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Cascade vs. Edmonds-Woodway, Jackson & Kamiak HS

Thursday, September 15, 2011

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Location - McCollum Park, Everett, WA - Map
Mens Races
4,902 Meters Junior Varsity3:45 PM
4,902 Meters Varsity4:45 PM
Womens Races
4,902 Meters Varsity4:15 PM
4,902 Meters Junior Varsity4:15 PM
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Mens Results

4,902 Meters Junior Varsity  
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Cascade (Everett)

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1.9Jack Thompson17:09Henry Jackson
2.11Caleb Lance17:23Henry Jackson
3.10Cameron Blocker17:26Kamiak
4.10Ryan Pak17:32Kamiak
5.11Spencer Robert17:41Henry Jackson
6.9Kash Goudarzi17:41Kamiak
7.9Roger Klaaskate17:49Kamiak
8.11William Johnson17:53Henry Jackson
9.11Colton Crenshaw17:55Henry Jackson
10.11Zach Feingold18:03Henry Jackson
11.11Kyle Helgerson18:04Henry Jackson
12.11KJ Neaville18:09Henry Jackson
13.10Gavin Basuel18:10Henry Jackson
14.12Alex Collins18:42Edmonds-Woodway
15.10Brandon Cowan18:43Edmonds-Woodway
16.11Shazaad Jarrahian18:44Henry Jackson
17.9Tony Vargas18:50Cascade (Everett)
18.9Aaron Roe18:53Henry Jackson
19.10Nathaniel Davis18:55Kamiak
20.11Jake Billmyer18:59Henry Jackson
21.10Blake Pintler19:05Kamiak
22.10Guy Gibboney19:06Kamiak
23.9Sean Bowman19:11Henry Jackson
24.9Tyler Wingert19:11Henry Jackson
25.11Derek Kincade19:12Edmonds-Woodway
26.9Noah Parker19:14Henry Jackson
27.10Phong Ong19:23Kamiak
28.11Dane Legare19:24Henry Jackson
29.9Zach Everrod19:25Henry Jackson
30.11Magnus Lagerkrans19:32Kamiak
31.11Brendan Casel19:33Henry Jackson
32.12Andrew Hansen19:36Cascade (Everett)
33.12Jeffrey Stephan19:40Henry Jackson
34.11Chris Olson19:47Cascade (Everett)
35.12Tyler Thomas19:48Henry Jackson
36.10Trenton Rhoads19:54Kamiak
37.11Jack Anderson19:58Kamiak
38.10Cole Conefrey19:59Edmonds-Woodway
39.9Brandon Yee20:09Henry Jackson
40.9James Henry20:12Henry Jackson
41.11Khang Vo20:15Kamiak
42.12Brandon Stone20:20Edmonds-Woodway
43.11Nolan Reese20:21Henry Jackson
44.11Brad Steinike20:23Henry Jackson
45.9Jack White20:24Edmonds-Woodway
46.10Jake Crenshaw20:32Henry Jackson
47.9Mark Olivares20:34Henry Jackson
48.9Kyle Stemm20:44Cascade (Everett)
49.9Connor Hauenstein20:50Henry Jackson
50.11Everett Kleven20:53Henry Jackson
51.9Yuepon Fan-Hernandez20:54Henry Jackson
52.12Erik Tornquist20:55Cascade (Everett)
53.12Chris Bou21:40Kamiak
54.9James G Kim21:44Kamiak
55.10Nick Nelson21:51Henry Jackson
56.9Alex McNeal21:52Henry Jackson
57.10Eric Toom21:52Kamiak
58.11Brent Haub21:53Kamiak
59.9Evan Smith22:00Henry Jackson
60.11Thomas Eddy22:01Cascade (Everett)
61.9Anthony Eddy22:03Cascade (Everett)
62.9Alan Song22:21Edmonds-Woodway
63.12Manraj Sidhu22:25Cascade (Everett)
64.9Ken Tran22:26Cascade (Everett)
65.12Steve Ragsdale22:32Henry Jackson
66.9Chris Feliberti22:36Edmonds-Woodway
67.9Alex Min22:43Henry Jackson
68.12Stephan Walde22:52Edmonds-Woodway
69.12Dan Vo22:53Kamiak
70.12Austin Ledesma23:20Cascade (Everett)
71.12Cameron Davidson23:25Kamiak
72.9Luke Mulvanny23:29Kamiak
73.9Aeden Conefrey23:33Edmonds-Woodway
74.11Nathan Wilson23:43Henry Jackson
75.9Jonathan Richey24:04Henry Jackson
76.12Michael Larson24:09Henry Jackson
77.10Chris Knapp24:24Henry Jackson
78.10Steven Le24:38Henry Jackson
79.10Randy Hemion24:46Edmonds-Woodway
80.9Andrew Webster24:58Cascade (Everett)
81.9Cameron Neal26:12Henry Jackson
82.9Stefan Pazevic28:17Henry Jackson
83.9Bryce Gillis29:49Cascade (Everett)
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4,902 Meters Varsity  
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Cascade (Everett)

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1.11Ryan Bradford15:50Kamiak
2.9Aaron Roe16:05Henry Jackson
3.12Jake Atkinson16:11Henry Jackson
4.11Tomislav Smith16:13Kamiak
5.11Jack Griffing16:15Edmonds-Woodway
6.12Steven Statham16:17Cascade (Everett)
7.10Jerry Behrens16:18Kamiak
8.10Jadon Olson16:22Henry Jackson
9.12Collin Holman16:23Henry Jackson
10.11Joey Davis16:34Kamiak
11.10Victor Haurholm16:41Cascade (Everett)
12.11Colin Wiedmer16:42Cascade (Everett)
13.12Nick Calacat16:43Henry Jackson
14.10Ben Halladay16:43Kamiak
15.11Jackson Carter16:50Kamiak
16.11Landon Petterson17:02Henry Jackson
17.12Cameron Hauenstein17:08Henry Jackson
18.9Miler Haller17:10Edmonds-Woodway
19.10Warren Madsen17:12Edmonds-Woodway
20.12Alex Carrington17:16Henry Jackson
21.12Gustaf Lagerkrans17:17Kamiak
22.10Steven Ainsworth17:19Henry Jackson
23.12Austin Allen17:24Henry Jackson
24.12David Blackmer17:28Henry Jackson
25.12Alex Springer17:30Edmonds-Woodway
26.11Conner Hayes17:32Henry Jackson
27.11Brandon Brown17:33Henry Jackson
28.12Blake Nelson17:34Henry Jackson
29.10Dylan Olson18:03Cascade (Everett)
30.12Garret Gebhardt18:06Cascade (Everett)
31.12Sean Haldeman18:10Edmonds-Woodway
32.12Devin Bell18:14Cascade (Everett)
33.11Patrick Kelly18:16Edmonds-Woodway
34.9Jackson Wagner18:21Cascade (Everett)
35.10Vinny Shipley18:52Cascade (Everett)
36.11Jorge Escobedo19:04Cascade (Everett)
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Womens Results

4,902 Meters Varsity  
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Cascade (Everett)

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1.9Tiana Roe19:06Kamiak
2.10Jessica Rawlins19:27Henry Jackson
3.12Kelsey Fruland19:37Henry Jackson
4.9Tera Beyerlein19:51Kamiak
5.11Lauren Briggs20:06Henry Jackson
6.10Mary Charleson20:06Henry Jackson
7.10Molly McEachern20:08Kamiak
8.12Megan Alfi20:11Edmonds-Woodway
9.10Heather Pearson20:23Kamiak
10.11Madeline Miller20:56Henry Jackson
11.9Faithaleen Lopez-F...21:03Henry Jackson
12.12Amy Fair21:04Edmonds-Woodway
13.10Maddie Ellis21:07Henry Jackson
14.11Christine Le21:12Henry Jackson
15.10Hayley Tengs21:37Edmonds-Woodway
16.12Megan Ponce21:40Henry Jackson
17.11Marissa Carrington21:41Henry Jackson
18.10Amanda Redford21:49Cascade (Everett)
19.9Christel Schaefers21:51Cascade (Everett)
20.10Jenna Gilbert21:53Kamiak
21.9Ngaio Lace21:54Kamiak
22.12Emily Benz21:58Kamiak
23.9Borders Marrisa22:25Henry Jackson
24.11Destiny Mora22:28Henry Jackson
25.11Marlee Ojalehto22:28Kamiak
26.10Andrea Clinton22:34Henry Jackson
27.11Kristen Uri22:47Kamiak
28.10Helena Darrow22:49Kamiak
29.11Courtney Croft22:50Cascade (Everett)
30.12Claire Grosvenor22:57Henry Jackson
31.9Amelia Lowe22:58Kamiak
32.10Samantha Boyle23:06Henry Jackson
33.9Natalie Johnson23:19Henry Jackson
34.9Jill Needham23:20Cascade (Everett)
35.10Sarah Todd23:25Henry Jackson
36.10Brittany Friend23:28Kamiak
37.9Rebekah Denning23:29Henry Jackson
38.9Ruth Van Kampen23:40Edmonds-Woodway
39.9Nicole Loehr23:51Cascade (Everett)
40.10Hannah Allen24:18Cascade (Everett)
41.12Ashlen Funke24:31Henry Jackson
42.12Kim Tran24:32Cascade (Everett)
43.12Jacquelyn Day25:00Henry Jackson
44.9Jessica Chann25:02Henry Jackson
45.9Kelsey McKay25:18Henry Jackson
46.10Emma Stocker26:02Kamiak
47.9Mallory Ragsdale26:07Henry Jackson
48.10Hannah Christie26:26Henry Jackson
49.11Marjorie Villalobos27:47Henry Jackson
50.9Ali Olson27:51Henry Jackson
51.9Caitlin Nye27:53Edmonds-Woodway
52.10Jane Sahabu28:32Edmonds-Woodway
53.9Paige Bennett28:49Henry Jackson
54.11Katie Harkins28:54Edmonds-Woodway
55.9Amelia Michels31:31Cascade (Everett)
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