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MHC/PIL League Meet - SMA Host HS

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

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Location - Westmoreland Park, Portland, OR - Map
Mens Races

Westmoreland Park 5K

5,000 Meters Frosh Boys
5,000 Meters Varsity5:00 PM
5,000 Meters Junior Varsity5:30 PM
Womens Races

Westmoreland Park 5K

5,000 Meters Junior Varsity4:00 PM
5,000 Meters Varsity4:30 PM
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Mens Results

5,000 Meters Frosh Boys  
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Hypothetical Scores

1.9David Marre19:55Cleveland (OR)
3.9Rocky Whitehill20:19Cleveland (OR)
4.9Anthony Nguyen20:44David Douglas
6.9Alex Chiem22:38David Douglas
7.9Cole Kellermann23:34Cleveland (OR)
8.9Drew Mann23:43Cleveland (OR)
9.11Remove Remove25:04Cleveland (OR)
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5,000 Meters Varsity  
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  • Team Total Time | Spread

Hypothetical Scores

2.12Kevin Smith16:49.4Franklin
3.12Bryce Burgess16:49.8Franklin
4.12Jake Caplener16:52Franklin
5.12Matt Hedges16:52.0Wilson
6.12Casey Wall17:09Cleveland (OR)
7.11Isaac Miller17:20Cleveland (OR)
8.12Lucas Van Meter17:27Franklin
9.10Daniel Winn17:28Cleveland (OR)
10.11Taylor Adrian17:29David Douglas
11.12Nathaniel Kielholtz17:39Franklin
12.9Ian Burgess17:42.9Franklin
13.12Vince Corson17:48.0Wilson
14.12Nomon Rezayee17:54Gresham
15.11Remove Remove18:10Cleveland (OR)
16.11Zach Teel18:13Gresham
19.10Cody Sharrer18:15Cleveland (OR)
18.10Graham Kinzel-Grubbs18:25.0Wilson
19.9Eric Stevenson18:30Gresham
22.11Lee Rosch18:32Cleveland (OR)
21.10Jonathan Butcher18:33Gresham
23.12Marc Wasserman18:46.0Wilson
24.11Zach Seely18:50.0Wilson
25.12Max Strater18:53.0Wilson
28.12Frank Olson18:58Cleveland (OR)
28.11Edgar Brambilia Pe...19:14David Douglas
29.12Martin Hahn19:16.0Wilson
30.11Mohamed Abdulkadir19:17.0Wilson
31.12Julian Helmer19:21.0Wilson
32.11Isaac Hanset19:24Gresham
33.10Steve Page19:31Gresham
34.10Jay Cook19:39.0Wilson
35.11Shane Munsey20:18David Douglas
36.11Jared Drendel20:20David Douglas
37.11Josh Volvovic20:29David Douglas
38.10Gage Hawes20:31Gresham
39.10Zaine Stapleton20:34David Douglas
40.9Justin Stevens20:50David Douglas
41.10Daniel Tew20:53David Douglas
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5,000 Meters Junior Varsity  
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  • Team Total Time | Spread

Hypothetical Scores

1.11Han White-Duong18:35Franklin
2.10Garth Linscott18:43Cleveland (OR)
3.11Ryan Sipe19:06Cleveland (OR)
4.9Marko Reyes19:18Franklin
5.11Aiden Forsi19:19Cleveland (OR)
6.11Tim Prag19:20.0Wilson
7.11Hassan Hassan19:21.0Wilson
8.11Remove Remove19:27Cleveland (OR)
9.11Aaron Poplack19:38.0Wilson
10.10Steven Walker19:39Franklin
11.12Andrew Cook19:41.0Wilson
12.11Jesse VanMouwerik19:42.5Wilson
13.10Itai Buxbaum19:43.0Wilson
14.11Alex Massar19:46.0Wilson
15.11Alex Cason19:56Franklin
16.10Zach Snyder20:05.0Wilson
17.11Jarrett Clark20:09Cleveland (OR)
18.9Connor Hall20:13.0Wilson
20.11Evan Corbett20:24.0Wilson
21.10Demetrio Newey20:27.0Wilson
22.10Zach Strater20:29.0Wilson
23.12Will Cox20:31.1Wilson
24.10Sam Mihelic20:31.9Wilson
25.10Jonathan Tullis20:34.0Wilson
26.11Nate Hill20:42David Douglas
27.12Ben Stewart20:43Gresham
28.11Jeff Tolman20:46Gresham
29.11Sam Wilton20:58Cleveland (OR)
30.10Logan Ballard21:16.0Wilson
31.10Matt Edel21:17Franklin
32.9Austin Deaville21:19.0Wilson
33.10Spenser Saling21:20Gresham
34.12Shay Amundson21:37.6Wilson
35.9Jesse Chatham21:37.9Wilson
36.9Conner House21:38.32Gresham
37.10Henry Olson21:39.0Wilson
38.10Derek Councilman21:55Gresham
39.11Remove Remove21:59Cleveland (OR)
40.11Remove Remove22:15Cleveland (OR)
41.9Tul Keane22:45Franklin
42.12Hirooki Eda22:50Gresham
43.11Remove Remove22:51Cleveland (OR)
44.10Ben Romanaggi22:51Cleveland (OR)
45.10Baniyo Mansoray22:55David Douglas
46.9Ben Chase23:02.0Wilson
47.12Tim Johnstone23:03Cleveland (OR)
58.-Hassan AbuAdwan23:08David Douglas
49.10Cameron Shishido23:57.0Wilson
50.9Will Job23:59Franklin
51.10Darren Nigo24:13.0Wilson
52.11Lucas Richardson25:17.0Wilson
53.10Uy Ngo25:25David Douglas
54.9Skyler Mofford27:15Gresham
55.10Nghiem Ngo27:20David Douglas
56.11Wyatt Deremer27:42Gresham
57.10Lucas Hazel31:45Wilson
58.10Austin Jones31:54Wilson
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Womens Results

5,000 Meters Junior Varsity  
  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Total Time | Spread

Hypothetical Scores

1.11Katelyn Price21:31St Mary's Academy
2.11Jennifer Stiles21:47St Mary's Academy
3.11Risa Reichelt22:08St Mary's Academy
4.12Claire Persichetti22:18St Mary's Academy
5.9Sarah Greear22:33Gresham
6.12Hannah Peterson22:45St Mary's Academy
7.12Megan McCanna22:48St Mary's Academy
8.11Emerald Dumas22:49Gresham
9.9Emma Franz23:04Cleveland (OR)
10.12Angela Pechmann23:17Gresham
11.11Mary Holt23:23St Mary's Academy
12.9Haley Kruell23:28St Mary's Academy
13.11Lizzy Harney23:36St Mary's Academy
14.11Clare Gordon24:04St Mary's Academy
15.10Leah Branstein24:31St Mary's Academy
16.10Amanda Young24:32St Mary's Academy
17.12Robyn Fredregill24:54St Mary's Academy
18.10Lindsey Ayers24:54.0Wilson
19.11Claire Phillips24:57St Mary's Academy
20.11Gwen Pitkin25:02Cleveland (OR)
21.11Clara Gustafson25:07St Mary's Academy
22.10Danielle Marchant25:35Cleveland (OR)
23.12Remove Remove25:44Cleveland (OR)
24.11Pauline Baker25:49St Mary's Academy
25.10Bralee Gilday25:53.0Wilson
26.11Eugenia Jacobsen26:05.0Wilson
27.12Alice Avery26:37St Mary's Academy
28.12Molly Haselton26:39St Mary's Academy
29.12Bri Pfeffer26:41St Mary's Academy
30.9Claire Rood26:57St Mary's Academy
31.10Jordan Farwell26:59.0Wilson
32.10Erin Leal27:02.3Wilson
33.11Vanessa Meyerowitz27:02.8Wilson
34.10Alexandra Furnish27:23.0Wilson
35.10Emily Pellegrini27:26St Mary's Academy
36.11Melia Chase27:33.0Wilson
37.11Jennie Greb27:55.0Wilson
38.12Mary Scherzinger27:56.0Wilson
39.9Colleen Newey28:23.0Wilson
40.12Andrea Beekman28:34Gresham
41.9Emily Easton28:35Cleveland (OR)
42.10Katie Kallmeyer28:42.0Wilson
44.11Deirdre Banning-Sh...29:34Cleveland (OR)
43.10Caley Gallison29:34.5Wilson
45.9Danya Shu29:43Cleveland (OR)
46.12Abrey Weidman30:07David Douglas
47.12Remove Remove30:50Cleveland (OR)
48.12Mai Duong31:17David Douglas
49.12Michelle Lei33:06David Douglas
50.11Stephanie Hannegan34:16David Douglas
51.9Anne McFadden34:16St Mary's Academy
52.12Brenna Newey34:50.0Wilson
54.11Emma Kovak34:56Cleveland (OR)
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5,000 Meters Varsity  
  • Athletes Distribution | Place vs Time | Time vs Place
  • Team Total Time | Spread

Hypothetical Scores

1.10Khalia Tidwell18:35Gresham
2.11Alexandra Jones18:35St Mary's Academy
3.10Alexa Kearns19:16St Mary's Academy
4.12Taylor Ffitch19:30St Mary's Academy
5.10Lucy Whipps19:35St Mary's Academy
6.10Jen Olson19:53St Mary's Academy
7.11Joy Shufeldt19:56Franklin
8.12Tara Higgins20:04St Mary's Academy
9.9Rachel Shelley20:22David Douglas
10.9Erin Bergmann20:31St Mary's Academy
12.12Melissa Allen20:37Gresham
13.12Lene Friis20:38Gresham
14.10Kara Batdorff20:41Cleveland (OR)
15.12KayAnna Cecchi20:44Gresham
16.12Lillian Weber20:49Cleveland (OR)
17.11Ariel Clark20:53David Douglas
18.9Katie Warberg20:55Cleveland (OR)
19.12Natasha Raines20:58Gresham
20.10Katie Skinner21:03Franklin
21.12Shannon Jensen21:05.0Wilson
22.12Amanda Cordes21:06Franklin
23.12Jaime Demars21:24Gresham
24.9Netanya Beard21:33.0Wilson
25.12Sarah Hurwitz21:37Gresham
26.12Mary Stevens22:00.0Wilson
27.11Lauren Bailey22:09Franklin
28.9Madison Trowbridge22:10Franklin
29.12Zoe Ballering22:18Cleveland (OR)
30.11Brittany Ford22:19Gresham
31.10Allison Young22:26Franklin
32.12Jamie Waltz22:44Franklin
34.9Sarah Scrivens24:02Cleveland (OR)
35.12Lauren Pabst24:04Cleveland (OR)
36.12KC Mautner24:06.0Wilson
37.12Adrianne Saltzman24:13.0Wilson
38.9Zoe Steiner24:23.0Wilson
39.11Jeanette Edel24:24Franklin
40.12Jaclyn Katz-Rubinc...24:33.0Wilson
41.9Lauren White24:41David Douglas
42.12Kelsey Doherty24:43.0Wilson
43.9Andrea Chin24:46.0Wilson
46.11Lana Brown24:47Franklin
44.9Justine Silberberg24:47.1Wilson
45.12Rachel Kisling24:47.2Wilson
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