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Mens Races

Buffalo Bayou near St. Thomas

2 Mile Varsity
3,200 Meters Freshman7:50 AM
3,200 Meters Seniors8:25 AM
3,200 Meters Juniors9:00 AM
3,200 Meters Sophomore9:35 AM
Womens Races

Buffalo Bayou near St. Thomas

2 Mile Varsity
3,200 Meters Freshman7:30 AM
3,200 Meters Seniors8:05 AM
3,200 Meters Juniors8:40 AM
3,200 Meters Sophomore9:15 AM
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SCHEDULE: 7:30 am Freshmen Girls 9:15 am Sophomore Girls

7:50 am Freshman Boys 9:35 am Sophomore Boys

8:05 am Senior Girls 9:50 am Junior High Girls

8:25 am Senior Boys 10:00 am Junior High Boys

8:40 am Junior Girls 10:30 am AWARDS CEREMONY

9:00 am Junior Boys

SITE: Due to construction on the UH Intramural Fields the course will be temporarily

moved to the Buffalo Bayou Park across from St. Thomas High School.

St. Thomas High School address: 4500 Memorial Drive, Houston, TX 77007

RACE DISTANCE: Junior High races will be approximately 1600 meters (1 Loop)

High School races will be approximately 3200 meters (2 Loops)

The course is run on grass with some hills and rolling terrain.

ENTRY LIMIT: There is no limit on the number of entries allowed in any classification.

ENTRY FEE: Entry fee is $10 per individual with a maximum of $70 per team.

Boys & Girls are considered separate teams.

High Schools and Middle Schools are considered separate teams.

Fee is based on the number of athletes entered, not participating.

Make checks payable to "University of Houston" attention Ryan Turner.

Note: We recognize that some school districts do not cut checks until September,

with prior notification we will accept late payment from schools that have this issue.

Contact Ryan Turner in advance if your school wishes to pay in September.

ENTRY PROCCESS: Enter your athletes through

DEADLINE: August 25, 2011 – Thursday at 5:00 pm.

PACKET PICKUP: Packet pickup will be available at 6:00 am the morning of the race

SCORING: Team places will be determined by the aggregate time of each schools five fastest

runners, regardless of grade classification. Junior high races will not be scored.

Delta Timing will time the meet.

AWARDS: Medals for the first 15 individuals in each race.

Places 4-15 will receive their medals in the finish line chute.

All other awards will be handed out at the Awards Ceremony.

Team plaques will go to the top three teams in the High School Divisions.

An overall award will go to the top female and top male performer from the meet.

T-SHIRTS: Cougar Classic T-shirts will be available for $15.00


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Mens Results

3,200 Meters Freshman  

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1.9Eduardo Garcia11:25.69 PRGalena Park North Sh...
2.9Connor Meaux11:30.90Conroe Woodlands Col...
3.9Alberto Garcia11:39.60Klein Forest
4.9Cooper Burner11:40.11Conroe Woodlands Col...
5.9Colton Nettleton11:43.74Conroe Woodlands Col...
6.9Luis Nieto11:47.94Conroe Woodlands Col...
7.9Alec Trevino11:51.65 PRDeer Park
8.9Larry Rodriguez12:00.46Mont Belvieu Barbers...
9.9Myles Marshall12:04.57Humble Kingwood
10.9Landon Turnbull12:04.76Humble Kingwood
11.9Paul Novak12:05.29Conroe Woodlands Col...
12.9Zach Alam12:07.67Humble Kingwood
13.9Charles Mills12:08.14Humble Kingwood
14.9Grant Tillinghast12:08.81Humble Kingwood
15.9Austin Barnes12:10.13Conroe Woodlands Col...
16.9Robert Lopez12:10.66 PRPasadena Memorial
17.9Michael Blashke12:10.74 PRHouston Strake Jesuit
18.9James Townley12:11.99 SRKaty Taylor(James E.)
19.9Jordan Wood12:13.89Humble Kingwood
20.9Jason Nania12:15.02St Thomas
21.9Michael Zin12:17.44Conroe Woodlands Col...
22.9Garrett Watts12:20.39 PRPasadena Memorial
23.9Joseph Scott12:27.23 PRHouston Strake Jesuit
24.9Clay Cardenas12:28.10Klein Forest
25.9Seth Whitaker12:31.76Conroe Woodlands Col...
26.9Andrew Cahill12:32.25Conroe Woodlands Col...
27.9Mathew Kraemer12:33.31Humble Summer Creek
28.9Kevin Quist12:34.14 PRHouston Strake Jesuit
29.9Mario Rodriguez12:37.31 PRNew Caney
30.9Milton Garza12:41.53 SRHouston Yes Prep-SE
31.9Walter Sagehorn12:42.11Conroe Woodlands Col...
32.9Jonathon Rzasnicki12:45.22St Thomas
33.9Chandler Rathke12:48.66 PRKaty Seven Lakes
34.9Jonathan Lara12:49.45Galena Park North Sh...
35.9Brendon Hicks12:51.12Houston Cyp. Ranch
36.9Diego Martinez12:51.51 PRHumble Atascocita
37.9Sam Hayes12:52.94Humble Kingwood
38.9Evan Pearlman Mora...12:53.87St Thomas
39.9Turner Mehaffey12:55.48 PRRichmond Foster
40.9Kyle Kushnir13:01.18 PRKaty Seven Lakes
41.9Andrew Cramer13:02.74 PRKaty Seven Lakes
42.9Lyons Braydon13:04.35Houston Cyp. Ranch
43.9Daniel Mueller13:15.24 PRHouston Christian
44.9Alan Galindo13:23.43Houston Langham Crk
45.9Edgar Medrano13:24.80 SRHouston Yes Prep Eas...
46.9Armando Bahena13:25.89 SRHouston Yes Prep Eas...
47.9James keegan Dwyer13:27.05St Pius X
48.9Tyler Winter13:28.34 PRKaty Seven Lakes
49.9Ian Domrose13:32.10Houston Langham Crk
50.9Jonathan Schutt13:35.31Conroe Woodlands Col...
51.9Joshua Shawn13:37.10St Thomas
52.9Tom Fitt13:37.64Humble Kingwood
53.9Clint Thomas13:39.65Humble Atascocita
54.9Scott Shannon13:40.47 PRKaty Seven Lakes
55.9Kyle Mendoza13:40.94Humble Summer Creek
56.9Blake Love13:41.55 PRDeer Park
57.9Nate Cannon13:43.72 PRHouston Strake Jesuit
58.9Logan Sullivan13:45.92 PRHouston Strake Jesuit
59.9Joe Balderas13:46.47 SRHouston Yes Prep-SE
60.9Magnus Sletfjerding13:46.75 PRKaty Seven Lakes
61.9Austin Metcalf13:49.13Houston Langham Crk
62.9Alex Dimitroff13:50.24 PRHouston Strake Jesuit
63.9William Donnell13:50.76 PRHouston Strake Jesuit
64.9Matthew Hwagn13:51.76 PRHouston Strake Jesuit
65.9Price Travis13:54.08 PRRichmond Foster
66.9Jacob King13:56.37Mont Belvieu Barbers...
67.9Suchma Charles13:56.62Houston Cyp. Ranch
68.9Rudiee Garcia13:56.79 PRKaty Taylor(James E.)
69.9Francisco Regalado13:59.77 PRSealy
70.9Emmanual Mata14:00.91Houston Langham Crk
71.9Jacob Hanlin14:01.40Humble Kingwood
72.9Fernando Garcia14:02.29Houston Yes Prep-SE
73.9Abraham Vicuna14:02.69 SRHouston Yes Prep Eas...
74.9Ryan Castillo14:03.04 PRBaytown Goose Crk Mem
75.9Reese Wilkes14:04.01 PRHouston Strake Jesuit
76.9Sam Rhodes14:05.30Houston Langham Crk
77.9Jose Mongarro14:07.04Humble Atascocita
78.9Joseph Ayala14:10.87 PRBaytown Goose Crk Mem
79.9Cade Weidemeyer14:11.78 PRRichmond Foster
80.9Miguel Baltazar14:12.62Humble Atascocita
81.9Abel Garcia14:15.86Klein Forest
82.9John Harris14:18.90 PRConroe Woodlands Col...
83.9Joshua Hales14:24.54Humble Summer Creek
84.9Jonathan Lozano14:24.97 SRHouston Yes Prep-SE
85.9Patrick McCabe14:26.24Conroe Woodlands Col...
86.9Antonio Barrera14:27.07 PRPasadena Memorial
87.9Connor Smith14:29.21Conroe Woodlands Col...
88.9Josh Davis14:29.59Humble Kingwood
89.9David Billings14:32.87Humble Kingwood
90.9Alex DiLorenzo14:33.29Humble Kingwood
91.9Mason Travioli14:37.24Humble Atascocita
92.9Dylan Murphy14:37.69 SRSt Thomas
93.9Cameron Richards14:38.45 PRBaytown Goose Crk Mem
94.9Carlos Betancourt14:40.90 PRPasadena Memorial
95.9Roman Rodriguez14:42.84 PRPasadena Memorial
96.9Hector Trevino14:45.70Houston Yes Prep-SE
97.9Anthony Schnider14:46.10 PRHouston Strake Jesuit
98.9Sam Townend14:48.64 PRHouston Strake Jesuit
99.9Pablo Absalon14:48.69 PRDeer Park
100.9Jesse Folk14:51.99St Pius X
101.9Wilson Andrew14:54.29Houston Cyp. Ranch
102.9David Neira14:54.48Houston Cyp. Ranch
103.9Samuel Ligon14:55.29Conroe Woodlands Col...
104.9Hugo DelMoral14:57.79 PRHouston Yes Prep Eas...
105.9Brandon Mejia14:58.97 SRHouston Yes Prep-SW
106.9Juan Sanchez15:00.24Mont Belvieu Barbers...
107.9Harrison Varvel15:01.07 PRKaty Seven Lakes
108.9Ramon Jasso15:04.45Houston Yes Prep-SE
109.9Alex Grothues15:16.94 PRHouston Strake Jesuit
110.9Patrick Smith15:18.72 PRHouston Langham Crk
111.9Christian Poche15:23.51St Pius X
112.9Nick Tyler15:27.51Houston Langham Crk
113.9Ziad Wardeh15:27.87 PRKaty Seven Lakes
114.9Luis Monogarro15:29.42Humble Atascocita
115.9Emmanuel DeLeon15:31.46 SRHouston Yes Prep Eas...
116.9John-David Gobea15:32.60 PRPasadena Memorial
117.9Patrick Woodling15:33.68 PRRichmond Foster
118.9Daniel Sweat15:35.65 SRSecond Baptist
119.9Matthew Beall15:40.40 PRSecond Baptist
120.9Calyton Miller15:42.88 PRHouston Langham Crk
121.9Joshua Villasenor15:43.38St Thomas
122.9Frank Sanchez15:43.62 PRHouston Yes Prep-SE
123.9Thomas Barolak15:46.58Conroe Woodlands Col...
124.9Austin Drey15:55.33Houston Langham Crk
125.9Chris Arnouk15:56.42 PRHouston Strake Jesuit
126.9Spencer Chang15:57.54 PRHouston Strake Jesuit
127.9Edward Gomez15:58.27Galena Park North Sh...
128.9Brandon De Ochoa15:59.90 SRHouston Yes Prep Eas...
129.9Samuel Morris16:03.60 PRThe Woodlands Christ... 585 of 665
130.9William Kuglen16:04.37Conroe Woodlands Col...
131.9Micheal Friedrich16:09.69Houston Langham Crk
132.9Henri Sanchez16:19.37 PRDeer Park
133.9Caleb Ralston16:19.42Second Baptist
134.9Alex Hubbard16:43.91St Thomas
135.9Silvio Prieto16:46.55Houston Langham Crk
136.9Alexander Meza16:47.05 PRPasadena Memorial
137.9Shelby McDonald16:47.37Humble Kingwood
138.9Fabian Zaldivar16:50.63 PRHouston KIPP
139.9Stephen Tower16:51.56Second Baptist
140.9Jin Mon16:56.89 PRPasadena Memorial
141.9Joseph Guy17:18.16Humble Summer Creek
142.9Eduardo Ortiz17:19.93 SRHouston Yes Prep-SW
143.9Ethan Rucker17:20.23 PRKaty Taylor(James E.)
144.9Caleb Roland17:20.28 PRDeer Park
145.9Anthony DeLeon17:20.71 PRPasadena Memorial
146.10Andrew Rodriguez17:46.89Houston Yes Prep-SE
147.9Alexander Kauffman17:53.76 PRProvidence Classical
148.9Brian Doxey18:09.80 PRConcordia Lutheran
149.9Asumani Kubika18:10.93New Caney
150.9Arthur Soto18:54.78 SRHouston Yes Prep-SW
151.9Luis Moreno19:23.06Houston Yes Prep-SW
152.9Anthony Martinez19:23.97 PRHouston Strake Jesuit
153.9Drew Barkley19:24.86 PRHouston Strake Jesuit
154.9Tonya Huynh19:42.68 PRHouston KIPP
155.9Zach Mathews19:43.38Humble Atascocita
156.9Oscar Perales20:09.64 SRHouston Yes Prep-SE
157.9Austin Newman20:13.71 PRSt Thomas
158.9David Khan20:29.24 SRSecond Baptist
159.9Erick Ramirez23:00.00 PRGalena Park North Sh...
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3,200 Meters Seniors  

to see charts & hypothetical scores
1.12Cale Wallace10:05.42 PRHouston Cyp. Ranch
2.12Nathan Ricketts10:32.47 PRKaty Seven Lakes
3.12Sean Hodges10:34.50 PRConroe Woodlands Col...
4.12Ryan Everitt10:46.34Concordia Lutheran
5.12Eric Redondo10:52.66 PRHumble Kingwood
6.12Colin McMurry10:53.04 PRHouston Cyp. Ranch
7.12Greg White10:54.17 PRKaty Seven Lakes
8.12Connor Benson10:57.05 PRHumble Atascocita
9.12Scott Walker10:59.39 PRHouston Strake Jesuit
10.12Tyler Brady11:05.19 PRHumble Kingwood
11.12Trent Higgins11:11.95 PRHumble Kingwood
12.12Cody Diaz11:12.93 PRHumble Atascocita
13.12Daniel Shellhouse11:15.42 PRHumble Kingwood
14.12Stephen Smith11:15.45 PRHumble Atascocita
15.12Cory Sessum11:16.63 PRConroe Woodlands Col...
16.12Alex Kosley11:16.83 PRHouston Cyp. Ranch
17.12Derick Frankel11:18.44 PRPasadena Memorial
18.Devin Long11:28.40Unattached
19.12James Watson11:29.70 PRConroe Woodlands Col...
20.12Brandon Rivera11:30.11 PRMont Belvieu Barbers...
21.12Jacob Jordan11:32.18 PRHouston Cyp. Ranch
22.12Joe Vera11:32.73 PRDeer Park
23.12Robert Humphries11:32.87 PRHumble Kingwood
24.12Trent Helton11:35.04 PRConroe Woodlands Col...
25.12Mario Martinez11:36.23 PRKlein Forest
26.12Shane Tucker11:39.60 PRRichmond Foster
27.12Ian Richardson11:40.71 PRConroe Woodlands Col...
28.12Edwardo Hernandez11:43.49 PRMont Belvieu Barbers...
29.12Reginald Mitchell11:44.82 PRHumble Atascocita
30.12Will Tosch11:51.16 PRHouston Strake Jesuit
31.12Trey Sneed11:57.98 PRHumble Atascocita
32.12Todd Schraden12:00.59 PRKaty Seven Lakes
33.12Andre Bouillion12:01.54 PRHouston Strake Jesuit
34.12Orlando Miranda12:02.42 PRKaty Taylor(James E.)
35.12Alan Tyree12:05.74 PRHouston Cyp. Ranch
36.12Maxwell Brown12:06.32 PRHouston Christian
37.10D'Anthony Reed12:06.44 PRHumble Summer Creek
38.12Travis Mehaffey12:08.13 PRRichmond Foster
39.12Zachary Hendrickson12:09.45 PRMont Belvieu Barbers...
40.12Anthony Norville12:11.01 PRPasadena Memorial
41.12Daniel Land12:11.07Fort Bend Christian ...
42.12Jose Quintanilla12:14.21 PRKlein Forest
43.12Sam Chamberlin12:15.63 PRHumble Atascocita
44.11Davin McCarthy12:18.39 PRHouston Langham Crk
45.12Manuel Munoz12:19.48 PRMont Belvieu Barbers...
46.12Moises Amador12:23.37 PRSealy
47.12Esteban Gonzalez12:24.56 PRKaty Taylor(James E.)
48.12Brian Carter12:25.30 PRDeer Park
49.12Hunter Estrada12:25.81 PRPasadena Memorial
50.12Landon Martin12:27.18 PRProvidence Classical
51.12Troy Harrington12:29.68St Thomas
52.12Cody Gore12:32.76 PRHumble Atascocita
53.12Christopher Mosser12:35.40 SRHouston Christian
54.11Dawson Protz12:38.56 PRHouston Langham Crk
55.12Trey Bagley12:39.60St Thomas
56.12Jesse Ortega12:43.72 PRHouston KIPP
57.12Daniel Ehrhardt12:46.60Concordia Lutheran
58.12Jesus Rivera12:46.76 PRKaty Seven Lakes
59.12Chris Drury12:47.59 PRKaty Taylor(James E.)
60.11Jacob Marek12:48.08 PRHouston Langham Crk
61.12Dylan Moser12:48.27 PRKaty Taylor(James E.)
62.12John Martin12:48.67 PRKaty Taylor(James E.)
63.12Martin Cabello12:54.18 PRDeer Park
64.12Robert Bennett12:57.23St Thomas
65.12Jacob DiSalvo12:59.10 PRDickinson
66.11Chris McGuire12:59.90 PRHouston Langham Crk
67.12Edgar Sanchez13:02.87 PRBaytown Goose Crk Mem
68.12Chris Collier13:03.76 PRHumble Kingwood
69.12John Flattery13:03.79 PRKaty Seven Lakes
70.11Nick Bishop13:04.88 PRHouston Langham Crk
71.12Jonathan Lopez13:05.64 PRLiberty
72.12Kevin Flavin13:06.23 PRHouston Strake Jesuit
73.12Michael Morrow13:06.59 PRHouston Cyp. Ranch
74.12Ryan Oxenreiter13:06.63 PRHouston Langham Crk
75.11Jason Cassidy13:11.41 PRHouston Langham Crk
76.12Mitch VonBorstel13:11.97 PRHouston Strake Jesuit
77.12Alex Sanchez13:14.47 PRDeer Park
78.12Trevor Lauten13:14.94St Pius X
79.12Omarcus Sam13:15.53 PRGalena Park North Sh...
80.12Nicholas Burnette13:20.14Concordia Lutheran
81.12Chandler Wall13:24.91Fort Bend Christian ...
82.12Kyle Butters13:25.48 PRRichmond Foster
83.12Geraldo Arguello13:34.18 PRGalena Park North Sh...
84.12Ben Young13:34.97 PRHumble Kingwood
85.12Slone Harrison13:39.39 PRHouston Langham Crk
86.12Devin Groff13:41.40 PRHouston Langham Crk
87.12Andres Estevez13:41.91 PRNew Caney
88.12Luis Torres13:45.08 PRGalena Park North Sh...
89.12Tim Hawkins13:45.92 PRSt Thomas
90.12Phillip Lewis13:50.10 PRKaty Seven Lakes
91.12Anthony Mora13:51.01 PRGalena Park North Sh...
92.12Max Marzec13:51.05 PRKaty Taylor(James E.)
93.12David Montano13:55.20 PRGalena Park North Sh...
94.12Sam Thompson13:55.75Fort Bend Christian ...
95.12Benjamin Brammer13:56.31 PRFort Bend Christian ...
96.12Rolando Gonzalez13:56.39 PRHouston Yes Prep Eas...
97.12Travis Maples13:59.50Fort Bend Christian ...
98.12Reyes Santamria14:01.83 PRHumble Summer Creek
99.11Dylan Watson14:02.53 PRDickinson
100.12Alex Barrett14:04.47 SRHouston Christian
101.12Alex Granados14:07.77 PRChannelview
102.12Akshay Ahuja14:08.36 PRKaty Seven Lakes
103.12Riley Riley14:18.44 PRSt Thomas
104.12Gerardo Charles14:21.09 PRHouston KIPP
105.12Alex Friedman14:23.06 PREmery/Weiner
106.12Brandon Walker14:25.44 PRSealy
107.12Hector De Leon14:26.72 PRGalena Park North Sh...
108.12Bryan Vercera14:28.30 PREmery/Weiner
109.12Patrick Pinkerton14:32.92 SRSt Thomas
110.12William Wheeler14:34.19 PRThe Woodlands Christ... 474 of 665
111.11Miguel Tellez14:36.47 PRDickinson
112.12Saxon Hancock14:36.91 PRKaty Seven Lakes
113.12Ramon Elizondo14:38.18 PRSealy
114.12Frank Garcia14:40.72 PRSealy
115.12Luis Garcia14:42.79 PRGalena Park North Sh...
116.12Ashley Kessel14:44.60 PREmery/Weiner
117.12Andrew Nemec14:46.76 SRSt Thomas
118.11Jarret Lonsford14:49.07 PRDickinson
119.12David Zamarripa14:49.15 PRGalena Park North Sh...
120.12David Wolfe14:55.22 PRSt Pius X
121.9Emanuel Rodriguez14:56.41 PRChannelview
122.12Ruben Chapa15:01.27 PRPasadena Memorial
123.12Bosco Salvatore15:07.04 PRKaty Seven Lakes
124.12Kevin McAllister15:08.61 PRKaty Taylor(James E.)
125.12Eric De Hoyos15:16.92 PRSealy
126.12Jose Noguera15:17.08 SRSt Thomas
127.12Philly Perez15:26.96 PRNew Caney
128.12Jean Lange15:29.95 PRDickinson
129.12Straughter SherKeith15:30.22 PRBaytown Goose Crk Mem
130.12Kyle Samson15:35.23 SRSt Thomas
131.12Mitchell Anderson15:36.24 PRKaty Taylor(James E.)
132.12Chris Polk15:43.20 PRBaytown Goose Crk Mem
133.12Alan Songer15:54.83 PRProvidence Classical
134.12Lee Friedman16:01.18 PREmery/Weiner
135.12Matthew Meier16:10.00 PRHouston Cyp. Ranch
136.12Colin Croteau16:12.24 PRKaty Taylor(James E.)
137.10Hector Alvarez16:13.36 PRSealy
138.12Kyler Shaw16:14.11 PRKaty Taylor(James E.)
139.12Hayden Smith16:17.06 PRChannelview
140.11Gilberto Flores17:31.50 PRDickinson
141.12James Quinn17:32.61 PRDeer Park
142.12Howard Cheng18:48.26 PRHouston Christian
143.12Marquest Baycote20:51.48 PRBaytown Goose Crk Mem
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3,200 Meters Juniors  

to see charts & hypothetical scores
1.11William Messinger10:43.81 PRConroe Woodlands Col...
2.11Sergio Rodriguez10:48.53 PRHumble Kingwood
3.11Pete Rodriguez10:49.80 PRMont Belvieu Barbers...
4.11Gustavo Raskowsky10:53.60 PRHouston Strake Jesuit
5.11Jesus Hernandez10:55.42 PRBaytown Goose Crk Mem
6.11Kelly Glen11:00.23 PRHumble Kingwood
7.11Clay Harris11:08.08 PRHumble Atascocita
8.11Jo Alan Castilleja11:11.84St Thomas
9.9Andrew Hymel11:13.06 PRConroe Woodlands Col...
10.11Juan Zambrano-Jara...11:13.09 PRConroe Woodlands Col...
11.11Mason Parva11:17.17 PRHumble Kingwood
12.11Corbin Witte11:18.05 PRHouston Strake Jesuit
13.11Joseph Hernandez11:21.73 PRHouston Strake Jesuit
14.11Carlos Garza11:22.70 PRHumble Kingwood
15.11Nicholas Matthews11:22.83St Thomas
16.11Ryan Young11:23.41 PRHumble Atascocita
17.11Adrian Alba11:26.97St Thomas
18.11Luis Gonzalez11:30.20 PRMont Belvieu Barbers...
19.11Zachary Cabrera11:31.24 PRChannelview
20.11Harland Hebert11:39.60 PRHouston Strake Jesuit
21.11Kevin Dean11:39.80 PRKaty Seven Lakes
22.11Ryan Brenkus11:41.19 PRKaty Seven Lakes
23.11Grant Mobley11:42.53 PRDeer Park
24.11Norris Wong11:42.92 PRHouston Cyp. Ranch
25.11Abraham Chavez11:45.01 PRPasadena Memorial
26.11Eduardo Ortiz11:45.38 PRSealy
27.11Jack Wauson11:47.76 PRRichmond Foster
28.11Yash Mistry11:48.07 PRHumble Kingwood
29.11Tyler Anders11:48.28 PRMont Belvieu Barbers...
30.11Mario Hernandez11:49.70 PRPasadena Memorial
31.11Scott Stavinoha11:50.25 PRHumble Atascocita
32.11Guillermo Gonzales11:50.32 PRKaty Taylor(James E.)
33.11Kenny Purcell11:54.14 PRKaty Taylor(James E.)
34.11Alex Corbin11:56.72 PRKaty Seven Lakes
35.11Joshua Wilson11:56.77 PRHouston Cyp. Ranch
36.11Tarik Tyler11:57.20 SRSecond Baptist
37.11Alex Vaporciyan11:57.27 PRHouston Strake Jesuit
38.11Alajandro Garcia12:00.03 PRHouston Strake Jesuit
39.11Garrett Kneese12:00.17 PRDeer Park
40.11Adam Girgis12:00.79 PRKaty Seven Lakes
41.11Jordan Hutchinson12:01.39 PRKaty Taylor(James E.)
42.11Alex Marzec12:03.78 PRKaty Taylor(James E.)
43.11Chris Gonzalez12:05.57 PRHumble Kingwood
44.11Brian Martinez12:06.68 PRPasadena Memorial
45.11Andres Cruz12:11.49 PRGalena Park North Sh...
46.11Hunter Dellinger12:14.01 PRConroe Woodlands Col...
47.11Rickey Luce12:15.62 PRMont Belvieu Barbers...
48.11Jakob Bellamy12:15.89 PRConroe Woodlands Col...
49.11Samad Zia12:18.54 PRConroe Woodlands Col...
50.11Daniel Torres12:21.27 PRKaty Seven Lakes
51.11Olsvaldo Herrera12:29.05 PRHumble Atascocita
52.11Eliott Carley12:29.77 PRKaty Taylor(James E.)
53.11Zack Schranck12:32.77 PRKaty Seven Lakes
54.11Tyler Fleming12:32.87 PRHouston Strake Jesuit
55.11Santiago Espinosa12:34.08 PRKaty Taylor(James E.)
56.11Eric Sanchez12:35.18 PRDeer Park
57.11David Ladesma12:35.72 PRRichmond Foster
58.11Landon Marshall12:39.07 PRHumble Atascocita
59.11Joseph Lyall12:40.63Fort Bend Christian ...
60.11Aaron Durham12:44.74 PRLiberty
61.11Luke Shearer12:46.55 PRThe Woodlands Christ... 201 of 665
62.11Miguel Perez12:47.11 PRMont Belvieu Barbers...
63.11Blake Paulsen12:52.14 PRHouston Cyp. Ranch
64.11Rafael Trevino12:52.70Houston Yes Prep-SE
65.11Xavier Martinez12:53.33 PRGalena Park North Sh...
66.11Kevin Villatoro12:56.31 PRHouston KIPP
67.11Devon Stroud12:56.52 PRHumble Summer Creek
68.11Ramiro Mendez12:57.90 PRLiberty
69.11Jay Salazar12:59.23Houston Yes Prep-SE
70.11kyle Crawford13:00.81St Pius X
71.11Romario Solis13:01.41 PRHumble Atascocita
72.11Liam McDowell13:01.91 PRConroe Woodlands Col...
73.11Brandon Pullig13:03.13 PRDeer Park
74.11Jose Joseph Pineda13:05.38 PRBaytown Goose Crk Mem
75.11Cezar Chaves13:06.35 PRNew Caney
76.11Jiawen Jiang13:07.72 PRConroe Woodlands Col...
77.11Logan McDowell13:08.12 PRConroe Woodlands Col...
78.11Andrew Juergens13:08.51 PRHouston Langham Crk
79.11Cameron Blakely13:08.95 PRKaty Seven Lakes
80.11Manuel Guerrero13:09.08 PRNew Caney
81.11Ben Tour13:09.18 SRSecond Baptist
82.11Eric Johnson13:09.81 PRHouston Langham Crk
83.11Carlos Colunga13:13.32 PRLiberty
84.11Ryan Kurtz13:17.34 PRHumble Atascocita
85.11George Gaytan13:20.34 PRHouston Langham Crk
86.11Andrew Yeang13:21.01 PRHouston Langham Crk
87.11Gavin Sanchez13:21.20Houston Yes Prep-SE
88.10Tanner Mingen13:21.67 SRHouston Langham Crk
89.11Alexander Hales13:22.78 PRHumble Summer Creek
90.11Austin Rocha13:24.70 PRBaytown Goose Crk Mem
91.11Bryan Swanson13:24.76 PRConroe Woodlands Col...
92.11Lucas Sgandrella13:25.93 PRHouston Strake Jesuit
93.11Alexis Reyna13:25.97 PRHouston Yes Prep-SE
94.11Lane Joiner13:26.27 PRHouston Langham Crk
95.11Cameron Garcia13:26.59St Pius X
96.11Mitchell Blowey13:27.01St Thomas
97.11Clement Lebon13:27.05 PRHumble Kingwood
98.11Sean Magilloa13:27.84 PRConroe Woodlands Col...
99.11Victor Valdez13:30.79 PRNew Caney
100.11Nathaniel Regier13:32.22 PRThe Woodlands Christ... 331 of 665
101.11Edwin Bravo13:39.51Houston Yes Prep-SE
102.11Jorge Leija13:40.99 PRBaytown Goose Crk Mem
103.11Jacob Smith13:42.84 PRDeer Park
104.11Heriberto Rodriguez13:44.43 PRPasadena Memorial
105.11Jared Suggs13:44.59 PRPasadena Memorial
106.11Eduardo Garcia13:44.86 PRLiberty
107.11Luke Shappard13:47.29 SRConcordia Lutheran
108.11Luis Chavez13:48.67Sealy
109.11Michael Hix13:49.76 PRKaty Taylor(James E.)
110.11Gailus Moritz13:50.08 PRHumble Atascocita
111.11Christian Rivaz13:51.13 PRHouston Cyp. Ranch
112.10Skylar Gordon13:52.23 PRSealy
113.11Xaiver Lightener13:54.73 PRHumble Summer Creek
114.11Angel Luna13:55.27 PRHouston Cyp. Ranch
115.11Mark Rodriguez13:55.81 PRHouston KIPP
116.11Tim Lenig13:58.07 PRHouston Langham Crk
117.11Austin Sitterly14:01.45 PRHouston Langham Crk
118.11Danny Flores14:02.55 PRMont Belvieu Barbers...
119.11Jose Cerda14:04.80 PRMont Belvieu Barbers...
120.11Dillon Smith14:12.41Fort Bend Christian ...
121.11Lucas Goodspeed14:16.38Fort Bend Christian ...
122.11Nestor Ponce14:17.06 PRBaytown Goose Crk Mem
123.11Samuel Perez14:17.69 PRHouston KIPP
124.11Victor Soto14:19.05 PRHouston Strake Jesuit
125.11Ibegbunam Badipe14:19.36 PRKaty Seven Lakes
126.11Mike Sacra14:23.40 PRHouston Strake Jesuit
127.11Steven Johnson14:23.96 PRMont Belvieu Barbers...
128.11Cameron Crawford14:24.03 PRKaty Taylor(James E.)
129.11Evan Clark14:24.91 PRHouston Langham Crk
130.11Morgin Dubose14:27.26 SRLiberty
131.11Sean Mcelroy14:28.94 PRConroe Woodlands Col...
132.11Fernando Portillo14:32.92Houston Yes Prep-SE
133.11Lance McRae14:33.16 PRHouston Cyp. Ranch
134.11Dillon Davis14:45.37 PRHumble Summer Creek
135.11Joshua Espinoza14:47.19 PRPasadena Memorial
136.11Jackie Vidal14:55.04 SRSealy
137.11Luis Barrajas15:08.26 PRKlein Forest
138.11Nick Lampasas15:19.34 PRMont Belvieu Barbers...
139.11Michael Coventon15:19.58 PRKaty Taylor(James E.)
140.11Chandler Fong15:21.63 SRConcordia Lutheran
141.11Tanner Bennett15:22.53 PRHouston Langham Crk
142.11Daniel Marroquin15:31.50 PRHouston KIPP
143.11Kyle Garman15:32.71 SRHouston Christian
144.11Everardo Garza15:43.52 PRHouston Yes Prep-SE
145.11Giovanni Villalta15:50.68 PRKaty Taylor(James E.)
146.11Tyler Seward15:51.79 PRLiberty
147.11Jose Joseph Villan...15:54.38 PRBaytown Goose Crk Mem
148.11Wes Thurman15:56.57 PRKaty Taylor(James E.)
149.11Sergio Castellanos16:01.53 PRLiberty
150.11Luis Trevino16:03.78 PRPasadena Memorial
151.11Mitchell Saphos16:28.02 PRDeer Park
152.11Adam Gollomp16:39.42 PREmery/Weiner
153.11Kyle Caster16:39.91 PRNew Caney
154.11Gabriel Gaucin16:49.95St Thomas
155.11Chris Shane17:03.57Houston Yes Prep-SE
156.11Micheal Hernandez17:05.68 PRSt Thomas
157.11Andrew Harding17:12.81 PRHouston Christian
158.11Omar Flores17:26.89 PRHouston KIPP
159.11Connor Ansel17:28.10 PRHouston Yes Prep-SW
160.11Edgar Sanchez17:42.23 PRHouston KIPP
161.11David Hansen18:36.48 PRHouston Christian
162.11Travis Lakatos18:47.57 PRHouston Cyp. Ranch
163.11Marco Cortes20:14.00Houston Yes Prep-SE
164.11Jonathan Cruz20:22.00Houston Yes Prep-SE
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3,200 Meters Sophomore  

to see charts & hypothetical scores
1.10R.J. Ammons10:33.38 PRHouston Strake Jesuit
2.10Frank Lara10:50.26 PRHouston Strake Jesuit
3.10Brandon Joe11:13.71 PRKaty Taylor(James E.)
4.10Daniel Shelton11:15.24 PRGalena Park North Sh...
5.10Tanner Maloney11:32.48 PRConroe Woodlands Col...
6.10Matthew Parham11:36.35 PRRichmond Foster
7.10Cade Kinard11:39.19 PRKaty Taylor(James E.)
8.10Mejia Rodrigo11:40.58 PRHumble Kingwood
9.10Jake Bootz11:45.29 PRHumble Summer Creek
10.10Colton Brehm11:45.87 PRConroe Woodlands Col...
11.10Jack Gallagher11:47.90 PRHumble Kingwood
12.10Julio Solis11:48.73Houston Yes Prep-SE
13.10Christopher Williams11:50.35 PRConroe Woodlands Col...
14.10Ray Tafolla11:52.34 PRPasadena Memorial
15.10Conrad Gray11:53.50 PRHouston Strake Jesuit
16.10Mario Rodriguez11:55.65St Thomas
17.10Hunter Corb11:57.35 PRKaty Seven Lakes
18.10Reese Bowman12:06.41 PRHouston Cyp. Ranch
19.10Zach Morrow12:08.43 PRHumble Kingwood
20.9Jacob Staffel12:10.93 PRHouston Langham Crk
21.10Elliott Lazano12:11.72 PRHouston Strake Jesuit
22.10Donovan Lemaster12:12.62 PRRichmond Foster
23.10Hailey Krysewski12:13.07 PRHouston Strake Jesuit
24.10Adrian Sanchez12:14.10 PRDeer Park
25.10Will Kudela12:15.37 PRHouston Strake Jesuit
26.10Jose Escobar12:16.92 PRHumble Summer Creek
27.10Matthew Solcher12:17.60 PRHouston Strake Jesuit
28.10Charles Cameron Du...12:18.85 SRHouston Christian
29.10Marco Velasco12:21.80 PRHumble Summer Creek
30.10Andres Espinosa12:22.99 PRHumble Atascocita
31.10Jacob Walters12:23.55 PRHumble Kingwood
32.10Abraham Elizarraras12:25.37 PRChannelview
33.10Christian Colston12:25.51 PRKlein Forest
34.10David Luna12:27.28 PRHouston KIPP
35.10Chris Aubin12:28.02 PRHouston Strake Jesuit
36.10Milo Cervantes12:28.37 PRKaty Taylor(James E.)
37.10Enrique Perez12:28.95 PRGalena Park North Sh...
38.10Christian Santillian12:31.21 PRNew Caney
39.10Elijah Wheeler12:32.32 PRGalena Park North Sh...
40.10Harrison Grant12:34.02St Thomas
41.10Cedric Shy12:34.62HCYA Home School Lions
42.10Peter Hawkins12:34.75 SRSt Thomas
43.10Francesco Gamino12:34.91 PRHumble Atascocita
44.10Roland Ortiz12:35.18 PRPasadena Memorial
45.10Rafael Varona12:35.45 PRHouston Strake Jesuit
46.10Wesley Hungbui12:36.34 PRHouston Strake Jesuit
47.10Wade Linder12:39.56 PRConroe Woodlands Col...
48.10Austin Michals12:40.98 PRHouston Strake Jesuit
49.10Carter Lovins12:41.07 PRHumble Kingwood
50.10Scott Myron12:44.77 PRHumble Summer Creek
51.10Corey Nance12:45.00 PRPasadena Memorial
52.10Bryce Harris12:45.66 PRConroe Woodlands Col...
53.10Mitchell Gonzales12:46.60 SRSt Thomas
54.10Jordan Guerrero12:47.82 SRHouston Yes Prep Eas...
55.10Daniel Mendez12:50.27 PRNew Caney
56.10Matt Foley12:55.94 PRHumble Kingwood
57.10Alec Benavides12:56.16 PRHumble Atascocita
58.10Sergio Luis12:56.54 PRPasadena Memorial
59.10Sheldon Gray12:57.39 PRHouston Strake Jesuit
60.10Roberto Daily12:58.01 PRConroe Woodlands Col...
61.10Jeremy Harris12:58.27 PRHumble Kingwood
62.10Miguel Garibay12:58.86 PRPasadena Memorial
63.10Dean Robinson12:59.20 PRChannelview
64.10Michael Fuller12:59.90 PRHull-Daisetta
65.10Chris Janssen13:03.17 PRHouston Strake Jesuit
66.10Juan Ramirez13:03.57 PRChannelview
67.10Josh Lecesne13:04.21 PRHumble Summer Creek
68.10Jose Gutierrez13:05.10 PRChannelview
69.10Mejia Brandon13:05.31 PRChannelview
70.10Wyatt Carnes13:05.84 PRMont Belvieu Barbers...
71.10Jonah Rhodes13:05.97 PRMont Belvieu Barbers...
72.10Chris Lamonte13:06.43 PRHumble Atascocita
73.10Ryan Jackson13:07.25 PRHumble Kingwood
74.10Anthony Robinson13:07.72 PRHumble Summer Creek
75.10Tyler Cook13:08.19 PRHumble Kingwood
76.10Ian Hopper13:08.27 PRHouston Christian
77.10Jack Cartwright13:08.49 PRHouston Strake Jesuit
78.10Diego Cortes13:08.69Houston Yes Prep-SE
79.10Tyler Quigley13:10.77 PRHouston Cyp. Ranch
80.10Nathan Scheffe13:11.24 PRConroe Woodlands Col...
81.10Claudio Mexicano13:11.74 PRPasadena Memorial
82.10Alex Salinas13:13.34 PRHouston Strake Jesuit
83.10Sergio Luna13:13.41 PRDeer Park
84.10David Camacho13:13.61 PRDeer Park
85.10Jesus Hernandez13:15.65 PRNew Caney
86.Jadon Long13:16.11Unattached
87.10Mark Eskew13:16.71 PRConroe Woodlands Col...
88.10Conner Sampson13:17.65 PRHouston Cyp. Ranch
89.10Xavier Ramirez13:18.14St Thomas
90.10Will Spradley13:18.64 PRKaty Taylor(James E.)
91.10Cody Douds13:19.50Fort Bend Christian ...
92.10Jake Shapiro13:20.11 PRHouston Strake Jesuit
93.10Sean Rossetti13:20.23 PRHouston Strake Jesuit
94.10Andrew Livesay13:20.48 PRHumble Kingwood
95.10Cameron Seulean13:21.66 PRConroe Woodlands Col...
96.10Diego Ruelas13:22.16 PRKaty Seven Lakes
97.10Alex Paugh13:24.58 PRKaty Seven Lakes
98.10Benito Chavez13:24.96 PRChannelview
99.10David Carey13:27.44 PRHouston Langham Crk
100.10Eduardo Segura13:30.30 PRHouston KIPP
101.10Billy Honeck13:33.40 PRConcordia Lutheran
102.10Brandon Whitney13:33.85 PRKaty Seven Lakes
103.10Davis Whitson13:36.30 PRHouston Strake Jesuit
104.10Orlando Caridad13:36.90 PRHumble Summer Creek
105.10Tony Martinez13:37.95 PRConroe Woodlands Col...
106.10Juan Garcia13:38.47 PRChannelview
107.10Sam Thurston13:39.10St Thomas
108.10Hector Gonzalez13:39.29 PRNew Caney
109.10Brandon Cambio13:40.25 PRHumble Kingwood
110.10Tyler Astor13:41.16 PRHumble Atascocita
111.10Andrew Pressley13:46.12 PRDeer Park
112.10Eric Santillian13:46.28 PRNew Caney
113.10Cameron Savard13:47.31 PRKaty Seven Lakes
114.10Bobby Heilman13:47.94 PRHouston Strake Jesuit
115.10Chase Snider13:48.17 PRKaty Seven Lakes
116.10Tyler Afdahl13:48.55 PRHumble Kingwood
117.10Drayton Guillory13:51.34 PRBaytown Goose Crk Mem
118.10Edgar Puac13:53.66 SRHouston Langham Crk
119.10Scott Satterfield13:59.11 SRHouston Langham Crk
120.10Mitch Klein13:59.76 PRHouston Cyp. Ranch
121.10Schuyler Link14:00.76St Pius X
122.10Andreotti Anthony14:01.34 PRHumble Kingwood
123.10Joaquin Borges14:02.74 PRKaty Taylor(James E.)
124.10Ryan Williams14:03.06 PRKaty Seven Lakes
125.10Jose Videl14:05.23 PRMont Belvieu Barbers...
126.10David Harris14:05.51 SRSt Thomas
127.10Francisco Villerreal14:07.91 PRHumble Kingwood
128.10Tim Zallar14:08.89 SRSt Thomas
129.10Christian Ott14:14.83 PRHouston Strake Jesuit
130.10Steve Beck14:15.43 PRHouston Strake Jesuit
131.10Christopher Shafik14:16.95 PRKaty Taylor(James E.)
132.10Abi Janardhanan14:17.68 PRHumble Kingwood
133.10Elijah DeLeon14:17.96 PRPasadena Memorial
134.10Jorge Lopez14:22.78 SRLiberty
135.10Jonathan Pena14:23.31 PRKaty Taylor(James E.)
136.10Marcos Sanchez14:25.63 PRChannelview
137.10Michael Suber14:26.65 PRHouston Strake Jesuit
138.10Topher Rzasnicki14:27.80St Thomas
139.10Jamie Juarez14:28.48 PRChannelview
140.10Connor Love14:29.86 PRDeer Park
141.10Jose Rauda14:32.04 PRChannelview
142.10Reginaldo Guerra14:35.57 PRPasadena Memorial
143.10Micah Gibson14:35.80 PRHumble Atascocita
144.10Juan Carlos Hervert14:37.44Houston Langham Crk
145.10Osbaldo Rabadan14:37.62 PRChannelview
146.10Thomas Rodriguez14:38.01 PRNew Caney
147.10Jorge Vicuna14:38.72 SRHouston Yes Prep Eas...
148.10Kyle Cresap14:39.78 PRDeer Park
149.10Roel Tamez14:40.13 PRHumble Atascocita
150.10Jose Gonzalez14:41.52 PRKlein Forest
151.10Ngyuen Anthony14:41.79 PRHumble Atascocita
152.10Troy Dunne14:42.00 PRSt Pius X
153.10Kevin Liu14:51.61 PREmery/Weiner
154.10Luis Lunas14:52.04 PRKlein Forest
155.10Ivan Silverio14:54.14 SRHouston Yes Prep-SW
156.10Alfredo Blanco14:54.90 PRHumble Summer Creek
157.10Marc Garcia14:55.50 SRHouston Yes Prep Eas...
158.10Matthew Stauffacher14:55.95Fort Bend Christian ...
159.10Wesley Fuertes14:56.63 PRDeer Park
160.10Alex Pistorius14:59.05Fort Bend Christian ...
161.10Christian Foreman14:59.64 PRGalena Park North Sh...
162.10Noah Baliff15:02.42 SREmery/Weiner
163.10Jonathan Lozano15:21.61Sealy
164.10Tyler Ali15:29.27 PRKaty Taylor(James E.)
165.10Bryan Lee15:32.46 PRHouston Langham Crk
166.10Miguel Hernandez15:42.37 PRSealy
167.10Christian Quinn15:43.26St Thomas
168.10John Bailey15:44.39 PRDeer Park
169.10Ferris Mahaini15:47.10St Thomas
170.10Michael Norville15:57.32 PRPasadena Memorial
171.10Konnor Malott15:58.51Fort Bend Christian ...
172.10Jared Baker15:58.88 PRDeer Park
173.10Talon Caulfield16:03.04 PRDeer Park
174.10Jerimah Rodriguez16:07.17 PRHumble Summer Creek
175.10John Moye16:08.93 PRDeer Park
176.10Randy Steinkamp16:11.96 SRConcordia Lutheran
177.10Kimberly Diaz16:18.26 PRHouston Yes Prep-SW
178.10Marty Dang16:18.79 PRSt Thomas
179.10Matthew Perez16:21.79 PRBaytown Goose Crk Mem
180.10Conner Book16:23.45 PRHouston Cyp. Ranch
181.10Jessie Knight16:28.67 PRConroe Woodlands Col...
182.10Joshua Barrientis16:35.11Houston Yes Prep Eas...
183.10Cesar Martinez16:35.21Houston Yes Prep-SW
184.10Tyler Dorval17:04.01 PRHouston Langham Crk
185.11Benjamin Thornton17:09.68HCYA Home School Lions
186.10Reagan Foxley17:10.88HCYA Home School Lions
187.10Zach Whitesell17:13.61 PRHumble Kingwood
188.10Francisco Fuentes17:21.53 SRHouston Yes Prep-SW
189.10JonEric Echavarria17:40.86St Thomas
190.10Jacob Denby17:47.25 PRDeer Park
191.10Hutson Burg18:02.01Fort Bend Christian ...
192.10Jesse Garcia18:24.82 PRHouston Yes Prep-SW
193.10Ryan Ferguson18:40.03Fort Bend Christian ...
194.10Edward Valle18:43.62 PRHouston KIPP
195.10Kevin Cedillos18:44.57Houston Yes Prep-SE
196.10Sergio Black18:48.08 SRHouston Yes Prep-SE
197.10Rashaud Fields18:52.97 PRKlein Forest
198.10Shawn Carden18:54.20 PRHumble Summer Creek
199.10Tristan Trejo19:05.07 PRHouston Langham Crk
200.10Eduardo Brandi19:35.37 PRHouston Yes Prep-SW
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Womens Results

2 Mile Varsity  

to see charts & hypothetical scores
334.12Katy Craft17:34Houston Christian
335.11Margaret Goode17:35Houston Christian
9Christianne Taylor20:22Houston Christian
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3,200 Meters Freshman  

to see charts & hypothetical scores
1.9Kassandra Luna13:00.33 PRHouston Cyp. Fair
2.Hannah Patterson13:11.20Unattached
3.9Jennifer Poston13:27.45Humble Kingwood
4.9Amanda Avalos13:35.03 PRPasadena Memorial
5.9Kirstin Reyna13:53.78Humble Atascocita
6.9Bridgett Falcone13:59.68 PRPasadena Memorial
7.9Hannah Schillaci14:02.15 PRClear Brook
8.9Katherine Byrne14:09.51Katy Seven Lakes
9.9Shelby Shull14:13.04Humble Kingwood
10.9Alexandra Furey14:15.92 PRPearland Dawson
11.9Kaitlyn Babb14:19.49 PRDeer Park
12.9Morgan Livingston14:21.33Humble Kingwood
13.9Briana Prucha14:28.27Humble Kingwood
14.9Alexia Demarchos14:29.85 PRHouston Langham Crk
15.9Allyson Peters14:31.11Fort Bend Christian ... PR - Career best
16.9Charlette Janicek14:31.12Sealy
17.9Laine Zizka14:48.49Katy Taylor(James E.)
18.9Michelle Nguyen14:50.64Katy Taylor(James E.)
19.9Rocio Hernandez14:51.40 PRPasadena Memorial
20.9Jacqueline Rowell14:53.35Conroe Woodlands Col...
21.9Monica Stevenson14:54.60Houston Cyp. Ranch
22.9Emma Messick14:55.02Katy Taylor(James E.)
23.9Karina Arnold15:00.28 SRHouston Christian
24.9Victoria Edge15:01.32 PRHouston Cyp. Ranch
25.9Stephanie Bates15:02.42Katy Taylor(James E.)
26.9Brittany Wade15:09.47New Caney
27.9Kacey Ackerman15:09.70Humble Kingwood
28.9Jeni Nipper15:11.22New Caney
29.9Caroline Wilson15:17.50Katy Seven Lakes
30.9Allison Hill15:19.03 PRHouston Cyp. Fair
31.9Lauren Drew15:19.41Humble Kingwood
32.9Audra Leslie15:22.76Katy Taylor(James E.)
33.9Brooke Albee15:29.37Humble Atascocita
34.9Samantha Valoret15:29.47 PRClear Brook
35.9Madison Mondshine15:30.23Katy Taylor(James E.)
36.9Daisey Vega15:35.11 PRPasadena Memorial
37.9Victoria Hartman15:41.31Second Baptist
39.9Sara Meador15:48.55Houston Langham Crk
40.9Camila Cortina15:49.51Conroe Woodlands Col...
41.9Kayla Ellisor15:52.79 PRHouston Cyp. Fair
42.9Jennifer Saphos15:53.12 PRDeer Park
43.9Lauren Dotson15:53.36 PRPearland Dawson
44.9Melody Melton15:56.74New Caney
45.9Kayla Mauldin15:58.66Houston Cyp. Ranch
46.9Cameron Miller15:59.83 PRKaty Seven Lakes
47.9Katherine Cheng16:01.09 SRPearland Dawson
48.9Adrienna Demoss16:02.64 PRClear Brook
49.9Joy Teran16:05.62Houston Cyp. Ranch
50.9Cheyenne Rovello16:05.73Houston Cyp. Ranch
51.9Allison Pinchbeck16:06.90 PRClear Brook
52.9Maygen Smith16:13.15 PRClear Brook
53.9Alex Foster16:15.94Katy Taylor(James E.)
54.9Megan Bradburn16:20.60Houston Langham Crk
55.9Claudia Santos16:23.08 PRGalena Park North Sh...
56.9Sevrin Soileau16:23.46 PRDeer Park
57.9Kailey Partida16:23.94Humble Kingwood
58.9Avery Pogue16:24.08Humble Kingwood
59.9Natalie Priesmeyer16:24.78Humble Atascocita
60.9Patricia Batton16:26.57Conroe Woodlands Col...
61.9Lisa Hillary16:27.66 PRKaty Seven Lakes
62.9Martha Priestley16:34.61St Pius X
63.9Hale Aliana16:35.86Humble Kingwood
64.9Monica Sylvester16:42.02Conroe Woodlands Col...
65.9Mariana Dejeux16:44.47Richmond Foster
66.9Sarah Stein16:45.05Emery/Weiner
67.9Karla Vela16:45.51 PRDeer Park
68.9Clarissa Trejo16:47.77 PRDeer Park
69.9Kaly O'Neal16:47.83 PRHumble Kingwood
70.9Maria Lugo16:48.40 PRKaty Seven Lakes
71.9Emilie Foster16:51.90Houston Cyp. Ranch
72.9Kathryn Bailey16:52.92 PRRichmond Foster
73.9Madeline Bishop16:53.38 PRKaty Seven Lakes
74.9Madison Green16:53.84 PRClear Brook
75.9Valentine LeBon16:54.22Humble Kingwood
76.9Ashley Williams16:59.51 PRKaty Seven Lakes
77.9Kinsley Fisher17:07.11 PRHouston Cyp. Fair
78.9Cassandra Twiggs17:09.61 PRKaty Seven Lakes
79.Unknown Runner17:14.08Unattached
80.9Shelby Shiveley17:14.53Humble Kingwood
81.9Mariana Villalobos17:15.36Houston Langham Crk
82.9Caitlin Causey17:21.47 PRKaty Seven Lakes
83.9Mary Bergamini17:25.40Humble Atascocita
84.9Natalie Glenn17:29.24 PRPasadena Memorial
85.9Kassidi Kaminiski17:32.28Fort Bend Christian ...
86.9Crystal Cardenas17:36.67Humble Atascocita
87.11Alexis Parra17:52.75 PRKaty Seven Lakes
88.9Maegan West17:52.78Baytown Goose Crk Mem
89.9Misty Rutledge17:54.02 PRHumble Atascocita
90.9Kiara Esquivel17:57.67 PRPearland Dawson
91.9Elizabeth Moore18:00.82Conroe Woodlands Col...
92.9Jordyn Ballariel18:01.33 PRKaty Seven Lakes
93.9Emily Duff18:05.70 PRKaty Taylor(James E.)
94.9MaKayla Guerrero18:08.26Humble Atascocita
95.9Priscilla Garza18:21.27 PRPasadena Memorial
96.9Brianne Boiarsky18:27.30 PRKaty Seven Lakes
97.9Deanna Gonzalez18:31.28 PRKaty Seven Lakes
98.11Leslie Villacorta18:38.23 SRHouston Cyp. Fair
99.9Maeve Murray18:39.53Humble Kingwood
100.9Alondra Acosta18:40.86Houston Yes Prep-SW
101.9Morgan Morrow18:41.14 PRPearland Dawson
102.9Hannah Licea18:55.76Incarnate Word (Hous...
103.9Caroline Willingham18:56.83 PRHouston Cyp. Fair
104.9Reagan Goulet19:10.88Humble Atascocita
105.9Abigail Diaz19:13.72 PRDeer Park
106.11Christina Hanna19:13.99 PRKaty Seven Lakes
107.9Cristina Caruso19:27.36Houston Cyp. Ranch
108.9Jorden Dubose19:41.52 PRLiberty
109.9Andrea Betanzos Ro...19:42.60 PRKaty Seven Lakes
110.9Ashley Bell19:50.83Incarnate Word (Hous...
111.9Lauren Harrington19:51.55 PRDeer Park
112.9Julia Tape20:04.07Fort Bend Christian ... PR- Career best
113.9Nallely Colchado20:08.91Houston Langham Crk
114.9Macy Kelleher20:18.52 SRHouston Christian
116.9Miranda Serna20:25.24 PRKaty Seven Lakes
117.9Cassandra Flores20:26.35 SRHouston Christian
118.9Gabriela Del CAsti...20:28.56Humble Atascocita
119.9Kimia Ariannejad20:30.33Second Baptist
120.9Chloe Whitewater20:32.58 SRHouston Christian
121.9Joelle Ortega20:33.20 PRHouston Christian
122.9Skye Blease20:47.10 PRKaty Seven Lakes
123.12Brittany Wright20:48.45 PRClear Brook
124.9Christina Blair20:49.55Houston KIPP
125.9Hannah Foster20:55.37Incarnate Word (Hous...
126.9Ina Alvarado21:07.45 PRKaty Seven Lakes
127.10Alexis Wheeler21:17.44Humble Atascocita
128.9Ashlyn Marshburn21:35.63Humble Atascocita
129.9Taylor Palermo21:41.87Conroe Woodlands Col...
130.9Kristen Sosa22:33.69Incarnate Word (Hous...
131.9Nancy Shen23:08.39 PRKaty Seven Lakes
132.9Grace Gamble24:29.69 PRClear Brook
133.9Courtney Vercera24:44.89Emery/Weiner
134.9Debbie Riveron-San...24:45.60Incarnate Word (Hous...
135.9Brittany Hammersch...24:52.74 PRProvidence Classical
136.9Victoria Silva24:53.58Second Baptist
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3,200 Meters Seniors  

to see charts & hypothetical scores
1.12Laura Craig12:31.48Humble Kingwood
2.12Claire Andrews12:36.61Conroe Woodlands Col...
3.12Catie Daigre12:51.51Humble Kingwood
4.12Kerstin Sheehan12:53.84Humble Kingwood
5.12Brie Barry12:58.25Conroe Woodlands Col...
6.12Aisha Graham13:00.90Katy Taylor(James E.)
7.12Ashley Mills13:01.64Humble Kingwood
8.12Sarah Bradley13:04.52Humble Kingwood
9.12Haley Van Klompenb...13:17.67Conroe Woodlands Col...
10.12Selena Sierra13:20.08Channelview
11.12Karen Hunsicker13:30.22 SRHouston Cyp. Fair
12.12Ashley Bell13:39.38Katy Seven Lakes
13.12Haley West13:45.75 PRHouston Cyp. Fair
14.12Meredith Reynolds14:00.98Humble Kingwood
15.11Paige Weishaar14:09.05Incarnate Word (Hous...
16.12Paige Burton14:22.57Humble Kingwood
17.12Erin Cain14:23.88Humble Kingwood
18.12Brennan McMichael14:38.53Duchesne Academy
19.12Leah Taylor14:41.16 SRDeer Park
20.12Julia Daniel14:53.64Incarnate Word (Hous...
21.12Lyndsie Leblanc14:56.53 SRDeer Park
22.12Mercedes Rayos14:59.51 PRHouston Langham Crk
23.12Laken Carleton15:02.29Incarnate Word (Hous...
24.12Ashley Reyes15:05.49 SRGalena Park North Sh...
25.12Lexi Carley15:06.02Humble Kingwood
26.12Alex Gary15:08.52Humble Kingwood
27.12Adrienne Roberts15:09.38Richmond Foster
28.12Elise Lebiga15:13.19 SRPearland Dawson
29.12Jennifer Rogers15:19.57 SRHouston Cyp. Ranch
30.12Sherkeitha Straugh...15:24.81 SRBaytown Goose Crk Mem
31.12Alyssa York15:28.00 SRDeer Park
32.12Shelby Salisbury15:28.88 PRDeer Park
33.12Gabrielle Esparza15:30.58 SRPasadena Memorial
34.12Danielle Alanis15:35.54 PRHumble Kingwood
35.12Maggie Jackson15:40.44Humble Kingwood
36.12Kristi Gomez15:42.08 PRKaty Seven Lakes
37.12Kendall Wickens15:54.05Sealy
38.12Gabby Himel15:54.77Humble Kingwood
39.12Jane Kaplan15:55.66 SREmery/Weiner
40.12Kathryn Cumbus15:55.78Humble Kingwood
41.12Holly Josey16:01.35St Pius X
42.12Maryah Lauer16:01.88Richmond Foster
43.Unknown Runner216:03.06Unattached
44.12Lindsey Johnson16:06.78 PRKaty Seven Lakes
45.12Sarah Shim16:09.35 PRHouston Langham Crk
46.12Katherine Hamby16:14.42 PRHouston Cyp. Fair
47.12Elizabeth Limas16:15.35 SRPasadena Rayburn
48.12Kate Woodward16:15.60Duchesne Academy
49.12Stephanie Garcia16:16.97Humble Kingwood
50.12Devon Sills16:24.41 PRHouston Christian
51.11Sarah Welter16:24.44Duchesne Academy
52.12Alexis Brown16:30.62Liberty
53.11Claire Hildebrandt16:31.22Duchesne Academy
54.12Leah Moonesan16:31.56 PRKaty Seven Lakes
55.12Rachel Carley16:36.37 PRHouston Langham Crk
56.12Hannah Williams16:44.51Richmond Foster
57.12Clara Pardue16:46.06Fort Bend Christian ...
58.12Kathryn Jones16:48.50 PRKaty Taylor(James E.)
59.12Diana Diaz16:52.21 PRGalena Park North Sh...
60.12Kate Davis16:55.38Humble Kingwood
61.12Gisel Acquetella16:59.40 PRKaty Seven Lakes
62.12Kaila Marroquin17:04.42 PRHumble Atascocita
63.12Samantha Scinicari...17:07.63Concordia Lutheran
64.12Senia Cruz17:11.84 PRGalena Park North Sh...
65.12Madeline Kotarski17:18.66 PRKaty Seven Lakes
66.12Didi Lam17:23.55 PRKaty Taylor(James E.)
67.12Conny Suk17:25.22 PRKaty Seven Lakes
68.12Izabella Rangel17:27.44 PRPearland Dawson
69.12Yesenia Cruz17:27.77 PRGalena Park North Sh...
70.12Michele Munkhaugen...17:29.03 PRPearland Dawson
71.12Alexis Abrego17:30.16 PRPasadena Memorial
72.12Fantasia Allen17:32.52 PRDickinson
73.12Erika Caudillo17:33.46Houston Langham Crk
75.12Esperanza Torres17:35.74 PRGalena Park North Sh...
76.12Jennifer Danner17:55.17 SRPasadena Memorial
77.12Ashley Nosker18:00.44 PRHouston Langham Crk
78.9Amy Nguyen18:05.39 PRDuchesne Academy
79.12Maggie Mantel18:06.41Fort Bend Christian ...
80.12Jasmine Knox18:09.55 SRDickinson
81.12Christine Navarrete18:15.67Pasadena Rayburn
82.12Angelique Fruge18:17.48 PRDeer Park
83.12Marian Magdaniel18:18.16 PRKaty Taylor(James E.)
84.12Evelyn Salas18:19.60 PRPearland Dawson
85.12Adriana Hernandez18:23.07Galena Park North Sh...
86.12Bianca Bara18:25.58 PRHouston Yes Prep-SE
87.12Natalie Salazar18:34.49 PRGalena Park North Sh...
88.9Teresa Haney18:35.20 SRDuchesne Academy
89.12Megan Mulcahy19:00.93Fort Bend Christian ... PR - Career best
90.12Molly Tollett19:03.44Second Baptist
91.12Ashley Vasquez19:05.04Pasadena Rayburn
92.11Elizabeth Lam19:15.68Duchesne Academy
93.12Maliha Mazhar19:18.28Humble Kingwood
94.12Zoe Ward19:21.22 PRDuchesne Academy
95.12Dawn Nosker19:23.72 PRHouston Langham Crk
96.12Katherine Allison19:30.40 SRHouston Christian
97.12Sara Trujillo19:40.90 PRHouston KIPP
98.12Marissa Vazquez19:48.05 PRDickinson
99.12Reghan Gillman19:49.61 PRHouston Christian
100.12Elise Grover19:50.84Fort Bend Christian ...
101.12Kristen Williams19:55.30 PRKaty Taylor(James E.)
103.11Alyssa Melillo20:04.81Second Baptist
104.12Valerie Villacorta20:07.22 PRHouston Cyp. Fair
105.12Ana Borrego20:41.29 PRDickinson
106.12Shanice Warfield21:06.44 PRDickinson
107.12Lorraina Perez21:30.57Houston Yes Prep-SE
108.12Andrea Acosta21:31.16Houston Yes Prep-SW
109.12Seeret Gill22:08.36 PRPearland Dawson
110.12Kim Parratt22:14.86Fort Bend Christian ...
111.12Victoria Donoho24:11.49Humble Atascocita
112.12Magali Orozco24:17.56Houston KIPP
113.12Liliana Torres24:26.77Houston KIPP
114.12Caitlin Lacy26:06.58 PRHumble Atascocita
115.12Leslie Campos28:27.46Houston KIPP
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3,200 Meters Juniors  

to see charts & hypothetical scores
1.11Sandie Raines11:53.95Humble Kingwood
2.11Katherine Jensen12:02.90Conroe Woodlands Col...
3.11Lauren Fritz12:23.87 SRHouston Cyp. Fair
4.11Kailey Hill12:33.48Conroe Woodlands Col...
5.11Grace Howley12:43.93Humble Kingwood
6.11Faith Banker12:51.28 SRHouston Cyp. Fair
7.11Katie Boane13:02.97 SRHouston Cyp. Fair
8.11Kaitlyn Killeen13:25.15Conroe Woodlands Col...
9.11Claire Hodges13:25.23Humble Kingwood
10.11Megan Flanagan13:29.48Humble Kingwood
11.11Mary Luster13:37.35 SRPearland Dawson
12.11Emilie Lostracco13:41.79Conroe Woodlands Col...
13.11Ali Choi13:47.06Conroe Woodlands Col...
14.11Brittany Bigott13:49.62Katy Seven Lakes
15.11Leah Richmond13:51.18Fort Bend Christian ...
16.11Haley Culpepper13:51.91 SRHouston Cyp. Fair
17.11Katheryn Nolen13:53.90Humble Kingwood
18.11Emily Willingham13:55.24 PRHouston Cyp. Fair
19.11Aljandra Cruz14:00.36 SRGalena Park North Sh...
20.11Alison Kelley14:00.61Katy Seven Lakes
21.11Nicole Payne14:01.45Incarnate Word (Hous...
22.11Jane Swanson14:02.34Conroe Woodlands Col...
23.11Morgan Gary14:05.99Humble Kingwood
24.11Eilleen Sullivan14:07.15Conroe Woodlands Col...
25.11Lauren Matschek14:16.11 PRKaty Seven Lakes
26.11McKenzie Jacobs14:24.96Humble Kingwood
27.11Elizabeth Ivey14:25.80Humble Kingwood
28.11Amanda Hillary14:29.81 PRKaty Seven Lakes
29.11Constance Jacob14:35.92 PRClear Brook
30.11Morgan Wilson14:36.95 PRHouston Cyp. Fair
31.11Kaela Demmerle14:38.93Katy Taylor(James E.)
32.11Sandra Maldonado14:40.68 PRHouston Langham Crk
33.11Amanda O'Grady14:42.60 SRDeer Park
34.11Ariel Reyna14:44.83Humble Atascocita
35.11Allison Martin14:47.94Conroe Woodlands Col...
36.11Janiece Bernard14:53.01Humble Kingwood
37.11Megan Martinez14:56.72Humble Kingwood
38.11Kimberly Alger14:59.44Conroe Woodlands Col...
39.11Briana Reyes15:01.00 SRGalena Park North Sh...
40.11Emily Davis15:08.76 SRHouston Cyp. Ranch
41.11Elizabeth Racine15:09.63 PRKaty Seven Lakes
42.11Mariela Juarez15:12.94 PRHouston Cyp. Ranch
43.11Ashley Martin15:19.52 PRHouston Cyp. Ranch
44.11Lauren Doxey15:20.25Concordia Lutheran
45.11Sarah Mumme15:23.60Katy Seven Lakes
46.11Natalia Rojas15:24.28 PRChannelview
47.11Karla Torres15:24.48 PRPearland Dawson
48.11Astrid Partida15:25.41New Caney
49.11Megan Mendieta15:26.56 SRPearland Dawson
50.11Jillian Grekulak15:39.06 PRHouston Langham Crk
51.11Julia Berg15:42.75Humble Kingwood
52.11Katie Morrison15:47.83Humble Kingwood
53.11Allura Matz15:52.23 SRPearland Dawson
54.11Alexis McNitt15:53.55Houston Cyp. Ranch
55.11Marissa Hergott15:54.18Humble Kingwood
56.11Ashley Straker15:54.57Sealy
57.11Heather Kapner15:59.02 PRDeer Park
58.11Mattye Sisk16:00.70 PRHouston Cyp. Fair
59.11Carly Haffner16:04.42Richmond Foster
60.11Kacey Thomson16:06.22Humble Kingwood
61.11Haley Hamblet16:11.04Katy Taylor(James E.)
62.11Alyson Gregory16:12.97 PRKaty Seven Lakes
63.11Miranda Hernandez16:13.62Incarnate Word (Hous...
64.11Maria Suarez16:16.10 PRHouston Cyp. Fair
65.11Vanesa Ortega16:17.92New Caney
66.11Macy Hunt16:18.75New Caney
67.11Angel Nealy16:21.54New Caney
68.11Lesley Colorado16:22.68 PRPasadena Memorial
69.11Johanna Coronel16:27.26Galena Park North Sh...
70.11Courtney Smith16:29.22 SRNew Caney
71.11Elvia Ayala16:31.40Galena Park North Sh...
72.11Rachel Lenzsch16:31.84Katy Taylor(James E.)
73.11Juliana Suarez16:34.75 PRHouston Cyp. Fair
74.11Maddie Cermak16:37.19Humble Kingwood
75.11April Duran16:38.46 SRPasadena Rayburn
76.11Clarissa Hernandez16:40.67 PRPasadena Memorial
77.11Ruth Resendis16:41.62 PRPasadena Rayburn
78.11Brooke Rodriguez16:42.70Humble Kingwood
79.11Kassandra Torres16:43.45 SRPasadena Rayburn
80.11Perla Martinez16:46.31 PRPasadena Memorial
81.11Quinlyn Sowell16:50.60 PRHouston Cyp. Fair
82.11Tatiana Viana16:53.36Galena Park North Sh...
83.11Danielle Christian16:54.26 PRHouston Cyp. Fair
84.11Caryls Barreto17:02.79 PRKaty Seven Lakes
85.11Karen Perez17:02.89 PRPasadena Memorial
86.11Amanda Ryan17:04.41 SRProvidence Classical
87.11Stephanie Gale17:04.71 PRPasadena Memorial
88.11Mallory Medina17:08.46 SRHouston Yes Prep-SE
89.11Patricia Bentley17:10.59 PRDeer Park
90.11Yoselin Andrade Fl...17:14.13Houston Langham Crk
91.11Kasey Mahaney17:16.59 PRPasadena Rayburn
92.11Olivia Garza17:18.99Houston Yes Prep-SW
93.11Jessica Glaser17:25.16 SRIncarnate Word (Hous...
94.11Margaret Goode17:35.28 PRHouston Christian
95.11Noemi Serrano17:35.32Galena Park North Sh...
96.11Jacqueline Peralez17:36.53Humble Atascocita
97.11Carissa Peterson17:43.02 PRKaty Seven Lakes
98.11Callie Puffer17:44.26 PRKaty Taylor(James E.)
99.11Jhoana Jimenez17:50.31Houston Langham Crk
100.11Hannah Lohse18:07.05Houston Cyp. Ranch
101.11Gabrielle Ferrel18:07.39 PRPearland Dawson
102.11Sarah Gamblin18:08.74 SRHouston Yes Prep-SE
103.11Paulette Quilter18:20.80Concordia Lutheran
104.11Ashley Joya18:21.12 PRPasadena Memorial
105.11Kassandra Benavidez18:28.81 PRPasadena Memorial
106.11Briley Mlcak18:28.90Sealy
107.11Jackie Morales18:33.08 PRPasadena Memorial
108.11Sandy Barrientos18:34.10Galena Park North Sh...
109.11Jacqueline Perales18:41.22 PRHouston Yes Prep-SE
110.11Evelyn Cerda18:47.07 PRSealy
111.11Bridget Blackburn18:48.08Liberty
112.11Anna Martinez18:59.99Houston Yes Prep-SW
113.11Miriam Hernandez19:06.84 PRGalena Park North Sh...
114.11Chastity Aguilar19:08.10Sealy
115.11Whitney Miner19:10.50Concordia Lutheran
116.10Lynette Thornton19:13.75HCYA Home School Lions
117.11Reagan Lyons19:17.61 PRHouston Cyp. Fair
118.11Lauren Kleinhenz19:18.84Baytown Goose Crk Mem
119.11Jennifer Denova19:23.81Pasadena Rayburn
120.11Kelli Stegall19:25.52Fort Bend Christian ...
121.11McKenzie Woodard19:28.78Humble Atascocita
122.11Sarah Amend19:34.72Fort Bend Christian ...
123.11Erika Payne19:55.14 PRSealy
124.11Haley Talkington19:55.20 PRProvidence Classical
125.11Alisha Calderon20:13.89 PRHumble Atascocita
126.11Hannah Norman20:24.67 PRProvidence Classical
127.11Jennifer Ramirez20:28.65Houston Yes Prep-SW
128.11Jennifer Turcios20:31.87Galena Park North Sh...
129.11Moira Lyons20:51.03 PRHouston Cyp. Fair
130.11Kristie Shy20:59.59HCYA Home School Lions
131.11Susan Jones20:59.83 PRConcordia Lutheran
132.11Claudia Yebra21:17.12 PRHouston Cyp. Fair
133.11Meagan Mize21:30.45 PRHouston Cyp. Fair
134.11Crystal Flores21:32.83 SRHouston KIPP
135.11Kassandra Falcon21:32.95 PRHouston Yes Prep-SE
136.11Erica Rodriguez21:55.84 SRHouston Yes Prep-SE
137.11Bailey Wood22:06.60Fort Bend Christian ...
138.11Kathryn Martinez22:09.84 PRKaty Seven Lakes
139.11Karen McCoy22:10.87Humble Atascocita
140.11Breanne Wagnon22:51.77New Caney
141.11Alicia Serrato23:15.93 PRHouston Yes Prep-SW
142.11Katrina Hernandez23:42.71 PRHumble Atascocita
143.11Stephanie Velasquez24:05.45Houston Yes Prep-SW
144.11Jessica Nation24:06.90 PRHumble Atascocita
145.11Sierra Harris24:23.93 PRHumble Atascocita
146.11Mesellie Guzman24:24.94 PRHumble Atascocita
147.11Adelnyda Orozo25:06.65 PRHouston Yes Prep-SE
148.11Tania Martinez25:13.19 PRSealy
149.11Kenia Vidal26:12.12 PRHouston Yes Prep-SW
150.11Keisha Nabors26:13.16 PRHumble Atascocita
151.11Jocelyn Miranda26:41.98 PRHouston Yes Prep-SW
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3,200 Meters Sophomore  

to see charts & hypothetical scores
1.10Lauren Harrington13:16.06Katy Seven Lakes
2.10Erica Brown13:20.27Katy Seven Lakes
3.10Audrey Manchester13:28.78Conroe Woodlands Col...
4.10Hannah Booher13:35.14 SRDeer Park
5.10Allison Tracy13:46.68 PRKaty Seven Lakes
6.10Lauren Stockton13:48.40Incarnate Word (Hous...
7.10Clare Chessher14:03.00 SRDeer Park
8.10Caitlin Nugent14:08.67Katy Seven Lakes
9.10Taleah Moore14:15.09Humble Atascocita
10.10Madison Nevermann14:17.53 PRHumble Atascocita
11.10Georgia Foster14:24.63Katy Taylor(James E.)
12.10Chelsea York14:24.91 SRDeer Park
13.10Reagan Gauntt14:28.47 PRPearland Dawson
14.10Devin Trevino14:28.79 PRKaty Seven Lakes
15.10Taeler Kallmerten14:33.56Katy Taylor(James E.)
16.10Isabelle Cheng14:33.91Humble Kingwood
17.10Holly Pierce14:36.93Conroe Woodlands Col...
18.10Kristin Carpenter14:40.47 PRKaty Seven Lakes
19.10Hanna Howsmon14:48.93Humble Kingwood
20.10Deja Stevenson14:50.45 PRHouston Cyp. Ranch
21.10Savannah De La Rosa14:50.90Katy Taylor(James E.)
22.10Autumn Dziedzic14:51.47Humble Atascocita
23.10Emery Steinweg14:57.72Katy Taylor(James E.)
24.10Lizy Weisinger14:59.91Katy Taylor(James E.)
25.10Kristina Guevara15:07.94 PRHouston Cyp. Fair
26.10Alexis Tellez15:09.76 PRKaty Seven Lakes
27.10Sage Laxton15:11.71Humble Kingwood
28.10Kathleen Orth15:15.02Humble Kingwood
29.10Samantha Ali15:16.91 SRPasadena Memorial
30.10Brooke Brady15:17.96Humble Kingwood
31.10Hannah Lyons15:19.45 SRPearland Dawson
32.10Andrea Velasquez15:21.43Katy Seven Lakes
33.10Kassandra Topete15:24.14 PRHouston Cyp. Fair
34.10Christian Lindquist15:25.71Concordia Lutheran
35.10Denise Irvin15:30.93Richmond Foster
36.10Robyn Dyson15:33.38 PRHouston Cyp. Fair
37.10Courtney Michalsky15:34.36Katy Seven Lakes
38.10Katherine Barron15:35.14Conroe Woodlands Col...
39.10Karlee Miller15:35.59 PRHouston Cyp. Ranch
40.10Carly Ammel15:40.41Katy Taylor(James E.)
41.10Hali Tiblow15:41.48Humble Kingwood
42.10Esperanza Santos15:43.07 PRPasadena Rayburn
43.10Addy Hayes15:44.35 PRHouston Cyp. Ranch
44.10Moser Taylor15:49.04 PRBaytown Goose Crk Mem
45.10Gabriella Forames15:49.48 SRLiberty
46.10Kristen Michalsky15:49.78Katy Seven Lakes
47.10Sheridan Conklin15:51.22Conroe Woodlands Col...
48.10Samantha Snelson15:51.26 PRPasadena Memorial
49.10Linnea Long15:52.84 SRProvidence Classical
50.10Rachel Hill15:54.11Humble Kingwood
51.10Mallorie Simoneaux15:54.57Katy Seven Lakes
52.10Sara Ruvalcaba15:56.36 PRHouston Cyp. Ranch
53.10Andrea Jackson15:59.49 PRPasadena Memorial
54.10Stephanie Castillo16:08.48 PRDeer Park
55.10Chloe Reeves16:09.19 PRHouston Cyp. Fair
56.10Caitlin Post16:10.39 SRProvidence Classical
57.10Brittany Galvez16:10.62Richmond Foster
58.10Amanda Wilson16:17.96 PRPasadena Memorial
59.10Nicole Dawkins16:28.86St Pius X
60.10Libby Williams16:29.69Richmond Foster
61.10Ashtyn Dewalt16:30.15Humble Kingwood
62.10Jennifer Statum16:32.47 PRGalena Park North Sh...
63.10Serena Perry16:32.78 PRClear Brook
64.10Jasmine Sanchez16:34.07 PRDeer Park
65.10Bryanna Johnson16:35.94 PRBaytown Goose Crk Mem
66.10Clare Murray16:36.07Conroe Woodlands Col...
67.10Belle Parizot16:42.46Houston Langham Crk
68.10Michelle Biancardi16:45.73Humble Kingwood
69.10Danielle Ledesma16:46.44Richmond Foster
70.10Morgan Lee16:47.07Conroe Woodlands Col...
71.10Jazmin Barrera16:47.58 SRPasadena Rayburn
72.10Sammy Gibson16:50.24 SRHouston Yes Prep-SE
73.10Morgan Urich16:53.15Fort Bend Christian ...
74.10Macey Mulcahy16:53.50Fort Bend Christian ...
75.10Katherine Trombley16:58.41Humble Kingwood
76.10Brittanie Perez17:04.93Houston Langham Crk
77.10Fallion Foster17:06.22 SRSealy
78.10Mary Ann White17:09.88 PRProvidence Classical
79.10Savannah Fleming17:10.77New Caney
80.10Sarah Moore17:11.71Humble Kingwood
81.10Kelsey Martin17:16.55 SRProvidence Classical
82.10Suchma Jessica17:26.49Houston Cyp. Ranch
83.10Rachel Redmon17:39.98 PRKaty Seven Lakes
84.10Hannah Gustafson17:41.20 SRHouston Christian
85.10Stephanie Ehrhardt17:42.20Concordia Lutheran
86.10Shiela Garza17:44.86 PRDeer Park
87.10Jessica Martin17:49.03Humble Kingwood
88.10Elizabeth Keyes17:55.50 PRBaytown Goose Crk Mem
89.10Linda Rager17:57.24 PRKaty Seven Lakes
90.10Ashley Rodriguez17:57.45Galena Park North Sh...
91.10Chantal Matheu17:58.45 PRHumble Atascocita
92.10Irinia Fernandez18:00.77 PRGalena Park North Sh...
93.10Lyndsey Kleinhenz18:02.14Baytown Goose Crk Mem
94.10Michele Greene18:04.14Houston Cyp. Ranch
95.10Karla Lopez18:05.69Liberty
96.10Andrea Galaviz18:06.61 PRDickinson
97.10Emily Potts18:08.54Humble Kingwood
98.10Emily Mastalski18:08.82 PRKaty Taylor(James E.)
99.10Martinez Isela18:09.46 PRBaytown Goose Crk Mem
100.10Kayla Potter18:13.68Humble Kingwood
101.10Katy Adams18:29.58The Woodlands Christ... 389 of 548 overall
102.10Shannon Sutton18:41.17Houston Cyp. Ranch
103.10Erica Swain18:41.44 SRHouston Christian
104.10Kayon Chon18:49.08 PRKaty Seven Lakes
105.10Annie Pitner18:50.37Second Baptist
106.10Amber Newman18:56.26 PRHumble Atascocita
107.10Tayler Smith19:05.54Concordia Lutheran
108.10Olivia Flora19:05.87Concordia Lutheran
109.10Jasmine Acosta19:11.02 PRBaytown Goose Crk Mem
110.10Joceleyne Casso19:11.86 PRPasadena Rayburn
111.11Elizabeth Casas19:19.22 SRSealy
112.10Megan Gurney19:24.41 PRHouston Cyp. Fair
113.10Aubrey Adamek19:27.01New Caney
114.10Isabella Nunez19:36.23 PRKaty Seven Lakes
115.10Ellesse Evans19:44.02 PRHouston Cyp. Fair
116.10Isabella Torres19:45.62 PRPasadena Memorial
117.10Brion Brown19:45.80 PRProvidence Classical
118.10Rachel Craft19:57.49 PRHouston Christian
119.10Maribel Montoya20:04.77 PRHouston Yes Prep-SW
120.10Gabby Pozzi20:09.45Humble Kingwood
121.10Samantha Martinez20:15.25 PRDickinson
122.10Miranda Ganter20:20.44Houston Yes Prep-SW
123.10Emily Placeres20:23.32 PRHouston Cyp. Fair
124.10M.E. Pistorius20:24.60Fort Bend Christian ...
125.10Janet Rodriguez20:35.97 PRPasadena Rayburn
126.10Andie Garcia20:42.67St Pius X
127.10Faith Underwood20:42.72Humble Atascocita
128.10Claire Bendtschnei...20:46.41 PRKaty Seven Lakes
129.10Brittany Yeargan21:06.04 PRKaty Seven Lakes
130.10Kaitlyn Washington21:10.28 PRProvidence Classical
131.10Alexa Barsky21:16.03Emery/Weiner
132.10Staphany Salazar21:22.18Houston Yes Prep-SW
133.10Savannah Cardenas21:25.61Humble Atascocita
134.10Michelle Huitron21:37.74 PRPasadena Rayburn
135.10Sara Dominguez21:43.70Houston Yes Prep Eas...
136.10Alexa Van Keuren21:45.86Second Baptist
137.10Maggie Dean21:47.16 PRHouston Cyp. Fair
138.10Aaliyah Smith21:53.26Humble Kingwood
139.10Elliott Foxley22:09.55HCYA Home School Lions
140.10Sammy Minkowitz22:15.33Emery/Weiner
141.10Kassandra Ortiz22:52.93 PRPasadena Rayburn
142.10Hiba Muhajir22:58.26 PRKaty Taylor(James E.)
143.10Heaven Micael22:59.62 PRKaty Taylor(James E.)
144.11Gazzia Aleman23:17.10Houston Yes Prep-SW
145.9Khadijah Birch25:45.68Houston Yes Prep-SW
146.10Kimberly Fajardo29:00.00 PRHouston Yes Prep-SW
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