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CSAA Jamboree #4 @ Chip Hills HS, MS, Club

Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Meet Info & Blog

Meet Host - Chippewa Hills HS
Location - Chippewa Hills HS, Remus, MI - Map
Mens Races

Chippewa Hills HS

5,000 Meters Varsity
3,200 Meters Middle School
1,600 Meters 6th Grade
Womens Races

Chippewa Hills HS

5,000 Meters Varsity
3,200 Meters Middle School
1,600 Meters 6th Grade
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Mens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity  
  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Total Time | Spread

Hypothetical Scores

1.11Clark Ruiz16:11.20Big Rapids
2.12Joe Oehrli16:27.82Reed City
3.12Jeff Cherry17:11.19Hesperia
4.11Tyler Sleet17:31.77Central Montcalm
5.10Travess Smith17:49.75Hesperia
6.12Kelly Simmons17:53.00Holton
7.11Trever Schnick17:53.70Lakeview
8.9Damien Halverson18:01.37Hesperia
9.12Michael Bolton18:08.88Hesperia
10.12Mike Wyels18:11.11White Cloud
11.11Ben Shaffer18:11.40Big Rapids
12.12Mark Alvarado18:18.06Chippewa Hills
13.12Don Dennis18:23.05Chippewa Hills
14.12Andrew Scott18:28.28Big Rapids
15.12Lukas Schroeder18:28.82Big Rapids
16.12Nik Schroeder18:30.88Big Rapids
17.12Nick Neilson18:34.98Hesperia
18.11Aaron Richards18:38.19Chippewa Hills
19.12Jacob Corey18:47.75Big Rapids
20.10Ryan Morris19:00.05Morley-Stanwood
21.11Caden King19:05.55Central Montcalm
22.11Zack Cooper19:06.91Chippewa Hills
23.12Evan Fifer19:12.39White Cloud
24.12Mike Bieri19:12.75Hesperia
25.12Caleb Wilk19:17.82White Cloud
26.11Michael Rolfe19:24.02Central Montcalm
27.12Matt Almond19:28.01Holton
28.11Charles Piatt19:33.15Chippewa Hills
29.9Lucas Smith19:36.36Hesperia
30.11Alex Prado19:40.29Hesperia
31.11Ethan Goodman19:42.35Big Rapids
32.11Dillon Cook19:47.00Hesperia
33.9Malcomn Maturen19:51.08Morley-Stanwood
34.10Jeff Rumsey19:52.92Hesperia
35.11Josh Clark19:54.66White Cloud
36.12Keith Smith20:22.23Hesperia
37.11Andrew Christesen20:23.62White Cloud
38.12Chase Sutherland20:26.72Central Montcalm
39.12Ben Sanborn20:27.87White Cloud
40.10Drake Walker20:31.03Reed City
41.9Matt McGahey20:33.23Reed City
42.10Zack King20:35.05Chippewa Hills
43.9Corey Godden20:35.57Chippewa Hills
44.10Caydon Weeks20:43.57Morley-Stanwood
45.10Chase Siersema20:44.12Hesperia
46.10Christian Green20:54.79White Cloud
47.9Adam Kass20:56.59Hesperia
48.12Jerry Tozer20:56.95Hesperia
49.9Todd Switzer20:57.20Central Montcalm
50.9Mason Barnwell20:58.24Central Montcalm
51.9Holden Peacock21:05.45Morley-Stanwood
52.11Tyler Barnes21:13.92Central Montcalm
53.10Zach Bergey21:15.10Morley-Stanwood
54.9Alex MacLean21:18.97Big Rapids
55.10Corey Fron21:21.14Chippewa Hills
56.9Hunter Jaobs21:35.98Big Rapids
57.10Aaron Daggett21:49.91Central Montcalm
58.10David Jacobs21:50.22Hesperia
59.12Chris Winslow21:54.38Big Rapids
60.10Andrew Sackett22:03.74Morley-Stanwood
61.10Joe McKeweon22:07.58Hesperia
62.9Ben Outman22:30.93Lakeview
63.10Gary Poortvliet22:34.51Big Rapids
64.9Hunter Rosema22:45.11Hesperia
65.11Haoyang Song22:50.55Lakeview
66.12Zach Tucker22:54.33Big Rapids
67.11Dillon Peacock22:57.99Morley-Stanwood
68.9Austin Peterson23:14.08Lakeview
69.12Stanley Su23:37.12Central Montcalm
70.10Jeremy Palinkas24:01.49Central Montcalm
71.10Devin Cornell24:13.12Lakeview
72.10Kyle Stewart24:15.42Chippewa Hills
73.9Peyton Kraus24:25.08Hesperia
74.10Corey Agens24:40.93Hesperia
75.9Kyle Elliott26:00.55Holton
76.12Phil Hartley26:14.68Big Rapids
77.12Dustin Chambers26:56.74Central Montcalm
78.9Joesph Baldwin27:38.17Central Montcalm
79.9Michael Bruce28:49.34Holton
80.12Sean Bruce32:28.78Holton
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3,200 Meters Middle School  
  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Total Time | Spread

Hypothetical Scores

1.8Chris Oates11:50.12Chippewa Hills
2.7Collin Neilsen12:21.07Hesperia
3.7Kyle Venne12:43.05Hesperia
4.8Nick Mathis12:54.05Chippewa Hills
5.8Nathan McKeown13:03.40Hesperia
6.8Arik LaFave13:12.35Hesperia
7.7Mark Jacobs13:25.56Big Rapids
8.8Davian Gowens13:33.90Hesperia
9.8Matt Mathis13:35.52Chippewa Hills
10.8Tyler Parker13:46.03Chippewa Hills
11.8Tyler Frease14:05.93Chippewa Hills
12.7Garrit Yates14:21.90Hesperia
13.8Noah Stauffer14:22.80Big Rapids
14.7Noah DeWolf14:32.47Chippewa Hills
15.8Logan King14:39.89Central Montcalm
16.8Ben Billings14:41.57Hesperia
17.8Aaron Jacobs14:49.51Hesperia
18.8Ryder Helms14:50.28Hesperia
19.8Pete Anderson14:50.84Central Montcalm
20.7Christian Hector15:06.23Big Rapids
21.7Tait Morrisey15:13.98Big Rapids
22.7Jacob Beers15:58.26Chippewa Hills
23.8Jacob Wood16:24.09Chippewa Hills
24.7Justin Jenks16:45.88Central Montcalm
25.7Bryce Bollman17:01.70Big Rapids
26.7Noah Smith17:10.01Big Rapids
27.8Dusty Krul17:18.19White Cloud
28.7Jacob Raines17:41.22Morley Stanwood
29.7Jasman Sidhu17:42.54Holton
30.7Trent Barnard17:52.22Holton
31.7Sean Scsavnicki18:11.54Big Rapids
32.7Luke Somsel18:19.82Big Rapids
33.8Trevor Easton18:20.70Big Rapids
34.7Alex Nelson18:53.25Morley Stanwood
35.7Quentin McMasters18:56.73White Cloud
36.7Ricky Swinson19:00.03Big Rapids
37.8Max Szynkowski19:12.72Morley Stanwood
38.7David Smith19:52.89Hesperia
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1,600 Meters 6th Grade  
  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Total Time | Spread

Hypothetical Scores

6Austin Mathis6:12Chippewa Hills
6Devontae Caldwell6:23Chippewa Hills
6Ray Robertson6:35Chippewa Hills
6Trentyn Gleason6:42Hesperia
6Cade Schafer6:52Chippewa Hills
6Connor Baird7:22Hesperia
3Nicholas Sherman7:44Chippewa Hills
6Basil Beers7:58Chippewa Hills
6Eric Richard7:58Chippewa Hills
6Riese Wygant8:03Hesperia
5Joseph Devoll8:07Chippewa Hills
6Jordan Jenks8:58Central Montcalm
5Tyrone Caldwell9:27Chippewa Hills
6Theodore Williams9:30Chippewa Hills
1Jake O'Neil10:09Chippewa Hills
6Nathan Potrykus10:32Chippewa Hills
6Alex Woodcock11:22Chippewa Hills
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Womens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity  
  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Total Time | Spread

Hypothetical Scores

1.12Alexa Rumsey18:42.73Hesperia
2.10Megan O'Neil19:17.61Chippewa Hills
3.9Emily Starck19:31.36Chippewa Hills
4.12Gabbie Bates19:48.24Hesperia
5.9Chloe Kinnally20:39.43Big Rapids
6.10Lauren Zeerip21:02.66Hesperia
7.12Jacklyn Yates21:19.95Hesperia
8.9Mary Tozer21:31.49Hesperia
9.11Jasmine Hall21:32.03Hesperia
10.12Donna Aslakson21:32.65Hesperia
11.9Kaycee Jackson22:16.02Hesperia
12.9Kristen Cranney22:25.84Morley-Stanwood
13.12Meagan Lavin22:29.33Hesperia
14.9Taylor Nelson22:37.88Chippewa Hills
15.9Baily Majersky22:38.52Hesperia
16.11Larissa Umbleby22:39.04Chippewa Hills
17.9Courtney Dennis22:42.48Chippewa Hills
18.12Haley Wiseman22:55.75Hesperia
19.12Jenny Swymeler23:13.74Big Rapids
20.10Natasna Sanders23:20.00Lakeview
21.12Sierra Raglin23:23.05Big Rapids
22.9Blake Kuzma23:27.20Chippewa Hills
23.12Elyse Starck23:32.68Morley-Stanwood
24.9Kiley Smith24:26.55Chippewa Hills
25.10Maddie Zadvinskis24:36.69Big Rapids
26.12Amanda Stieg24:47.99Reed City
27.12Emily McIntosh25:16.68Reed City
28.9Jackie Sheaffer25:19.84Chippewa Hills
29.11Cassedi Vrbensky25:24.68Chippewa Hills
30.11McKenzie Sshwartz25:25.96Lakeview
31.9Kazia Cooper25:31.65Chippewa Hills
32.12Lindsey Ridderman25:46.64Reed City
33.10Breanna Wimmer26:03.73White Cloud
34.10Audry Cornell26:40.01Lakeview
35.11Lexi Bates27:00.39Lakeview
36.10Katie King27:32.05Big Rapids
37.11Daycia Case27:55.01Central Montcalm
38.10Kayla Wyels28:03.89White Cloud
39.10Bethany Wheeler28:05.19Central Montcalm
40.10Kaila Kosten28:16.09Central Montcalm
41.9Scylar Blaisdell28:20.92Central Montcalm
42.9Sophia Johnson28:24.61Central Montcalm
43.10Cecilie Busk29:02.79Central Montcalm
44.10Rebecca Hartwell29:12.01Holton
45.10Ali Gowin30:10.85Hesperia
46.11Eliza McGowan-Stin...30:12.51Morley-Stanwood
47.11Maggie Meyer30:41.67Chippewa Hills
48.10Kiana Biglapoor30:52.38Central Montcalm
49.12Elizabeth Thornburg31:12.77Central Montcalm
50.11Brianna Mumby31:39.21Morley-Stanwood
51.9Desaray Tracy32:12.55Hesperia
52.12Maria Schmidt33:19.89Lakeview
53.10Emma Priebe33:25.06Lakeview
54.9Brandee Malloy35:11.74Morley-Stanwood
55.10Chanikan Nitiamorn36:21.62Central Montcalm
56.12Kamylla Darnelles36:21.92Central Montcalm
57.10Colleen Allen36:42.85Lakeview
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3,200 Meters Middle School  
  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Total Time | Spread

Hypothetical Scores

1.8Hannah Sperry14:10.74Hesperia
2.8Brooke Schooley14:19.61Hesperia
3.8Cara Atwood14:33.19White Cloud
4.7Aliza Hengesbach14:42.75Big Rapids
5.7Destanie Johnson14:47.80Chippewa Hills
6.7Sydney Kleiner14:58.49Hesperia
7.7Lauren Case14:59.20Chippewa Hills
8.8Mallory Raven15:17.74Morley Stanwood
9.-McKenzie Cornelius15:21.80Reed City
10.8Gabrielle Bass15:27.12Chippewa Hills
11.7Rachel Fox15:27.51Big Rapids
12.8Jenna Koepf15:28.20Chippewa Hills
13.8Brooke Schneider15:32.93Central Montcalm
14.8Sydney Jose15:33.26Chippewa Hills
15.8Kari Hesting15:36.84White Cloud
16.8Kayla Chamberlain15:37.52Big Rapids
17.7Maria Johnson15:37.95Chippewa Hills
18.7Kiara Cushway15:38.29Big Rapids
19.8Katie Atwood15:48.74White Cloud
20.7Emily Tinkham15:53.52Hesperia
21.7Gabby Fredrickson16:07.96Hesperia
22.7Joelynn Gamble-Brown16:20.63Reed City
23.7Mackenzie Jordan16:24.53White Cloud
24.8Kalika Wernette16:24.96Central Montcalm
25.7Kayli Peak16:29.73Central Montcalm
26.7Alexis Issette16:35.64Chippewa Hills
27.7Alison Scsavnicki16:52.20Big Rapids
28.7Courtnee Nicholson16:52.87Central Montcalm
29.8Summer Gravelyn16:54.41Chippewa Hills
30.8Charlece Paul17:03.94White Cloud
31.7Emaleigh Taylor17:11.43Central Montcalm
32.7Caitlin Ferguson17:17.60Central Montcalm
33.8Rachael McNeil17:22.44Morley Stanwood
34.7Destiny Roosa17:29.04Chippewa Hills
35.7Masen Majersky17:29.93Hesperia
36.7Cassedy Recker17:34.54Chippewa Hills
37.7Alexis Lyman17:36.43Big Rapids
38.7Heather Burrell17:40.33Hesperia
39.8Nicole Snyder17:49.66Chippewa Hills
40.7Mackenzie Rutz18:04.78Central Montcalm
41.7Amber Olson18:12.16Hesperia
42.8Hailey Leiter18:15.03Chippewa Hills
43.-Meghan Borst18:22.47Reed City
44.7Autumn Howerton18:26.64Big Rapids
45.8Amy Fitzhenry18:29.55Chippewa Hills
46.8Casey Whelan18:36.57Hesperia
47.7Mallory Morgan19:07.60Central Montcalm
48.-Makala Kangas19:21.67Reed City
49.7Ally Dougherty19:26.91Chippewa Hills
50.-Lindsey Kienitz19:41.21Reed City
51.7Hope Maclaren19:56.16Central Montcalm
52.7Jade Kage20:40.62Morley Stanwood
53.7McKenna Bowen21:22.78Central Montcalm
54.8Olivia Coffell22:15.42Chippewa Hills
55.7Lillian Blaisdell22:59.05Central Montcalm
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1,600 Meters 6th Grade  
  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Total Time | Spread

Hypothetical Scores

6Hannah Todd6:10Chippewa Hills
7Mckenna Purdy6:46Chippewa Hills
6Robyn Wood6:53Chippewa Hills
6Claire Rumsey7:02Hesperia
5Alicia Robertson7:07Chippewa Hills
8Payton Ethridge7:08Chippewa Hills
6Kaitlyn Schwallier7:15Chippewa Hills
6Alyson Ethridge7:23Chippewa Hills
7Alyssa Oates7:35Chippewa Hills
6Madi Gard7:36Chippewa Hills
8Jessica Bonner7:37Chippewa Hills
7Lily Sherman7:50Chippewa Hills
6Cheyenne Witte7:53Hesperia
8Rhianna Haynes7:55Chippewa Hills
6Lilah Majersky8:10Hesperia
6Katelyn Stuart8:12Chippewa Hills
6Shelby Follett8:18Hesperia
7Gabrielle Purdy8:23Chippewa Hills
6Jessika Wolfsen8:28Hesperia
5Grace Jacobs8:36Hesperia
7Alex Pendell8:42Chippewa Hills
8Alexis Scott8:52Chippewa Hills
6Erica Fitzhenry8:54Chippewa Hills
5Lorna Kallio9:08Chippewa Hills
6Sophie Ruggles9:08Chippewa Hills
4Mya Koepf9:08Chippewa Hills
7Madison Grover9:12Chippewa Hills
7Emily Sorsen9:14Chippewa Hills
5Jorja Ray9:16Chippewa Hills
6Abby O'Neil9:29Chippewa Hills
3Madey Newman9:29Chippewa Hills
5Sophia Coffell10:44Chippewa Hills
5Bailey Stroud11:33Chippewa Hills
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