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Mount Rainier Course

5,000 Meters Junior Varsity4:00 PM
5,000 Meters Varsity5:00 PM
Womens Races

Mount Rainier Course

5,000 Meters

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Mens Results

5,000 Meters Junior Varsity  
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Mt Rainier

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1.12Seth Christian18:41Kent Meridian
2.10Ryan Johnson19:03 SRMt Rainier
3.10Matt Saunders19:08Auburn Riverside
4.10Isaia Tiangson19:13Auburn Riverside
5.11Jonathan Hanson19:19Kent Meridian
6.9Jahleel Smith19:20 SRKent Meridian
7.10Sean Kierce19:22Auburn Riverside
8.10Alex McKay19:23 SRAuburn Riverside
9.11Micah Allred19:32Mt Rainier
10.10Jeremy Ebbers19:32Mt Rainier
11.10Wyatt Berry19:45Kent Meridian
12.11Justice Sibomana19:53Kent Meridian
13.12Devan Atkins20:00Auburn Riverside
14.10Nathan Rencher20:02 SRMt Rainier
15.9Dax Tate20:16Auburn Riverside
16.9Nicholas Young20:19Mt Rainier
17.11Ruslan Kuzmich20:27Auburn Riverside
19.12Arnel Hadzic20:54Mt Rainier
20.10AJ Potts20:54Mt Rainier
21.10Nathan Oliveira21:03Auburn Riverside
22.9Marcos Coria21:04Auburn Riverside
23.10Brandon Hall21:05Auburn Riverside
24.9Daniel Arnold21:09 SRAuburn Riverside
25.9Zachary Shimp21:14Mt Rainier
26.12Jesus Soto21:14Mt Rainier
27.10Gianni Aiello21:25Mt Rainier
29.10Jimi Fay21:37Mt Rainier
30.9Thomas Smith21:38Mt Rainier
31.9Robbie Rudolph22:00Auburn Riverside
32.12Mitchell Kirby22:08Auburn Riverside
33.10Yuta Moxley22:10Auburn Riverside
34.11Jaime Ramirez22:11Mt Rainier
35.9Daniel Venagas22:16 PRAuburn Riverside
36.9Nathaniel Wood22:42Mt Rainier
37.11Emanuel Basurto-Soto22:53Kent Meridian
38.12David Watson22:56Kent Meridian
39.9Damien Sampson23:03 PRAuburn Riverside
40.9Nathan Tallar23:14 SRMt Rainier
41.10Kyle Nacis23:27Auburn Riverside
43.11Brandon Rivera Ruiz24:04Auburn Riverside
46.11Harley Izaguirre26:03Mt Rainier
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5,000 Meters Varsity  
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Mt Rainier

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1.12Korey Krotzer16:22Auburn Riverside
2.11Trevor Love17:09Auburn Riverside
3.12Teddy Besrat17:22Kent Meridian
4.11Edson Zaldivar17:37Kent Meridian
5.11Josh Smith17:41Kent Meridian
6.11David McLeod17:41Mt Rainier
7.12Eduard Yakimchuk17:44Auburn Riverside
8.10Andrew Cooper17:48 SRAuburn Riverside
9.10Stewart Kunzelman17:54Kent Meridian
10.11Cody Buxton18:00Mt Rainier
11.11Cameron Stedman18:01Mt Rainier
12.10Andrew Baklund18:01Mt Rainier
13.11Martin Pitt18:04 SRMt Rainier
14.10Mattias Gildemann18:06Auburn Riverside
15.12Axel Cruz18:07Kent Meridian
16.11Camden Harris18:17Kent Meridian
17.9Obed Carrillo-Mart...18:19Kent Meridian
18.10Nik Skorniakoff18:24Auburn Riverside
19.10Patrick McFarland18:29Auburn Riverside
20.11Omran Kemal19:05Mt Rainier
21.12Stuart Sullivan19:11Mt Rainier
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Womens Results

5,000 Meters  
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Mt Rainier

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1.10Jordan McPhee18:20Mt Rainier
2.12Rachel Atwood18:51Auburn Riverside
3.12Alexia Martin19:10:00Kent Meridian
4.10Ruby Virk20:02:00Kent Meridian
5.11Lauren Saunders20:22Auburn Riverside
6.10Rachel Covey20:58Auburn Riverside
7.12Chelsea Watkins21:35:00Kent Meridian
8.10Briann Funk21:44:00Kent Meridian
9.10Sara Madden21:51:00Kent Meridian
10.12Katie Alexander21:52Auburn Riverside
11.11Grace Werran22:01Auburn Riverside
12.10Araceli Rios22:22:00Kent Meridian
13.10Allyson Reaney22:56:00 SRKent Meridian
14.9Courtney Jolley23:00Mt Rainier
15.9Carolina Sandoval23:05Auburn Riverside
16.10Emelia Johnson23:26Mt Rainier
17.10Maria Flores23:36Mt Rainier
18.11Cassie Brock24:18:00Auburn Riverside
19.11Jade Lee24:21:00Auburn Riverside
20.11Juliana Adams24:24:00Kent Meridian
21.11Christina Atkinson24:43:00Kent Meridian
22.10Cora Cadena24:43:00Kent Meridian
23.12Sumner LaValley24:52:00 PRAuburn Riverside
24.11Hailei Schatz24:53:00Auburn Riverside
25.9Sammy Sponenburg24:57:00Auburn Riverside
26.9Cade Stedman25:16:00Mt Rainier
27.11Manreet Singh26:45:00Mt Rainier
28.10Miranda Martens27:20:00Auburn Riverside
29.9Kaitlyn Cooper27:21:00Auburn Riverside
30.11Emmie Sandoval27:34:00Auburn Riverside
31.9Tiffany Orlovski27:35:00Auburn Riverside
32.10Liana Doma27:42:00Kent Meridian
33.12Haley Lozano28:37:00Mt Rainier
34.9Abigail Miles30:04:00Auburn Riverside
35.11Brooke Wellman30:40:00Auburn Riverside
36.12Katherine Nash30:40:00Auburn Riverside
37.10Alex Narayan30:41:00Kent Meridian
38.10Taylor Fairchild32:08:00Auburn Riverside
39.11Bridgette Jordan32:35:00 PRAuburn Riverside
40.12Brooke Hanson36:09:00Auburn Riverside
41.10Kaitlyn Clugston38:51:00Auburn Riverside
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