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Leslie CC Course

5,000 Meters Varsity
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Leslie CC Course

5,000 Meters Varsity

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Mens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity  
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Hypothetical Scores

1.12Tyler Harrison17:55.47Leslie
2.12Brandon Bristow18:53.92Michigan Center
3.9Ben Utz18:57.11Michigan Center
4.10Matt Subject19:01.95Leslie
5.9Levi Prater19:13.28Leslie
6.10Steven Wiltse19:13.45Leslie
7.12David Powers19:45.84Michigan Center
8.10Zehlin Storr20:27.57Leslie
9.10Garrett Tremaine20:28.04Leslie
10.9Kyle Sykes20:35.69Michigan Center
11.12Justin Gibbs20:42.12Leslie
12.9Koty Conaty21:03.31Leslie
13.10Kyler Milosh21:09.73Michigan Center
14.12Spencer Lukasik21:09.87Michigan Center
15.12Kyle Rentsch21:38.83Michigan Center
16.9Shane Harrison21:38.97Leslie
17.10Justin Keller21:53.53Leslie
18.10Brendon Cole22:04.30Michigan Center
19.9Quinton Williams22:15.61Michigan Center
20.9Zach Owen22:15.81Leslie
21.12Zach Taylor22:24.70Michigan Center
22.10Evan Wheeler22:25.63Michigan Center
23.12Jesse Tokarski22:26.21Michigan Center
24.11Kevin Gorman22:36.63Leslie
25.9Josh Basnaw23:39.83Michigan Center
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Womens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity  
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Hypothetical Scores

1.12Audrey Tremaine20:45.63Leslie
2.12Brooke Prieskorn21:35.22Leslie
3.11Sarah Subject22:33.32Leslie
4.9Zoe Feighner22:33.56Leslie
5.9Caitlin Rathbun23:35.95Leslie
6.9Savannah Coltrain23:36.23Leslie
7.9Meghan Butski24:05.15Leslie
8.12Krissie Bevier24:07.47Michigan Center
9.12Bree Taylor24:11.17Michigan Center
10.12Kassie Bevier24:11.89Michigan Center
11.9Ashley Sierminski24:18.31Michigan Center
12.10Alyssa Hicks24:28.94Michigan Center
13.12Hailey Willett24:34.60Leslie
14.9Paige Lukasik24:49.88Michigan Center
15.10Maizie Orrick25:28.84Leslie
16.9Rachelle Locke25:36.83Leslie
17.11Nickole Wixson26:15.86Leslie
18.11Marina Ostaszewski26:29.21Michigan Center
19.10Lauren Doane26:30.10Leslie
20.11Emily Boller26:44.88Leslie
21.12Brooke Taylor26:47.46Michigan Center
22.9Abby Bowers27:16.77Leslie
23.9Shelby Blackford27:20.05Leslie
24.10Emily Bean27:46.99Leslie
25.12Leonie Schroeder27:52.59Leslie
26.12Kelsey Colby28:20.76Michigan Center
27.11Shannon Pryzogocki29:43.43Leslie
28.10Nicole Bliven29:43.84Leslie
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