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Old Colony League Championship HS

Friday, October 28, 2011

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Meet Host - Taunton HS
Location - Taunton High XC Course, Taunton, MA - Map
Mens Races

Taunton High XC Course

5,000 Meters Junior Varsity3:00 PM
5,000 Meters Varsity4:00 PM
Womens Races

Taunton High XC Course

5,000 Meters Junior Varsity2:30 PM
5,000 Meters Varsity3:30 PM
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Varsity Boys - Taunton 17, Dartmouth 62, Bridgewater-Raynham 75, Barnstable 77

Varsity Girls - Taunton 29, Bridgewater-Raynham 51, Dartmouth 51, Barnstable 86

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Mens Results

5,000 Meters Junior Varsity  
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1.12Evan Osborne18:37.63Bridgewater-Raynham ...
2.11Kyle McDonough18:43.49Bridgewater-Raynham ...
3.11Ben Clark18:51.61Taunton
4.10Anthony Sorrenti19:05.03Bridgewater-Raynham ...
5.10Zane Furtado19:08.30Dartmouth
6.9David Boslee19:08.76Taunton
7.11Farnel Maxime19:21.54Taunton
8.11Peter Sughrue19:25.83Dartmouth
9.11Peter Breault19:31.76Dartmouth
10.12Matteo Franco19:33.78Bridgewater-Raynham ...
11.11Jeremy Isaacs19:36.19Dartmouth
12.10Luke Bilodeau19:36.42Taunton
13.12Keegan Remy-Miller19:41.68Dartmouth
14.11Cole Martineau19:42.02Dartmouth
15.10Jon Garcia19:42.40Taunton
16.11Justin Skov19:54.48Bridgewater-Raynham ...
17.10Brendan Sleight19:55.21Dartmouth
18.12Kevin Serrano20:09.82Taunton
19.12Ray Paul Biron20:12.00Dartmouth
20.8Andrew Callahan20:13.65Taunton
21.10Justin Kennedy20:14.71Bridgewater-Raynham ...
22.8Nick Matson20:16.58Taunton
23.11Andrew Mello20:19.47Dartmouth
24.12Eric Baggen20:19.73Dartmouth
25.10Jonah Wilson20:24.93Dartmouth
26.10Andrew Rodrigues20:25.69Bridgewater-Raynham ...
27.12Brett Peterson20:30.53Taunton
28.8Abel Pizarro20:35.70Taunton
29.9Denver Bergamin20:37.75Barnstable
30.12Ryan Cooney20:41.80Bridgewater-Raynham ...
31.12Graham Gisherman20:42.02Dartmouth
32.11Brendan Sullivan20:42.66Bridgewater-Raynham ...
33.12Kenny McNeil20:46.08Bridgewater-Raynham ...
34.8Timothy Decosta20:57.91Barnstable
35.12Matt Blanchette21:01.00Dartmouth
36.8Zac Bentley21:02.88Taunton
37.10Thomas Sances21:08.90Barnstable
38.11Cole Phillips21:11.98Dartmouth
39.9Brian Quinn21:17.12Taunton
40.8Kyle Nunes21:17.36Taunton
41.8Will Thayer21:20.98Taunton
42.8Connor King21:21.36Taunton
43.9Donnie Mach21:24.09Barnstable
44.8Trevor Wysong21:28.27Taunton
45.8Dan Burke21:33.29Barnstable
46.10Tanner Rogers21:40.50Taunton
47.-Gabriel Rurycs21:47.72Barnstable
48.10Christian Machado21:53.78Dartmouth
49.9Evan Davis21:54.81Dartmouth
50.9Youssef Abi Ramia21:55.40Dartmouth
51.8Robert Welsh22:00.16Barnstable
52.10Alex Tjersland22:00.67Dartmouth
53.10Andrew Do22:04.75Bridgewater-Raynham ...
54.12Chris Staton22:11.76Taunton
55.12Jason Correia22:16.52Bridgewater-Raynham ...
56.-Sunny Patel22:18.06Dartmouth
57.11Andrew Jensen22:18.29Barnstable
58.10Brad Nilsson22:26.24Taunton
59.11Austin Drouin22:28.22Barnstable
60.8Casey Connor22:30.14Barnstable
61.12Zachary Dwinell22:49.21Bridgewater-Raynham ...
62.9Dan Flaherty23:01.13Bridgewater-Raynham ...
63.10James Micciantuono23:10.78Bridgewater-Raynham ...
64.9Brian Sly23:17.40Bridgewater-Raynham ...
65.9Connor Monahan23:25.33Bridgewater-Raynham ...
66.11Ben Katz23:42.99Dartmouth
67.-Leo Goodman23:49.61Dartmouth
68.9Michael Zhang23:56.69Dartmouth
69.-Shivam Rai24:13.08Dartmouth
70.11Chris Forance24:45.73Barnstable
71.-Jake DaCosta25:19.00Dartmouth
72.-Lucas Machado25:23.51Dartmouth
73.9Lucas Dolloff25:55.87Bridgewater-Raynham ...
74.9John Hanright26:20.18Barnstable
75.9Gabriel Rourke26:47.22Barnstable
76.8Kristian Gonzalez30:28.64Taunton
77.9Ian Lewis33:56.00Bridgewater-Raynham ...
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5,000 Meters Varsity  
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1.11Jason Henrich17:01.44Taunton
2.10Damian Collins17:23.96Taunton
3.12Jake Rogers17:29.10Taunton
4.12Colby Correira17:29.76Taunton
5.10Luke Vicente17:35.78Barnstable
6.10Logan Patenaude17:36.76Dartmouth
7.11Scott Tran17:43.84Taunton
8.11ED Hall17:55.13Bridgewater-Raynham ...
9.12James MacArthur18:03.55Bridgewater-Raynham ...
10.11Chris Czepiel18:06.67Taunton
11.11Luke Kelly18:10.93Dartmouth
12.11Cory Price18:15.31Taunton
13.11Alex Boswell18:21.56Dartmouth
14.11Thomas Cunningham18:31.19Barnstable
15.12Derek Kielty18:32.59Dartmouth
16.10Beau Gagnon18:36.81Barnstable
17.12James Rider18:38.98Dartmouth
18.12Rob Nee18:42.39Bridgewater-Raynham ...
19.12Luke Amirault18:43.64Bridgewater-Raynham ...
20.11John Andres18:48.46Barnstable
21.10Nick Ferrigno18:54.20Bridgewater-Raynham ...
22.11Paul Capparella19:01.00Barnstable
23.12Ryan Putt19:17.11Bridgewater-Raynham ...
24.10Ethan Biron19:23.63Dartmouth
25.12DO Hyun Kim19:36.08Dartmouth
26.11Austin Drouin20:03.92Barnstable
27.10Alex Napolitan20:07.25Barnstable
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Womens Results

5,000 Meters Junior Varsity  
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1.11Caitlyn Masterson23:53.23Bridgewater-Raynham ...
2.12Mikala Murad24:07.05Bridgewater-Raynham ...
3.9Miranda Dias24:31.42Taunton
4.10Kristen Lowder24:47.81Bridgewater-Raynham ...
5.9Taylor Lloyd24:51.07Bridgewater-Raynham ...
6.11Ashley Aimone25:03.87Bridgewater-Raynham ...
7.8Raechel Hebert25:20.06Taunton
8.11Anna Heinzelman25:54.13Dartmouth
9.11Meghan McGillvray26:04.29Bridgewater-Raynham ...
10.9Angela Ferrini26:09.67Bridgewater-Raynham ...
11.10Jenna Vital26:17.64Dartmouth
12.12Heather Lewis26:21.12Barnstable
13.-Michelle Huang26:25.56Dartmouth
14.11Maggie Vieira26:37.97Dartmouth
15.10Minji Kim27:20.07Dartmouth
16.12Meaghan Kirby27:50.46Taunton
17.8Jacueline Roycraft28:02.49Barnstable
18.8Katie Wasierski28:02.78Barnstable
19.10Molly McGreavy28:04.52Dartmouth
20.10Allison Poh28:16.35Bridgewater-Raynham ...
21.8Sara Hincapie28:45.10Taunton
22.10Arialle Weinstein30:27.07Dartmouth
23.10Amy DeSilva35:30.87Dartmouth
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5,000 Meters Varsity  
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1.10Dominique Mendes21:40.03Taunton
2.10Tyla DaPonte21:52.34Taunton
3.10Jackie Bornemann21:52.57Taunton
4.9Alicia Porter22:06.26Bridgewater-Raynham ...
5.12Cali Warner22:10.52Dartmouth
6.10Kasey Fries22:17.76Bridgewater-Raynham ...
7.9Kayla Porter22:24.57Bridgewater-Raynham ...
8.10Cynthia Goulart22:29.90Taunton
9.8Claire Deely22:30.33Barnstable
10.10Helen Friedman22:32.63Dartmouth
11.12Mikayla Dreher22:44.86Dartmouth
12.10Morgan Carney22:51.20Dartmouth
13.10Julia Francisco-Si...23:00.98Dartmouth
14.12Kristina Atsalis23:13.49Barnstable
15.8Katie Muldoon23:19.42Taunton
16.9Emily Bumpus23:31.99Bridgewater-Raynham ...
17.9Leah McLaughlin23:32.51Taunton
18.12Eva Bunszell23:40.18Bridgewater-Raynham ...
19.12Lucey Gorrill23:42.85Barnstable
20.11Rennee Beneski23:44.27Bridgewater-Raynham ...
21.10Alicia Pierozzi24:09.55Barnstable
22.12Megan McDonald24:26.94Bridgewater-Raynham ...
23.10Abby Duguay25:14.11Barnstable
24.12Maegan Mark25:17.64Dartmouth
25.9Ginny Yeatts25:24.57Barnstable
26.10DeAnna Dang27:05.89Dartmouth
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