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5,000 Meters Varsity

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Mens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity  

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4.11Parker McGoldrick17:44Macomb Lutheran North
5.12Daont'e Kendrick17:57St. Clair Shores Sou...
6.12Tim Pfund18:08Macomb Lutheran North
8.11Zach Weglarz18:19Macomb Lutheran North
11.11Aaron Eisenhardt18:27Macomb Lutheran North
12.12Alex Szwarc18:35Macomb Lutheran North
13.11Chris Jackson18:39St. Clair Shores Sou...
14.12Elijah Majeski18:45Macomb Lutheran North
17.9Justin Talaban19:02St. Clair Shores Sou...
19.9Danny Weglarz19:06Macomb Lutheran North
20.11Zach New19:07St. Clair Shores Sou...
25.9Stephen Stout19:32St. Clair Shores Sou...
27.9Cornell Kendrick19:45 SRSt. Clair Shores Sou...
29.12Dave Gehle19:52Macomb Lutheran North
30.9Brett Hudson19:54 SRMacomb Lutheran North
33.9Michael Mallon20:08Macomb Lutheran North
34.12Greg Johnstone20:10St. Clair Shores Sou...
35.12Kyle McKee20:17St. Clair Shores Sou...
43.12Jeremy Lewis20:58 SRSt. Clair Shores Sou...
45.10Josh Kury21:19St. Clair Shores Sou...
47.11Mark Heiser21:31Macomb Lutheran North
48.9Tyress Shorter21:38St. Clair Shores Sou...
49.9Nicholas Driscoll21:39St. Clair Shores Sou...
50.10Zach Stuef21:55Macomb Lutheran North
51.9Liam Steen22:01 SRSt. Clair Shores Sou...
52.11Sam Cardwell22:02St. Clair Shores Sou...
53.11Evan Briney22:03Macomb Lutheran North
56.9Phil Martin22:34 PRMacomb Lutheran North
65.11Brandon Borawski23:34Macomb Lutheran North
66.9Scott Pavlik23:35Macomb Lutheran North
70.11Jacob Cundy24:35Macomb Lutheran North
71.12Chris Klemm24:39Macomb Lutheran North
73.12Seth Fleming26:26 SRSt. Clair Shores Sou...
75.11Chris Scicluna27:36 SRMacomb Lutheran North
78.10Jake Likens31:28St. Clair Shores Sou...
78.12Luke Garofalo31:28Macomb Lutheran North
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