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Walsh Invitational MS

Thursday, September 15, 2011

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Meet Host - This Meet Currently Has No Host Listed
Location - Walsh Jesuit HS, Cuyahoga Falls, OH - Map
Mens Races
1.5 Mile Elemental5:30 PM
1.5 Mile Cadet6:00 PM

Walsh Jesuit HS

2 Mile Intermediate6:30 PM
Womens Races
1.5 Mile Elemental5:30 PM
1.5 Mile Cadet5:45 PM

Walsh Jesuit HS

2 Mile Intermediate6:15 PM
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Mens Results

1.5 Mile Elemental  

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1.3Nick Farinacci12:01.00St Barnabas
2.4Michael Skelin12:09.00St Barnabas
3.4Anthony Gorsuch12:11.00St. Sebastian
4.4Colin Duber12:17.00Seton Catholic
5.4John Petit12:42.00St. Sebastian
6.3Daniel Morris12:56.00St. Hilary
7.3Ian Davey13:14.00St. Hilary
8.4James Scantling13:20.00St. Hilary
9.4Mason Hier13:23.00St. Patrick
10.3Nicholas Villanti13:34.00Seton Catholic
11.3Jack Heineking13:50.00St. Patrick
12.3Connor Beaven14:12.00St. Sebastian
13.3Matt Dennell14:42.00St. Sebastian
14.3Mitchell Rajan15:02.00Holy Family-Stow
15.3Ethan Shah15:16.00Holy Family-Stow
24.4Alexis Smith15:26.00St. Hilary
16.4Pete Stitzel16:26.00Seton Catholic
17.3Stephen Michniak16:38.00St. Patrick
18.5Charlie Katcher18:37.00St. Hilary
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1.5 Mile Cadet  

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1.6Sam Markel10:10.00St Joan of Arc
2.5Tyler Clark10:12.00St Joan of Arc
3.5Matthew Sollenberger10:21.00St. Hilary
4.6Alex Loeper10:41.00St. Francis Xavier
5.5Caleb Cummings10:42.00St. Francis Xavier
6.6Kade Peets10:47.00St. Sebastian
7.5Jacob Russo10:52.00Seton Catholic
8.6Alan Dravenstott11:05.00St. Francis Xavier
9.5Matthew Bildstein11:11.00St. Francis Xavier
10.6Zach Robertson11:14.00St. Francis Xavier
11.5Jacob Dudek11:15.00St. Hilary
12.5Patrick Brady11:16.00St. Hilary
13.5Jonathan Cutri11:16.00Seton Catholic
14.5Jack Morris11:30.00St. Hilary
15.6Nicholas Beaven11:32.00St. Sebastian
16.5Jack Kosar11:48.00St Joan of Arc
17.5Lou Piernik11:51.00St. Francis Xavier
18.6Matthew Bagley11:56.00St Joan of Arc
19.5Charlie Babcock11:58.00Seton Catholic
20.5William Loxley12:02.00Seton Catholic
21.5Joseph Mehalik12:04.00Immaculate Heart of ...
22.5Adam Shah12:05.00Holy Family-Stow
23.4Joshua LaGuardia12:06.00Immaculate Heart of ...
24.5Jeffrey Chi12:12.00St. Hilary
25.5Michael Bee12:12.00St. Joseph-Cuyahoga ...
26.4Trevor Haag12:19.00St. Joseph-Cuyahoga ...
27.6Joey Daczko12:22.00St. Patrick
28.6Daniel Bellini12:28.00St Joan of Arc
29.5Rick Baumgartner12:33.00St. Francis Xavier
30.5Simon Haas12:38.00Holy Family-Stow
31.5Christian Jenkins12:50.00Immaculate Heart of ...
32.4Tommy Bee12:59.00St. Joseph-Cuyahoga ...
33.6Alex Reeves13:01.00St. Sebastian
34.4Stephen Martinko13:09.00St Joan of Arc
35.5Samuel Regalo13:11.00Seton Catholic
36.4Keegan Vogley13:32.00St Joan of Arc
37.5Aaron Wayne13:48.00St. Sebastian
38.6Augustine Wilson13:52.00St. Francis Xavier
39.5Luke Rajan14:00.00Holy Family-Stow
40.6Jonathon Tipping14:04.00St. Hilary
41.5Colin Scahill14:07.00St. Patrick
42.6Robby Crea14:08.00St Joan of Arc
43.5Anthony Periandri14:08.00St. Francis Xavier
44.4Luke Penton14:09.00St Joan of Arc
45.5Aidan Ruehr14:09.00St. Patrick
46.5Eric Reichard14:18.00Seton Catholic
47.5Nathaniel Plaspohl14:20.00Seton Catholic
48.6Michael Abramovich14:33.00Immaculate Heart of ...
49.4Seth Carr14:38.00Immaculate Heart of ...
50.4Lucas Weisenburger14:38.00Immaculate Heart of ...
51.5Stephen Gruber14:47.00St. Patrick
52.5Daniel Diamond14:47.00St Barnabas
53.6Benjamin Weisenbur...15:05.00Immaculate Heart of ...
54.6Jacob Toman15:07.00St. Hilary
55.6Jack Bahmer15:11.00Immaculate Heart of ...
56.4Xavier Dirker15:19.00Immaculate Heart of ...
57.4Raef Sisil15:44.00St. Joseph-Cuyahoga ...
58.4Jason Fox16:19.00St. Joseph-Cuyahoga ...
59.5Jack Iles16:27.00St Joan of Arc
60.4William Abramovich17:59.00Immaculate Heart of ...
61.6Andrew Schmitt18:05.00St. Joseph-Cuyahoga ...
62.4Karan Chima18:51.00St. Joseph-Cuyahoga ...
63.5Caden Heineking19:01.00St. Patrick
64.4James Barrett19:01.00Immaculate Heart of ...
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2 Mile Intermediate  

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1.7Luke Jefferson12:28.00St Barnabas
2.8Brian Zaborski12:30.00St Barnabas
3.7Connor McIntyre12:58.00St. Joseph-Cuyahoga ...
4.7Austyn Patz13:03.00St Barnabas
5.7Sam Miller13:15.00St. Hilary
6.8Keith Contrera13:20.00St. Sebastian
7.7Danny Mylott13:20.00Seton Catholic
8.8patrick Walter13:25.00St. Sebastian
9.8Austin Wayne13:25.00St. Sebastian
10.7Nicholas Reimund13:26.00St. Sebastian
11.8Samuel Ruscak13:41.00St. Sebastian
12.7Maxwell Fay13:52.00St Joan of Arc
13.7Kyle Wilson13:57.00St. Joseph-Cuyahoga ...
14.7Luke Carlson13:59.00St. Joseph-Cuyahoga ...
15.7Joel Krznaric14:05.00St. Joseph-Cuyahoga ...
16.8John Gudz14:20.00St Joan of Arc
17.7Angelo Capito14:24.00St Joan of Arc
18.6Jack Willett14:41.00St. Joseph-Cuyahoga ...
19.7Colin Waltz14:43.00St Joan of Arc
20.8Benjamin Tirbaso14:45.00St. Hilary
21.7David Herr14:50.00St. Sebastian
22.8Bradley Rinehart14:55.00St. Hilary
23.7Peter Wilson14:58.00St. Hilary
24.7Mitchell Kozik14:59.00St. Hilary
25.7Samuel Losi14:59.00St Barnabas
26.7Zachary Penton15:00.00St Joan of Arc
27.8Hunter Hanlon15:02.00Seton Catholic
28.8John Bowen15:05.00Immaculate Heart of ...
29.7Kyle Fox15:06.00St. Joseph-Cuyahoga ...
30.6Sean O'Brien15:08.00St. Joseph-Cuyahoga ...
31.7John Marchetta15:17.00St. Hilary
32.8Noah Lavictoire15:18.00St. Sebastian
33.6Aiden Sisil15:21.00St. Joseph-Cuyahoga ...
34.7Andrew Sollenberger15:24.00St. Hilary
35.7James Stein15:26.00St. Hilary
36.7Ben Stiller15:26.00St. Sebastian
37.7Nathan Pohlman15:30.00Holy Family-Stow
38.7Will Grayson15:30.00Holy Family-Stow
39.8Timothy Casey15:59.00St. Sebastian
40.8Matt Womack16:22.00Holy Family-Stow
41.7Simon Conover16:28.00Seton Catholic
42.7Benjamin Magee16:28.00St. Hilary
43.7Nick Shaughnessy16:51.00St Joan of Arc
44.7Tim Flower17:21.00Holy Family-Stow
45.8Kevin McCarty17:37.00Immaculate Heart of ...
46.7Eli Whitman18:41.00St Barnabas
47.7Neil Snyder20:44.00St. Hilary
48.7Adam Zaynor22:00.00St. Patrick
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Womens Results

1.5 Mile Elemental  

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1.4Alexandra Cummings12:42.00St. Francis Xavier
2.5Elizabeth Howard12:47.00Immaculate Heart of ...
3.4Erin Stock12:53.00St. Hilary
4.4Sarah Salek13:03.00St. Francis Xavier
5.3Kiara Brady13:17.00St. Hilary
6.3Leah Ziegler13:20.00St. Joseph-Cuyahoga ...
7.3Teah Haag13:28.00St. Joseph-Cuyahoga ...
8.4Evie Thoman13:33.00St. Hilary
9.3Eva Todd13:41.00St. Hilary
10.4Grace Powers13:46.00St. Hilary
11.3Kara Zaucha13:48.00St. Joseph-Cuyahoga ...
12.4Katie Reeves13:49.00St. Sebastian
13.3Sarah Sollenberger13:58.00St. Hilary
14.4Rachel Grumbach14:21.00St. Francis Xavier
15.3Cecelia Mattler14:21.00Immaculate Heart of ...
16.3Paula Zuckett14:24.00St. Joseph-Cuyahoga ...
17.4Madelyn Draiss14:26.00St. Francis Xavier
18.3Alexandra Faust14:34.00St. Francis Xavier
19.3Gwendolyn Sterrett14:38.00St. Patrick
20.3Anna Wojcik15:09.00Immaculate Heart of ...
21.3Caley Scahill15:18.00St. Patrick
22.3Caitlyn Kawalek15:22.00St Joan of Arc
23.4Marie Pfieffer15:25.00St. Sebastian
25.4Margo Tipping15:27.00St. Hilary
26.3Natalie Howard15:35.00Immaculate Heart of ...
27.4Kirstin Pier16:15.00St. Hilary
28.3Maggie Grunden16:19.00St Joan of Arc
29.4Eliza Warner16:20.00St Joan of Arc
30.3Nina Zaynor16:34.00St. Patrick
31.4Anna Frank17:07.00St Joan of Arc
32.3Oliva Woods17:21.00St. Joseph-Cuyahoga ...
33.3Molly O'Brien17:40.00Immaculate Heart of ...
34.3Isabelle Hahn17:54.00St. Hilary
35.3Annie Rose17:58.00St. Francis Xavier
36.3Maeve Wilson18:07.00St. Francis Xavier
37.3Aeryn O'Reilly19:05.00St. Hilary
38.3Alyssa Gomula19:24.00St Barnabas
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1.5 Mile Cadet  

to see charts & hypothetical scores
1.6Alexya Patz10:43.00St Barnabas
2.6Isabelle Horning11:09.00St. Hilary
3.4Megan Brown11:19.00St Barnabas
4.6Molly Howard11:24.00Immaculate Heart of ...
5.6Michaela Brown11:27.00St Barnabas
6.5Jane Huscroft11:35.00St. Patrick
7.5Mary Farinacci11:36.00St Barnabas
8.4Audrey Ruscak11:40.00St. Sebastian
9.5Daria Reimund11:41.00St. Sebastian
10.5Alyssa Blasiole11:43.00St. Patrick
11.4Natalie Tobin11:46.00St. Sebastian
12.6Mary Elizabeth Che...11:51.00St. Hilary
13.6Sophie Zuckett11:56.00St Joan of Arc
14.6Kailey Maroni12:08.00St. Patrick
15.5Arianna Iosue12:20.00St Joan of Arc
16.6Meghan O'Reilly12:22.00St. Hilary
17.5Mackenzie Cassiday12:24.00Holy Family-Stow
18.5Shannon Jackson12:25.00St. Sebastian
19.6Adrianna Powers12:31.00St. Hilary
20.5Mallory Kozik12:32.00St. Hilary
21.5Taylor Getz12:40.00Immaculate Heart of ...
22.4Amelia Figler12:40.00Holy Family-Stow
23.4Isabella Davis12:42.00St. Sebastian
24.4Isabella Zuckett12:42.00St Joan of Arc
25.4Maria Leeser12:49.00St. Joseph-Cuyahoga ...
26.5Abby Michl12:51.00St. Joseph-Cuyahoga ...
27.5Mikaela Leeser12:51.00St. Joseph-Cuyahoga ...
28.4Elizabeth Bender12:52.00St Joan of Arc
29.6Luciya Katcher12:53.00St. Hilary
30.3Emma Hannan12:54.00Seton Catholic
31.6Rebecca Meyer13:01.00Seton Catholic
32.4Emma Lally13:02.00Seton Catholic
33.5Cora Grunden13:03.00St Joan of Arc
34.5Madalyn Rusinoff13:08.00Holy Family-Stow
35.6Jenna Kupcik13:12.00St. Francis Xavier
36.6Mary Stitzel13:21.00Seton Catholic
37.6Sophia DeBord13:26.00Immaculate Heart of ...
38.5Natalie Ruth13:27.00Immaculate Heart of ...
39.5Bridget Hahn13:43.00St. Hilary
40.5Faith Brennan13:48.00Holy Family-Stow
41.5Kayla Hofmeister13:53.00St. Francis Xavier
42.4Ilyana Smith13:53.00Seton Catholic
43.5Madison Bohacek13:57.00St Barnabas
44.5Valerie Deighton14:26.00Immaculate Heart of ...
45.5Samantha Hier14:38.00St. Patrick
46.4Kaitlin Wilson14:57.00St. Joseph-Cuyahoga ...
47.5Annamarie Martin15:05.00St Joan of Arc
48.6Josephine Hydell15:06.00St Joan of Arc
49.5Olivia Kiskadden15:31.00St. Patrick
50.5Gina Kovalec15:43.00St. Patrick
51.6Caroline Pier16:35.00St. Hilary
52.5Lauren Bandwen16:59.00St. Hilary
53.6Kali Chapas17:01.00Seton Catholic
54.5Carlie Friess17:11.00St. Patrick
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2 Mile Intermediate  

to see charts & hypothetical scores
1.8Hannah Markel12:42.00St Joan of Arc
2.8Rachel Iacofano12:49.00St. Francis Xavier
3.7Bree Zedar13:22.00St Joan of Arc
4.8Alexandra Sheldon13:49.00St. Francis Xavier
5.7Clarece Willett13:51.00St. Joseph-Cuyahoga ...
6.7katie Petit13:57.00St. Sebastian
7.6Bryanna Renuart13:59.00St. Hilary
8.8Audrey Moeglin14:19.00Seton Catholic
9.8Pamela Karagiozis14:22.00St. Francis Xavier
10.8Beth Wiberg14:29.00St Joan of Arc
11.7Raphaella Mascia14:30.00St Joan of Arc
12.7Sara Jackson14:32.00St. Sebastian
13.6Megan Hissong14:33.00St. Hilary
14.7Genevieve Wagner14:34.00St Joan of Arc
15.7Abigail Volk14:52.00Holy Family-Stow
16.6Maria White14:54.00Holy Family-Stow
17.7Jessica Warner14:58.00St Joan of Arc
18.7Mary Grace Corrigan15:08.00Seton Catholic
19.8Olivia Stein15:14.00St. Hilary
20.7Mia Brady15:19.00St. Hilary
21.9Caroline Kline15:26.00St. Hilary
22.7Lydia Hallett15:32.00St. Hilary
23.6Emily Wisniewski15:34.00Holy Family-Stow
24.8Stephanie Newrones15:37.00St Barnabas
25.7Magdalana Wallace15:38.00St. Francis Xavier
26.8Allyson Brahler15:46.00St. Francis Xavier
27.8Janna Hearty15:55.00St. Hilary
28.8Weiss Becca16:14.00Holy Family-Stow
29.7Sydney Zuckett16:15.00St Joan of Arc
30.6Leah Lisle16:16.00Holy Family-Stow
31.8Taylor Haag16:33.00St. Joseph-Cuyahoga ...
32.7Anna Bryant16:35.00St. Joseph-Cuyahoga ...
33.7Lauren Walker16:40.00Holy Family-Stow
34.8Marilyn Icsman16:42.00St. Sebastian
35.8Alexis Wakeling16:44.00Seton Catholic
36.8Allison Huscroft16:45.00St. Patrick
37.7Megan Johnson16:46.00Seton Catholic
38.8Erika Lawrence17:04.00St Joan of Arc
39.7Elise Davis17:09.00St. Sebastian
40.8Elizabeth Sitzel17:11.00Seton Catholic
41.7Michaela Barry17:14.00Holy Family-Stow
42.7Rachel Croyle17:15.00Seton Catholic
43.8Bridget Neugebauer17:28.00St. Sebastian
44.8Ashley Wayne17:31.00St. Sebastian
45.7Sydney Dalrick17:35.00Seton Catholic
46.8Jenna Kaczmarzyk17:48.00St. Patrick
47.7Kaitlyn Novicky17:52.00St. Francis Xavier
48.8Kelsey Kadow18:13.00St Joan of Arc
49.7Grace Reichard18:23.00Seton Catholic
50.8Abigail Draiss18:26.00St. Francis Xavier
51.7Claire Stock18:28.00St. Hilary
52.8Brooke Zedar18:31.00St Joan of Arc
53.8Paige Scott18:56.00St. Patrick
54.8Taylor Shanley19:02.00St. Patrick
55.7Kathrine Doty19:17.00Holy Family-Stow
56.8Olvia Rocco19:44.00St. Patrick
57.7Isadora LaVictorie20:01.00St. Sebastian
58.7Jordyn Obney20:43.00St. Joseph-Cuyahoga ...
59.8Goosmann Goosmann21:20.00Seton Catholic
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