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Nestles Invitational HS, MS

Saturday, August 27, 2011

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Meet Host - Macon County HS
Location - Macon County HS, Lafayette, TN
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Mens Races

Macon County HS

5,000 Meters Varsity
5,000 Meters Junior Varsity
2 Mile Middle School Varsity
2 Mile Middle School JV
Womens Races

Macon County HS

5,000 Meters Varsity
5,000 Meters Junior Varsity
2 Mile Middle School Varsity
2 Mile Middle School JV
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Mens Results

2 Mile Middle School Varsity  
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Macon County

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1.5Mackey Bentley13:00.30Friendship Christian
2.6Nathan Longfellow13:01.20Cookeville
3.6Justin Eberle13:05.10Cookeville
4.-Evan McCoury13:08.31Robert Ellis
5.-Kaito Yoshida13:15.70Oakland
6.4Angelo DiCicco13:28.70Cookeville
7.6Carson Cunningham13:31.00Macon County
8.5Julius Young13:33.30Friendship Christian
9.5Matthew Jones13:40.71Cookeville
10.5Alex Wells13:42.10Cookeville
11.5Clay Ruf13:46.80Charlotte
12.6Tyler Harp13:50.40T.W. Hunter
13.5Sean Meier13:54.60Merrol Hyde
14.-Davis Bean13:56.20Station Camp
15.5Kyle Rusche13:57.10Cookeville
16.4Connor Chaparro14:00.00Macon County
17.6Lee Burk14:00.80Cookeville
18.-Caleb Kawasaki14:04.00Winfree Bryant
19.-Jordan Hayes14:05.30Station Camp
20.6Grant Towns14:22.20Macon County
21.-Tate Chumley14:26.00Oakland
22.5Mitchell Groff14:26.50Friendship Christian
23.-Howard Sobieszczyk14:31.50Friendship Christian
24.5Caleb Allen14:35.71Charlotte
25.-Joe Greenwood14:38.21Winfree Bryant
26.-Jackson Morris14:43.20Robert Ellis
27.-Manning Maxwell14:48.00Whitworth-Buchanan
28.6Mathew Samples14:48.70T.W. Hunter
29.-Sean Sesnan14:55.00Winfree Bryant
30.6Aaron Harned15:00.30T.W. Hunter
31.5Zane Taplin15:02.90T.W. Hunter
32.5Parker Smith15:15.50Macon County
33.-Tristan Brown15:17.11Oakland
34.5Donald Fritts15:17.70T.W. Hunter
35.-David Carlton15:22.00Oakland
36.4Hunter Bankston15:25.10Friendship Christian
37.-Alex Henderson15:25.70Whitworth-Buchanan
38.-Garrett Baker15:28.00Oakland
39.5Cole Dziekiewicz15:31.00Macon County
40.-Will Earps15:37.50Winfree Bryant
41.-Brenden Witherspoon15:50.40Greenbrier
42.-Kyle Mench15:52.20Greenbrier
43.5Kyle Close15:54.50T.W. Hunter
44.-Kevin Brown15:57.50Winfree Bryant
45.-Brandon Mayhew15:58.30Robert Ellis
46.4Jonathan Freels16:02.50T.W. Hunter
47.-Clayton Jaselskis16:07.10Winfree Bryant
48.-Gabriel Bahn16:10.60Robert Ellis
49.-Andrew Larson16:13.40Robert Ellis
50.-Chandler Mulaski16:20.00Carroll Oakland
51.4Isaac Wakefield16:22.40Macon County
52.5Josef Bangean16:28.20Merrol Hyde
53.-Austin Montgomery16:31.40Oakland
54.6Drew Getter16:32.00Merrol Hyde
55.-Ryan Herrin16:33.30Station Camp
56.-Taylor Wheat16:34.30Oakland
57.-Andres Morales16:35.30Station Camp
58.-Ben Vannozzi16:35.90Station Camp
59.-Austin Hawkins16:43.50Oakland
60.6Raphael Battad16:44.00Merrol Hyde
61.-Daniel Sage16:49.70Smyrna
62.-Beau Bullock16:51.40Smyrna
63.-Liam Condone16:58.70Robert Ellis
64.-Isaac Kinser17:29.60Station Camp
65.-Luke Conner17:33.10Whitworth-Buchanan
66.-Noah Chance18:10.70Winfree Bryant
67.-Pedro Reyes18:16.50Greenbrier
68.-Caleb Rabassa18:18.40Smyrna
69.-Garrett Gunnells18:22.20Smyrna
70.-Noah Davis18:36.40Station Camp
71.5Eric Davis18:42.60Macon County
72.-Lamon Stripling18:48.60Carroll Oakland
73.-Jorgen Phillips19:10.40Robert Ellis
74.-DaRico Ridley19:44.70Whitworth-Buchanan
75.-Jessie Warrick19:56.50Whitworth-Buchanan
76.-Matthew Parker20:01.90Greenbrier
77.5Dylan Morgan20:05.40Charlotte
78.-Noah Walton20:20.50Greenbrier
79.4Perry Dieter20:57.80Charlotte
80.-Tyler Anderson21:16.61Oakland
81.-Preston Martin21:25.30Smyrna
82.-Dylan Watson21:45.80Whitworth-Buchanan
83.-Oscar Garci21:49.80Smyrna
84.-Ben Novotnak23:10.90Greenbrier
85.-Kristofer Cochran23:14.00Carroll Oakland
86.-Dillion Bowman23:28.90Smyrna
87.-Collin Rotella23:29.40Whitworth-Buchanan
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Womens Results

2 Mile Middle School Varsity  
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Macon County

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1.-Taylor Cuneo13:53.20Oakland
2.-Kayla Marcum-French14:15.40Oakland
3.6Madison Fagan14:27.30Cookeville
4.5Isabella Dawson14:42.60Cookeville
5.-Alexis Burchfield14:45.50Oakland
6.5Lauryn Cravens14:59.30Merrol Hyde
7.4Jena Burk15:02.70Cookeville
8.-Kelsie Shaw15:04.50St. Rose of Lima Cat...
9.-Cassi Kawasaki15:33.71Winfree Bryant
10.5Anastasia Hayes15:49.20T.W. Hunter
11.-Maddie Kimler15:57.10Robert Ellis
12.-Elizabeth Burns16:06.50Robert Ellis
13.-Maya Paliaro16:08.10St. Rose of Lima Cat...
14.-Bailee Condone16:09.70Oakland
15.6Kenna Norrod16:15.00Cookeville
16.-CJ Patterson16:17.61Robert Ellis
17.-Sophie Kolbe16:26.70Robert Ellis
18.-Shelby Parker16:28.70Oakland
19.-Carleigh Short16:32.21Robert Ellis
20.-Allie Dozier16:34.00Winfree Bryant
21.5Katelyn Lepley16:34.60Cookeville
22.-Alisha Yowell16:35.30Station Camp
23.-Kaylee Bean16:36.60Macon County
24.-Maddy Martin16:37.60Winfree Bryant
25.-Sara Williams16:41.50Oakland
26.-Madison Seacrest16:44.10Oakland
27.6Angela Whisenhunt16:46.60Macon County
28.6Bethany Graves16:50.40Macon County
29.5Irina Sipps16:52.80Merrol Hyde
30.-Elaina Charlton16:53.30Robert Ellis
31.-Zoe Kane17:05.70Friendship Christian
32.-Marissa Rue17:06.10Greenbrier
33.5Katie Liska17:09.00Cookeville
34.-Abigail Klecan17:09.40Greenbrier
35.6Annie Ford17:10.20T.W. Hunter
36.-Kash Marks17:11.70Whitworth-Buchanan
37.-Shauna Bogle17:16.90Greenbrier
38.6Maddy Miller17:21.60Macon County
39.5Savanha Diel17:24.60T.W. Hunter
40.5Rachel Dales17:25.40T.W. Hunter
41.6Rachel Crosslin17:26.10T.W. Hunter
42.5Hallie Spurlock17:33.10Cookeville
43.-Cate Farone17:51.10St. Rose of Lima Cat...
44.-Cheyenne Woodard17:59.50Winfree Bryant
45.-Emma Arms18:02.80Oakland
46.-Callie Warren18:05.20Station Camp
47.-Hannah Petty18:05.90Station Camp
48.4Alyssa Whisenhunt18:09.50Macon County
49.-Morgan Harmon18:26.90Winfree Bryant
50.-Baylie Fadool18:32.80Station Camp
51.-Taylor Brown18:41.70Station Camp
52.-Makela Downey18:42.30Station Camp
53.-Haven McCoy18:56.10White County
54.5Allie Fly18:58.10T.W. Hunter
55.-Lauren Jackson18:58.90Greenbrier
56.-Kaitlyn Michael19:02.70Greenbrier
57.-Bayleigh Stults19:03.10Greenbrier
58.5Ashley Connor19:11.80T.W. Hunter
59.-Lauren Bond19:36.00Winfree Bryant
60.-Carlee Ilias19:43.50Friendship Christian
61.-Hannah Rainey19:47.60Station Camp
62.-Hayley Chaffin20:02.60Friendship Christian
63.6Jessica Seehafer20:05.00Macon County
64.3Cassidy Tate20:21.60Friendship Christian
65.-Justice Osborne20:32.30Whitworth-Buchanan
66.-Addi Walker20:39.80Whitworth-Buchanan
67.3Kaylee Scharfman21:17.90Friendship Christian
68.-Myesha Ramsey21:23.50Whitworth-Buchanan
69.5Samantha Bandy21:56.50Macon County
70.4Skyler Lambright22:11.50Charlotte
71.-Callie Chaffin23:04.80Friendship Christian
72.-Roxana Romero23:41.40Winfree Bryant
73.-Roma McGuire24:22.70St. Rose of Lima Cat...
74.-Paige Yoder24:31.20Smyrna
75.-Cesia Perez24:43.90Smyrna
76.-Deanna Stem25:41.30Whitworth-Buchanan
77.-Kasey Shreve25:52.60Whitworth-Buchanan
78.-Taylor Wilson29:05.20Whitworth-Buchanan
79.-Leah Jaramillo30:27.10Smyrna
80.-Abigail Loften30:51.70Smyrna
81.-Amyah Williams31:07.60Smyrna
82.-Marian White31:15.40Smyrna
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2 Mile Middle School JV  
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Macon County

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Official Team Scores

1.Robert Ellis29
1.-Aiyanah Simms15:53.10Robert Ellis
2.3Chloe Livingston16:15.40Cookeville
3.3MaryGrace Cravens16:23.20Cookeville
4.-Paige Lemley16:36.10Robert Ellis
5.-Grace Phillips16:57.90Robert Ellis
6.3Morgan Long16:59.50Cookeville
7.-Morrigan Montgomery17:01.12Oakland
8.-LeeAnn Blevins17:19.40Robert Ellis
9.3Addie Hall17:21.70Cookeville
10.6Kate Galey17:45.20Cookeville
11.-Alex Mattei17:48.70Robert Ellis
12.4Vada Sells17:56.70Cookeville
13.-Karina Mireles17:59.20Oakland
14.-Sierra Cucchiara18:05.60Oakland
15.6Emily Johnson18:15.70Cookeville
16.6Mikaelah Taylor18:29.10Cookeville
17.6Anna Talbert18:30.00Cookeville
18.-Molly Spies18:34.10Oakland
19.6Isabella Wood18:35.00Cookeville
20.-Coraline Leonard18:35.50Robert Ellis
21.-Ericka Burbridge18:43.20Oakland
22.-Julienna Royer18:47.50Robert Ellis
23.-JM Lowandowski18:53.60Robert Ellis
24.-Jenna Galbreath18:54.20Robert Ellis
25.5Molly Chaffin19:11.30Cookeville
26.6Mallory Cravens19:11.80Cookeville
27.-Evie Taylor19:12.80Robert Ellis
28.-Camille Smith19:37.21Oakland
29.3Alley King19:43.30Cookeville
30.5Madison Mitchell19:49.30T.W. Hunter
31.-Presley Cross19:51.10Oakland
32.6Jenna Higbie19:52.30Cookeville
33.-Lauren Morris19:59.50Robert Ellis
34.-Kara Helms20:10.60Oakland
35.-Kendall Irons20:11.30Robert Ellis
36.3AliJane Gilbert20:42.50Cookeville
37.-Maddie Ehrenberg20:48.40Oakland
38.-Alexis Player21:00.10Oakland
39.5Riley Masters21:02.00Cookeville
40.-Imani Craft21:04.91Oakland
41.5Erin Davidson21:09.70T.W. Hunter
42.3Annie Wood21:13.70Cookeville
43.-Hailey Hertz21:19.80Robert Ellis
44.-Sydney Hildebrand21:25.20Station Camp
45.-Abby Bracey21:50.80Robert Ellis
46.-Gretchen Vaughn22:10.90Oakland
47.-Delaney Tucker22:29.30Robert Ellis
48.-Molly Fletcher22:48.50Oakland
49.6Madelyn Kirby23:19.30Cookeville
50.6Karla Whisenhunt23:24.50Macon County
51.-Adelicia Loewen23:39.00Station Camp
52.-Kelsey Lowder23:41.60Oakland
53.6McCayla McClard25:05.20Macon County
54.-Lauren Pope26:03.60Winfree Bryant
55.-Meredith Lowe26:09.20Oakland
56.-Kelsey Johnson26:20.30Whitworth-Buchanan
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