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Jaguar "Road Runner Sports" Invite HS

Friday, October 19, 2007

Meet Info & Blog

Meet Host - Valley Center HS
Location - Kit Carson Park CC Course, Escondido, CA
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Mens Races
3.1 Miles Large School JV 11-122:00 PM
3.1 Miles Large School JV 9-102:50 PM
3.1 Miles Large School Varsity3:40 PM
3.1 Miles Small School Varsity4:05 PM
3.1 Miles Small School JV4:55 PM
Womens Races
2.6 Miles Large School JV2:25 PM
2.6 Miles Large School Varsity3:15 PM
2.6 Miles Small School Varsity4:30 PM
2.6 Miles Small School JV5:20 PM
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If you are listed as confirmed I ask that you enter your athletes by Monday, October 15th, 9PM deadline.  I will print up race numbers on Tuesday.  I would rather you enter all athletes who may compete-it is easier to print up excess race numbers to put in your packet, than to print up new numbers on race day. 

Packets will be available on race day starting at 1PM.  Packets will include course maps (same course as last year), race numbers, and last minute information.

If you haven't already sent your check, you may bring it on race day. 

I have tried to put you in the division you requested.  If you have any questions about the division you are racing in-give me a call at 760-751-5554.

Thank you in advance for atteding our meet - see you on Friday.



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Mens Results

3.1 Miles Large School JV 11-12  
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  • Team Total Time | Spread

Hypothetical Scores

3.11Nick Haines18:09Patrick Henry
15.12Adam Maxwell18:58Patrick Henry
18.12Ryan McMonigle19:21Patrick Henry
23.11Duane Palmer19:45Patrick Henry
31.12Brad Sones20:22Vista
33.12Juan Ayala20:28Patrick Henry
34.12Isaac Attia20:31SC Yeshiva
37.12Skyler Katz20:41Patrick Henry
46.10Oren Malvey21:14SC Yeshiva
55.11Michael Dean22:21Patrick Henry
58.12Jon Kelleher22:41Vista
81.11Brian Segal25:04SC Yeshiva
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3.1 Miles Large School JV 9-10  
  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Total Time | Spread

Hypothetical Scores

5.10Nick Taylor18:59Patrick Henry
8.10Nick Tammadge19:11Patrick Henry
20.10Adam Arnold19:37Vista
29.10Luke Diedrich20:05Patrick Henry
30.9Derek DeGroot20:06Vista
32.10Aaron Barranco20:09Patrick Henry
29.10Gabe Jacobs20:22Vista
43.10Alexander Kanaley20:33Vista
44.10Tony Gardella20:37Patrick Henry
66.9Tyler Downs21:12Patrick Henry
68.10Conner Wynveen21:17Patrick Henry one shoe
98.9Jeremiah Englehardt22:24Vista
112.9Jonathan Cruz22:49Vista
114.10Ryan Clark22:55Vista
120.9Tyler Lavenuta23:15Vista
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3.1 Miles Large School Varsity  
  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Total Time | Spread

Hypothetical Scores

4.11Adrian Rafiee17:04Patrick Henry
5.10Kellen Blumberg17:06Patrick Henry
6.9Ryan Urie17:10Patrick Henry
15.11Erik Figge17:28Patrick Henry
24.12Costner McIntosh17:45Patrick Henry
54.11Chris Eggett18:32Patrick Henry
63.10Casey Dugan18:49Patrick Henry
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3.1 Miles Small School Varsity  
  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Total Time | Spread

Hypothetical Scores

8.11Ismael Armenta17:48Guajome Park Acad
12.12Juan Vieyra18:03Montgomery
13.11Kyle Broxterman18:05Escondido Charter
9Carlos Bojorquez18:12Kearny
16.11Marco Ramirez18:19Guajome Park Acad
32.12Alejandro Medina18:47Montgomery
12Andrew Rodriguez18:48Kearny
57.10Hernan Naranjo19:33Montgomery
56.9Cipriano Zuluaga19:36Guajome Park Acad
64.11Jesus Valdez19:47Montgomery
69.11Jacinto Dominguez19:57Escondido Charter
72.12Enrique Robles20:07Montgomery
78.12Daniel Codallos20:21Montgomery
79.11Todd Davis20:26Escondido Charter
88.9Joshua Cruz20:47Guajome Park Acad
11Jacob Barlow20:53Calvary Christian (CV) 6:45 per mile
97.10Jesse Torres21:02Escondido Charter
10Junior Vahcea21:04Kearny
10Luke Reynolds21:21Calvary Christian (CV) 6:53 per mile
112.11Peter Valdes21:42Escondido Charter
11David Cruz22:10Calvary Christian (CV) 7:09 per mile
9Tim Steele22:39Calvary Christian (CV) 7:19 per mile
119.10Ray Sahagun22:48Guajome Park Acad
9Jesus Araujo23:08Calvary Christian (CV) 7:28 per mile
11Jacob Victoria23:23Kearny
9Tristan Oliver-Mal...23:30Kearny
128.10Ian Sternberg23:41Guajome Park Acad
10Daniel Pacheco24:44Calvary Christian (CV) 7:59 per mile
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3.1 Miles Small School JV  
  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Total Time | Spread

Hypothetical Scores

12Mason Westphal18:27Ramona
10Connor Jensen19:29Ramona
10Alvin Garcia19:38Montgomery
10Kevin Sanchez19:40Montgomery
9Tanner Perfect19:52Ramona
11Manuel Romero19:53Montgomery
9Jorge Avina20:04Montgomery
24.10Tyler Harmon20:09Escondido Charter
10Tyler Jordan20:23Ramona
45.9Westin Lahr20:42Escondido Charter
9Blake Turner20:57Guajome Park Acad
12James Serrano21:19Ramona
68.11Yanni Damainos21:20Escondido Charter
10Marco Garcia21:26Montgomery
11Edgar Avila21:33Montgomery
12Cezar Gamez21:41Montgomery
10Martin Arias21:53Montgomery
12Jorge Cervantes21:54Montgomery
11Steve Brambila22:11Montgomery
11Ricardo Ibarra22:20Montgomery
9David Bobadilla22:28Montgomery
11Ivan Ramos22:42Montgomery
10David Moreno22:42Ramona
11Anthony Qualtrale22:50Guajome Park Acad
10Ricardo Mendoza22:54Montgomery
9Max Malone23:17Ramona
9Jovan Esteban23:26Montgomery
10Alejandro Gasca23:27Montgomery
9J.D. Robinson23:27Guajome Park Acad
10Keelan Berg23:43Ramona
10Tim Skidmore24:21Guajome Park Acad
150.11Robert Smith24:30Escondido Charter
9Andrew Idica24:37Guajome Park Acad
9Jake Kranz24:42Guajome Park Acad
158.11Shawn Hoebeck25:01Escondido Charter
12Hector Medrano25:05Montgomery
9David Ruelas25:11Montgomery
9Alex Howard25:11Calvary Christian (CV) 8:08 per mile
9Nick Seydel25:27Calvary Christian (CV) 8:13 per mile
9Matthew Garrett25:29Guajome Park Acad
9Brian Wright25:33Guajome Park Acad
10Roman Huizar26:40Montgomery
12Oscar Montiel26:48Montgomery
10Alvaro Moreno27:03Montgomery
9Jordan Barker27:03Guajome Park Acad
9Collin Angeles27:49Calvary Christian (CV) 8:59 per mile
199.9Simon Stewart29:16Escondido Charter
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Womens Results

2.6 Miles Large School JV  
  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Total Time | Spread

Hypothetical Scores

2.12Therese Redlinger18:43Patrick Henry
7.11Emily Parker19:05Patrick Henry check this chg fm 5
38.11Carolyn Ponting20:15Patrick Henry
43.10Erin Fink20:21Patrick Henry
56.10Susan Redlinger20:43Patrick Henry
66.11Summer Deibert21:04Patrick Henry
73.11Amanda Sorourbakhsh21:11Patrick Henry
82.11Katie Blevins21:34Patrick Henry
135.9Jasmine Fryrear23:53Patrick Henry
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2.6 Miles Large School Varsity  
  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Total Time | Spread

Hypothetical Scores

13.11Emily Osga16:53Patrick Henry
22.12Phoebe Hartnett17:23Patrick Henry
54.10Morgan Golumbuk18:54Patrick Henry
63.10Leigh Martin19:22Patrick Henry
65.11Holly Nguyen19:25Patrick Henry
76.9Jaclyn Gutierrez20:35Patrick Henry
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2.6 Miles Small School Varsity  
  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Total Time | Spread

Hypothetical Scores

15.11Sally Di Maio18:33Guajome Park Acad
11Doshanique Smith-H...18:51Kearny
35.9Brenda Vieyra19:06Montgomery
50.10Elena Soler19:34Montgomery
52.9Cristina Robles19:40Montgomery
59.12Angela Vazquez20:01Montgomery
62.10Ana Pacheco20:08Montgomery
11Dana Atkins20:18Kearny
76.11Mary Mendez20:26Montgomery
79.11Tina Ayala20:29Montgomery
75.10Naycari De Luna21:02Guajome Park Acad
11Monica Jimenez21:06Calvary Christian (CV) 8:07 per mile
82.9Sabrina Esqueda21:30Guajome Park Acad
85.9Sarah Miller21:50Guajome Park Acad
10Amanda Lovell22:31Kearny
12Alicia Andersen22:47Kearny
10Isabel Lagos24:54Calvary Christian (CV) 9:35 per mile
99.12Elizabeth Sheehan25:45Guajome Park Acad
9Ciara RobillardPatrick Henry inj
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2.6 Miles Small School JV  
  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Total Time | Spread

Hypothetical Scores

1.9Alyssa Rodriguez18:36Guajome Park Acad
11Katelyn Bakun19:39Ramona
7.11Marissa Navarro19:52Escondido Charter
8.9Karen Galvez19:55Montgomery
10Sarah Callan20:04Ramona
16.10Mariah Aron20:13Escondido Charter
17.11Brianna Codallos20:16Montgomery
25.10Claudia Macias20:45Montgomery
10Erika Stinchcomb20:46Ramona
27.11Nicky Rumbawa20:47Escondido Charter
34.9Rita Armendariz20:59Guajome Park Acad
12Kinsey Shelby21:01Ramona
37.11Alexandra Ayala21:03Montgomery
48.12Stephanie Ramos21:47Montgomery
10Brandi Anthony22:11Ramona
77.10Elizabeth Mendez22:38Montgomery
59.11Brittany Peterson22:42Guajome Park Acad
60.11Hannah Urry22:48Guajome Park Acad
61.9Danielle Bever22:52Guajome Park Acad
85.10Lucia Coats23:06Montgomery
86.12Geovana Robles23:08Montgomery
87.12Inyuba Flores23:12Montgomery
9Alana Thygesen23:17Ramona
92.10Jeanine Pedroza23:25Montgomery
99.11Brenda Cueva23:47Montgomery
103.10Wendy Cervantes24:41Montgomery
73.11Nicole Williams25:06Guajome Park Acad
108.12Jazmin Moreno25:14Montgomery
9Patty Lorenzo25:17Calvary Christian (CV) 9:44 per mile
10Katie Gonzalez26:04Ramona
115.9Selina Cortez26:14Escondido Charter
117.9Abby Yepez26:48Escondido Charter
12Brieanna Hockenberry29:13Guajome Park Acad
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