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Meet Info

Mens Races
3 Mile Varsity9:00 AM
3 Mile Junior Varsity10:00 AM
Womens Races
2 Mile Varsity8:30 AM
2 Mile Junior Varsity9:30 AM
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Entry deadline is 3:00pm Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Please help in the following areas:  Keep campsites free of trash during and after meet, animals are not allowed at this facility, port-o-potties will be available.

We look forward to seeing you on October 22, 2011.

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Mens Results

3 Mile Varsity  

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3.12Ismael Partida16:19Northside Holmes
5.12Nathan Pineda16:26Northside Holmes
11.12Jeremiah Cardenas16:38Northside Holmes
13.9Christopher Myers16:46Northside Holmes
38.12Antonio Ramos17:56Northside Holmes
52.11Manuel Cardenas18:17Northside Holmes
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3 Mile Junior Varsity  

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9.10Caleb Reyna18:25Northside Holmes
11.10Nicolas Cortez18:29Northside Holmes
22.11Irvin Tristan19:15Northside Holmes
62.11Joshua Charo20:28Northside Holmes
72.11Andrew Campbell20:48Northside Holmes
98.10Oscar Servin21:28Northside Holmes
99.12Mark Patino21:28Northside Holmes
125.9Matthew Hernandez22:43Northside Holmes
128.10Samuel Ruiz22:57Northside Holmes
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Womens Results

2 Mile Varsity  

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1.10Stephanie Barlow11:49Northside Holmes
10.10Damallie Ortiz12:41Northside Holmes
23.10Dina Romero13:37Northside Holmes
27.10Vienna Garcia13:42Northside Holmes
34.11Zoey Martinez13:58Northside Holmes
37.10Brittani Oliva14:01Northside Holmes
40.11Samantha Gonzales14:06Northside Holmes
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2 Mile Junior Varsity  

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16.10Emily Hernandez14:46Northside Holmes
66.11Jamie Vara17:05Northside Holmes
71.9Kauthar Harrak-Sha...17:19Northside Holmes
81.10Breanna Lara17:41Northside Holmes
95.11Amber Reyes18:30Northside Holmes
100.12Cynthia Guzman18:53Northside Holmes
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