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Guerin Catholic HS

5,000 Meters Varsity
5,000 Meters Junior Varsity
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Guerin Catholic HS

5,000 Meters Varsity
5,000 Meters Junior Varsity

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Mens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity  

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1.12Kent Garrett16:03.4Guerin Catholic
2.12Austin Gerulski16:21.5Guerin Catholic
3.9Ethan Hoeft16:24.1 PRHorizon Christian
4.10Brian Rice17:03.2Zionsville
5.10Andrew Brake17:11.0Zionsville
6.11Cameron Dawson17:13.6 SRHorizon Christian
7.11Tyler Keen17:13.9 SRZionsville
8.9Kip Curtis17:17.5 SRGuerin Catholic
9.12Drew Elston17:25.5Guerin Catholic
10.9Christopher Bluish17:30.0Guerin Catholic
11.11Paul O'Boyle17:33.5 SRGuerin Catholic
12.11Kaleb Ware17:37.3 SRHorizon Christian
13.12Tim Fox17:38.2 PRHorizon Christian
14.11Alexander Niksch17:40.0Zionsville
15.9Ian Mungovan17:43.2 SRHorizon Christian
16.10Joseph Taylor17:45.7Guerin Catholic
17.12Cameron McCullough17:55.1Zionsville
18.10Jack Anderson18:02.4Guerin Catholic
19.10Andrew Bentivoglio18:04.3Guerin Catholic
20.11Max Leeds18:08.1Zionsville
21.11Joey Mewborn18:11.5 SRGuerin Catholic
22.11Alex Chabraja18:17.2International School...
23.12Matt Macke18:31.0 PRGuerin Catholic
24.11Kevin Bates18:34.3University
25.9Skylar Kolli18:36.9International School...
26.12Seth Dias18:39.6 PRHorizon Christian
27.9Nick Young18:45.5Guerin Catholic
28.10Jesse Fenton18:48.5Zionsville
29.10Andre Gossweiler18:48.7Zionsville
30.11Marcos Zatkulak19:00.0Guerin Catholic
32.12Nicholas Brown19:03.9Zionsville
33.12Sam Bartley19:18.0 PRZionsville
35.12John Coss19:23.0 SRGuerin Catholic
36.12Brandon Huls19:31.5 PRHorizon Christian
37.11Jimmy Wang19:40.3University
38.12Paul Thoman19:44.4 PRGuerin Catholic
40.10Kevin Kaspar19:47.7 PRUniversity
41.12Nick Weddle19:54.7Zionsville
42.10Jason Bandick19:55.0Zionsville
43.11Jonathan Grubaums19:55.9 PRUniversity
44.10Jake Metzman19:57.8 SRUniversity
47.10Jake Nerney20:10.7 PRUniversity
48.11James Pierce20:13.7Zionsville
49.11Samuel Kellogg20:17.3Zionsville
50.10Beau Boggs20:18.0Zionsville
51.9Casey Dunn20:22.2Guerin Catholic
54.-Andrew Stubbs20:36.7 PRWisdom Builders
55.12Forrest Floyd20:41.6 PRUniversity
57.10Julian Green20:47.3 SRIndianapolis Crispus...
59.11Gabe Maupome20:56.6 PRInternational School...
62.9Ryan Masoncup21:16.0University
63.11Charles Hawthorne21:21.9 SRIndianapolis Crispus...
64.9Spencer Ricks21:23.2Horizon Christian
65.10Walter Fitschen21:26.1Guerin Catholic
66.12George Feng21:33.9 PRUniversity
67.11Jordan Atkinson21:36.3 SRIndianapolis Crispus...
68.9Ben Swift21:48.3 SRGuerin Catholic
69.10Donald Smoot21:51.6 PRIndianapolis Emmeric...
70.11Tony East22:29.1Zionsville
72.9Sam Goodson22:37.0Greenwood Christian ...
73.9Mark Gibson22:37.4 PRGreenwood Christian ...
77.11Cole Pantzer23:44.0 PRUniversity
78.10Nick Feick23:52.0 SRLumen Christi Catholic
79.11Khari Taylor24:20.0Indianapolis Crispus...
80.9Christian Grubaums24:59.4University
81.10Axl Huffman25:53.6Indianapolis Emmeric...
83.9Tj Pettinga26:21.9University
84.11Joshua Pope27:22.9Horizon Christian
85.10Drake Jellison27:24.5 SRUniversity
88.9Daniel Healey34:14.0University
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