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Western Maine Class C Regional HS

Saturday, October 22, 2011

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Meet Host - This Meet Currently Has No Host Listed
Location - Twin Brook Recreation Center, Cumberland, ME
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Mens Races

Twin Brook Recreation Center

5,000 Meters Varsity
Womens Races

Twin Brook Recreation Center

5,000 Meters Varsity
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Mens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity  

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1.12Matt McClintock16:00.2Madison Area Memorial
2.12Chase Brown16:46.3Boothbay Region
3.11Jack Pierce16:54.0Maine Coast Waldorf
4.10Josef Holt-Andrews17:00.6Telstar Regional
5.12Abshir Horor17:12.9Waynflete
6.12Cam Regan17:37.1North Yarmouth Academy
7.12Kameron Souza 17:42.3Winthrop
8.11Josh Espy17:42.6Waynflete
9.12Evan Kendall17:57.2North Yarmouth Academy
10.11Abukar Adan18:03.4Waynflete
11.12Ben Lewis18:05.1Telstar Regional
12.12Rudy Guiliani18:13.1North Yarmouth Academy
13.11Marc Hachey18:18.2Winthrop
14.11Alex Owen18:20.8Boothbay Region
15.12Alex Coffin18:35.8North Yarmouth Academy
16.12Adam Mahar18:38.1Telstar Regional
17.9Matt Malcom18:42.2North Yarmouth Academy
18.11Josh Ringer18:44.1Hall-Dale
19.12Tom Brown18:53.1Boothbay Region
20.11Dylan Berney18:54.5Winthrop
21.9Tristen Rich18:56.5Madison Area Memorial
22.12Grant McPherson18:57.2North Yarmouth Academy
23.10Ben Bailey19:08.3Monmouth Academy
24.12Joe Daigle19:11.5Lisbon
25.9Zachary Neveu19:12.4Maine Coast Waldorf
26.12Tyler O'Brien19:12.7Maine Coast Waldorf
27.10Robert Campbell19:14.3Boothbay Region
28.12Matt Bryant19:16.5Monmouth Academy
29.12Brian Trelegan19:26.6North Yarmouth Academy
30.11Matt Plourde19:30.5Hall-Dale
31.9Ben Allen 19:31.5Winthrop
32.11Jack Cutler19:34.6Waynflete
33.9Jeff Wiley 19:36.1Lisbon
34.11Tucker Bond19:38.9Hall-Dale
35.11Ben Kates19:44.4Lisbon
36.10Bronson Dean19:46.9Telstar Regional
37.12Peter Stein19:48.4Waynflete
38.12Casey Kelner19:49.2Telstar Regional
39.12Matthew Keane19:52.0Telstar Regional
40.11Michael Woods19:55.6Hall-Dale
41.-Joshua Wiswell 19:57.3Robert W Traip
42.9Russel Theriault20:00.1Sacopee Valley
43.11Ben Tindall20:08.6Maine Coast Waldorf
44.12Patrick LaChance20:11.3St Dominic Regional
45.12Andrew Smith20:11.7Lisbon
46.10Stewart Buzzell20:13.2Monmouth Academy
47.10Bennett Scully20:20.5Boothbay Region
48.10Ethan Cunton20:23.3Dirigo
49.11Tyler Horsford20:24.5Monmouth Academy
50.10Cameron Abruzzese20:36.9Carrabec
51.10Ron Helderman20:38.4Madison Area Memorial
52.12Kyle Priddle20:39.3Lisbon
53.11Cole Miller20:40.8Sacopee Valley
54.11Austin Gardner20:41.4Hall-Dale
55.9Sam Day20:45.7Hall-Dale
56.10Seth Tacheny20:51.1Dirigo
57.11Kade Smith20:52.7Boothbay Region
58.9Sam Harper20:52.7Madison Area Memorial
59.11Cameron White20:54.4Boothbay Region
60.9Travis Robbins 20:55.2Richmond
61.11Abdisalan Mohamud20:56.9Waynflete
62.11Forest Chap20:57.9Waynflete
63.12Derrick Lycette 21:01.9Lisbon
64.9Isaac Johnson 21:05.8Winthrop
65.11Colby Tranten21:07.3Madison Area Memorial
66.10Dylan Thombs21:09.1Monmouth Academy
67.9Lars Gunderson21:10.0Maine Coast Waldorf
68.10Jason Baldinelli21:25.1Dirigo
69.9Alex Turbine21:27.3Monmouth Academy
70.11David Furtado21:30.2Sacopee Valley
71.12Garrett Starr 21:31.2Lisbon
72.12Taran Wilson21:47.0Hall-Dale
73.11Parker Hayes21:52.6Sacopee Valley
74.9Nick Charest21:52.6Winthrop
75.10John Burgess21:58.1Maine Coast Waldorf
76.9Cody Emery22:02.7Madison Area Memorial
77.9Greg Wheeler22:14.2Telstar Regional
78.10Sam Rock22:20.0Dirigo
79.11Steven Lawrence22:26.8Madison Area Memorial
80.10Joseph Lombardi22:30.0Robert W Traip
81.10Sawyer Smith22:31.2Dirigo
82.10Mike Hilton22:34.7Upper Kennebec Valle...
83.10Elliot Gorr22:38.1Carrabec
84.9Lincoln Samuelson22:42.9Maine Coast Waldorf
85.10Calen Mendall22:52.9Oak Hill
86.9Mike Blaich22:58.7St Dominic Regional
87.10Bret Day23:05.5Sacopee Valley
88.11Kyle Shute23:11.9Wiscasset
89.10Matthew Mills23:23.7Wiscasset
90.10Anthony Toneatti23:31.1Carrabec
91.12Caleb Wade23:35.2Upper Kennebec Valle...
92.10Jacob Wirth23:44.5Robert W Traip
93.10Erik Pike23:58.9Robert W Traip
94.9Marquis Newman24:04.2Sacopee Valley
95.11Joshua Rodgers24:34.1Richmond
96.10Cody Bean24:54.4Upper Kennebec Valle...
97.11Alex Snowman 26:00.8Dirigo
98.10Wyatt Barnes26:12.3Sacopee Valley
99.10Tom Therriault26:35.4St Dominic Regional
100.11Tucker Atwood26:49.7Carrabec
101.12Brian Nugent27:06.5Monmouth Academy
102.9Ryan Spooner28:03.8St Dominic Regional
103.9Chris Lavendiere29:53.5St Dominic Regional
104.10Sean Evans 30:08.6Robert W Traip
105.10Mac L'Abbe35:47.0St Dominic Regional
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Womens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity  

to see charts & hypothetical scores
1.12Meagan Thomas21:11.6Lisbon
2.11Natalie Bolduc21:24.3Dirigo
3.10Sophia Thayer21:25.6Boothbay Region
4.11Martha Veroneau21:57.4Waynflete
5.12Hillary Detert22:05.3North Yarmouth Academy
6.9Bronte Elias22:12.3Madison Area Memorial
7.11Zoe Chace-Donahue22:21.8Maine Coast Waldorf
8.11Allie McClintock22:24.3Madison Area Memorial
9.9Samantha Pierce22:41.6Maine Coast Waldorf
10.11Teagan Wu22:44.0Maine Coast Waldorf
11.9Emma Wilson22:48.7Hall-Dale
12.9Jesse Saffeir22:56.9Maine Coast Waldorf
13.12Angelica Bulgin22:58.1Lisbon
14.9Gabi Stone23:06.4Telstar Regional
15.10Carlin Tindall23:06.7Maine Coast Waldorf
16.10Tiffany Pease23:11.9Monmouth Academy
17.9Morgan Crocker 23:15.5Boothbay Region
18.12H Miyake23:17.7Waynflete
19.9Hannah Austin23:19.0North Yarmouth Academy
20.10India Pickett23:20.1Monmouth Academy
21.10Ellen Tuttle23:32.3St Dominic Regional
22.12Emily Trafton23:35.9Waynflete
23.11Silvia Ludic 23:45.1Dirigo
24.9Jessica Conant23:58.3Dirigo
25.10Rowan Price24:06.2Waynflete
26.9Jordan Mann24:06.4Monmouth Academy
27.9Alexis Laliberte 24:15.0St Dominic Regional
28.10Meagan Ring24:26.9St Dominic Regional
29.9Maya Schwehm24:35.0Boothbay Region
30.9Becky Bryant24:48.3Monmouth Academy
31.12Sarah Small24:51.4St Dominic Regional
32.11Kristen Carter24:59.9Lisbon
33.11Emelie Chace-Donahue25:00.3Maine Coast Waldorf
34.12Sarah Jordan25:09.0North Yarmouth Academy
35.10Callie Greco25:12.6St Dominic Regional
36.10Megan Goodell25:22.4North Haven Community
37.9Emily Carney25:23.3St Dominic Regional
38.12Chloe Rowse25:24.3Waynflete
39.12Maggie Meixell25:25.3North Yarmouth Academy
40.12Hadley Gibson25:27.8North Yarmouth Academy
41.9Meaghan Bradburry25:30.2Dirigo
42.9Charity Winokurzew25:30.3Richmond
43.12Amelia Tacheny25:32.4Dirigo
44.11Salena Sawtelle25:35.7Dirigo
45.12Morgan Scully25:39.1North Yarmouth Academy
46.12Colleen Donovan25:43.9St Dominic Regional
47.9Ashley Brown25:58.4Madison Area Memorial
48.10Abigail Roy26:14.2Lisbon
49.9Ashley Reed 26:26.0Boothbay Region
50.12Christine Kahl26:30.6Monmouth Academy
51.9Emily Szotkowski26:31.8Monmouth Academy
52.11Allison Crocker26:36.4Boothbay Region
53.11Phoebe Suva26:37.3Waynflete
54.10Lydia Fox26:42.0Waynflete
55.10Emma Dolan26:59.7Maine Coast Waldorf
56.9Krissy Price 27:16.2Hall-Dale
57.11Adell Aubrey 27:32.5Winthrop
58.10Emerald McKinney 28:20.6Hall-Dale
59.10Anna Harrigan28:23.5Hall-Dale
60.9Amity Graham28:37.2Robert W Traip
61.11Samantha Gray28:54.6Carrabec
62.11Hannah Thompson29:25.9Robert W Traip
63.11Katherine King30:04.2Carrabec
64.12Alaian Morgan 30:13.8Madison Area Memorial
65.12Samantha Foote31:19.9Lisbon
66.12Mackenzie Kelley31:48.9Monmouth Academy
67.12Ashley Burrill32:07.4Carrabec
68.-Megan Corson 33:02.2Wiscasset
69.11Alyssa Urquart35:39.4Wiscasset
70.10Britney DeRoche43:40.2Dirigo
71.9Theresa Easterbroo...47:11.2Winthrop
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