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KVA League Championships HS

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

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Meet Host - This Meet Currently Has No Host Listed
Location - Schoolcraft HS, Schoolcraft, MI - Map
Mens Races

Schoolcraft HS

5,000 Meters Varsity
5,000 Meters Junior Varsity
Womens Races

Schoolcraft HS

5,000 Meters Varsity
5,000 Meters Junior Varsity
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Mens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity  

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1.10Zach Wehner16:31Schoolcraft
2.12Tyler Sobleskey16:41Olivet
3.11Michael Myers17:05Kalamazoo Hackett
4.12Ryan Watson17:05Delton-Kellogg
5.9Doug Hollett17:07Kalamazoo Christian
6.11Connor Bresnahan17:23Kalamazoo Hackett
7.12Austin Elluru17:34Kalamazoo Hackett
8.11Zach Haas17:40Delton-Kellogg
9.12Austin Ketola17:43Delton-Kellogg
10.12Brian Dregne17:51Battle Creek Pennfield
11.12Derek Malakowski17:52Schoolcraft
12.10Dave Jones17:54Constantine
13.12Billy Schut17:55Delton-Kellogg
14.12Andre Newsted17:55Schoolcraft
15.12Jonah Mathieu17:57Kalamazoo Hackett
16.10Michael Elluru18:01Kalamazoo Hackett
17.12Kannon Hoffman18:09Delton-Kellogg
18.10Neal Malakowski18:11Schoolcraft
19.9Adam Rifenburgh18:14Battle Creek Pennfield
20.12Brandon Vukelich18:16Schoolcraft
21.12Matt Evans18:19Kalamazoo Christian
22.12Glen Compton18:25Parchment
23.10Kyle Brumm18:34Maple Valley
24.11Dan Simonds18:35Kalamazoo Hackett
25.12Nathan Takacs18:41Kalamazoo Hackett
26.10Sam Benedict18:43Maple Valley
27.10Jonah Smith18:46Olivet
28.9Jake Spitsbergen18:48Parchment
29.12Justin Bunch18:49Parchment
30.9Joe MacInnes18:54Olivet
31.10Calvin Scott18:56Schoolcraft
32.9Isaac Hartley19:02Constantine
33.12Lucas Waling19:03Parchment
34.10Micah Bromley19:14Maple Valley
35.11Joel Stehouwer19:19Kalamazoo Christian
36.10Daniel Baljeu19:20Kalamazoo Christian
37.12Brandon Blankenship19:21Parchment
38.10Jacob Morgan19:30Delton-Kellogg
39.11Caleb Foura19:37Constantine
40.10Hayden Spoelstra19:38Olivet
41.11Jared Balcom19:38Schoolcraft
42.10Hunter Kline19:39Constantine
43.11Jarryd Calhoun19:54Delton-Kellogg
44.11Dylan Geisler20:00Constantine
45.10Linden Waling20:06Parchment
46.10Justin Richardson20:08Kalamazoo Christian
47.9Hunter Perrin20:14Kalamazoo Christian
48.12Tyler Brumm20:17Maple Valley
49.9Jayson Lauderdale20:25Kalamazoo Christian
50.10Austin Rood20:27Maple Valley
51.11Cody Mallo20:28Constantine
52.11William Ryan21:02Constantine
53.11Josh Turner21:15Olivet
54.10Steven Rantz21:33Parchment
55.9Nick Johnson21:41Olivet
56.11Eric Rifenburgh22:16Battle Creek Pennfield
57.9Chance Day22:18Olivet
58.11Robbie Hanford25:11Maple Valley
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5,000 Meters Junior Varsity  

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1.12Dominic Cotter19:33Kalamazoo Hackett
2.11Alex Filiputti19:41Kalamazoo Hackett
3.11Robert Harding19:52Kalamazoo Hackett
4.10Dylan Kelley20:00Delton-Kellogg
5.9Sam Brouwer20:13Kalamazoo Christian
6.11Thomas Dykstra20:27Kalamazoo Christian
7.10Damion Williams20:31Constantine
8.10Ray McCann20:38Constantine
9.11Andrew Chapa20:52Parchment
10.9Charlie Dales21:02Kalamazoo Hackett
11.12Karl Meinema21:22Kalamazoo Christian
12.10Sean Rantz21:30Parchment
13.9Collin Widger21:33Kalamazoo Hackett
14.11Nathan Little21:46Parchment
15.9Brock Mueller21:51Delton-Kellogg
16.12John Mullens21:58Schoolcraft
17.10Tony Dallavalle22:02Delton-Kellogg
18.9Austin Tamez22:04Delton-Kellogg
19.9Joe Brouwer22:16Kalamazoo Christian
20.12Skylar Heidema22:27Kalamazoo Christian
21.9Benjamin Lenning22:27Schoolcraft
22.11Noah Westra22:33Schoolcraft
23.10Juztyn VanderWoude22:37Delton-Kellogg
24.9Jared Bielski23:19Parchment
25.9Mathew Elliot23:53Delton-Kellogg
26.11Jacob Wilkinson24:00Olivet
27.11Chad Mancuso24:57Kalamazoo Hackett
28.11Quinton Harris25:22Olivet
29.11Drew Stevens25:41Battle Creek Pennfield
30.11Benjamin Rudloff26:30Constantine
31.9Jonathan Elliot29:04Delton-Kellogg
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Womens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity  

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1.10Kate McLain19:16Kalamazoo Christian
2.11Jessica Rushford19:41Maple Valley
3.9Lucy Ankenbauer19:50Kalamazoo Hackett
4.12Madeline Hartlieb19:54Schoolcraft
5.10Katherine Thayer20:02Parchment
6.12Jolene Drum20:09Delton-Kellogg
7.9Taylor Hillard20:16Parchment
8.10Elena Ochoa20:26Kalamazoo Hackett
9.12Sarah Hartlieb20:27Schoolcraft
10.12Laura Nordquist20:30Parchment
11.9Robin DeClercq20:32Kalamazoo Hackett
12.11Christi Boze20:37Delton-Kellogg
13.11Brianna Russell20:53Delton-Kellogg
14.10Marcie Stevens21:01Delton-Kellogg
15.12Jessi Lewis21:31Battle Creek Pennfield
16.12Kayla Case21:39Olivet
17.10Sarah Rendon21:40Delton-Kellogg
18.10Audrianna Bornamann21:42Battle Creek Pennfield
19.10Emily Mattocks21:56Maple Valley
20.11Lauren Smith22:14Battle Creek Pennfield
21.12Elizabeth Lenning22:20Schoolcraft
22.11Megan Lawrence22:24Schoolcraft
23.12Jordan Schrock22:27Constantine
24.10Kaite Francisco22:31Olivet
25.12Vanesa Ochoa22:33Kalamazoo Hackett
26.9Sammi Cleary22:34Delton-Kellogg
27.9Whitney French22:35Galesburg-Augusta
28.10Kirsten Welborn22:37Kalamazoo Christian
29.12Madison LaChance22:38Battle Creek Pennfield
30.9Anne Heidelberg22:44Kalamazoo Hackett
31.9Paige Berg22:50Parchment
32.9Leah Savage22:54Galesburg-Augusta
33.10Caitlyn Hines22:56Olivet
34.10Alexis Tennant22:57Olivet
35.9Victoria Rupe23:02Parchment
36.11Amanda Giles23:03Constantine
37.12Julie Repke23:04Galesburg-Augusta
38.12Jackee O'Conner23:11Battle Creek Pennfield
39.11Ellery Walker23:12Olivet
40.12Alicia Ramsey23:14Maple Valley
41.10Emily Schrock23:15Constantine
42.12Kelsey Sofia23:16Delton-Kellogg
43.12Sarah Street23:18Kalamazoo Christian
44.10Naomi Joseph23:25Battle Creek Pennfield
45.9Jessica Wile23:26Schoolcraft
46.12Adalynn Brouwer23:27Kalamazoo Christian
47.10Kelsey Broekema23:28Schoolcraft
48.9Giuliana Bresnahan23:40Kalamazoo Hackett
49.12Kristin Coffman23:47Schoolcraft
50.10Hanna Kyle23:55Maple Valley
51.12Kayla Fulks24:01Constantine
52.11Sydney Madden24:10Kalamazoo Hackett
53.11Lynzie Trumble24:22Maple Valley
54.12Molly Hartman24:33Galesburg-Augusta
55.12Emma Cramer24:35Kalamazoo Christian
56.12Lorren Springer24:55Constantine
57.12Krueger Kristia24:56Constantine
58.11Jill Traxler24:57Battle Creek Pennfield
59.12Karina Thompson25:12Galesburg-Augusta
60.9Bethy Washburn25:14Galesburg-Augusta
61.10McKayla Lamance25:26Maple Valley
62.9Angelica Nelson25:31Olivet
63.11Madeline Lacy25:32Parchment
64.9Catherine Lilek26:04Kalamazoo Christian
65.11Cassi Savage26:12Galesburg-Augusta
66.12Veronica Reiff26:29Constantine
67.12Erin Tanis27:25Kalamazoo Christian
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5,000 Meters Junior Varsity  

to see charts & hypothetical scores
1.9Colleen Flynn23:01Schoolcraft
2.9Autumn Russell23:27Delton-Kellogg
3.9Abby Chapin23:40Schoolcraft
4.11Sadie Devoe23:47Schoolcraft
5.9Courtney Fargo23:50Schoolcraft
6.9Tiffany Welch24:03Schoolcraft
7.12Benedicte Cousty24:03Schoolcraft
8.11Elizabeth Jarrand24:26Battle Creek Pennfield
9.10McKenna Sloan24:31Schoolcraft
10.11Sam Zettlemaier25:12Delton-Kellogg
11.11Molly Stephanak25:34Kalamazoo Hackett
12.10Carrie Hamminga25:37Schoolcraft
13.11Liz Jackson25:39Delton-Kellogg
14.12Meredith Mitchell25:45Kalamazoo Hackett
15.10Shelby Miller26:02Battle Creek Pennfield
16.11Kendall Richard26:06Schoolcraft
17.11Justine Steger26:28Schoolcraft
18.11Lara Crespo26:39Galesburg-Augusta
19.12Lizzle Shanahan26:48Kalamazoo Hackett
20.12Evelyn Saucier26:59Kalamazoo Hackett
21.12Janelle Vanlopik27:08Schoolcraft
22.11Molly Egelkraut27:14Delton-Kellogg
23.12Hayley Rogers27:34Constantine
24.10Harley Daniel27:43Delton-Kellogg
25.10Sarahkate Derrington27:57Kalamazoo Hackett
26.12Sarah Christ27:58Kalamazoo Hackett
27.11Annie Morrison28:16Kalamazoo Hackett
28.12Ciarra Willma28:20Delton-Kellogg
29.12Linzee Springer29:07Constantine
30.9Ellie Sanders29:46Parchment
31.10Doorlag Megan30:12Parchment
32.10Emily Palmer39:11Schoolcraft
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