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kalamazoo central

5,000 Meters Varsity
5,000 Meters Junior Varsity

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Mens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity  

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11Jeremy Simon17:46Richland Gull Lake
10Sam Butler18:06Richland Gull Lake
12Nathan Busby18:18Richland Gull Lake
11Samuel Sly18:34Richland Gull Lake
12Ryan Curtis18:40Richland Gull Lake
10J. Coleman Gibson18:41Richland Gull Lake
12Dallas Chase18:51Richland Gull Lake
12Grady Johnson18:51Kalamazoo Central
12Tanner Hostetler18:53Richland Gull Lake
9Alex Teutsch19:04Kalamazoo Central
12Brandon Wynsma19:07Richland Gull Lake
10Caelan Deater19:20Richland Gull Lake
15.10Grayson Betts19:30Plainwell
12Daniel Bell19:36Richland Gull Lake
12Tom Zahrt19:38Richland Gull Lake
11Ben Snow19:55Richland Gull Lake
10Nathan Snow19:58Richland Gull Lake
20.12Glen Compton20:00Parchment
11Andrew Kaylor20:10Kalamazoo Central
9Jeff Torano20:14Kalamazoo Central
12Brian Whaley20:17Richland Gull Lake
9Dan Pelyhes20:20Richland Gull Lake
11Brian Wiegand20:21Richland Gull Lake
10Andrew Stults20:26Richland Gull Lake
9Will Hough20:27Richland Gull Lake
11Lennart Huper20:41Richland Gull Lake
11Brady Hostetler20:43Richland Gull Lake
27.12Brandon Blankenship20:44Parchment
28.12Max Hultquist20:47Plainwell
11Gerritt Anderson20:49Kalamazoo Central
39.10Eldon Ulsh20:49Climax-Scotts
9Cameron Andrews20:56Kalamazoo Central
33.12Lucas Waling20:56Parchment
34.11Adam Licavoli21:00Plainwell
35.10Charlie Eaton21:01 PRParchment
36.12Evan Dexter21:05Parchment
37.9Jake Spitsbergen21:15Parchment
12David Howson21:23Richland Gull Lake
38.10Nick Swain21:27Plainwell
11Henry Spies21:36Richland Gull Lake
40.12Justin Bunch21:41Parchment
11Isaac Anderson21:48Kalamazoo Central
12Nathan Murray21:54Richland Gull Lake
10Linden Waling21:59Parchment
11Addison Jennette22:05Richland Gull Lake
11Trevor Byrd22:13Kalamazoo Central
11Christian Paupore22:17Richland Gull Lake
11Matthew Pelyhes22:24Richland Gull Lake
43.12Ian Schwallier22:24Plainwell
9Nic Thoman22:52Richland Gull Lake
10Alonzo Sims22:55Kalamazoo Central
11Andrew Chapa23:00Parchment
9Trevor Wason23:39Richland Gull Lake
10Dan Kuneli24:51Kalamazoo Central
10Ryan Tomer25:14Richland Gull Lake
10Scotty Cunningham26:02Richland Gull Lake
9Jared Bielski26:31Parchment
10Sean Rantz26:51Parchment
11Nathan Little27:06Parchment
11Daniel Woodworth27:10Kalamazoo Central
10Wyatt Polmateer27:13Parchment
12Pat Dunham28:29Richland Gull Lake
9Peter Hamann28:40Kalamazoo Central
9Mitch Taber28:57Kalamazoo Central
12Reilly Calhoun30:45Richland Gull Lake
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5,000 Meters Junior Varsity  

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11Ian Larabel25:15Plainwell
10Aaron Shaw26:14Plainwell
9Alex Beals29:30Plainwell
10Alex Scholten30:22Plainwell
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Womens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity  

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1.10Makenzie Evers20:25Plainwell
2.12Chloe Thiel21:19Plainwell
3.10Katherine Thayer21:38Parchment
9Hayley Buckhout22:01Richland Gull Lake
11Leah Coonrod22:07Richland Gull Lake
11Jori Fell22:08Richland Gull Lake
10Maria Foley22:08Richland Gull Lake
12Corinne Roller22:13Richland Gull Lake
10.12Laura Nordquist22:15Parchment
9Mikayla Hostetler22:16Richland Gull Lake
12.11Cara Minto22:16Plainwell
12Ashley Merica22:18Richland Gull Lake
12Alison Butler22:33Richland Gull Lake
17.9Haley Betts22:46Plainwell
11Emma Hardiman23:12Richland Gull Lake
11Taylor Goes23:20Richland Gull Lake
10Haley Haasch23:26Richland Gull Lake
11Elizabeth Lane23:53Richland Gull Lake
12Laura Wheeler23:56Kalamazoo Central
26.10Oriana Benincasa23:57Plainwell
10Bailey Stark24:14Richland Gull Lake
11Stephanie Smith24:31Richland Gull Lake
9Sophie Calhoun25:04Richland Gull Lake
11Joy Rutherford25:14Kalamazoo Central
32.10Molly Ireland25:18Parchment
34.12Haylie Born25:25Plainwell
12Erin Frey25:35Kalamazoo Central
39.9Taylor Hillard25:41Parchment
11Erin Bargo25:45Richland Gull Lake
11Cara Marolt25:47Richland Gull Lake
10Denise Garner26:17Richland Gull Lake
10Mallory Rossen26:25Richland Gull Lake
44.10Madison Spratt26:31Plainwell
12Melissa Manlan26:35Kalamazoo Central
10Abbie Higley27:05Richland Gull Lake
10Olivia DeLucia27:24Richland Gull Lake
9Anna Lane27:50Richland Gull Lake
10Sarah Langejans27:59Richland Gull Lake
11Sadina Sackett29:03Kalamazoo Central
10Annie Clemens29:20Richland Gull Lake
11Justine Reed-Sandum30:22Richland Gull Lake
10Emily Rhodes30:24Richland Gull Lake
12Emily Wood32:13Richland Gull Lake
52.9Victoria Rupe33:28Parchment
11Joy Doorlag35:34Richland Gull Lake
11Emma Zielinski42:37Richland Gull Lake
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5,000 Meters Junior Varsity  

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11Rachel Buck24:09Plainwell
11Jenna Gower27:17Plainwell
9Cassidy Steele27:31Plainwell
9Macayla Wright29:37Plainwell
10Camille Schwallier39:06Plainwell
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