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Mens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity  

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11Christian Freeman16:04Carlsbad
11Scott Snow16:40Carlsbad
11Shay Martin16:45Carlsbad
11Jeff Schaefer17:03Carlsbad
10Kevin Freeman17:18Carlsbad
11Shon Cagungun17:25Carlsbad
11Brian DeGour17:55Carlsbad
11Sean Pruitt18:02Carlsbad
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5,000 Meters Junior Varsity  

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11Ian Marshall18:38Carlsbad
11Ryan Eason18:57Carlsbad
10Cody Drisko19:12Carlsbad
9Ryan Little19:26Carlsbad
12Joseph Clanor19:26Carlsbad
9Harper Moore19:36Carlsbad
11Liam Iadicicico19:58Carlsbad
10Zach Seiler19:58Carlsbad
9Jace Hansen20:19Carlsbad
9Matt Lakey20:27Carlsbad
9Nathan Williams20:37Carlsbad
11Cameron Blue20:58Carlsbad
11Omar Orega21:23Carlsbad
10Eddie Dickhoff21:32Carlsbad
10Kyle Veidt21:40Carlsbad
10Zack Spanier21:45Carlsbad
9Tye Fletcher21:48Carlsbad
9Jack Conklin21:54Carlsbad
12Shawn Bannon22:05Carlsbad
10Zachary Jones22:07Carlsbad
9Lucas Hobbs22:08Carlsbad
11Brody Johnson23:18Carlsbad
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Womens Results

2.5 Mile Varsity  

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11Brianna Miller14:51Carlsbad
12Rebekah Chung15:42Carlsbad
11Kaitlin Large15:43Carlsbad
10Rachel Swick16:16Carlsbad
12Ashley Espinoza16:45Carlsbad
9Keira Dagy16:45Carlsbad
10Rebekah Williams17:05Carlsbad
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2.5 Mile Junior Varsity  

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9Natalie North-Cole16:39Carlsbad
11Adrienne Barela17:20Carlsbad
11Nicole Small18:07Carlsbad
10Masami Amakawa18:18Carlsbad
9Rosalie Medina18:24Carlsbad
11Tori Correll19:20Carlsbad
11Lauren Lopez19:41Carlsbad
10Madison Simmons20:14Carlsbad
11Hannah Denhann20:31Carlsbad
11Audra Yanda20:42Carlsbad
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