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CAAC Red Jamboree at Dewitt HS

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

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Meet Host - This Meet Currently Has No Host Listed
Event Manager - Chuck Block Timing
Location - Dewitt HS, Dewitt, MI - Map
Mens Races

Dewitt HS

5,000 Meters Varsity and JV
Womens Races

Dewitt HS

5,000 Meters Varsity and JV
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Mens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity and JV  

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1.12Nick Wharry16:05.1Ionia
2.12Ryan Beyea16:08.0Haslett
3.12Connor Montgomery16:16.6Ionia
4.11Brandon Winter16:26.9Ionia
5.10Alex McCormick16:35.3Haslett
6.12Alex VanCamp16:36.8Haslett
7.11Brice Brown16:41.6Ionia
8.12Josh D'Haene16:51.3DeWitt
9.10Andrew Hyatt16:58.4St Johns
10.12Travis Stirewalt17:09.0Haslett
11.12Ruben Cardenas17:12.9Ionia
12.10Dillon Braun17:19.9Ionia
13.11Spencer Shellberg17:26.8St Johns
14.10Luke Corder17:33.1Haslett
15.9Codey Cook17:38.0St Johns
16.11Eli Jenkinson17:39.9Owosso
17.12Andrew Taylor17:42.3Haslett
18.10Aaron Scheffler17:43.2DeWitt
19.10Dakota Brasseur17:44.0Owosso
20.12Brandon Piggott17:49.7Ionia
21.11Tyler Howard17:52.5St Johns
22.11Nate Kimble18:02.5DeWitt
23.10Scot Stanulis18:06.5Haslett
24.10Austin Messman18:09.1Owosso
25.11Ian James18:11.9Haslett
26.12Austin Ronspees18:13.7Fowlerville
27.12Matt Opanasenko18:15.6Owosso
28.12Grant Wortley18:20.0Haslett
29.11Joe Wojciechowski18:25.7DeWitt
30.11Caleb Hess18:27.7Owosso
31.11Phillip McCauley18:28.7DeWitt
32.12Drew Martin18:35.0Haslett
33.12Patrick Donovan18:36.6DeWitt
34.12Marek Kohout18:44.1Owosso
35.9Mitch Kolito18:47.0DeWitt
36.11Ryan Willis18:47.8Owosso
37.10Jacob Lentz18:48.9DeWitt
38.12Johnny Snyder18:58.4St Johns
39.12Dan Alchin19:05.2Haslett
40.10Ryan Weaver19:09.3Owosso
41.12A.J. Mayer19:12.9Ionia
42.10Nicolas Huard19:29.0St Johns
43.11Kyler VanWormer19:34.8St Johns
44.9Nick Garnett19:38.3Haslett
45.9Jordan Zamarron19:40.5Ionia
46.9Tim Mayer19:41.5Ionia
47.9Drew Conley19:51.8Ionia
48.9Peter Pelon19:52.3Ionia
49.11Connor Drake19:54.8Owosso
50.12Tim Neuroth20:00.0Fowlerville
51.9Duncan Wright20:00.2St Johns
52.9Anthony Sciarini20:03.7Haslett
53.12Christian Fosler20:08.2Fowlerville
54.11Nick Lentz20:10.5DeWitt
55.10Tyler Ellsworth20:14.5DeWitt
56.10Henry Lee20:24.9DeWitt
57.10Chuckie Billingsley20:25.7DeWitt
58.9Thomas Horak20:37.0Owosso
59.10Luke Vaness20:38.6Ionia
60.9Marshal Rademacer20:39.0Ionia
61.10Eric Nosakowski20:50.6Owosso
62.9Brady Cramer20:55.0St Johns
63.11Corbyn Shaw20:55.7Fowlerville
64.9Martti Weaver21:06.6Haslett
65.11Jacob Kastens21:07.8Haslett
66.12Gus Cook21:09.4Owosso
67.9Wolfgang Stark21:15.5St Johns
68.10Cavan Ahearne21:25.4Owosso
69.12Jacob Frankmann21:26.5St Johns
70.9Cody Schott21:27.3Owosso
71.10Jordyn Helmic21:29.5DeWitt
72.10Wyatt Malkin21:34.0St Johns
73.12Evan Ritter21:41.8Owosso
74.11Grear Algozin21:48.7Owosso
75.11Susek Uziemblo21:52.6Fowlerville
76.12Isaac Parker21:53.2Fowlerville
77.11Ricky Araoz21:56.8Haslett
78.9Jimmy Abendroth21:58.4Haslett
79.9Austin Ager22:11.6Owosso
80.9Ryan Comrie22:13.7Owosso
81.9Dalton Mohlman22:21.2Owosso
82.9Philip Sipperly22:22.4Ionia
83.9Alec Czarnopys22:26.7Owosso
84.12Zack Jenks-Western22:27.6Owosso
85.10Dan Vigor22:34.6Haslett
86.10Keegan Gute22:40.2Owosso
87.10Collin Blundell22:50.2Ionia
88.12Matt Gerding22:55.3Owosso
89.12Preston Rheaume23:13.2Owosso
90.12Hunter Johnston23:21.8Owosso
91.10Jacob Hubert23:24.9Fowlerville
92.10Zach Schultz23:27.9DeWitt
93.10Peter Miklavcic23:46.4Haslett
94.12Isaiah Timm23:50.9Haslett
95.12Matt Welch23:51.9Haslett
96.11Jeffrey Koelsch23:54.1Ionia
97.12Nick Hegberg23:56.0Fowlerville
98.10Connor McKinnon24:35.6DeWitt
99.10Brett Robbins24:39.5DeWitt
100.11Alex Sutter25:05.3Owosso
101.10Jason Clark25:06.6Owosso
102.11Dalton Messman25:17.1Owosso
103.9Tyler Jacobs25:20.9Fowlerville
104.11Joel Reynolds25:24.7Haslett
105.9Eric Dorris25:31.8Owosso
106.10Lance Law25:37.2Owosso
107.10Cameron Weede25:50.1Owosso
108.10Mitchell Newstead26:37.2Fowlerville
109.10Jacob Dix27:19.6Fowlerville
110.9Zach Marks27:36.8Owosso
111.12Adit Firdhaus28:15.4Owosso
112.9James French28:51.3DeWitt
113.11Storm Mbonu29:10.0Owosso
114.10Sam Scholten30:25.4Haslett
115.9Austin Salisbury30:30.0Haslett
116.9Jake Borucki34:18.6Haslett
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Womens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity and JV  

to see charts & hypothetical scores
1.9Karrigan Smith19:19.5St Johns
2.10Kayla Kraft20:01.7St Johns
3.12Jessica D'Haene20:05.7DeWitt
4.12Lauren Rademacher20:12.6DeWitt
5.12Kayla Hanses20:17.3DeWitt
6.9Jordan Lee20:25.4DeWitt
7.9Shelby Waterson20:28.9DeWitt
8.11Claire Gilbert20:33.5Owosso
9.10Morgan Miller20:39.7Ionia
10.10Emily Murdoch20:50.8DeWitt
11.10Jenna Koelsch21:15.0Ionia
12.9Jessica Brown21:27.8Owosso
13.10Brittany Wright21:38.6Ionia
14.11Haven Taylor21:41.0Fowlerville
15.12Ellen Corder21:51.4Haslett
16.10Nichole Leasher22:13.5St Johns
17.10Shelby Allen22:22.1DeWitt
18.9Marissa Bradley22:22.7Haslett
19.12Tara Mahon22:29.6Haslett
20.10Shea Donahue22:42.5Haslett
21.10Kimberly Catlin22:49.6St Johns
22.11Kaila Black22:59.0DeWitt
23.9Stacy Andrakowicz23:01.8Ionia
24.11Aubrey Minarik23:02.7Owosso
25.10BreeAnna Gaffney23:02.8St Johns
26.9Emily Hartner23:06.0St Johns
27.11Claire Pabst23:12.3DeWitt
28.9Anastasia Matta23:16.5DeWitt
29.9Ashton Montgomery23:18.2Ionia
30.12Jordan Strickler23:26.7Haslett
31.11Rochelle Radaweic23:32.1DeWitt
32.10Natalie Knauf23:35.8DeWitt
33.9Dillon McClintock23:36.2Owosso
34.9Kaitlyn Rademacher23:40.1Ionia
35.9Jordan Stephens23:40.3Ionia
36.10Bridget Voisin23:52.8St Johns
37.9Taylor Stewart23:53.2St Johns
38.11Jenna Peterson23:58.4St Johns
39.11Megan Christoson24:04.0Fowlerville
40.10Jessica Grost24:06.7DeWitt
41.10Kaylee Foster24:10.5St Johns
42.11Amanda Walsh24:26.6DeWitt
43.9Victoria Joseph24:49.2Ionia
44.10Megan Jacobs24:57.2Haslett
45.12Emmalee Skorich25:05.2DeWitt
46.11Emilee Mead25:27.6Haslett
47.11Alyssa Morrow25:35.1St Johns
48.10Molly Bishop25:35.3Fowlerville
49.9Paige Hartman25:44.2Ionia
50.11Zoe Klem25:47.8Owosso
51.12Brooke Dotts25:51.2Fowlerville
52.12Cassandra Silvers25:56.4Owosso
53.11Haley Yaremych26:00.3Fowlerville
54.11Breanna Thumudo26:00.8Fowlerville
55.9Melissa Smith26:10.0Ionia
56.12Holly Osmer26:10.7Owosso
57.10Andrea Knight26:12.9Owosso
58.9Destiny Chapa26:25.1Ionia
59.10Allie Siegfried26:30.5DeWitt
60.10Alex Fritz27:04.1Fowlerville
61.12Stephanie Higgins27:07.8Fowlerville
62.9Lilly Ebarra27:18.3Owosso
63.12Amanda Leftwich27:19.8Owosso
64.11Amanda Darnell28:21.2St Johns
65.12Nia Becker28:36.6DeWitt
66.11Nicole Brennan28:41.3Haslett
67.9Chandler Kirinovic28:55.8DeWitt
68.9Frankie Bosanic28:57.8DeWitt
69.12Megan Baldus29:00.1Fowlerville
70.11Danielle Raynor29:22.5DeWitt
71.9Alexa Phillips29:39.1DeWitt
72.10Livi Pritchett29:46.7Owosso
73.12Cassie Van Wynen29:51.1Fowlerville
74.10Macy Dalman29:55.2DeWitt
75.11Michaela Snyder29:57.4St Johns
76.11Abby George30:07.6DeWitt
77.11Christina Snyder35:59.7Ionia
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