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2 Mile Varsity and JV
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2 Mile Varsity and JV
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Enter your entire team in the one division.

Run your 7 and 8th Grade in the 7 and 8th grade race and all other grades in the open race.




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Mens Results

2 Mile Varsity and JV  

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1.8Kyle Coulter11:54.7Bath
2.8Nate Baird12:02.9Stockbridge
3.8Austin Shepherd12:15.6Stockbridge
4.7Case Trevino12:18.8Bath
5.8Bobby Reid12:19.6Lansing Area Catholic
6.7Kelin Brown12:43.1Grand Ledge Hayes
7.7Jakob Hartman12:50.2Leslie
8.7Cole Trevino12:59.7Bath
9.6Kalyn VanWormer13:00.2Windemere Park Chart...
10.7Seven Davis13:07.5Grand Ledge Hayes
11.7Andrew Hakim13:11.1Lansing Area Catholic
12.8Elliott Lipe13:14.1Bath
13.8Nathan Goschka13:14.5Grand Ledge Hayes
14.8Kyle Montgomery13:18.5West Int. Mt. Pleasant
15.7Jacob Ramont13:19.6Lansing Area Catholic
16.8Jon Campau13:25.8Lansing Area Catholic
17.7Thomas Burns13:27.9Lansing Area Catholic
18.7Drew Coulter13:28.9Bath
19.6Joel Stieglitz13:30.1Windemere Park Chart...
20.7Tyler McCartney13:32.1Grand Ledge Hayes
21.7Cody Barnhill13:35.4Bath
22.7Alan Baird13:40.6Stockbridge
23.8Nick Snider13:46.3Stockbridge
24.7Ryan Behan13:48.6Lansing Area Catholic
25.7Logan Krolzaleski13:49.6Grand Ledge Hayes
26.8Jack Kea13:53.5West Int. Mt. Pleasant
27.8Connor Fiolek13:54.1West Int. Mt. Pleasant
28.8Nate Dugener13:54.7Lansing Area Catholic
29.8Karmasie Humes14:02.1Windemere Park Chart...
30.7Josh Wolfinger14:04.8Bath
31.6Kalyb VanWormer14:08.7Windemere Park Chart...
32.7Jake Chapman14:14.2Stockbridge
33.8Damien Sutton14:23.3Stockbridge
34.7Austin Lee14:25.5Grand Ledge Hayes
35.8Marshall Lipe14:28.4Bath
36.7Brenden Cashen14:28.5West Int. Mt. Pleasant
37.7Malachi Smith14:35.8Windemere Park Chart...
38.8Josh Schafer14:38.6West Int. Mt. Pleasant
39.8Grant Schuen14:38.8Leslie
40.7Matthew Iamarino14:39.9Lansing Area Catholic
6Jack Skidmore14:44.4Bath
6Michael Armistead14:47.8Bath
41.8Troy Davis14:49.9Leslie
42.8Noah Nugent14:51.4Bath
43.7Brandon Huttenlocker14:53.2Leslie
44.7John Roesch14:55.0Grand Ledge Hayes
6Clayton Dugan15:01.9Bath
45.8Bill Wise15:04.4Bath
46.7Nick Flammini15:04.8Lansing Area Catholic
47.8Will Kordenbrock15:05.1Lansing Area Catholic
48.7John Harrison15:07.7Lansing Area Catholic
49.6DJ Berry15:17.6Windemere Park Chart...
50.7Thomas Johnson15:20.6Stockbridge
51.7Quinn Humphrey15:44.4West Int. Mt. Pleasant
52.7Davey Latter15:50.4Leslie
53.7Eric Pololsky15:53.1West Int. Mt. Pleasant
54.8Zach Boller15:54.3Leslie
55.8Nathan Werner16:00.5Grand Ledge Hayes
56.8Brenden Clark16:05.0Stockbridge
57.7Edgar Peters16:13.7West Int. Mt. Pleasant
58.8John McCarthy16:16.0West Int. Mt. Pleasant
59.8Nat Fellow16:16.5Grand Ledge Hayes
60.7Alek Saadeh16:18.2Lansing Area Catholic
61.8Lucas Prin16:19.4West Int. Mt. Pleasant
62.8Zachary Brundage16:20.7Windemere Park Chart...
63.7Jacob Willinger16:33.4Windemere Park Chart...
64.8Robert Micheaux16:34.2Bath
65.8Ryan Johns16:40.3West Int. Mt. Pleasant
66.7Ryan Buffin16:40.5Grand Ledge Hayes
67.7Clayton Lewis16:40.7Grand Ledge Hayes
68.7Ben Szilagyi16:41.8Windemere Park Chart...
69.7Evan Feldkamp16:42.5Grand Ledge Hayes
70.6Ryan Mayes16:50.4Windemere Park Chart...
71.7Gage Stout16:53.7Grand Ledge Hayes
72.7Colin Smith16:58.9Lansing Area Catholic
73.7Kody Neal17:50.2Stockbridge
74.7Sloan Felton18:18.2West Int. Mt. Pleasant
75.7Drew Patton18:23.2West Int. Mt. Pleasant
76.7Sammy Shamlin18:31.3West Int. Mt. Pleasant
77.7Reid Sladek18:33.0West Int. Mt. Pleasant
78.7Ethan Utley18:40.2Stockbridge
79.7Aaron Fischer19:10.1West Int. Mt. Pleasant
80.8Gavin Roupe19:50.2West Int. Mt. Pleasant
81.8Jacob McAllister20:18.0West Int. Mt. Pleasant
82.8Asher Watters20:19.9West Int. Mt. Pleasant
83.8Colton Hallock20:27.2West Int. Mt. Pleasant
84.7Eric Johnson21:05.4Stockbridge
85.7Calvin Sands21:30.1Grand Ledge Hayes
86.7Quinn Klein21:43.9West Int. Mt. Pleasant
87.7Luke Worgess23:07.2West Int. Mt. Pleasant
88.7Alex Fuja23:11.0West Int. Mt. Pleasant
89.8Jake O'Brien27:25.3West Int. Mt. Pleasant
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Womens Results

2 Mile Varsity and JV  

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1.7Caitlin Rebera12:36.6Lansing Area Catholic
2.8Faith Brown13:22.9Bath
3.8Haley Dack13:32.8Leslie
4.8Lindsey Brown13:46.0Bath
5.7Brittany Pierce13:47.6Leslie
6.7Shelby Zeigler14:02.9Stockbridge
7.7Kelsey Billingsley14:03.8Bath
8.8Sydney Theis14:07.1Lansing Area Catholic
9.8Savannah Halfmann14:07.3Bath
10.8Melissa Schott14:11.0Bath
11.7Jessie Sullivan14:25.2Bath
6Veronica Azar14:48.9Bath
12.8Nicole Novak14:57.0Lansing Area Catholic
13.8Becky Golisch15:12.1Windemere Park Chart...
14.7Tyler Adkins15:14.7Bath
15.7Jenna Magness15:15.5Grand Ledge Hayes
16.7Libby Filice15:17.7Leslie
17.7Maggie Reid15:20.9Windemere Park Chart...
18.7Murrissia Hampton15:22.0Leslie
19.8Tayler Guyeskey15:26.5Lansing Area Catholic
20.8Maddie Brown15:58.3West Int. Mt. Pleasant
21.7Rachel Gilliland16:14.2Leslie
22.8Victoria Boehlert-...16:22.6Lansing Area Catholic
23.7Poppy Cox16:28.5Stockbridge
24.7Samantha Sharland16:31.3Stockbridge
25.7Kim Driksna16:41.0Leslie
26.7Emily Cohn16:41.4Lansing Area Catholic
27.7Morgan Arnouts16:42.1Grand Ledge Hayes
28.8Mariah Goecker16:49.2West Int. Mt. Pleasant
29.7Annmarie Maher16:52.3Grand Ledge Hayes
30.7Abigail Tiffany16:57.8Leslie
31.7Alexis Roberts17:00.7Stockbridge
32.8Katherine Maiville17:13.2Leslie
33.7Kaylee Hall17:13.4Stockbridge
6Stephanie Labioda17:25.1Bath
34.7Lindsay Moore17:27.3West Int. Mt. Pleasant
35.7Torrey Savannah17:28.8Stockbridge
6Krystal Dugan17:44.1Bath
36.8Olivia Payton17:45.7West Int. Mt. Pleasant
37.7Sophia Grossnickle17:48.0West Int. Mt. Pleasant
38.8Jennifer McNeal17:53.3West Int. Mt. Pleasant
39.7Amy Spitzley17:54.8Grand Ledge Hayes
40.8Ashley Schafer17:56.1West Int. Mt. Pleasant
41.8Katey Dast17:57.9West Int. Mt. Pleasant
42.7Madison Dunlap18:01.3Stockbridge
43.7Nora Krusinski18:23.3Stockbridge
44.7India Perez18:30.8West Int. Mt. Pleasant
45.8Aubrey Cogswell18:37.4West Int. Mt. Pleasant
46.8Sydney Anderson18:47.7West Int. Mt. Pleasant
47.7Savannah Stone18:51.2West Int. Mt. Pleasant
48.7Tori Campbell18:51.5Grand Ledge Hayes
49.7Sydney Leatherberry19:04.6Leslie
6Abigail Cunningham19:10.2Bath
50.7Calla Coleman19:23.3Stockbridge
51.7Bretta Overly19:26.6Grand Ledge Hayes
52.7Victoria Caron19:27.2Windemere Park Chart...
53.7Ananda Guthrie19:27.6West Int. Mt. Pleasant
54.7Gabby Parks19:41.0Windemere Park Chart...
55.7Jessie Ruiz19:49.6Leslie
56.8Katey Lynch19:51.5West Int. Mt. Pleasant
6Emma Arnold20:07.6Bath
57.8Alexa Wiljanen20:30.7Leslie
58.8Zoe Defeyter20:55.3West Int. Mt. Pleasant
59.7Kaitlyn Narezo20:58.8Windemere Park Chart...
60.7Breanna Blackford21:05.3Leslie
61.7Jasmin Escamilla21:40.2West Int. Mt. Pleasant
62.8Ilse Smilo-Morgan21:53.5West Int. Mt. Pleasant
63.7Katherine Davidson22:18.7Grand Ledge Hayes
64.8Amber Brenton22:19.6Leslie
65.7Ashley Craven22:34.5West Int. Mt. Pleasant
66.8Jordan Heinrich23:25.7West Int. Mt. Pleasant
67.7Morgan Sotzen24:26.0West Int. Mt. Pleasant
68.7Emily Lukens25:56.9West Int. Mt. Pleasant
69.8Larisa Pulley26:02.3West Int. Mt. Pleasant
70.7Danielle Hook29:05.8Leslie
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