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Mens Races

Springfield Oaks County Park

5,000 Meters Junior Varsity
5,000 Meters Varsity Division V10:00 AM
5,000 Meters Varsity Division IV10:20 AM
5,000 Meters Varsity Division III10:40 AM
5,000 Meters Varsity Division I1:00 PM
5,000 Meters Varsity Division II1:20 PM
Womens Races

Springfield Oaks County Park

5,000 Meters Junior Varsity
5,000 Meters Varsity Division V8:20 AM
5,000 Meters Varsity Division IV8:40 AM
5,000 Meters Varsity Division III9:00 AM
5,000 Meters Varsity Division I12:20 PM
5,000 Meters Varsity Division II12:40 PM
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Welcome to the Holly Invitational meet entry site, and thank you for choosing the Holly Invite this fall. 

ENTRIES ARE LOCKED AS OF 9/12/11 AT 6:00PM. Sorry, but we need to send the names to Gault so that we can stuff the envelopes for over 100 schools, in a timely manner. 

If you did not get your enbtries in on-time, you can still attend the meet, BUT PLEASE GET TO THE MEET 2 HOURS BEFORE YOUR FIRST SCHEDULED RACE.  HELP US, HELP YOU. 

We only need your top seven varsity runners to be entered into the system. You can make changes on meet day, but up to one hour prior to your scheduled race time.  After that, we can not make any changes.  Please help us, help you. We will not need entries for JV or Middle School athletes.  They are not timed officially by the meet. We will have a large, running two-sided clock, over the finish line, for every race, but only varsity races will have results posted.

Coaches, over the years, have not expressed any real interest in having JV or MS athletes chipped and having to pay for this expense etc. However, this also allows Holly to give you the Big Meet experience at a lower and more affordable cost. Races are spread out intentionally so that a coach has plenty of time in between races to work with both JV and Varsity athletes. In addition, the mile, 2 mile and finish line are relatively close together.  This is a very spectator and coach friendly course. 

For more information, please visit either the boys or girls cross country sites at the Holly Area Schools website. You can google Holly High School FUSION and our HS website will be the first link to come up. Also, our site is attached to the page as well. You will see a yellow folder 3/4 of the way down the page titled "Holly Invitational Meet Information". In this folder, is the pre-meet information and contract. Please feel free to book mark these pages on your browser for future use. 

In education and sport,

Matt Weisdorfer, Meet Director

(248) 328-3200 ext 5249

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Mens Results

5,000 Meters Junior Varsity  
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Hypothetical Scores

1.12Thomas Girardot15:53Brother Rice
2.11T.j. Carey16:06Lake Orion
3.12Garret Zuk16:10White Lake Lakeland
4.9John Pennington16:11Brother Rice
5.12Scott Neff16:26White Lake Lakeland
6.12Derek Gielarowski16:30Plymouth
7.11Grayson Thomas16:35White Lake Lakeland
8.12Zachary Kughn16:38Grand Blanc 4:57 10:17
9.12Isaac Piepszowski16:39Detroit U-D Jesuit
10.12Joe Gerow16:40Romeo
11.11Trevor Sharnas16:44Romeo
12.11Torin Wile16:45 PRBrother Rice
13.10David Diaz16:52Lake Orion
14.11Galen Burrell16:54Ann Arbor Pioneer
15.9Grant Fisher16:55Grand Blanc 5:05 10:32 PR
16.11Dean Brigham16:56 PRAnn Arbor Pioneer
17.11Nicholas Lanzetta16:57Detroit Catholic Cen...
18.12Thomas Fagan16:58Detroit Catholic Cen...
19.11Jason Saliga17:00Romeo
20.12Craig Dudley17:01White Lake Lakeland
21.12Justin Arlt17:01Midland
22.10Tommy Fabian17:02Detroit U-D Jesuit
23.11Carson Truesdell17:02Grand Blanc 5:05 10:32
24.11Chris Housel17:03Highland-Milford
25.11Alex Slavsky17:06Detroit Catholic Cen...
26.11Dillon Hanson17:06Grand Blanc 5:05 10:40
27.12Chris Scott17:08Utica
28.12Justin Prawdzik17:08Lake Orion
29.10Eddie Codrington17:08Ann Arbor Pioneer
30.11Max Benoit17:08Royal Oak
31.10Costa Willets17:09Ann Arbor Pioneer
32.11Max Shpilband17:09Ann Arbor Pioneer
33.11Jacob Houlihan17:09Lake Orion
34.11Jack Dolan17:09Detroit U-D Jesuit
35.11Johnathon Derry17:11Grand Blanc 5:05 10:42
36.9Blake McComas17:13White Lake Lakeland
37.10Zane Berlanga17:14Plymouth
38.12James Abbey17:17Utica
39.11Brandon Dalton17:19Plymouth
40.10Liam Cardenas17:20Plymouth
41.11Matt Graves17:22Highland-Milford
42.10Alec Toreki17:23Romeo
43.11Jack Malinowski17:27 SRDetroit Catholic Cen...
44.12Danny Savard17:29Detroit Catholic Cen...
45.12Brendon Clover17:30White Lake Lakeland
46.12Jay Woods17:31Brother Rice
47.10Sebastian Betzer17:36Berkley
48.10Dillyn Foy17:36Grand Blanc 5:13 10:52
49.12Collin Fifer17:37Detroit Catholic Cen...
50.10Max Rogowski17:38Plymouth
51.11Eric Jensen17:39Ann Arbor Skyline
52.12Ryan Singles17:39Lake Orion
53.11Andrew Nelson17:40Romeo
54.12Nick Eiben17:41Plymouth
55.10Clinton Caddell17:45Highland-Milford
56.11Travis Smith17:46Midland
57.10Rudy Thiel17:47Clinton Township Chi...
58.12James Maciag17:47Plymouth
59.12Leonard Jackson17:50Royal Oak
60.9Jon Russell17:52Ann Arbor Skyline
61.10John Mulcahy17:52Detroit Catholic Cen...
62.11Steve Simmons17:54Brother Rice
63.10Andrei Rotar17:55Utica
64.12JD Sterba17:55Troy Athens
65.11Nick Aukerman17:55Ann Arbor Pioneer
66.10Alfred Girardot17:57Brother Rice
67.12Cody Gallagher17:57Ann Arbor Skyline
68.9Ryan Mooney17:57 SRTroy Athens
10Dave Doyle17:57.2Linden
69.11Luke Hickey18:00Whitmer
70.10Micheal Stando18:02Highland-Milford
71.12George Modrak18:03Lake Orion
72.12Glen Scott18:05Utica
73.11Miles Kilbreath18:05Midland
74.12Adam Quinn18:05Royal Oak
75.11Jonathon Haning18:09Romeo
9Jacob Domagalski18:10Romeo
76.11Phil Devoe18:10Detroit U-D Jesuit
77.12Danny O'Donovan18:10Troy
78.11Boris Burman18:10 SRAnn Arbor Pioneer
79.10David Patawaran18:13White Lake Lakeland
80.11Dan Radler18:14Midland
81.11Gunnar Holmes18:14Berkley
82.10Nicholas Voth18:16Grand Blanc 5:38 11:19
83.11Reid Wolin18:17Whitmer
84.11Austin Putrich18:17 SRUtica
85.10Jeffery Field18:19Highland-Milford
86.11Thomas Dolce18:20Ann Arbor Skyline
87.12Jacob Pintal18:20Romeo
88.9Sean Noone18:21 SRHighland-Milford
89.12Lex Hollenbeck18:24Midland
90.11Andrew Spencer18:24Clinton Township Chi...
91.11Julian Szatkowski18:25Utica
92.11Nick Salomon18:30Detroit U-D Jesuit
93.9Joe McConachie18:32Troy
94.9Nick Jarrell18:34Detroit U-D Jesuit
95.12Ryan Koehlinger18:36Midland
96.12Aaron Kaufman18:36Lake Orion
97.11Achilles Kossuth18:38 PRTroy
98.11Brian Wu18:38Troy
99.9Kevin Bradsher18:43Highland-Milford
100.11Jonathan Sollish18:46Berkley
101.11Devon Urbina18:47Troy
10Andy Porterfield18:48Midland
102.11Chris Kelly18:48Whitmer
9Jacob Greer18:49Midland
10Scott Schultz18:53.1Linden
103.10Tommy Porter18:57Berkley
11Austin Golden18:57.1Linden
51.11Zachary Garza18:58Grand Blanc 5:41 11:53
52.12Samuel Heller18:58.5 PRGrand Blanc 5:39 11:48
10Aaron Greb18:59Romeo
10Ben Pennock19:01Midland
10Dustin Sack19:01.7Linden
104.11Alex Zolciak19:03Whitmer
9Ryan Torok19:04.2Linden
105.12Calvin Miller19:05Clinton Township Chi...
106.12Dillon Jaghory19:08Troy
107.10Nathaniel Miller19:09Clinton Township Chi...
10Mitch O'hair19:10Romeo
108.10Chris Butler19:10 SRWhitmer
109.12Rishi Ragsdale19:20Ann Arbor Skyline
110.9Abe Rycus19:20Ann Arbor Skyline
10Chris Frazer19:21Romeo
10Matthew Trevithick19:21Grand Blanc 5:51 12:12
11Austin Hall19:21.6Linden
111.11Zach Lapinski19:25Brother Rice
112.11Zack Hall19:27Troy
113.10Colin O'Leary19:27 SRDetroit U-D Jesuit
114.10Christian McCalister19:28 SRTroy Athens
11Aaron Chatman19:29Midland
12Matt Alpin19:30Clare
115.9Eoin Barry19:30Clinton Township Chi...
9Kevin Spicer-Torres19:33Clare
12Michael Curtis19:35Midland
9Mikey Varacalli19:36.5Linden
116.12George Gray19:37Ann Arbor Skyline
117.12Kevin Lalko19:38Troy Athens
107.10Brandon Blake19:40Grand Blanc 5:51 12:25
118.12Peter Hoch19:40 PRBerkley
9Matt Beil19:45.0 PRLinden
11Riley Crawford19:45Clare
11Michael Azzopardi19:45Detroit Country Day
119.10Gary DeHan19:45Whitmer
9Matt VanValkenburg19:49Romeo
10Connor O'Hora19:51Auburn Hills Avondale
117.9Brendon Bush19:51Grand Blanc 5:51 12:24
120.10Quinten Greiner19:52Midland
10Jacob Graham19:53.0Linden
10Ron Herrando19:53.1Linden
11Brandon Sherwood19:54.0Linden
10Luke Driesen19:55Flint Powers Catholic
12Vikram Shah19:55Detroit Country Day
10Nick Wright19:56Midland
12Conor Dietrich19:59.9Linden
121.12Joe Ledford20:00Royal Oak
11Stuart Murch20:02Marshall
122.11Willie Davids20:02Royal Oak
123.11Mihir Bhatnager20:02Troy Athens
124.12Charlie Driker-Ohren20:04Berkley
12Brandon Dubois-Jones20:06Flint Powers Catholic
11Dane Egner20:07Flint Powers Catholic
17.12AJ Wellman20:08.4Saginaw Swan Valley
11David Crone20:10Marshall
125.10John Slowik20:10Royal Oak
126.12Adnan Jackupovic20:11Troy Athens
127.11Bobby Landis20:12Whitmer
11Mike Pachan20:15Marshall
9Steven Perri20:21Auburn Hills Avondale
9Sean Corcoran20:23Flint Powers Catholic
11Scott Haney20:24Flint Powers Catholic
10Zachary Abu-Akeel20:26Detroit Country Day
128.12Dylan Tramel20:27Troy Athens
12Jacob Tragis20:28Midland
9Kyler Phillips20:30Clare
12Evon Pervan20:30Detroit Country Day
9Dakoda Laupp20:33Marshall
11Connor Szostak20:33Flint Powers Catholic
12Brian VanCamp20:34 PRFlint Powers Catholic
9Michael VanValkenb...20:39 SRRomeo
12Omar Mahmood20:42Detroit Country Day
9Nik Pinjarkar20:44Auburn Hills Avondale
154.10Connor Fisher20:45Grand Blanc 5:58 12:57
9Noah Domagalski20:48Romeo
129.9James Bagans20:48Clinton Township Chi...
10Dylan Cannon20:49Corunna
130.10David Pellerito20:51Berkley
9Eric Johnson20:52Flint Powers Catholic
11Preston Terrell20:53Flint Powers Catholic
10Craig Campbell20:54Flint Powers Catholic
11Nick Baran20:59Detroit Country Day
10Devin Price21:00Marshall
10Logan Kramer21:00Corunna
11Hunter Spurgeon21:10Holly
11Mihai Radulescu21:11Marshall
12Greg Balsam21:12Romeo
11Taylor Page21:13Grand Traverse Academy
131.10Dale Mallette21:13Royal Oak
10William Johnson21:18Corunna
9Spencer Havern21:20Romeo
11Keri Moorehead21:22Auburn Hills Avondale
118.11Jon Gibson21:23Grand Blanc 6:32 13:27
11Parker Weaver21:28Pontiac Notre Dame P...
10Brad Worman21:30Romeo
12Ryan Liwak21:30 SRFlint Powers Catholic
9Alec Below21:33Pontiac Notre Dame P...
203.9Alexander Cressler21:33 SRGrand Blanc 6:43 13:46
9Josh Deighton21:33.6Linden
208.9Collin Morse21:36Grand Blanc 6:24 13:28
11Chris Ingram21:37 PRCorunna
9Sam Richardson21:42Breckenridge
11Jeff Hines21:42Grand Traverse Academy
10Gil Guthrie21:43Pontiac Notre Dame P...
11Austin Wiskur21:43Flint Powers Catholic
12Merlin Seifert21:47Clare
9Scott Rola21:55Pontiac Notre Dame P...
9Garrett Preston21:55.0Saginaw Swan Valley
9Kyle Ristow21:56Romeo
10Conner DeWeerd21:59Zeeland West
9Ryan Waggoner22:00Flint Powers Catholic
10Dan Bloink22:02Flint Powers Catholic
9Austin Nicholson22:06Holly
9Jack Elliott22:14.0Linden
9Josh Smith22:16.2Linden
11Joe Soisson22:17Pontiac Notre Dame P...
10Jesse Durham22:17Romeo
10Prady Modukuru22:17Detroit Country Day
10Alex Klingel22:19Marshall
12Carlyle Stewart22:24Detroit Country Day
10Kenneth Fry22:28Marshall
9Kevin Gould22:31Flint Powers Catholic
9Anthony Olexa22:32Breckenridge
10Sean McNelis22:32Pontiac Notre Dame P...
12Jacob Schultz22:35.6Linden
9Michael Soisson22:36Pontiac Notre Dame P...
250.11Garrett Knowles22:37Grand Blanc 6:27 14:00
10Michael Kosuth22:38Pontiac Notre Dame P...
10Chris McClellan22:49Auburn Hills Avondale
12Mike Maxwell22:52Clare
10Brian Xu22:53Detroit Country Day
11Siddhant Dogra22:55Detroit Country Day
11Hunter Wiand22:56Detroit Country Day
12Solon Williams22:57Auburn Hills Oakland...
11Zach O'Brien23:01.9Linden
12Todd Tarian23:02Auburn Hills Avondale
10Jacob Crabtree23:04Auburn Hills Avondale
11Dylan Ewald23:07.0Saginaw Swan Valley
9Brian Pousak23:08Pontiac Notre Dame P...
12Alex Tocco23:08Holly
12Chase Gifford23:10.3Linden
11Mak Gilbert23:15Zeeland West
9Lucas Page23:16Grand Traverse Academy
10Zach Mork23:16Romeo
270.10Derek Schillman23:16Grand Blanc 7:13 14:41
9Thomas Stanisci23:19Pontiac Notre Dame P...
9Alex Fitzpatrick23:21Pontiac Notre Dame P...
10Ali Hakim23:24Detroit Country Day
11Chase Schaeffer23:26Flint Powers Catholic
12Rohit Baddam23:32Detroit Country Day
10Nick Lyon23:33Zeeland West
9Kade Costello23:33Corunna
11Devin Cunningham23:41Corunna
10Jason Sharnas23:51Romeo
9Joseph Greene23:54Pontiac Notre Dame P...
9Alex DeVelbiss24:01Addison
12Jason Moon24:04Detroit Country Day
10Dillon Mrdeza24:15Flint Powers Catholic
10Josh Webb24:27Marshall
9Dominic Premo24:44.0Saginaw Swan Valley
9Brandon Barrera24:46.0Saginaw Swan Valley
10Austin Carter24:56Royal Oak 7:40, 16:02
9Jacob Houser25:00Zeeland West
9Nathan Worman25:04Romeo
9Zach Forsleff25:05Flint Powers Catholic
9James Obermaier25:09Detroit Country Day
12Matt Wilson25:14Auburn Hills Avondale
10Alex Kissel25:18.4Linden
9David Pousak25:36Pontiac Notre Dame P...
11John Guest25:38Pontiac Notre Dame P...
11Josh Boike25:39Pontiac Notre Dame P...
10Tyler O'Neal25:50Grand Traverse Academy
9Jack Needham25:55.1Linden
9David Bernabei26:03Detroit Country Day
10Shane Waite26:05Auburn Hills Avondale
10Elbert Han26:30Detroit Country Day
9Christian Bodenmil...26:31.35Waterford Our Lady o...
9Jacob Smith26:42.0Saginaw Swan Valley
11Benny Stribling27:05Grand Blanc 7:20
10Kyle Wojtylko27:15Grand Blanc 8:00
9Matt Szczerba27:26Flint Powers Catholic
11Peter Ro27:40Detroit Country Day
11Albert Gang28:39Detroit Country Day
9Urundi Knox30:04Flint Powers Catholic
9Robert Wei32:42Detroit Country Day
9Pat Canter33:50Flint Powers Catholic
11Ben Faris36:31Corunna
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5,000 Meters Varsity Division V  
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  • Team Total Time | Spread

Hypothetical Scores

1.11Andy Bowman16:50Marlette
2.11Jacob Bowman16:54Marlette
3.12Joel Calvert17:00Hillsdale Academy
4.11Evan Carter17:04Southfield Christian
5.11Kurt Gulick17:32Breckenridge
6.11Ashwin Fujii17:35Ann Arbor Greenhills
7.12Andrew Kelto17:38 SRMunising
8.11Jesse Corbat17:40Breckenridge
9.11Nate Partee17:46Breckenridge
10.11Kyle Gulick17:49Breckenridge
11.11Alex Houston18:04Grand Traverse Academy
12.11Ryan Sullivan18:05Waterford Our Lady o...
13.12Adam Exelby18:09Auburn Hills Oakland...
14.12Jon Newlin18:13Stephenson
15.12James Keyser18:19Grand Traverse Academy
16.12Mitch Sovis18:20New Lothrop
17.11Mathew Titus18:21Marlette
18.12Charlie Oliver18:22Genesee
19.12Josh Peterson18:28Auburn Hills Oakland...
20.10Jacob Weaver18:32Novi Franklin Road C...
21.10Aaron Kostrzewa18:32Grand Traverse Academy
22.10Ken Truitt18:34Stephenson
23.11Jason Rutkowski18:37Ubly
24.12Jeremy Culver18:39Southfield Christian
25.9Connor Cappaert18:42Stephenson
26.11Ethan Levack18:44Plymouth Christian A...
27.12Zach Reiber18:46Breckenridge
28.12Peter Nelson18:51Grand Traverse Academy
29.12Jonathan Knieper18:52New Lothrop
30.11Nick Shaver18:53Marlette
31.11Dillon Murray18:57Hillsdale Academy
32.12Ben Vandenberge19:03Stephenson
33.11Justin Finkel19:09Birmingham Roeper
34.11Matt Chappel19:12Marlette
35.9Izaak Mahoski19:13Munising
36.11Jimmy Parks19:13Plymouth Christian A...
37.12Austin Newlin19:15 PRStephenson
38.11Tyler Floering19:17Grand Traverse Academy
39.11Gabe Fenske19:19Waterford Our Lady o...
40.9Joey Allen19:26Hillsdale Academy
41.10Cameron Santangelo19:28Rochester Hills Luth...
42.11Chris Krieg19:32Auburn Hills Oakland...
43.12Dylan Cromell19:34Munising
44.11Trevor Baloga19:35Plymouth Christian A...
45.11Mitch Graves19:41New Lothrop
46.11Sean Vincke19:43New Lothrop
47.12Aaron Appel19:45Birmingham Roeper
48.12Beau Vandenberge19:46Stephenson
49.9George Selleke19:47Ubly
50.10Jake Partee19:53Breckenridge
51.9Austin Brittain19:55Breckenridge
52.10Sam MacArthur19:58Munising
53.10Andrew Gitlin20:01 SRAnn Arbor Greenhills
54.12Alex Irwin20:03Rochester Hills Luth...
55.11Tim Fraser20:03Grand Traverse Academy
56.11Tyler Crump20:03 SRAuburn Hills Oakland...
57.10Noah Ackerman20:15Munising
58.10Bobby Miles20:17 PRMunising
59.11Gavin Bennett20:18New Lothrop
60.12Sabeek Pradham20:19Hillsdale Academy
61.9Adam Grifka20:21Ubly
62.11Piyush Goyal20:21 PRAnn Arbor Greenhills
63.11Brandon Rivette20:23New Lothrop
64.9Gabe Bennett20:24 SRNew Lothrop
65.11Gabe Granskog20:24 PRStephenson
66.10Brandon Lucas20:25Auburn Hills Oakland...
67.11Jacob Nichols20:31Plymouth Christian A...
68.11Austin Farrow20:39Birmingham Roeper
69.11Ian Rose20:44Plymouth Christian A...
70.11Matthew Stolzenfeld20:48Rochester Hills Luth...
71.9RJ Melnik21:00Ubly
72.9Dylan Algate21:03Auburn Hills Oakland...
73.10Alex Herman21:09Marlette
74.9Marcus Dale21:09Marlette
75.12Anders Kiledal21:23Hillsdale Academy
76.12Amit Khandhadia21:27Birmingham Roeper
77.9Chase Pitcher21:29Charyl Stockwell Aca...
78.12Aaron Swartz21:30Grand Traverse Academy
79.9Dominic Johnson21:35Ann Arbor Greenhills
80.12Alex Morgan21:35 PRCharyl Stockwell Aca...
81.11Steven Zomermaand21:39Plymouth Christian A...
82.9Andrew Abraham21:50Rochester Hills Luth...
83.10Berik Jarboe21:52Waterford Our Lady o...
84.11Justin Grenn21:53Waterford Our Lady o...
85.12Nathan Showalter22:11Auburn Hills Oakland...
86.12Ryan Monte22:15Charyl Stockwell Aca...
87.9Anthony Martino22:32Charyl Stockwell Aca...
88.10Drake Burtrum22:38Waterford Our Lady o...
89.11Jacob Schmid22:51Novi Franklin Road C...
90.10Jacob Ennis23:06 SRRochester Hills Luth...
91.11Steven Vandervoord23:08Rochester Hills Luth...
92.10Shaun Decoe23:08Genesee
93.10Logan Schumacher23:21Ubly
94.10Malcolm Hall23:22Rochester Hills Luth...
11Cody Jacobs23:32Genesee
95.11Codey Jacobs23:32 PRGenesee
96.10Mark Siminski23:39Kensington Woods
97.10Haven Wagner23:46Ann Arbor Greenhills
98.9Alexander Raveane23:50Birmingham Roeper
99.11Nathan Harold23:53Plymouth Christian A...
100.9Alex Ratcliff25:02Ubly
101.12Matt Miller25:34 SRCharyl Stockwell Aca...
102.10Blake Little25:39Genesee
103.9Kyle Booth26:11 SRBirmingham Roeper
104.11Dean Bradbury26:16Kensington Woods
105.12Stephen Taylor26:22 PRSouthfield Christian
106.11Vincent Montoro26:41 PRNovi Franklin Road C...
107.12Brody Merrick28:13Munising
108.9Dan Irani28:28Ann Arbor Greenhills
109.11Luke Herdman28:36Charyl Stockwell Aca...
110.12Matt Phinney29:01 SRCharyl Stockwell Aca...
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5,000 Meters Varsity Division IV  
  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Total Time | Spread

Hypothetical Scores

1.12Stephan Biggs16:10 PRAddison
2.11Bryce Stroede16:34Hanover-Horton
3.10Zach Hardway16:52Hillsdale
4.11David Whaley17:01Byron
5.12Tanner Vida17:03Clare
6.12Jonathan Harper17:05Clare
7.10Ben Kendell17:07Royal Oak Shrine
8.10Hunter Nivison17:10 SRClare
9.12Ronnie Milbocker17:12Whitmore Lake
10.12Brian Terry17:19Hillsdale
11.12Kal Caulkins17:24Hillsdale
12.11Norman Emineth17:24Potterville
13.12Brad Briner17:28Jonesville
14.12Matt Sutton17:28Royal Oak Shrine
15.11Quinn Miller17:34Hillsdale
16.11Alex Ward17:37Whitmore Lake
17.12Tyler Larson17:38Potterville
18.12Kyle Hardy17:42Potterville
19.9Lucas Crisanti17:46Hanover-Horton
20.11Kage Johnson17:52Jonesville
21.11Matt Arce17:55Royal Oak Shrine
22.12Josh Fons18:08Ann Arbor Gabriel Ri...
23.10Eli Poth18:12Brown City
24.12Franz Narowski18:19Ann Arbor Gabriel Ri...
17.12Charlie Oliver18:22Genesee
25.12David Hall18:30Hillsdale
26.12Kam Hawley18:35Clare
27.12Jeremy Pawlowski18:45Bad Axe
28.11Isaac Pringle18:48Hanover-Horton
29.12Jake McFadden18:54Clare
30.10James Whaley18:55Byron
31.9Colin McNally18:57Ann Arbor Gabriel Ri...
32.9Sam Traver18:58Potterville
33.11Peter McClorey19:01Byron
34.10Justin Campbell19:03Sandusky
35.9Ethan Tubbs19:03Sandusky
36.9Alex Costley19:09 SRAnn Arbor Gabriel Ri...
37.11Zack Schramm19:09East Jackson
38.9Travis Sutton19:15Jonesville
39.11Craigen Oster19:22 SRMadison Heights Bish...
40.9Vince Salcido19:23Bad Axe
41.10Andrew Sines19:25Jonesville
42.11Andrew Karttunen19:25Potterville
43.12Henry Fanson19:28Whitmore Lake
44.12Nathan Sanford19:30Hanover-Horton
45.11Brandon Frank19:30Clare
46.11Lucas Combs19:33Clare
47.12Michael Dimaria19:38Madison Heights Bish...
48.10Casey O'Heran19:40Hillsdale
49.12Alec Sauter19:40Ann Arbor Gabriel Ri...
50.10Stephen Mitchell19:41Ann Arbor Gabriel Ri...
51.12Michael Best19:42 PRAnn Arbor Gabriel Ri...
52.10Mike Guirey19:42Royal Oak Shrine
53.10Matt Childs19:46Hanover-Horton
54.12Yuto Shirikawa19:49Jonesville
55.11Scott Proschek19:49Royal Oak Shrine
56.11Tucker Kelly19:52Byron
57.10Kim O'Connell19:53Hanover-Horton
58.11Remy Whitehill19:55Jonesville
59.10Tristan Swartout19:56Hanover-Horton
60.12Charlie Prich19:57Bad Axe
61.12Devin Maass19:58Byron
62.10Chance Neihouse20:02Byron
63.9Seth Biggs20:09Addison
64.9Timothy Kimball20:12Burton-Bendle
65.11Nick Marcopoli20:14 SRMadison Heights Bish...
66.11Matthew LaBombard20:34Burton-Bendle
67.9Drake Rusk20:34Whitmore Lake
68.10Matt Miller20:47Potterville
69.10Kyle Beyer20:55Addison
70.10Jake Miller21:05 SRRoyal Oak Shrine
71.11Max Martin21:06Sandusky
72.11James Kaercher21:22East Jackson
73.11Aaron Griffiths21:22East Jackson
74.9Kyle Pawloski21:23Royal Oak Shrine
75.12Dylan Cody21:25Madison Heights Bish...
76.9Brandon Wilsdon21:26Byron
77.10Brendon Daoust21:31Whitmore Lake
78.11Andrew Particka21:34Sandusky
79.9Jack Tabor21:36 PRBurton-Bendle
80.10Austin Berlin21:54East Jackson
81.12Dakota Sherman21:55Whitmore Lake
82.11Brodie Brozowski21:59 SRMadison Heights Bish...
83.9Dakota Perry22:05Addison
84.12Michael Paling22:15Sandusky
85.12Jake Daley22:17 PRMadison Heights Bish...
86.11Evan Bank22:34Whitmore Lake
87.9Kyle Leonard22:40Burton-Bendle
88.11Mason Crawley22:45East Jackson
89.12Joey Oster22:54Madison Heights Bish...
90.12Colin Pfister23:05Addison
10Shaun Decoe23:08Genesee
91.10Andrew Lehman23:26Potterville
92.9Alan Reed23:54Addison
93.12Patrick Cuthbertson25:21Addison
10Blake Little25:39Genesee
94.11Andrew Thompson26:04 PRBurton-Bendle
95.10Josh Sheppard26:13Bad Axe
96.9Kyle Leonard32:48Burton-Bendle
97.11Dillen Leonard37:40Burton-Bendle
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5,000 Meters Varsity Division III  
  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Total Time | Spread

Hypothetical Scores

1.12George O'Connor16:25Croswell-Lexington
2.11Chad Mrdeza16:42Flint Powers Catholic
3.10Nick Burg16:53Richmond
4.12Spencer Friske16:55 PRLake Forest Academy
5.12Fiodor Kessler16:56Goodrich
6.12Ricky Robbins17:03Armada
7.11Josh Verlac17:07Saginaw Swan Valley
8.11Jacob Fong17:09Saginaw Swan Valley
9.12Beau Bremer17:11Corunna
10.12Tyler Muzljakovich17:30Armada
11.11Troy Kauffman17:32Pontiac Notre Dame P...
12.11Charlie Ludlow17:39Jackson Lumen Christi
13.12Aaron Hanchett17:49Flint Powers Catholic
14.11Reilly Quinn17:50Corunna
15.12Garrison Schoettle17:51Croswell-Lexington
16.12Dustin Pitcel17:53Richmond
17.10Karl Berkemeier17:54Jackson Lumen Christi
18.12Sam Parks17:54Riverview Gabriel Ri...
19.12Colin Thompson17:55Marshall
20.9Ryan Gibson17:57Jackson Lumen Christi
21.12Aaron Walkowski18:00Armada
22.12Cameron Marsrow18:00Reese
23.11Chris Martinez18:01Flint Powers Catholic
24.11Cody Dobson18:01Croswell-Lexington
25.9Kurt Swaton18:06Marshall
26.9Roan Fahey18:06Croswell-Lexington
27.10Dylan Gracia18:06Riverview Gabriel Ri...
28.12Ben Ruff18:08Goodrich
29.11Matt LeDuc18:10 SRFlint Powers Catholic
30.11Jamin Lash18:13Zeeland West
31.12Steve Bourdow18:15Caro
32.10James Paige18:19 PRLake Forest Academy
33.10Ben Brown18:21Caro
34.11Josh Childs18:21Reese
35.12Michael Graham18:24Richmond
36.11Gino Campis18:27Armada
37.12Ryan Weaver18:29Reese
38.9Tyler Phillips18:33Armada
39.12Trevor Cragg18:34Montrose
40.10James Ruff18:35 SRGoodrich
41.10Dustin LeValley18:35Caro
42.9Jack Randles18:37 SRRiverview Gabriel Ri...
43.10Canyon Raburn18:38Jackson Lumen Christi
44.11Jeremy Weaver18:42Reese
45.12Jesse Spalding18:50Armada
46.12Scott Fuller18:51Lake Forest Academy
47.9Alex Hoop18:52Jackson Lumen Christi
48.11Bobby McCoy18:53Caro
49.12Thomas Kasper18:54Croswell-Lexington
50.10Andrew O'Connor18:54Croswell-Lexington
51.11Steven Nagey18:55Croswell-Lexington
52.11Brandon Kohler18:55Zeeland West
53.9Weston Herman18:56Marshall
54.11Tim Kennedy18:59Flint Powers Catholic
55.11Luke Brennan19:00Pontiac Notre Dame P...
56.12Zach Laymac19:08Goodrich
57.11Nick Arnold19:10Reese
58.12Jordan McPherson19:11Marshall
59.12Sean Suitor19:11Saginaw Swan Valley
60.10Jacob O'Brien19:12Flint Powers Catholic
61.11Nick Fitzsimmons19:14Richmond
62.11Logan Robbins19:15Richmond
63.9Ryan Lowing19:17Zeeland West
64.11Jordan Vandenbussche19:19 SRRichmond
65.12Nathan Alexander19:21Flint Powers Catholic
66.12Pat Patterson19:25 SRGoodrich
67.11Jon Rose19:25Marshall
68.12Aaron Walkling19:26Durand
69.12Drew Shelton19:27Montrose
70.12Hunter Thane19:27Caro
71.9Joshua Fullerton19:30Pontiac Notre Dame P...
72.10Nate Arnold19:30Reese
73.9Brendan O'Neil19:31Pontiac Notre Dame P...
74.9Dylan Wibert19:35Corunna
75.11Leo VanDeneede19:36Riverview Gabriel Ri...
76.12Alex Williams19:37Richmond
77.11Nathan Hagerman19:43Goodrich
78.10Alastair Hood19:44 PRLake Forest Academy
79.10Tyler Long19:45Riverview Gabriel Ri...
80.9Matt Lewis19:46Zeeland West
81.12Dennis Weber19:48 SRRiverview Gabriel Ri...
82.9Dane Brennan19:50Pontiac Notre Dame P...
83.9Sebastian Ramos19:50Saginaw Swan Valley
84.10Quinn Hovarter19:50Marshall
85.10Zach Chodnicki19:52Armada
86.9Michael Look19:53Riverview Gabriel Ri...
87.12Austin DeMoss19:59Lake Fenton
88.12John Ireland20:01Pontiac Notre Dame P...
89.12John Imperial20:02Jackson Lumen Christi
90.10Danny Hogan20:03Pontiac Notre Dame P...
91.9Evan Gardner20:08 SRDurand
92.12Matt Stevens20:11 SRLake Forest Academy
93.9Zack Adkins20:13Durand
94.10August Tierney20:16Marshall
95.10Casey Smith20:19Corunna
96.11Drew Cannoy20:21Durand
97.10Caleb Fletcher20:23Lake Fenton
98.9Travis Bauerschmidt20:28Caro
99.12James Monaghan20:28Saginaw Swan Valley
100.10Hunter Foco20:33Zeeland West
101.12Aubry Remick20:34Zeeland West
102.9Aaron Strieff20:36Zeeland West
103.9Mitchell Ackerman20:36Reese
104.9Alec Preston20:56Saginaw Swan Valley
105.12Nick Nicoloff20:57Goodrich
106.11Arlo Clarke20:57 SRLake Forest Academy
107.12Darrin Cameron21:05 SRCorunna
108.11David Kilbourn21:08 SRMontrose
109.12Austin Pejovich21:12Lake Forest Academy
110.10Nick Miller21:33Saginaw Swan Valley
111.12Jordan Young21:39 PRDurand
112.11Dylan Cunningham21:41Corunna
113.9Trent Schmitz22:25Montrose
114.11Mike Dailey22:47Lake Fenton
115.9Winston Ray22:49Lake Fenton
116.10Ethan Fegan22:50Lake Fenton
117.10Skylor Smith22:59Lake Fenton
118.11Justin Stall23:04Montrose
119.9Dylan Cullimore24:05Lake Fenton
120.10Travis Young24:48Durand
121.11Jason Anderson25:13Durand
122.12Austin Lamb28:09Montrose
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5,000 Meters Varsity Division I  
  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Total Time | Spread

Hypothetical Scores

30.11Max Benoit17:08Royal Oak 5:18, 10:53
12Garrett Neumann17:21 PRPlymouth
59.12Leonard Jackson17:50Royal Oak 5:33, 11:19
12Evan Johnson18:04 SRPlymouth
74.12Adam Quinn18:05Royal Oak 5:33, 11:24
9Jonny Dalton18:13Plymouth
11Nicholas Williamson18:38Plymouth
10Joseph Shaver18:43Plymouth
11Caton Hacker18:45Plymouth
10Daniel Ahearn18:51Plymouth
9Matthew Pahl19:13Plymouth
9Joey Maciag19:18Plymouth
11Stephen Aclipen19:33Plymouth
10Bradley Wilkerson19:50Plymouth
121.12Joe Ledford20:00Royal Oak 6:00, 12:31
122.11Willie Davids20:01Royal Oak 6:00, 12:31
9Andrew Withers20:09 SRPlymouth
125.10John Slowik20:09Royal Oak 6:02, 12:38
9Caleb May20:15Plymouth
9Matt Dottavio20:38Plymouth
9Alex Zoltowski20:58Plymouth
9James Peregoy21:04Plymouth
9Andrew Saunders21:09Plymouth
131.10Dale Mallette21:13Royal Oak 6:18, 13:22
12Joel Simpson21:29Plymouth
9Bradley Christensen21:36Plymouth
12Tyler Riley22:31Plymouth
9Sean Weyers22:31Plymouth
9Ciaran Carr22:42Royal Oak 7:16, 14:42
10Austin Carter24:56Royal Oak 7:40, 16:02
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5,000 Meters Varsity Division II  
  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Total Time | Spread

Hypothetical Scores

1.12Matt Gilbert16:19Fenton
2.11Tyler Delange16:47Port Huron Northern
3.11Brennan Shafer16:53St. Clair
4.11Max Kryza16:55Fenton
5.11Roger Phillips16:58Linden
6.10Cody Smith16:58St. Clair
7.11Chris Koon17:02Clio
8.11Jeremy Simon17:09Richland Gull Lake
9.11Graham Elliott17:10Linden
10.12Randy Gottler17:10St. Clair
11.11Brandon Sevitz17:11Shawnee
12.12Kirk Bennett17:12Linden
13.11Brady Morton17:12Fenton
14.10Sam Butler17:14Richland Gull Lake
15.12Nathaniel Lamb17:17 PRSt Thomas Aquinas (L...
16.11Dakota Hazel17:18St. Clair
17.12Marten Grube17:19Sturgis
18.12Luke Schwerin17:21Holly
19.12Jordan DeSumma17:21 SRSt Thomas Aquinas (L...
20.12Nathan Busby17:26Richland Gull Lake
21.11Samuel Sly17:27Richland Gull Lake
22.12Silas DeKalita17:31Clio
23.12Sid Saghir17:37Bay City Central
24.10Ty Dickinson17:38Port Huron Northern
25.12Dallas Chase17:39Richland Gull Lake
26.11Scott Stokan17:40Port Huron Northern
27.9Matt Thomas17:40Port Huron Northern
28.11Adrian Taylor17:40Linden
29.10Caelan Deater17:42Richland Gull Lake
30.11Nathan Leonard17:42St. Clair
31.11Thomas Kean17:44Clio
32.12Ryan Curtis17:45Richland Gull Lake
33.10James Saylor17:46Auburn Hills Avondale
34.12Mark Cogo17:49South Lyon
35.10Clyde Anderson17:49Clio
36.11Eli Jenkinson17:51Owosso
37.11Kyle Susalla17:54Linden
38.11Michael Franks17:57Clio
39.12Mike Brodowicz17:58South Lyon
40.12Alex Klusman17:58Auburn Hills Avondale
41.10Andrew Thomas18:03South Lyon
42.11Cody Alberty18:04St. Clair
43.11Zach LeMieux18:05Linden
44.11Connor Weidman18:06South Lyon
45.12Noah Strayer18:06Fenton
46.12Eddie Ye18:07Detroit Country Day
47.12Sean Hrecho18:11St. Clair
48.11Trace Plaugher18:13Shawnee
49.12Calvin Scott18:16 PRSt Thomas Aquinas (L...
50.9Terry Stahl18:18Sturgis
51.12Sam Moughler18:19Linden
52.12Ian Juntunen18:20South Lyon East
53.11Steven Griffith18:24Sturgis
54.11David BurneyIV18:26Bay City Central
55.11Graham Prout18:29Port Huron Northern
56.11Andrew Bryan18:29Shawnee
57.12Mahdi Mahmoud18:31 PRDearborn Heights Ann...
58.11Billy Cooney18:32South Lyon
59.12Matt Opanasenko18:33Owosso
60.11Nick Myers18:35Holly
61.10Brad Hunt18:35Port Huron Northern
62.11Austin Price18:37Detroit Country Day
63.11Alex Hoorn18:38 SRSouth Lyon East
64.9Trever Sprowls18:40Sturgis
65.10Austin Messman18:40Owosso
66.11Thomas Mullally18:43Port Huron Northern
67.12Kevin Fitzgerald18:45South Lyon East
68.12Nick Jones18:47Fenton
69.11Andrew Janos18:48South Lyon
70.12Marek Kohout18:58Owosso
71.12Joe Miller19:01Shawnee
72.11Alex Buendia19:02 PRBay City Central
73.10Sam Toward19:03Ortonville Brandon
74.9George Fonville19:03Auburn Hills Avondale
75.12Adam Bryan19:05Shawnee
76.10Jack Hardy19:06South Lyon East
77.11Geoffrey Williston19:07Auburn Hills Avondale
78.11Zach Pender19:08Clio
79.11Ross Brooks19:09Fenton
80.10Reed Heaton19:11Auburn Hills Avondale
81.12Cheng Dai19:13Detroit Country Day
82.10Daniel McMillen19:16South Lyon
83.12Dean Tekyi-Mensah19:18Detroit Country Day
84.10Matt Pheneger19:20 SRShawnee
85.10Steven Domagalski19:21Holly
86.12Adam Cline19:22Sturgis
87.11Josh Stauder19:23 PRSt Thomas Aquinas (L...
88.9Sam Way19:24Shawnee
89.11Corey Nichols19:27Holly
90.11Scott Loughlin19:30Ortonville Brandon
91.11Nick Ott19:30Detroit Country Day
92.12Jacob Dolecki19:36Ortonville Brandon
93.9Colin Hooker19:36Ortonville Brandon
94.10Matthew Ryckman19:40St Thomas Aquinas (L...
95.11Chase Horsfield19:42Bay City Central
96.12John Bernabei19:42Detroit Country Day
97.9David Polzin19:45Sturgis
98.11Gabriel Miller19:45Holly
99.10Kyle Lack19:49Fenton
100.9Luther Houle19:50Bay City Central
101.9Ben Hoffmann19:53Auburn Hills Avondale
102.11Ryan Willis19:54Owosso
103.11Joe Haase19:56Ortonville Brandon
104.11Tanner Young20:03Clio
105.11Russell Bauer20:05Bay City Central
106.12Evan Karlson20:11South Lyon East
108.11Nick Murphy20:14Bay City Central
109.9Jarrett Brice20:17 SROrtonville Brandon
110.9Nate Frasier20:17Holly
111.10Ryan Perczak20:25South Lyon East
112.11Tyler Burmeister20:29Ortonville Brandon
113.10Tyler Goldsack20:30St Thomas Aquinas (L...
114.9Brendan Foley20:34Auburn Hills Avondale
115.10Paul Domanico20:35South Lyon East
116.12Brendan Shelton20:54Dearborn Heights Ann...
117.11Caleb Hess21:35Owosso
118.12David Lu21:35Detroit Country Day
119.11Robert Fields21:35Dearborn Heights Ann...
120.9Tristan Townsend23:42Dearborn Heights Ann...
121.11Robbie Agar24:16Dearborn Heights Ann...
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Womens Results

5,000 Meters Junior Varsity  
  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Total Time | Spread

Hypothetical Scores

10Allyson Ranville22:06 SRFlint Powers Catholic
9Kennedy Clothier22:08 PRFlint Powers Catholic
9Lindsay Kooy22:30Flint Powers Catholic
10Haley Hershey22:37Pontiac Notre Dame P...
9Natalie Nemer22:41Flint Powers Catholic
10Emma Krueger22:55 SRMidland
10Rachel Gatica22:58Zeeland West
12Megan Kraker23:02Zeeland West
9Sophia Charboneau23:06Flint Powers Catholic
9Hannah VanAlst23:10Flint Powers Catholic
11Elizabeth Wallace23:12Flint Powers Catholic
11Eileen Thoma23:17Flint Powers Catholic
9Lauren McGrath23:30Pontiac Notre Dame P...
9Kelsey Reddy23:32Flint Powers Catholic
10Kelsey Dietrich23:34Linden
10Abigail Alexander23:34Flint Powers Catholic
11Natalie Peterson23:36Romeo
12Alyssa Vinckier23:37Romeo
11Mariah Lengyel23:38Linden
10Andrea Ranville23:46 SRFlint Powers Catholic
11Abbi Willey23:49Romeo
11Rose Ferguson23:51Midland
10Baylee Adams23:56 PRFlint Powers Catholic
11Maggie Martinez23:58Pontiac Notre Dame P...
9Courtney Davis24:05Linden
12Sarah Awe24:07Romeo
12Cassidy Dolby24:09 SRLinden
12Andrea Randall24:12 SRFlint Powers Catholic
9Kassi Bartz24:21Midland
12Leah Iseler24:24Midland
10Erika Wendling24:26Breckenridge
9Michaela Carpenter24:26Midland
12Amelia Cope24:29Midland
10Kim Forbush24:31Corunna
9Madison Macksood24:32 SRFlint Powers Catholic
9Amara Jones24:35Linden
12Lindsey Kiiskila24:37Romeo
9Amanda Gardner24:44Romeo
12Bridget Prohaszka24:44Romeo
11Emmakate Conlin24:46Ann Arbor Skyline
10Anna Nawrocki24:46 PRAuburn Hills Avondale
10Charlotte Chimbira24:48Ann Arbor Skyline
10Briana Tomaszewski24:52Romeo
12Kelly Kotsiris24:56Flushing
9Mimi Moughler24:58Linden
11Erica Theros25:01Ann Arbor Skyline
12Amanda Nickels25:01Corunna
9Megan Kraus25:02Pontiac Notre Dame P...
12Sharlin May25:02Corunna
12Skyla Snarsky25:03Zeeland West
11Kathleen Dolven25:04Pontiac Notre Dame P...
9Amanda Armstrong25:08Flint Powers Catholic
10Maria Pagnucco25:12Pontiac Notre Dame P...
11Mariam Carson25:12 SRAnn Arbor Skyline
10Emily Messiter25:20Ann Arbor Gabriel Ri...
11Georgia Madison25:21Pontiac Notre Dame P...
10Rachael Starrs25:23Linden
12Selina Dorking25:24 SRAnn Arbor Skyline
12Lauren Bohac25:28Corunna
10Julia Masstracci25:36 PRAuburn Hills Avondale
9Allie Piro25:39 PRAuburn Hills Avondale
12Alexandra Ladwig25:40Midland
9Madison Gomez25:42Auburn Hills Avondale
9Emily Flaherty25:42Ann Arbor Gabriel Ri...
12Kayla Miner25:44Zeeland West
10Britney Satur25:45Romeo
10Julia Young25:45Ann Arbor Skyline
12Rebekah Welser25:47Midland
9Mary Margaret Payne25:50Pontiac Notre Dame P...
10Kelly Carrigan25:50.0Saginaw Swan Valley
10Rocio Zamudio25:57Zeeland West
10Kaitlin Tobak25:59Zeeland West
12Celia Forgacs26:04Ann Arbor Gabriel Ri...
11Amanda Floyd26:07Flushing
11Meaghan Kelly26:09Pontiac Notre Dame P...
9Erica Kennedy26:09Flint Powers Catholic
9Anjellica Reed26:10Linden
10Maddie Turner26:10Corunna
12Erin Worman26:18Romeo
11Kelly Jones26:21Romeo
9Brooke Mullin26:23Flint Powers Catholic
10Danielle Baker26:29Romeo
9Katie Stoyanoff26:31Flint Powers Catholic
11Rachel Floyd26:33Flushing
9Caroline Wood26:34 PRPontiac Notre Dame P...
10Mara MacLean26:37Pontiac Notre Dame P...
11Bailey Pearce26:40Romeo
11Emma Drummond26:44 SRAnn Arbor Gabriel Ri...
9Kayla Neumann26:45 PRFlint Powers Catholic
9Hannah Shoemaker26:45Auburn Hills Avondale
12Ashley Moskal26:48 PRAuburn Hills Avondale
12Haley Sawyer26:51Corunna
9Emily Harwood27:04Zeeland West
9Bayley Bauchan27:07Flint Powers Catholic
10Jessie Kim27:08Ann Arbor Skyline
9Courtney Susalla27:12Linden
9Katie Christ27:25Pontiac Notre Dame P...
10Kristy Keeley27:32 PRFlint Powers Catholic
11Kara Saracino27:42Pontiac Notre Dame P...
9Brooke Lamblin27:46Clio
12Jackie Borgiel28:13Pontiac Notre Dame P...
9Beth Schoch28:21Corunna
12Paige Funck28:50 PRFlushing
9Anna Czapski28:50Pontiac Notre Dame P...
9Mackenzie Sterling28:56Flint Powers Catholic
12Brooke Kelly28:58 SRFlint Powers Catholic
11Hannah Lentz28:59Corunna
11Lauren See29:03Auburn Hills Avondale
9Cassandra Damouni29:09Flint Powers Catholic
11Megan Otway29:12.0Saginaw Swan Valley
9Allison Crump29:20Auburn Hills Oakland...
12Allie Cole29:20Corunna
11Megan Schulte29:25 PRPontiac Notre Dame P...
9Megan Hatton29:36Flint Powers Catholic
9Andrea Dasky29:38Flint Powers Catholic
11Brianna Kimmer29:42Corunna
12Robyn Yrlas29:46.0Saginaw Swan Valley
12Bridgette Degenhardt29:49 SRPontiac Notre Dame P...
9Shaelin Gifford29:51Linden
10Haile Brown29:59Ann Arbor Skyline
10Ally Petack30:01 PRRomeo
11Morgan Gould30:14Breckenridge
9Rachel Sartori30:34Pontiac Notre Dame P...
9Maria Gonzalez30:38 PRAuburn Hills Avondale
11Anne Rainey30:44 SRAuburn Hills Oakland...
10Madi Bottiaux30:49Auburn Hills Oakland...
12Jenna Bottiaux30:57Auburn Hills Oakland...
11Cassie Chase31:01Grand Traverse Academy
11Paige Williamson31:17.0Saginaw Swan Valley
9Ambur Haddad32:34Clio
10Katie Erickson32:57Auburn Hills Oakland...
9Mary Sonnabend34:14Grand Traverse Academy
9Madison Corlett34:25Clio
9Marissa Pannett44:29Clio
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5,000 Meters Varsity Division V  
  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Total Time | Spread

Hypothetical Scores

1.10Kirsten Olling19:06Breckenridge
2.11Shaley Albaugh19:42Hillsdale Academy
3.11Lauren Benstead20:39Charyl Stockwell Aca...
4.9Hannah Keyser20:49Grand Traverse Academy
5.10Dominique Adams21:06Breckenridge
6.10Terra Crown21:14Plymouth Christian A...
7.9Abby Fifarek21:43Grand Traverse Academy
8.11Alexis Terrell21:51Genesee
9.10Molly Ritsema21:58Grand Traverse Academy
10.12Rachel Termarsch22:01Auburn Hills Oakland...
11.12Rachel Vincke22:05New Lothrop
12.11Sophie Schuetze22:06Grand Traverse Academy
13.12Alexis Nelson22:50Auburn Hills Oakland...
14.9Angelica Allegro22:55Auburn Hills Oakland...
15.11Christina Craig23:03Hillsdale Academy
16.10Anna Baij23:07Munising
17.11Rowan Estenik23:08Grand Traverse Academy
18.10Hope Davidson23:10Breckenridge
19.11Lauren Church23:23Rochester Hills Luth...
20.10Morgan Vrable23:25New Lothrop
21.12Meg Ryan23:25Hillsdale Academy
22.10Sarah Beebe23:34Breckenridge
23.10Diana Charboneau23:39 SRMunising
24.10Leah Osentoski23:42Ubly
25.12Corinne Gardner23:42Ann Arbor Greenhills
26.9Rachel Reiber23:55Breckenridge
27.11Chelsea Blough23:59Genesee
28.10Lindsay Hoard24:05Breckenridge
29.10Amy Rink24:14 SRRochester Hills Luth...
30.11Julia Johnson24:16New Lothrop
31.12Amelia Brown24:20Breckenridge
32.12Krystal Brown24:22New Lothrop
33.10Sara Doyle24:23Ubly
34.9Nicole Sebok24:29New Lothrop
35.11Raven Franks24:55New Lothrop
36.10Alyssa St.Amour25:22Munising
37.10Mariah Cardenas-O'...25:22Novi Franklin Road C...
38.10Claire Palmer25:34Grand Traverse Academy
39.9Megan McHugh25:39Plymouth Christian A...
40.10McCall Conley25:40New Lothrop
41.9Kellen Smith25:41Southfield Christian
42.10Kaity Mussio25:50Ann Arbor Greenhills
43.10Kimberly Suran25:52Waterford Our Lady o...
44.11Meagan Collins25:54Southfield Christian
45.11Vanessa Ulfig25:58Ubly
46.12Kristina Sienkienw...26:24Rochester Hills Luth...
47.12Anna Forringer-Beal26:32Ann Arbor Greenhills
48.9Anna Krauss26:39 SRAnn Arbor Greenhills
49.11Brittany Cremean26:46Bloomfield Christian
50.12Shelby Webb27:05Auburn Hills Oakland...
51.10Stephane Heron27:10Genesee
52.9Riley Mitchell27:39Ann Arbor Greenhills
53.11Taylor Hannel27:55Hillsdale Academy
54.10Madison Webb28:08Auburn Hills Oakland...
55.10Courtney Sharbaugh28:11Rochester Hills Luth...
56.12Allie Wood28:19Auburn Hills Oakland...
57.9Chelsea Wright28:29 PRNovi Franklin Road C...
58.11Ashley Andrews28:35 PRSouthfield Christian
59.12Haylee Luedtke28:48Rochester Hills Luth...
60.9Kaitie Sargent29:17Grand Traverse Academy
61.10Megan Murray29:44Munising
62.10Sigrid Kiledal29:58Hillsdale Academy
63.12Chandler Dorris30:19 SRAnn Arbor Greenhills
64.11Ally Erickson30:27Auburn Hills Oakland...
65.11Brooke Marshall30:47Charyl Stockwell Aca...
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5,000 Meters Varsity Division IV  
  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Total Time | Spread

Hypothetical Scores

1.12Lindsey Burdette18:22Hanover-Horton
2.11Megan Hubbard19:11Hanover-Horton
3.11Sarah Cullip19:32St. Ignace
4.10Shannon Richardson20:05Hanover-Horton
5.10Madeline Richards20:08Hillsdale
6.11Courtney Hinkley20:11Hillsdale
7.10Andrea Bodary20:17Ann Arbor Gabriel Ri...
8.11Hailey Richards20:27Bad Axe
9.10Moriah Hill-Green20:36Potterville
10.12Emily Crowley20:54Clare
11.10Danielle Koepke20:58Potterville
12.12Sierra Melling20:59Hanover-Horton
13.10Victoria Harper21:02Clare
14.9Nina Sapienza21:11Ann Arbor Gabriel Ri...
15.12Aryn Cowley21:16Sandusky
16.10Hannah Poling21:17Addison
17.11Kasey Caulkins21:20Hillsdale
18.12Crystal Schaible21:20Bad Axe
19.10Lindsay Winter21:24Clare
20.9Madelyne Luddy21:24Royal Oak Shrine
21.12Lindsey Chinavare21:25Hanover-Horton
22.10Alexis Dielman21:30Hanover-Horton
23.12Morgan West21:39Potterville
24.9Emily Cowley21:55Sandusky
25.10Marie Carozza21:58Birmingham Roeper
26.10Robyn Stanley22:01Clare
27.12Rosemary Dahl22:07Ann Arbor Gabriel Ri...
28.9Keegan Nelson22:08Sandusky
29.11Layessa Slider22:08Byron
30.10Clare Romano22:09 SRRoyal Oak Shrine
31.9Chaney Manarin22:10Hanover-Horton
32.10Grace Nagle22:10 SRRoyal Oak Shrine
33.9Keyonia Gonzales22:20East Jackson
34.11Hannah Tubbs22:22Sandusky
35.12Caitlin Snyder22:22Royal Oak Shrine
36.12Teresa Scerbak22:39Ann Arbor Gabriel Ri...
37.10Gabrielle Martino22:40Sandusky
38.9Gabby Schmidt22:40Royal Oak Shrine
39.11Melissa Benchley22:40Clare
40.12Maddie Mehall22:41Royal Oak Shrine
41.12Megan Isabell22:45Hillsdale
42.12Gen Schmidt23:02Royal Oak Shrine
43.9Sadie Phillips23:05Clare
44.10Tessa Tino23:12Sandusky
45.10Erica Wykes23:13Byron
46.10Megan Coad23:36Byron
47.10Amanda Yats23:38Clare
48.12Kylie Sanders23:43East Jackson
49.9Karri Shalosky23:49Hillsdale
50.11Lauren Coffman23:51Potterville
51.11Chloe Rybicki-Kler23:55Birmingham Roeper
52.11Julie VonGruenigen23:56Addison
53.10Madelyn Ghesquiere24:23Ann Arbor Gabriel Ri...
54.10Hannah Ruff24:24Byron
55.12Emily Klender24:31Byron
56.12Katie Klender24:32Byron
57.12Heather Smith24:33Bad Axe
58.11Paige Groom24:37Potterville
59.9Emily Rapp24:45Madison Heights Bish...
60.11Gabbie Redpath25:02Ann Arbor Gabriel Ri...
61.12Kellie Szewczyk25:03Whitmore Lake
62.11Molly Cilluffo25:11Sandusky
63.11Rachael Mayhew25:13Jonesville
64.10Mary Mills25:13Madison Heights Bish...
65.9Taylor Richards25:20Bad Axe
66.9Emily Christensen25:30Addison
67.12Alex Kiers25:43Ann Arbor Gabriel Ri...
68.12Taylor Wolschlager25:56Bad Axe
69.11Samantha Howard26:10Addison
70.10Lexi Rushton26:16Madison Heights Bish...
71.12Mackenzie Kaiser26:19Madison Heights Bish...
72.9Emmillie Ray26:26Jonesville
73.12Ashley Glaza26:29Bad Axe
74.12Jen Burack26:29Byron
75.10Cecilia Corbin26:30Potterville
76.10Rachel Shaw26:48Addison
77.12Jessica Alexa26:55Whitmore Lake
78.11Megan Blake26:58Burton-Bendle
79.11Madelynn Smid27:26Whitmore Lake
80.12Stine Hoppe27:50Jonesville
81.12Kaitlin Janderski27:58Bad Axe
82.12Rain Haynes28:40Birmingham Roeper
83.12Jennica Jordan28:54Jonesville
84.9Courtney Fox28:54Birmingham Roeper
85.11Jacie Buyers29:06Whitmore Lake
86.11Abby Salata29:52Whitmore Lake
87.11Amy Loik30:46East Jackson
88.12Christina Powers30:58Madison Heights Bish...
89.10Racquel Staelens32:21East Jackson
90.10Allison Earnest34:51Jonesville
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5,000 Meters Varsity Division III  
  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Total Time | Spread

Hypothetical Scores

1.12Rachele Schulist18:46Zeeland West
2.12Sara Barron19:24Pontiac Notre Dame P...
3.12Mickey Ludlow19:32Jackson Lumen Christi
4.11Rachel Durbin19:48Armada
5.10Morgan McKerchie19:51Flint Powers Catholic
6.12Erika Roe19:57Caro
7.9Casey Hadaway20:00Caro
8.9Caitlin Clark20:04Jackson Lumen Christi
9.9Aubrey Penn20:11Jackson Lumen Christi
10.10Jamie Hanson20:16 SRPontiac Notre Dame P...
11.11Brianna Kalisz20:22Marshall
12.9Monica Ellicott20:22Caro
13.11Sarah Waraniak20:29Flint Powers Catholic
14.11Madi Atkinson20:44Durand
15.11Elizabeth Watling20:46Corunna
16.11Brooke Bremer20:49Corunna
17.9Jaydn Fuerst20:49Reese
18.10Abigail Bringard20:51Croswell-Lexington
19.12Sophia Smith20:53Lake Forest Academy
20.12Jessica Adams20:58Flint Powers Catholic
21.10Kayelin Mazur20:59Flint Powers Catholic
22.11Leanne Leuthard21:00Jackson Lumen Christi
23.11Lindsay Hall21:02Flint Powers Catholic
24.10Taylor Ovadek21:05 PRFlint Powers Catholic
25.9Sarah Brown21:20Caro
26.11Anna Berkemeier21:22Jackson Lumen Christi
27.12Christina Casali21:29Pontiac Notre Dame P...
28.9Christine Scheer21:30Pontiac Notre Dame P...
29.11Jacquelin Miller21:31 PRJackson Lumen Christi
30.11Sacha Flagg21:34Durand
31.9Andrea Messing21:36Caro
32.9Erin Herrgott21:41 SRPontiac Notre Dame P...
33.12Sherry Gaiser21:46Zeeland West
34.12Megan Ewald21:47Caro
35.12Grace Hildensperger21:51Flint Powers Catholic
36.11Mackenzie Santamour21:53Goodrich
37.11Sydney Catton21:59Croswell-Lexington
38.9Emily Mesh21:59Corunna
39.11Jamie Madrigal22:00Durand
40.12Danae Dow22:03Marshall
41.10Mariah Hanson22:10Zeeland West
42.10Katie Szczesniak22:18Richmond
43.12Kayla Ellul22:20Croswell-Lexington
44.9Shannon Hicks22:21Marshall
45.10Maya Williams22:21Marshall
46.12Brittany Bezrutczyk22:27Croswell-Lexington
47.12Emma Bisgaard22:27 PRMarshall
48.10Kelsey Quinn22:31Corunna
49.9Chelsee Larsen22:34Saginaw Swan Valley
50.12Kellie Humpert22:35Reese
51.9Megan Guitar22:39Croswell-Lexington
52.9Kadee Duguid22:40Durand
53.11Carly Joseph22:41Pontiac Notre Dame P...
54.11Meg Kennedy22:48 PRLake Forest Academy
55.10Lauren Becker22:49Marshall
56.11Lexi Fraley22:51Richmond
57.12Erin Murphy22:52Pontiac Notre Dame P...
58.10Abbie Brown23:02Caro
59.12Susan Boeve23:03Zeeland West
60.9Tristan Tobias23:05Marshall
61.11Molly McGrandy23:09Saginaw Swan Valley
62.10Hannah Sauter23:14Jackson Lumen Christi
63.10Jacqueline Reneaud23:15Goodrich
64.9Kayla Fong23:16Saginaw Swan Valley
65.10Lindsay Ross23:17Zeeland West
66.12Andrea Roe23:22Lake Fenton
67.11Emily Tippen23:23Goodrich
68.11Ann Sobell23:24Croswell-Lexington
69.11Kayla Thayer23:27Durand
70.11Becky Fernelius23:27Lake Fenton
71.10Margaret Wracan23:32Corunna
72.12English Haught23:38Goodrich
73.12Melany Diez23:39 PRGoodrich
74.9Sophie Hanson23:40 PRLake Forest Academy
75.11Alexis Madrigal23:40Durand
76.12Tonya Chase23:43Reese
77.10Michelle Whitehead23:49 SRLake Forest Academy
78.10Sydney Shaw23:52Croswell-Lexington
79.9Taylor Elenbaas24:11Zeeland West
80.10Kennedy Thayer24:12Saginaw Swan Valley
81.12Jasmine Wildmo24:15Durand
82.9Sarah Wheeler24:15Zeeland West
83.11Kalina Gajda24:16 PRLake Forest Academy
84.10Vicki Zhang24:17 SRLake Forest Academy
85.10Brianna Ducham24:19Montrose
86.10Anna Latorre24:21Richmond
87.12Alyson Kline24:26Armada
88.10Lauren Ruess24:53Corunna
89.9Reyna Frost24:57Reese
90.10Chelsea Keith24:58Corunna
91.11Kay Hafner25:09Richmond
92.10Laura Carlson25:11Lake Fenton
93.11Abby Kaulkman25:14Goodrich
94.11Courtney Warner25:16Saginaw Swan Valley
95.9Gabby Raines25:22Saginaw Swan Valley
96.10Colleen Chernowsky25:25 PRGoodrich
97.12Nina Varilla25:35Lake Forest Academy
98.10Leya Gonzalez25:38Richmond
99.10Deanna Flaim25:40 SRArmada
100.9Madison Job25:47Armada
101.9Karalee Jerse25:50Armada
102.10Sarah Lynch26:01Reese
103.9Madison Zarkowski26:05Richmond
104.10Alaina Weihl26:08Reese
105.9Darby LaHaie26:16 SRArmada
106.11Megan Dietzel26:26Reese
107.11Elsa Pitcel26:38Richmond
108.11Catrina Parks26:59Lake Fenton
109.9Kim Roe27:02Lake Fenton
110.11Katelyn Rumsey28:02Montrose
111.9Laurel Payne29:27Armada
112.12Deanna Patrosso31:46Lake Fenton
113.10Logan Dailey31:58Lake Fenton
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5,000 Meters Varsity Division I  
  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Total Time | Spread

Hypothetical Scores

1.12Shelby Jackson18:34Romeo
2.10Janey Berends19:01Hudsonville
3.10Alex Berends19:02Hudsonville
4.10Abby Berends19:05Hudsonville
5.12Morgan Bridgewater19:18White Lake Lakeland
6.9Kelli Jackson19:39Hudsonville
7.11Lauren Halpern19:43Ann Arbor Skyline
8.10Rachel Walny19:54Clinton Township Chi...
9.9Addie May19:58Flushing
10.10Nicole Clover20:15White Lake Lakeland
11.9Madz Ham20:18Lake Orion
12.12Katy Pekala20:20Midland
13.9Madison Paquette20:30Highland-Milford
14.10Anita Vander Meulen20:30Ann Arbor Skyline
15.10Casey Stribbell20:31 SRLake Orion
16.12Ashley Bartreau20:33Lake Orion
17.11Megan Sanchez20:34Hudsonville
18.12Julia Berends20:38Hudsonville
19.12Jordan Stanick20:40Midland
20.9Claire Nord20:44 SRTroy Athens
21.11Madeleine Hamel20:46 SRWhitmer
22.12Sara MacDonald20:48White Lake Lakeland
23.10Tayler Warner20:51Midland
24.10Kirsten Harder20:58Whitmer
25.11Reighan Fisher21:02White Lake Lakeland
26.10Nicole Johns21:07Berkley
27.10Gabrielle Simeck21:08Berkley
28.12Rose Propst21:10Romeo
29.10Morgan Cukierski21:10 SRWhitmer
30.12Aubrey Routowicz21:11Flushing
31.10Kaitlyn Barber21:11 SRWhitmer
32.11Madeline Woodke21:11Flushing
33.11Molly Emerick21:18Lake Orion
34.11Mikaela Jaklic21:21 SRHighland-Milford
35.10Alyssa Byndas21:22Highland-Milford
36.12Melissa Palmer21:25Troy Athens
37.12Heidi Dayton21:25Hudsonville
38.12Jessica Knight21:28Ann Arbor Skyline
39.10Mackenna Rouse21:36Midland
40.11Kelsi Silliman21:37Lake Orion
41.9Kara Cotter21:41 SRWhite Lake Lakeland
42.11Patty Babich21:51Lake Orion
43.12Erin Desmond21:55Berkley
44.10Haley Hensel21:56Flushing
45.11Stephanie Mendyk22:04Midland
46.10Alicia Arnold22:06Romeo
47.12Randa Sakallah22:12Ann Arbor Skyline
48.9Cassidy Basydlo22:16Highland-Milford
49.9Anna Ricci22:20Berkley
50.9Alyssa Olszewski22:24Clinton Township Chi...
51.12Lindsey Erdmann22:26Whitmer
52.10Natalie Cizmas22:26Clinton Township Chi...
53.10Madison Bartlett22:29Flushing
54.10Anna Dietz22:29Lake Orion
55.11Abby Hutter22:29Midland
56.9Hannah Holliday22:31Romeo
57.11Devin Turner22:32Clinton Township Chi...
58.10Esther Yan22:32Troy Athens
59.11Taylor Tralka22:33 SRTroy Athens
60.10Sam Pizzo22:38Clinton Township Chi...
61.12Chaune Rael-Whitsitt22:39Ann Arbor Skyline
62.11Julia Ramaci22:41Romeo
63.12Jenna Thomas22:48Romeo
64.11Chrissie McElwee22:55White Lake Lakeland
65.11Maygan Houghton22:59White Lake Lakeland
66.10Tara Frampton23:19Clinton Township Chi...
67.12Madeline Rombes23:23Ann Arbor Skyline
68.9Madison Stafford23:26Flushing
69.10Samantha Brenz23:28Clinton Township Chi...
70.9Megan Kossak23:45Berkley
71.11Sharon Shen23:47Troy Athens
72.12Lucy McNally24:11Berkley
73.12Casey Phelps24:27Flushing
74.11Leah Grinwis24:33Midland
75.11Olivia Thorp24:41Ann Arbor Skyline
76.10Taylor Wohn24:47 SRWhitmer
77.10Morgan Murphy24:47Whitmer
78.12Jessica Leshman25:10 SRBerkley
79.9Breanna Plaxton25:41Highland-Milford
80.9Sophie Stark25:41 PRHighland-Milford
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5,000 Meters Varsity Division II  
  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Total Time | Spread

Hypothetical Scores

1.11Hilary Stafford18:24St Thomas Aquinas (L...
2.10Peyton Boughton19:19Sturgis
3.12Kelsey Keyser19:33Sturgis
4.9Dillon McClintock19:45Owosso
5.10Sydney Elmer19:51Linden
6.12Kayla Balfour20:01St. Clair
7.11Adrienne Pohl20:02 SRShawnee
8.12Taylor Thorpe20:04Fenton
9.12Brittany Murphy20:13St Thomas Aquinas (L...
10.12Lauren Zens20:14St. Clair
11.12Katie Parry20:19St Thomas Aquinas (L...
12.9Hayley Buckhout20:24Richland Gull Lake
13.11Leah Coonrod20:27Richland Gull Lake
14.9Madison Marciniak20:33Bay City Central
15.11Claire Gilbert20:37Owosso
16.11Jori Fell20:41Richland Gull Lake
17.9Mikayla Hostetler20:43Richland Gull Lake
18.12Emily Wolery20:44Shawnee
19.10Madison Cohorn20:45Shawnee
20.12Ashley Merica20:47Richland Gull Lake
21.12Mariah Ridal21:07Holly
22.12Corinne Roller21:15Richland Gull Lake
23.11Charlotte Ruffini21:19Holly
24.10Maria Foley21:25Richland Gull Lake
25.9Paige Arney21:26Ortonville Brandon
26.12Abbie Scheske21:27Sturgis
27.9Alexis Lazarczyk21:27Detroit Country Day
28.9Jessica Brown21:27Owosso
29.12Jennifer Beckner21:28Holly
30.11Leah Komer21:36St Thomas Aquinas (L...
31.11Jamie Kuhlman21:37 SRShawnee
32.12Jessica Tippie21:42St. Clair
33.11Karrah Varner21:42Linden
34.10Alex Matvchuk21:45Holly
35.12Lauren Schuler21:47Sturgis
36.11Ellie White21:51Fenton
37.11Shannon Westfall21:52Holly
38.10Elle Cowger22:02Fenton
39.12Carly Schroeder22:03Holly
40.10Abby Brown22:13Holly
41.11Molly Scott22:22Shawnee
42.11Aleighsha Engisch22:23Linden
43.9Dominique Scripter22:30Linden
44.10Kelly Pieterzak22:32Bay City Central
45.12Debra Van Egeren22:33Detroit Country Day
46.9Kailee Corcoran22:34Linden
47.10Maycee Frey22:34St. Clair
48.11Eva Kirkman22:36Detroit Country Day
49.11Nicole Murphy22:40St Thomas Aquinas (L...
50.11Jenny Surface22:42Fenton
51.12Samantha Schwartz22:42St. Clair
52.10Suzanne Wdowik22:43Auburn Hills Avondale
53.10Samantha Marcath22:46St. Clair
54.9Catie Gilbert22:54Owosso
55.11Hollie Vermeersch23:02Linden
56.10Emily Herard23:05Detroit Country Day
57.11Lauren Raiford23:08Sturgis
58.10Autumn Moulton23:11Fenton
59.10Paige Apkarian23:16 SRShawnee
60.9Allison Silverman23:18Auburn Hills Avondale
61.10Emily Bemis23:20Fenton
62.-Luisa Conzen23:23Bay City Central
63.10Annmarie Amatulli23:25 PRAuburn Hills Avondale
64.11Aubrey Minarik23:28Owosso
65.9Lauren Staudacher23:29Bay City Central
66.9Kristina Ayotte23:31Clio
67.11Haley Green23:36Linden
68.11Ginny Vincent23:42Auburn Hills Avondale
69.10Hannah Lovelace23:42Ortonville Brandon
70.11Shayna Kesteloot23:48Ortonville Brandon
71.11Maggie Dewan23:52Fenton
72.11Aerika Wieser23:52 SRShawnee
73.10Kathryn Kitchen24:00Clio
74.11Lauren Daniel24:02St Thomas Aquinas (L...
75.11Jessie Klisz24:03St. Clair
76.10Hedy Yang24:07Detroit Country Day
77.9Erica Rudy24:08Bay City Central
78.12Taryn-Lee Gutjahr24:12St Thomas Aquinas (L...
79.11Kasey Seery24:15Detroit Country Day
80.10Jessica Mata24:24Bay City Central
81.10Sara Nutter24:31Ortonville Brandon
82.9Carly Gomez24:41 SRAuburn Hills Avondale
83.11Maithri Reddy24:54Detroit Country Day
84.12Cassandra Silvers24:55Owosso
85.12Rachelle DeLong25:07Sturgis
86.12Danielle Kapser25:11Ortonville Brandon
87.9Morgan Thomas25:14Clio
88.10Maddie Mahnick25:18Auburn Hills Avondale
89.10Alicia Mata25:29Bay City Central
90.12Marcee Wardell25:33Ortonville Brandon
91.9Sierra Garcia25:59Clio
92.9Mariah Palazzola26:27Ortonville Brandon
93.11Zoe Klem27:10Owosso
94.11Nina James27:13Clio
95.9Tyler Freeman27:15Clio
96.12Jessica Pannett27:45Clio
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