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Delta Valley Conference Finals HS

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Meet Info & Blog

Meet Host - Davis HS
Location - Willow Hills Reservoir Course, Folsom, CA - Map
Mens Races

Willow Hills Reservoir Course

5,000 Meters Varsity
3,400 Meters Frosh/Soph
Womens Races

Willow Hills Reservoir Course

5,000 Meters Varsity
3,400 Meters Frosh/Soph
Last Updated 9:47 AM, Tue, Oct 25


 Hello DVC coaches:

The DVC Championships will be Saturday, October 29 at Willow Hill - Folsom High School.

Submit entries on by midnight Wednesday, October 26.  Davis High will prepare bibs and name tags.  
Timing will be electronic and results will be available right after the meet.

Race schedule (estimated):
11:15  F/S Boys
11:40  F/S Girls
12:05  V Boys
12:30  V Girls
1:00    Awards

Awards: Please contribute $50 if possible, checks payable to DHS Cross Country
Medals to top 7 on each first place team.  (28 medals)
Medals to top 10 individuals not on first place teams. (40 medals)

Meet Management - Team Duties:
We'll meet on Saturday to distribute jobs - please be ready to help out.
If you have a preference, please send an e-mail to Bill Gregg
Timing and results: Davis and ? to help pull tags
Finish Chute (herding and sorting of exhausted runners)
Back Up Timing with printing stop watch
Starter (with starting pistol)
Contact Bill Gregg (Davis High) if there are questions.
530 304-9221

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Mens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity  
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1.11Jack Scranton16:48Davis
2.12William Reyes17:00Monterey Trail
3.12Daniel Gonzalez17:10Davis
4.12Danny Pugh17:16Davis
5.12Ryan Greenough17:18Davis
6.12Hunter Ramos17:21Franklin (EG)
7.11Paul Mohr17:22Davis
8.12Andrew Croft17:23Davis
9.12Alex Glaeser17:26Franklin (EG)
10.10Daniel Rowen17:33Davis
11.11Nate Lowery17:36Laguna Creek
12.12William Young17:44Davis
13.9Jack Ploeg17:59Elk Grove
14.11Ethan Hall18:02Davis
15.11Matthew Seno18:04Elk Grove
16.11Davis Hallberg18:05Elk Grove
17.12Reinert Toft18:08Davis
18.12Arthur Cooper18:12Franklin (EG)
19.11John Testerman18:20Davis
20.12Eric Ninh18:20Laguna Creek
21.11Zachary Groves18:26Franklin (EG)
22.11Leo Antolin18:30Monterey Trail
23.12Edward Rickford18:42Franklin (EG)
24.11Tho Dinh18:47Monterey Trail
25.11Andrew Do18:48Monterey Trail
26.11Reece Kamphuis18:51Laguna Creek
27.12Jackson Levin18:55Elk Grove
28.10Jeret Faure19:01Elk Grove
29.11Andrew Diaz19:19Davis
30.11Sean Lee19:26Davis
31.11Nick Juanitas19:28Davis
32.11Tucker Huffman19:33Elk Grove
33.9Matt Oakland19:37Laguna Creek
34.12Brandon Hill19:41Laguna Creek
35.11Hakeem Mohamed19:45Franklin (EG)
36.12Scott Derby19:50Davis
37.12Patrick Tze19:51Franklin (EG)
38.11Jacob Bishop20:02Davis
39.11Matthew Planesi20:09Elk Grove
40.12Sandeep Singh20:11Franklin (EG)
41.12Ryan Avery20:13Elk Grove
42.11David Duplantier20:19Davis
43.12Hans Grohs20:24Franklin (EG)
44.11Alexander Chen20:30Monterey Trail
45.11Konnor Leitzell20:33Elk Grove
46.11Jose Arzaluz20:36Davis
47.11Jeremy Chen20:39Davis
48.11David Vaughn20:44Grant
49.12Jackson Vanover20:45Davis
50.11Andrew Pietersen20:51Elk Grove
51.11Rudy Buhlman20:51Davis
52.10Justin Vong20:52Monterey Trail
53.11Jasdeep Uppal21:01Monterey Trail
54.11Bryan Muro21:14Monterey Trail
55.11Joseph Schiele21:14Monterey Trail
56.12Jake Egger21:27Laguna Creek
57.11Nilesh Haile21:27Davis
58.11Steven Traversi21:30Laguna Creek
59.11Augustus Realyvasq...21:39Davis
60.12Noah Henry21:47Davis
61.11Grant Tran21:56Monterey Trail
62.11Will McPherson22:02Davis
63.12Kevin Liang22:04Laguna Creek
64.11Curtis Lo22:18Franklin (EG)
65.11Brice Lupercio22:21Laguna Creek
66.12Tyler Church22:22Elk Grove
67.12Andrew Herrera22:31Franklin (EG)
68.12Gustavo DeLeon22:44Monterey Trail
69.11Arthur Leck22:51Davis
70.12Nick Ignoffo22:56Elk Grove
71.12Tim McIntyre23:00Davis
72.11Andy Thoong23:01Monterey Trail
73.11Cristopher Rivera23:07Monterey Trail
74.12Casey Okubo23:09Laguna Creek
75.11Connor Anderson23:49Laguna Creek
76.12Timothy Saeteurn23:59Monterey Trail
77.12Timothy Saeteurn24:04Monterey Trail
78.12Wayne Do24:16Monterey Trail
79.11Desean Parsons24:54Grant
80.12Dion Stevenson24:56Grant
81.11Jomari Gabriel25:43Monterey Trail
82.11Aron Phong25:45Monterey Trail
83.11Nick Juchau26:11Davis
84.11Alex Lopez-Ambriz26:11Davis
85.9Zachary Lorico Hertz27:34Davis
86.11Abdul Haq30:19Monterey Trail
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3,400 Meters Frosh/Soph  
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1.9Blake Croft12:06Davis
2.10Jasper Laca12:07Davis
3.10Matthew Mayr12:21Davis
4.10John Britton12:22Davis
5.10John Conant12:22Davis
6.9Mikkel Wilson12:31Davis
7.10Gavin Monges12:32Davis
8.9Nathan Leyva12:37Davis
9.9Pedro Tejada12:42Grant
10.9Tim Baxter12:46Davis
11.9Charlie Harris12:54Davis
12.10Avery Krovetz13:05Davis
13.9Ben Salcedo13:09Davis
14.10Alvin Ma13:17Franklin (EG)
15.10Tyler Ence13:18Laguna Creek
16.9Gustavo Ortiz13:18Monterey Trail
17.10Jordan Vazquez13:19Franklin (EG)
18.10Jose Sienes13:22Elk Grove
19.10Diego Rodriguez13:26Davis
20.10Antonio Ingravallo13:31Franklin (EG)
21.10Kian Reno13:37Davis
22.9Zach Soohoo13:42Franklin (EG)
23.9Kevin Arechiga13:42Laguna Creek
24.9Desmond Bryant13:44Laguna Creek
25.9Torin Halsted13:47Davis
26.10Cameron McCarty13:53Davis
27.9Albert Levan13:58Franklin (EG)
28.10Victor Choi14:01Davis
29.10Nicholas Church14:03Elk Grove
30.9Mathew Ramsdell14:18Laguna Creek
31.10Jacob Hansen14:22Franklin (EG)
32.9Kian Tanner14:31Davis
33.10Andrew Leady14:32Davis
34.10Diego Belloso14:33Franklin (EG)
35.9Zachary Moffatt14:48Davis
36.9Grant Chesin14:51Elk Grove
37.10Hewitt Chang14:51Monterey Trail
38.10Allan Panganiban14:54Monterey Trail
39.10Spencer Zenner15:26Davis
40.10David Le15:40Monterey Trail
41.9Brandon Vong16:00Monterey Trail
42.9Emmett Barnes16:14Davis
43.9Eugene Long16:16Davis
44.10Nicholas Meddin16:27Davis
45.9Brian Nguyen16:28Franklin (EG)
46.10Gunnar Greve16:40Davis
47.10Muhammad Siddique16:42Franklin (EG)
48.9Brandon Kaviani18:04Laguna Creek
49.11Nate Petersen26:07Davis
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Womens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity  
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1.10Sophie Meads19:39Davis
2.11Laney Teaford20:57Davis
3.12Tess Williams21:02Davis
4.12Kate Latsch21:32Davis
5.10Danielle Gantar21:33Davis
6.11Korrie Peterson21:42Franklin (EG)
7.9Jacklyn Hughes21:51Franklin (EG)
8.9Emily Jumper22:43Franklin (EG)
9.11Breanne Brett22:58Franklin (EG)
10.11Shauna Simon23:15Davis
11.10Natalie Antolin23:28Monterey Trail
12.11Lauren Noonan23:36Laguna Creek
13.12Katelyn Raschein23:45Franklin (EG)
14.11Sydney Garrett24:07Laguna Creek
15.11Grace Calhoun24:19Davis
16.11Victoria Mohtes-Chan24:22Davis
17.10Emi Prim24:35Franklin (EG)
18.11Monica LeFlore24:41Davis
19.11Sekani Kobelt24:58Elk Grove
20.10Sabrina Wu25:19Franklin (EG)
21.11Samantha Fung25:30Davis
22.11Sophia Chaves-Giusti25:32Franklin (EG)
23.11Deepa Patel25:40Franklin (EG)
24.11Kelly Chuck25:41Davis
25.12Caitlin Raymond25:42Franklin (EG)
26.11Husna Sayedi25:48Franklin (EG)
27.11Destiny Smith25:54Davis
28.10Kayleen Jade Carter26:10Laguna Creek
29.11Selena Tuyen26:15Monterey Trail
30.12Lin Yang26:56Davis
31.11Stephanie Leon26:57Davis
32.12Denisse Camacho27:01Monterey Trail
33.11Kelly McWilliams27:02Davis
34.12Amanda Hart27:06Davis
35.9Sophia Munch27:07Laguna Creek
36.9Kristen Freudenber...27:09Laguna Creek
37.11Nguyen Annie27:18Monterey Trail
38.11Beverly Huey27:34Monterey Trail
39.11Pooja Gupta27:38Davis
40.12Jeanne Beveridge27:50Davis
41.9Hannah Lorico Hertz27:52Davis
42.11Raquel Valdes27:52Davis
43.9Anroop Atwal27:55Laguna Creek
44.11Jessica Rilloraza27:57Monterey Trail
45.12Sachi Prim28:40Franklin (EG)
46.12Amelia Duplantier28:51Davis
47.11Michaela Ma29:12Davis
48.12Meredith Valenzona29:15Franklin (EG)
49.11April Savage29:25Laguna Creek
50.12Jennifer Stanley29:47Monterey Trail
51.11Cassandra Escudero29:54Franklin (EG)
52.12Grace Cowell30:14Grant
53.9Jessica Valenzuela30:15Laguna Creek
54.12Cara Meadows-Smith30:50Davis
55.12Victoria Schlussler31:27Elk Grove
56.12Tina Ortiz31:31Elk Grove
57.12Warda Haq31:57Franklin (EG)
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3,400 Meters Frosh/Soph  
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1.9Jeanne-Marie McPhe...14:13Davis
2.9Giulia McIsaac14:16Davis
3.9Katherine Dimond14:30Davis
4.9Regina Nyareso14:35Monterey Trail
5.10Siena Cox15:07Davis
6.9Zoe Juanitas15:12Davis
7.9Sadie Davenport15:16Elk Grove
8.10Kamina Wilkerson15:40Franklin (EG)
9.9Kaitlyn Cheung16:13Franklin (EG)
10.9Emily Coleman16:40Franklin (EG)
11.10Sharon Dong16:44Franklin (EG)
12.9Zaidee Shaw16:46Elk Grove
13.9Madeline Bishop16:49Davis
14.10Angelina Rios16:55Franklin (EG)
15.10Kelly Banh17:01Monterey Trail
16.9Preeya Patel17:08Franklin (EG)
17.9Ellen Finn17:45Davis
18.10Jemmi Weaver-Quenga18:02Franklin (EG)
19.9Hope Cowell18:30Grant
20.9Kierra Hunter18:31Grant
21.10Elvira Kuzko18:32Grant
22.11Jasmine Day18:36Franklin (EG)
23.10Ella Gallawa20:08Davis
24.9Clarissa Franke20:11Davis
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