbey
82.12Noah Lewis22:40McLean
83.10Kyle Halpern22:42McLean
84.10Sebastian Mazza22:51St Anselm's Abbey
85.11Joey Yamine22:51McLean
86.10Matt Jones22:52St Anselm's Abbey
87.12Reggie Padgett22:57Grace Brethren Chris...
88.10Zack Werb23:02Edmund Burke
89.9Sammy Zabronsky23:02Sandy Spring Friends
90.11Jonathan Wolosky23:03Field
91.12Eric Yde23:05St Anselm's Abbey
92.11Robert Benjamin23:05Covenant Life
93.9Stephen Payne23:06Covenant Life
94.9Charlie Gordon23:19Washington Internati...
95.11Brenton Polk23:20Covenant Life
96.12Daniel Garay23:22Covenant Life
97.9James Green23:22Grace Brethren Chris...
98.10John Biffl23:30St Anselm's Abbey
99.10Miles Malloy23:35Washington Internati...
100.9Cass Houseknecht23:35Washington Internati...
101.9Yuxiang Luo23:39Sandy Spring Friends
102.10Nick Stares23:42Field
103.11Bryan Huang23:42Sandy Spring Friends
104.11Tommy Wiltshire23:50Edmund Burke
105.11Adam Hickson23:54Grace Brethren Chris...
106.12Matias Breuer23:54Washington Internati...
107.9Max Guerra24:05Field
108.10Rick Pfleeger24:12Sandy Spring Friends
109.11Sam Felsenthal24:15Sandy Spring Friends
110.9Ben Somerville24:28Covenant Life
111.12Eli Richardson24:44Sandy Spring Friends
112.10Zane Grey24:54Grace Brethren Chris...
113.10Alex Harris24:54Grace Brethren Chris...
114.9Liam Pincus24:56Field
115.10Josh Bloch24:56Charles E Smith Jewi...
116.12Jacob Kandel24:56Field
117.12Stone Harrod25:01Sandy Spring Friends
118.9Dylan Moglen25:07Edmund Burke
119.10Stradis Alimonis25:09St Anselm's Abbey
120.9Chris Nakamura25:17Edmund Burke
121.10Nick Poche25:22St Anselm's Abbey
122.11David Schonfeld25:25Charles E Smith Jewi...
123.9Danny Waksman25:27Charles E Smith Jewi...
124.11Garth Herbert25:28St Anselm's Abbey
125.12Guntis Rutins25:30Washington Waldorf
126.12David Miranda25:40St Anselm's Abbey
127.9Matt Huerta25:46St Anselm's Abbey
128.11John Hill25:59Covenant Life
129.11Tyler Junkin-Mills25:59Sandy Spring Friends
130.9Stephen Hill26:03Covenant Life
131.11Jake Ruppert26:07McLean
132.10Robert Verstrate26:27St Anselm's Abbey
133.12Kevin Duggan26:40Field
134.11Thomas Crocker26:41Field
135.11Ezekiel Simon26:47McLean
136.9Jeff Clarke26:51St Anselm's Abbey
137.9Michael Josell27:09Sandy Spring Friends
138.9Sam Li27:12Edmund Burke
139.12Michael Edgley27:14McLean
140.12Sam Girdzis27:25Washington Waldorf
141.9Josh DeBose28:28Field
142.12Eli Cohen29:02St Anselm's Abbey
143.9Aaron Lewis29:05Grace Brethren Chris...
144.10Tj Duckett29:17St Anselm's Abbey
145.12Evan Lassman29:35Sandy Spring Friends
146.11Alex Atienza29:52St Anselm's Abbey
147.11Tyler Kim30:24McLean
148.9Emil Kunkin30:35Sandy Spring Friends
149.12Brian Crump31:14St Anselm's Abbey
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Womens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity  

to see charts & hypothetical scores
1.10Charlotte Leape20:21Washington Internati...
2.11Hedda Boege21:07Washington Waldorf
3.9Mikaela McCleery21:09Washington Waldorf
4.12Molly McCabe21:26Edmund Burke
5.11Shira Winston21:49Charles E Smith Jewi...
6.11Jasmine Williams22:32Grace Brethren Chris...
7.9Tasia Harman22:36Covenant Life
8.11Eva Davoine22:44Edmund Burke
9.10Julia Okun22:44Edmund Burke
10.11Gillian Kramer22:46Sandy Spring Friends
11.11Emma O'Donoghue22:53Sandy Spring Friends
12.9Sylvie Langsdorf-W...22:55Sandy Spring Friends
13.9Abbie Wikner23:05Covenant Life
14.9Clare Kuzma23:08Oakcrest
16.11Yaly Levy23:21Charles E Smith Jewi...
17.11Madison Roll23:23Charles E Smith Jewi...
18.12Elisabeth Smisson23:24Covenant Life
19.11Natalie Somerville23:24Covenant Life
20.9Leslie Crockett23:26Washington Internati...
21.12Kye Toscano23:31Field
22.10Rachel Sniffen23:36Charles E Smith Jewi...
23.10Ariela Levy23:36Washington Internati...
24.11Lizzie Bennett23:41Edmund Burke
25.12Dominique Seamon23:46Covenant Life
26.10Yana Mazurkevich23:46Field
27.10Alise Montgomery24:07Covenant Life
28.12Amy Barnett24:12Covenant Life
29.12Noelle Royer24:24Covenant Life
30.11Icy Xiang24:42Sandy Spring Friends
31.10Olivia Driscoll24:44Washington Internati...
32.12Mathilde Arandia24:45Edmund Burke
33.11Olivia Ades-lawlor24:47Edmund Burke
34.11Rachel Waldon24:51Oakcrest
35.12Danya Czarnolewski25:05Charles E Smith Jewi...
36.9Sophia Pink25:11Washington Internati...
37.12Jenna Fourney25:12Covenant Life
38.11Elana Schrager25:54Charles E Smith Jewi...
39.12Sarah Sapirstein25:57Field
40.11Natalie Goodman26:11Field
41.12Fatima Tendo26:14Oakcrest
42.12Paula Kaufmann26:17Oakcrest
43.11Samantha Wiener26:40Charles E Smith Jewi...
44.10Alison Kraner26:42Charles E Smith Jewi...
45.11Gordiya Khademian26:54Washington Waldorf
46.10Tara Bhat26:58Field
47.11Rebecca McClung26:59Edmund Burke
48.11Lauren Portee27:09Sandy Spring Friends
49.10Toby Woods27:11Sandy Spring Friends
50.12Sloane Warner27:13McLean
51.12Christina St Clair27:19Washington Internati...
52.10Cassidy Vigil27:23Covenant Life
53.12Becca Gittleson27:23McLean
54.10Hilary Druckman27:34Charles E Smith Jewi...
55.10Nora Langer27:34Sandy Spring Friends
56.9Flannery Mehigan27:51Oakcrest
57.11Maggie Gasser27:56Oakcrest
58.10Caitlin Connolly27:57Edmund Burke
59.11Amy Oechsler27:58Washington Waldorf
60.10Mylz Taylor28:21Edmund Burke
61.12Lauren Seely28:21Edmund Burke
62.11Leonie Haerle28:28Washington Waldorf
63.11Emily Kunz28:29Sandy Spring Friends
64.10Charlotte Kerstens28:40Edmund Burke
65.11Gracie Mills29:10Sandy Spring Friends
66.12Meghan Reynolds29:56McLean
67.12Bella McCann30:07Field
68.10Isabel Twanmo31:13Washington Waldorf
69.12Ayella Maile-Mosko...32:10Washington Waldorf
70.9Claire Tenhula32:47Field
71.12Grace Hanson34:05Sandy Spring Friends
72.9Christina Wang34:53Sandy Spring Friends
73.10Maddy Neuberger35:18Field
74.11Sara Zimerman36:32Sandy Spring Friends
75.12Dorean Collins44:54Field
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