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Woodberry Forest 5K Course

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Mens Results

5,000 Meters Division 1

1.12Guy Shelby
16:33.9Trinity Episcopal
2.12Scott Newton
3.12Eddie Whitlock
16:56.9St. Christopher's
4.12Chris Cantone
17:00.6Trinity Episcopal
5.12Addison Winston
17:03.1 PRWoodberry Forest
6.12Trey Fisher
17:09.9Liberty Christian Ac...
7.12Liam O'Connor
17:14.6Bishop Ireton
8.11Jj LaPointe
17:18.6Bishop O'Connell
9.11Mac Strehler
17:19.3Trinity Episcopal
10.11Reider Strehler
17:19.9Trinity Episcopal
11.11Cope Whitney
17:21.7 PRPotomac School
12.12Avery Martin
17:25.4Fork Union Military ...
13.12Nicholas Evans
17:27.5Woodberry Forest
14.11Grant Wiggins
17:29.2Norfolk Academy
15.12Alden Knipe
17:37.9Trinity Episcopal
16.12Alexander Alberts
17:49.6Cape Henry Collegiate
17.12Ben Gross
17:50.5Trinity Episcopal
18.10Jack Leyden
17:51.2Bishop Ireton
19.11Peter Shelton
17:52.6Woodberry Forest
20.11Matthew Kelley
17:54.4St Stephens and St A...
21.10Andy Stepka
17:55.8Paul VI
22.11Andy Emroch
23.12Keith Holleran
18:02.7Bishop O'Connell
24.12Ian Granger
18:03.4Norfolk Academy
25.12Nick Manzek
18:09.2Bishop Ireton
26.9Peter Lomong
18:09.5Fork Union Military ...
27.12Nate Morrison
18:10.8Paul VI
28.12Worth Smith
29.10Nate Folger
18:15.3 SRFlint Hill
30.11Connor Partlow
31.11Matthew O'Neil
18:18.7Saint John Paul the ...
32.11Jake Wilkes
18:19.4Trinity Episcopal
33.12John Stella
18:21.1Bishop O'Connell
34.12Drew Rowe
18:21.7St. Christopher's
35.12Sean McKeown
18:22.0Trinity Episcopal
36.11Nick Kensinger
18:24.4Potomac School
37.10Hines Liles
18:25.1Woodberry Forest
38.12Jack Kaplan
18:28.3Potomac School
39.11Amory Langley
18:28.8Bishop Sullivan Cath...
40.12Nick Gigliotti
18:31.1Bishop O'Connell
41.10Reid Barden
18:32.9Trinity Episcopal
42.9Jamie Hiegel
18:33.5Trinity Episcopal
43.10Adam Moses
18:34.0Potomac School
44.10Tim Viere
18:35.6St Annes Belfield
45.-Ike Podell
18:36.4Liberty Christian Ac...
46.11Luke Page
18:37.7 SRCollegiate
47.12Ian Rowland
48.11Sam Streed
49.12Josh Lim
18:40.2Cape Henry Collegiate
50.11Will Bruner
18:44.0St. Christopher's
51.12Brady Riles
18:45.2St Stephens and St A...
52.9Averett Flory
18:45.5Woodberry Forest
53.11Hunter Johnston
18:46.0 PRPotomac School
54.11Connor Pearson
18:46.3Bishop Ireton
55.11James Leist
18:48.6 PRSaint John Paul the ...
56.11Tyler Smallwood
18:53.5 PRPotomac School
57.11Matt Danisewicz
18:55.0Paul VI
58.10Aaron Skouby
18:55.7Paul VI
59.12Kevin Reidy
18:56.8Bishop O'Connell
60.11Blake Thatcher
18:59.1St Annes Belfield
61.12Logan Rafield
18:59.8Woodberry Forest
62.10Kyle Mosman
63.10Trey Mastaler
19:05.6Paul VI
64.12Luke Frerichs
19:07.4St Stephens and St A...
65.11Evan Leonard
66.10Joseph Brough
19:10.5Bishop O'Connell
67.10Buck Kirtland
19:11.7Trinity Episcopal
68.10Moritz Ruge
19:14.9Flint Hill
69.12Danny Murillo
19:15.4St. Christopher's
70.10Eric Ways
19:17.0Woodberry Forest
71.9Liam Boland
19:18.0St. Christopher's
72.12Julian Lockhart
19:19.3 PREpiscopal
73.12Alex Dreo
19:21.6 SRFlint Hill
74.9Jack Danisewicz
19:22.9Paul VI
75.10Carter Holland
19:23.7St Stephens and St A...
76.11Teddy Nasworthy
77.12Greg Pawlow
19:25.4 PRFlint Hill
78.8William Bennett
79.12Chris Driscoll
80.11Alan Salimov
19:28.9Norfolk Academy
81.12Anthony Lynch
19:29.7Flint Hill
82.12Jack Gimbert
19:30.0Woodberry Forest
83.11Dylan Campbell
19:30.5Bishop Sullivan Cath...
84.10Michael Logrande
19:32.5Bishop Ireton
85.10Tommy Blackwell
19:33.0 SRFlint Hill
86.10Parker Phippen
19:33.5St Stephens and St A...
87.9Greg Morgan
88.12Joseph Vandersyde
19:34.2Trinity Episcopal
89.11Stephen Paquette
19:37.9Saint John Paul the ...
90.11Chris Douglas
19:38.6Bishop Sullivan Cath...
91.12Campbell Goodman
19:39.6 PREpiscopal
92.11Willem Zook
19:42.2St Stephens and St A...
93.9Parr McQueen
19:45.0St Stephens and St A...
94.11Mike Kvartunas
19:48.5Paul VI
95.12Stephen Washington
19:55.6Bishop Ireton
96.12Michael Vance
97.9Alexander Lomong
20:01.3Fork Union Military ...
98.11Aidin Jones
20:01.6Fork Union Military ...
99.9Josh Movius
20:03.4St Stephens and St A...
100.10Rives Fleming
101.11Nick Swarup
20:06.6Norfolk Academy
102.10Blake Allen
20:06.9Saint John Paul the ...
103.9Nick Koritko
20:09.3Paul VI
104.9Tucker Burnett
20:11.0St Stephens and St A...
105.11Jonathan Stone
20:12.0 SRFork Union Military ...
106.11Linzy Cumbia
20:12.7St Annes Belfield
107.12Drew Colletti
108.9Elisha Foster
20:14.0Liberty Christian Ac...
109.12Gregory ScheerCook
20:17.4St. Christopher's
110.12Peter Cianpa
20:18.4Bishop O'Connell
111.10Riley Pitchford
20:18.6Bishop Sullivan Cath...
112.10Steven Gottileb
20:18.9Bishop Ireton
113.11Michael Marsh
20:26.3Saint John Paul the ...
114.12Alex Salazar
20:27.1Bishop Sullivan Cath...
115.11Drew Walker
20:27.3Saint John Paul the ...
116.11Max Shapero
20:28.4St Stephens and St A...
117.12Ryan Smith
20:28.7Bishop Sullivan Cath...
118.9Jack Jiraanek
20:28.9St. Christopher's
119.10Ben Higginbotham
20:29.7Paul VI
120.10Michael Colton
20:30.4St Stephens and St A...
121.10Mark Kensinger
20:33.3 SRPotomac School
122.9Tucker Gibson
20:35.5 SRPotomac School
123.10John Green
20:36.2Bishop Ireton
124.12Quinn Caslow
125.12Matt Valcourt
126.12D'Nard Ward
20:39.2 PRLiberty Christian Ac...
127.12Arthur Corbett
20:39.9Saint John Paul the ...
128.10Paul Webb
20:40.4 PRFork Union Military ...
129.11Adam Gillman
20:41.0Paul VI
130.12William Gutierrez
20:41.8 PRPotomac School
131.10Nathan Rionda
20:43.1Paul VI
132.12Reagan Brooks
20:44.5Liberty Christian Ac...
133.10Ben Cashin
20:45.7 SRPotomac School
134.9Derrick Moore
20:48.8 SRLiberty Christian Ac...
135.12Philip Jones
20:53.7Cape Henry Collegiate
136.11Sean Pili
20:54.1Bishop Ireton
137.11Jeremy Simmons
20:54.5St Stephens and St A...
138.11Colin O'donnell
20:55.8Bishop Sullivan Cath...
139.9Trey Razzetti
140.9Eli Collins
141.11Kyle Cooke-Gilbert
20:58.1 PRFlint Hill
142.10Austin Morton
20:59.3 SRLiberty Christian Ac...
143.9Stuart Read
20:59.5 PRPotomac School
144.12Timmy McGraw
145.-Tanner Blankenship
21:00.2 PRRandolph-Macon Academy
146.9Jack McCaffrey
21:02.6 SRFlint Hill
147.12Holt Lassiter
21:03.0Bishop Sullivan Cath...
148.-Ashton Olsen
21:05.1Fork Union Military ...
149.12John Vahadi-Faridi
21:05.4Norfolk Academy
150.9Matt Middleton
21:09.3 PRFlint Hill
151.10Dean Watkins
21:12.1Cape Henry Collegiate
152.10Colton Manton
21:14.6Bishop Sullivan Cath...
153.12Max Serpe
21:21.7Cape Henry Collegiate
154.12Thomas DiFazio
21:23.6Bishop Sullivan Cath...
155.-Jared Cesar
21:24.3Cape Henry Collegiate
156.12Alex Milliken
21:26.0Flint Hill
157.12Noah Brooksher
21:26.5Bishop Ireton
158.12Jake Levy
21:29.6Norfolk Academy
159.11Mitchell Phillips
21:33.4St. Christopher's
160.-Zhonghao Zhao
21:33.7 PRRandolph-Macon Academy
161.9Carter Little
21:34.8Norfolk Academy
162.9Ben Letowt
21:37.8Flint Hill
163.-Dmitry Kolchin
21:41.1 PRRandolph-Macon Academy
164.12Michael Winchester
21:45.2St. Christopher's
165.11Vernon O'Berry
21:45.9Norfolk Academy
166.9Hunter Clarke
21:46.7Cape Henry Collegiate
167.9Graeme Alderman
21:50.8St. Christopher's
168.12Lee Williamson
169.12Michael Brooks
21:52.3 PRRandolph-Macon Academy
170.12Jared Donohue
22:01.9Bishop Sullivan Cath...
171.9Connor Burke
22:02.2Bishop Ireton
172.9Connor Atkinson
22:05.0Potomac School
173.11Jay Shah
22:06.6Norfolk Academy
174.11Jack Daus
22:10.6Paul VI
175.11Alton Coleman
176.12Matthew Disler
177.11Charles Springer
22:17.1Norfolk Academy
178.12Matt Kim
22:19.4Blue Ridge
179.11Victor Yu
22:21.0Norfolk Academy
180.9Daniel Vettichira
22:24.5Blue Ridge
181.-Li Deng
22:25.6 SRRandolph-Macon Academy
182.9Tres Erquiaga
22:26.2 SRLiberty Christian Ac...
183.11Paul Kim
22:30.6Fork Union Military ...
184.12Chris Weldon
22:41.2Blue Ridge
185.-Michael Field
22:47.6Cape Henry Collegiate
186.-John Paul Kelly
22:48.8Saint John Paul the ...
187.-Ian Burgin
22:49.1Blue Ridge
188.9Sean Panayi
22:51.3Flint Hill
189.12Travis Williams
22:58.8Liberty Christian Ac...
190.-Pavel Potapov
23:00.8 PRRandolph-Macon Academy
191.-Andrew Criminski
23:02.8 PRRandolph-Macon Academy
192.10Hunter Nichols
193.-Mitch Klarner
23:14.4 PRBlue Ridge
194.9Sean Duffy
23:16.5Cape Henry Collegiate
195.10Ryan Lloyd
23:17.1Liberty Christian Ac...
196.10Wes Camet
197.10Alex Ghenea
23:27.1Cape Henry Collegiate
198.11Russ Garver
23:29.1Fork Union Military ...
199.-Greyson Wooldridge
23:33.3 SRLiberty Christian Ac...
200.8Jack Wren
23:38.4Cape Henry Collegiate
201.-Jacques Villars
23:43.9 PRBlue Ridge
202.-Brennan Rhodes
24:05.1Fork Union Military ...
203.11Tyler Smith
204.10John Collinson
205.10Daniel Vickers
24:40.3Cape Henry Collegiate
206.-Jack Scanlon
24:40.7 PRBlue Ridge
207.-Clifton Borden
25:26.4 PRRandolph-Macon Academy
208.-Cai Rongsong
26:34.4 PRRandolph-Macon Academy
209.11Masa Mizuno
26:37.4Blue Ridge
210.-Ryan Sanders
26:37.4 PRRandolph-Macon Academy
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5,000 Meters Division 2

1.12Adam Link
17:24.56Walsingham Academy
2.8Miles Clikeman
17:34.39Veritas Classical Ch...
3.10Philip Harpen
17:43.62Peninsula Catholic
4.11Elias Hubbard
17:49.01The Miller School Of...
5.11Tripp Fitch
17:51.87Veritas Classical Ch...
6.10Sam James
17:56.48 PRThe Miller School Of...
7.11Chris Keeling
17:58.59 PRThe Miller School Of...
8.11Kenny Rogers
17:59.64Peninsula Catholic
9.10Cameron Francis
18:10.27Veritas Classical Ch...
10.10Nate Miller
18:17.10Norfolk Collegiate
11.11Dana Thompson
18:19.09 PRNorth Cross
12.10Tim Jackson
13.9Nicholas Kontopanous
18:26.87Veritas Classical Ch...
14.10Peter Eich
18:27.18Norfolk Christian
15.12Jacob Clore
18:30.82Peninsula Catholic
16.12Pierce Baker
17.12Josh Christenson
18:34.45Trinity Christian
18.12Stephen Shaw
19.11Will Robinson
18:42.09Peninsula Catholic
20.11Preston Bentley
18:42.68 PRTrinity School At Me...
21.11Kevin Riley
18:44.57Peninsula Catholic
22.10David Heide
18:44.98Veritas Classical Ch...
23.-Wilson Ruotolo
18:50.80 PRTandem Friends
24.12Josiah Nagel
18:52.43 PRTrinity Christian
25.9Alex Franck
18:53.84Veritas Classical Ch...
26.10Michael Runyon
19:00.14 SRTrinity School At Me...
27.11Chris Collins
19:00.53Fishburne Military
28.11Jon Taylor - Fishw...
19:03.70Norfolk Collegiate
29.11Kyle Ottaway
19:08.07 PRThe Miller School Of...
30.10Rawls Fortenberry
19:09.60 SRThe Miller School Of...
31.9Zander McNeish
19:15.36 PRThe Covenant
32.11Jonathan Slye
19:16.59 PRTrinity School At Me...
33.10Jake King
19:16.90 SRThe Miller School Of...
34.11Timothy Martin
19:17.43 SREastern Mennonite
35.11Michael Crombie
19:20.62 PRFredericksburg Academy
36.9Jack Toomey
19:22.41 SRBlessed Sacrament-Hu...
37.12Marc Anthony Walker
19:30.56 PRQuantico
38.11Graham Frazier
19:31.04 SRBlessed Sacrament-Hu...
39.9Morgan Shank
19:34.71Eastern Mennonite
40.9Colin Whelpley
19:37.81 SRTrinity School At Me...
41.11Tyler King
19:42.82 SRWestover Christian
42.8Jack Grimson
19:43.49Walsingham Academy
43.9George Brumbaugh
19:43.88The Covenant
44.9James Burtle
19:46.46Fredericksburg Chris...
45.11Jake Golibart
19:47.77Broadwater Academy
46.11Rhett Cheek
19:48.18 SRTrinity School At Me...
47.-Cole Peale-Grody
19:48.99 PRTandem Friends
48.12David Buyers
49.12William Meakem
19:50.12The Covenant
50.10Ben Weimer
19:50.46 SRWakefield School
51.-Graham Turner
19:51.97 PRTandem Friends
52.9Caleb Amstutz
19:52.36Roanoke Catholic
53.11Jason Atkinson
19:54.00Peninsula Catholic
54.10William Chambers
19:54.87 PRThe Miller School Of...
55.10James Clancy
19:55.40 SRSaint Michael the Ar...
56.10Jonathon Snider
19:55.72 SRTrinity Christian
57.11Will Sullivan
19:56.26Eastern Mennonite
58.9Collin White
19:58.07Peninsula Catholic
59.11Connor Hopkins
20:00.59Norfolk Collegiate
60.11Colin AH
20:01.25 SRFuqua
61.12Chris Ohlhaver
20:03.12Peninsula Catholic
62.10Alex Morin
20:04.01 SRSaint Michael the Ar...
63.12Devin Holladay
20:04.40 SRFredericksburg Academy
64.12Travis Knapp
20:04.87Fishburne Military
65.9Josh Pesich
20:05.25Norfolk Christian
66.10Alex Kenney
20:06.49Walsingham Academy
67.12William Schmidt
20:11.60Norfolk Christian
68.-Spencer Holland
20:12.02North Cross
69.9Evan Tracy
20:14.34 PRTrinity School At Me...
70.10Daniel Brause
20:15.38Walsingham Academy
71.12Brandon Fleming
20:17.90Broadwater Academy
72.11Paul Dougherty
20:18.28Norfolk Collegiate
73.11Jacob Treuting
20:21.06 PRHighland
74.11Josiah Manry
20:21.47 SRFredericksburg Chris...
75.12Trenton Holmes
20:21.82Greenbrier Christian
76.10Steve Turack
20:22.41Norfolk Collegiate
77.12Josh McNamara
20:23.04Richmond Christian
78.11Jack Mitchell
20:23.66Denbigh Baptist Chri...
79.10Gabe Yohe
20:24.47 PRTrinity School At Me...
80.11Jack Slack
20:25.00 SRHighland
81.10Reid Williams
20:26.00Nansemond Suffolk Ac...
82.10Chris O'Kuinghtton
20:27.62 PRVeritas Classical Ch...
83.8Thomas Pairet
84.11Dallas Simms
20:28.25Broadwater Academy
85.11Zack Szymanski
20:28.83Greenbrier Christian
86.11Laurence Garcia
20:30.78Peninsula Catholic
87.11Christopher Jones
20:31.49 SRFredericksburg Chris...
88.12Nathan Fishell
20:31.83Richmond Christian
89.12Peter Redgrave
20:32.17 PRTrinity School At Me...
90.9James Osborne
20:34.61 PRQuantico
91.11Robert Accolla
20:35.49Peninsula Catholic
92.11Jean Baptiste Durv...
20:35.93 PRQuantico
93.12Brendan Goggin
20:36.30 PRHighland
94.11Corey Conner
20:42.12 SRThe Covenant
95.12Carson Craig
20:45.54 SRWakefield School
96.12Kevin Bliss
97.12Blake Selph
20:47.28 SRBroadwater Academy
98.10Chandler Julien
20:47.88Walsingham Academy
99.12Kyle Grierson
20:48.94Peninsula Catholic
100.10Aryeh Enoch
20:50.67 SRThe Miller School Of...
101.10Christophe Wenger
20:53.49 SRThe Miller School Of...
102.10Caleb Simpson
20:54.67 SRRichmond Christian
103.11Steven Yeung
20:56.29Broadwater Academy
104.10Patrick Lestyan
20:57.41Greenbrier Christian
105.10Ian Gallagher
20:57.87Walsingham Academy
106.11Cody Simms
21:00.11Broadwater Academy
107.11James Park
21:01.95 SRFishburne Military
108.10Sam Foxx
21:02.60Hampton Roads Academy
109.12Ben Robohn
21:03.12 SRTrinity Christian
110.8Nick Gomer
21:03.99Broadwater Academy
111.10Bruce Reid
21:07.77Hampton Roads Academy
112.12Michael O'Heir
21:08.17 SRWakefield Country Day
113.9Ryan Duregger
21:08.94Peninsula Catholic
114.9Ian Frith
21:10.05 SRVeritas Classical Ch...
115.11Jonathan Layman
21:10.88Eastern Mennonite
116.10Jonathan Bentley
21:12.09 SRTrinity School At Me...
117.10Matt Triggs
21:12.49 SRSeton
118.12Michael Collins
21:14.03 SRSeton
119.12PL Yanez
120.7Matt Wolf
21:18.36 SRSteward
121.10Benjamin Cardwell
21:20.33 PRSteward
122.10Jarrett Phillips
21:23.22 PRThe Miller School Of...
123.9Mitch Young
21:23.57Veritas Classical Ch...
124.10Colin Earner
21:23.87 PRTrinity School At Me...
125.-Elias Bearinger
21:25.00 PRTandem Friends
126.11Andrew Strauss
21:26.43Norfolk Collegiate
127.12Paul Ward
128.11Peter Abernathy
21:32.40 PRTrinity School At Me...
129.9Walker Poling
21:33.41 PRSteward
130.8Garrett Toler
21:34.02 PRSteward
131.10Aaron Petitt
21:34.94 SRFredericksburg Chris...
132.11Charles Shanker
21:35.87Norfolk Collegiate
133.9Weston Hanna
21:37.48Denbigh Baptist Chri...
134.11Fred Pollard
21:38.85 PRHighland
135.10Tyler Ludlam
21:39.27 SRSteward
136.9Chris Finch
21:40.56 SRSaint Michael the Ar...
137.10Dallas Powell
21:43.30 PRFuqua
138.10Josiah Carter
21:44.25 SRThe Covenant
139.9Mac Hardee
21:44.57Nansemond Suffolk Ac...
140.9Bryant Gilchrist
21:47.49 PRQuantico
141.9James Wroe
21:49.95Wakefield School
142.9Drake Richardson
21:51.76 PRWestover Christian
143.11Nolan Vance
21:53.33 PRFishburne Military
144.9Dalton Pruitt
21:53.65 PRWestover Christian
145.9Jack Boyle
21:53.95 SRVeritas Classical Ch...
146.11Ben Allen
21:56.04Hampton Roads Academy
147.11Austin Wise
21:56.65Trinity Christian
148.8Andre' Eanes
21:57.76 SREastern Mennonite
149.11William Brannen
21:58.13 SRFredericksburg Chris...
150.8Daniel Lizzarga
21:58.46 SRWakefield School
151.10David Van Harlingen
22:01.28 PRThe Covenant
152.9Nathan Honea
22:03.95 SRWestover Christian
153.11Casey Gold
22:04.52 SRQuantico
154.10Alex Heider
22:05.22Norfolk Christian
155.9Michael Amico
22:07.42Trinity Christian
156.11Alex Goldstein
22:07.77 SRTandem Friends
157.10David Baldwin
22:08.14Norfolk Collegiate
158.11Ian Hawkes
22:09.92 SRWalsingham Academy
159.9Matthew Lawrence
22:10.44Nansemond Suffolk Ac...
160.10Ben Ghaemmaghami
22:10.85 PREastern Mennonite
161.12Thomas Fitzgerald
22:13.36 PRSaint Michael the Ar...
162.8Rahul Ray
22:24.63 PRVeritas Classical Ch...
163.-Pranay Bonagiri
22:27.26 PRFuqua
164.9Michael Fitzgerald
22:30.15 PRSaint Michael the Ar...
165.10Michael Manley
166.9Michael Hoisington
22:30.88 PRQuantico
167.11John Patterson
22:31.65 SRFuqua
168.12Thomas Aveni
169.10Michael Bagnoli
22:33.53Trinity Christian
170.12Yazan Shqairat
22:34.12 PRQuantico
171.8Alex Workman
22:35.98 PRFredericksburg Academy
172.12Ben Mason
22:39.05 PRWakefield School
173.11Andrew Coffey
22:40.37Trinity Christian
174.10Ben Wilson
22:42.08Nansemond Suffolk Ac...
175.11Curtis Martin
22:44.95Eastern Mennonite
176.12David Jones
22:46.10 SRTrinity Christian
177.12Ben Batzel
22:46.54 SRNorth Cross
178.11Stuart Brazil
22:46.90Nansemond Suffolk Ac...
179.9Marshall Spencer
22:47.33 PRFredericksburg Academy
180.12John Chipper
22:48.16 SRKenston Forest
181.9Sam Mcnamra
22:48.75 PRRichmond Christian
182.8Ritter Minnix
22:49.34 SRFaith Christian
183.8Nathan Brewer
22:53.70 SRVeritas Classical Ch...
184.10Steven Marshall
22:55.44 PRFredericksburg Academy
185.9Harrison Macher
22:57.15 SRNorth Cross
186.9Connor Snow
22:58.15 SRRoanoke Catholic
187.9Patrick Wilson
22:58.55 SRSaint Michael the Ar...
188.8Mitchell Hartman
23:00.57Nansemond Suffolk Ac...
189.12Peter Ballou
23:04.85Trinity School At Me...
190.10Daniel O'Conner
23:05.19Saint Michael the Ar...
191.11Patrick Corwin
23:06.79 SRTandem Friends
192.10Glen Porter
23:07.50Norfolk Christian
193.9Johnny Bounds
23:10.03 SRHighland
194.12Ethan Maestrello
23:10.41 PRSteward
195.12Eric Moore
23:10.87Richmond Christian
196.10Tony Viola
23:12.00Nansemond Suffolk Ac...
197.10Bryce D'Surney
23:13.04 PRSteward
198.11RJ Witt
23:13.67 PRBlessed Sacrament-Hu...
199.9Oliver Dziak
23:16.15 PRQuantico
200.8Gordon Wallace
23:20.46 SRHighland
201.9Drew Cowen
23:21.45Nansemond Suffolk Ac...
202.10Forrest Andrews
23:24.21 SRSteward
203.9Chris Rooney
23:24.50Richmond Christian
204.8William Arnold
205.10Patrick Saville
23:26.63 PRRoanoke Catholic
206.9Colby Schemm
23:30.40Faith Christian
207.10Matthew Hedgepeth
23:33.91 PRRichmond Christian
208.9Brian Hammond
23:41.93 SRBlessed Sacrament-Hu...
209.11Matt Cheseldine
23:42.27 PRBlessed Sacrament-Hu...
210.10Rory Dunn
23:42.58 PRFredericksburg Academy
211.12Matthew Sampson
23:44.48 SRSaint Michael the Ar...
212.9Justin Shaffer
23:48.16Broadwater Academy
213.10Benjamin Wade
23:49.10 SRFuqua
214.12Robert Rhodes
23:54.26Denbigh Baptist Chri...
215.12Boyd Chambliss
24:05.93 SRSteward
216.11Kevin Vanegas
24:10.25 PREastern Mennonite
217.-Tijmen Helder
24:13.42 PRFuqua
218.10Dong Ted
24:20.71 SRHighland
219.11Aidan Kelley
24:23.47 SREastern Mennonite
220.12Kevin Friend
24:24.02 SRSteward
221.8Sean O'Donnell
24:29.41 PRBlessed Sacrament-Hu...
222.11Kyle Fakhoury
24:31.80Broadwater Academy
223.8Charlie Vaughan
24:38.77 PRSteward
224.6Nicholas Oeur
24:40.44 PRRichmond Christian
225.9Nash Daughtery
24:43.80 SRKenston Forest
226.9Mulford Philip
24:44.13 SRHighland
227.9Nick Lasso
24:44.43 PRHighland
228.12Hyung Jin Ahn
24:51.10Denbigh Baptist Chri...
229.9Seamus Cooney
25:25.84Broadwater Academy
230.11Greg Hare
25:37.49Broadwater Academy
231.9Zach Wagner
25:38.03 SRSaint Michael the Ar...
232.10Alexander Christie
25:47.89Walsingham Academy
233.10Thomas Lestyan
25:52.35Greenbrier Christian
234.11Sean Mega
25:58.51 SRFishburne Military
235.8Avery Maestrello
26:00.03 SRSteward
236.9Adam Hall
26:00.31 SRFaith Christian
237.9Brian Hund
26:11.79 PRQuantico
238.8Trent Lawhorne
26:23.22 PRRichmond Christian
239.10Christian Gordon
26:44.26Broadwater Academy
240.10Taylor Buchanan
27:08.58 SREastern Mennonite
241.11Matt Bradstock
27:32.46 SRBlessed Sacrament-Hu...
242.12Nabil Naim
27:42.23 PRSaint Michael the Ar...
243.8Lex Schwabenton
27:56.65 SRKenston Forest
244.8Grant Campbell
28:08.62 PRBlessed Sacrament-Hu...
245.12Patrick Schelke
28:20.32 SRSaint Michael the Ar...
246.9Haden Lader
28:25.34 SRBlessed Sacrament-Hu...
247.9Baxter Mason
28:43.79 PRHighland
248.-Kohen Landis
30:41.90 PRFuqua
249.11Ethan Francis
30:41.90 PRWestover Christian
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Womens Results

5,000 Meters Division 1

1.11Devin 09 Nihill
19:46.26Bishop O'Connell
2.12Meghan Blackstone
19:54.56Paul VI
3.8Madison Hunter
20:00.51St Annes Belfield
4.12Emily Blagg
20:07.39Bishop O'Connell
5.8Ryley Ogden
20:16.55St Catherines
6.11Liz Spruill
20:17.16St Catherines
7.12Molly Banta
20:32.25Trinity Episcopal
8.10Erin Morrow
20:40.32 PRBishop Sullivan Cath...
9.12Nicole Carty
20:44.11 SRBishop O'Connell
10.11Cristina Bertone
20:47.27St Annes Belfield
11.11Taylor Chamness
20:48.48 SRBishop O'Connell
12.8Willa King
20:49.07St Catherines
13.9Lexi Tunnell
20:54.30Trinity Episcopal
14.12Alessandra Gavin
15.10Suzelle Thomas
20:57.99 PREpiscopal
16.11Carly Reed
21:00.12St Stephens and St A...
17.11Whitney Busch
21:04.30St Catherines
18.12Barrett Haynes
21:04.56St Catherines
19.9Keeilah Mosely
21:08.87St Catherines
20.11Ali Doswell
21:13.78St Catherines
21.12Mckenzie Walker
21:18.66Trinity Episcopal
22.11Katie Necochea
21:18.88Bishop Ireton
23.10Megan Pritchard
21:32.72St Annes Belfield
24.11Virginia Wright
25.9Theresa Matula
21:44.39 SRBishop O'Connell
26.10Katie Bucaro
21:44.92Paul VI
27.11Rosemary O'hagan
21:47.47St Catherines
28.11Joslyn Chesson
29.9Ann Nicholson
21:48.66St Catherines
30.11Alaina Patrick
21:58.66Paul VI
31.8Connor Haynes
22:00.08St Catherines
32.12Colleen Fay
33.11Randall Ackerly
22:02.48St Catherines
34.10Catherine Arendt
22:03.87 SRBishop O'Connell
35.10Mackenzie Smith
22:04.18Bishop O'Connell
36.11Abby Halm
22:04.58 SREpiscopal
37.9Logan Cunningham
22:06.06 SRFlint Hill
38.9Denise Gallant
22:08.95Saint John Paul the ...
39.11Abigail Quigg
22:09.66Liberty Christian Ac...
40.10Kaitlynn Durkin
22:17.06Bishop Sullivan Cath...
41.11Megan Turcol
22:23.53Paul VI
42.10Adelle Bortz
43.12Jazana Goolsby
22:28.96St Stephens and St A...
44.9Catherine Framstad
22:30.77Paul VI
45.12Elizabeth Buyck
46.12Rebecca Roberts
22:38.48Liberty Christian Ac...
47.9Jessica Melendez
22:41.80Bishop Sullivan Cath...
48.10Ashton Yarnell
49.9Kaitlin Luzik
22:45.38Bishop Ireton
50.10Grace Taneyhill
22:46.24 PRBishop O'Connell
51.9Annabel O'Hagan
22:53.85St Catherines
52.10Grace Mountcastle
53.10Belen Rogers
22:57.31 SRBishop O'Connell
54.12Tory Yeonas
22:57.56 PRPotomac School
55.11Bridget Thompson
22:58.50St Stephens and St A...
56.11Nora Cox
22:58.73Paul VI
57.9Hanna Ashby
23:01.01Paul VI
58.9Emma Colavincenzo
23:04.62 SRSt Annes Belfield
59.11Alex Georgi
23:05.50Bishop Ireton
60.11Kate Bickley
61.10Elizabeth Bell
23:09.42 SRTrinity Episcopal
62.10Alyson Diamonstein
23:14.87 PRNorfolk Academy
63.12Taylor McClain
23:15.09Trinity Episcopal
64.11Julia Keller
23:15.31 PRPotomac School
65.9Shannon Murry
23:16.19Paul VI
66.9Caroline Roberts
23:24.07Liberty Christian Ac...
67.9Natalie Irwin
23:26.30Bishop Ireton
68.12Danielle Zuccaro
23:28.22Saint Gertrude
69.12Amanda Cole
70.11Catherine Babiec
23:31.74Bishop Ireton
71.12Aubrey Gartlan
23:33.40Bishop Ireton
72.12Rachel Cisek
23:34.22Trinity Episcopal
73.12Abby Barger
23:37.19Bishop Sullivan Cath...
74.9Catey Susco
23:38.12Paul VI
75.12Mary Johnson
23:38.52Bishop Ireton
76.11Lizzie Zulauf
23:40.34St Stephens and St A...
77.10Allison Garrett
23:40.63Norfolk Academy
78.11Mary Crowgey
79.12Abby Velie
23:42.42St Annes Belfield
80.10Claire Templeman
81.10Madison Oliver
23:50.19 SRFlint Hill
82.10Elaine Harrington
23:51.13Bishop O'Connell
83.12Abigail Singerling
23:52.62 PRFlint Hill
84.11Katarina Frustaci
23:52.84Bishop Ireton
85.10Shantel Vogel
23:54.39Paul VI
86.8Maddie Campbell
23:54.61Bishop Sullivan Cath...
87.12Mary Lewis
23:54.81 SRFlint Hill
88.12Margaret Nealon
23:57.94Bishop Ireton
89.8Kate Nash
23:58.51 SRLiberty Christian Ac...
90.10Maja Olsson
91.12Jenny Simpson
24:03.33 SREpiscopal
92.9Jamie Maule
24:03.67Liberty Christian Ac...
93.8Hannah Quigg
24:04.76 SRLiberty Christian Ac...
94.12Emma Lowther
24:05.06Bishop Sullivan Cath...
95.10Megan Russell
24:10.59Bishop O'Connell
96.11Hollie Ertel
24:14.56Bishop Sullivan Cath...
97.9Emily Conner
24:16.76Saint John Paul the ...
98.12Gingy Dixon
24:19.57 PRPotomac School
99.9Logan Pritchard
24:21.18St Annes Belfield
100.12Hannah Chaka
24:23.29Norfolk Academy
101.10Jacquelin Johnson
24:24.39 SRPaul VI
102.9Liz Piper
24:24.66 SRFlint Hill
103.12Molly McFadden
104.11Wendi Chen
24:31.77Norfolk Academy
105.8Sarah Whitaker
106.10Meg Meyer
107.10Katherine McMahon
24:36.15Saint Gertrude
108.10Grace Cleland
24:43.28 SRFlint Hill
109.10Anna Chang
24:44.16Bishop Sullivan Cath...
110.9Maggie Cady
24:44.58St Stephens and St A...
111.9Cindy Spratley
112.11Cara Bilbeault
24:53.60 SRPaul VI
113.10Kelly Niemann
24:59.89 PRSaint Gertrude
114.10Austin Parks
115.11Anna Chelak
25:00.67Bishop Ireton
116.10Loren Gant
25:01.19Bishop Ireton
117.12Caroline Hamil
25:16.58St Stephens and St A...
118.11Raise Clark
25:24.10 PRLiberty Christian Ac...
119.11Sarah Richardson
120.11SoHyun Park
25:33.95 SRSt Annes Belfield
121.12Stuart Agnew
122.9Kate O'Brien
25:47.65Potomac School
123.12Dana Alloy
25:57.12Flint Hill
124.10Julie Leist
25:59.31Saint John Paul the ...
125.11Charlotte Ferenbach
25:59.91 SRPotomac School
126.9Kelly Decourcy
26:08.44 PRLiberty Christian Ac...
127.10Maria Manzek
26:09.71Bishop Ireton
128.10Rose Goodman
26:10.25Norfolk Academy
129.12Katie Groody
26:12.02St Stephens and St A...
130.12Tory Nagel
26:41.36Saint John Paul the ...
131.9Brittany Nguon
26:46.54 SRPotomac School
132.11Devon Winsor
26:55.66Potomac School
133.9Danielle Borneman
27:02.03Saint John Paul the ...
134.10Gatlin Beemus
27:10.65Bishop Sullivan Cath...
135.10Sophia Woods
27:12.18Norfolk Academy
136.9Alex Probst
27:15.82Norfolk Academy
137.12Emma Brown
27:24.48St Stephens and St A...
138.8Allison Young
27:37.46Norfolk Academy
139.11Mary Kate Eicher
27:41.10 PRSaint John Paul the ...
140.10Danielle Griffin
27:52.41 SRLiberty Christian Ac...
141.9Grace Cherouny
27:56.10 SRPotomac School
142.9Cassidy Cropco
27:57.46 SRLiberty Christian Ac...
143.12Kelly Ross
28:01.94Saint John Paul the ...
144.9Julia Bucholz
28:03.25 SRPotomac School
145.10Emily Plante
28:11.99Norfolk Academy
146.10Amanda Haddock
28:17.09Norfolk Academy
147.12Lauren Thronson
28:17.09Potomac School
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5,000 Meters Division 2

5.8Meagan Phillips
21:25.71Broadwater Academy
19.11Kristin Lewis
22:13.09Broadwater Academy
70.8Sydney Parks
24:20.33Broadwater Academy
77.11Rachel Sturgis
24:35.22Broadwater Academy
125.8Kellam Addison
26:14.46Broadwater Academy
138.10Kelsey Parker
26:54.91Broadwater Academy
149.8Elizabeth Floyd
27:10.28Broadwater Academy
149.11Rachel Finney
27:33.26Broadwater Academy
164.9Vera Cameron
29:12.36Broadwater Academy
167.12Marley Wilson
29:26.30Broadwater Academy
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