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5,000 Meters Varsity
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Riverbend Park

5,000 Meters Varsity

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Mens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity  
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Bunker Hill

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1.10Zach Shuping21:02.66Draughn
2.10Dakota Lewis21:39.65Bandys
3.12Cody Ledbetter21:47.95Bandys
4.11Brandon Lindler21:51.38Bunker Hill
5.-Bryan Pottoroff21:54.44 PRBunker Hill
6.10Michael Farraro22:17.07Draughn
7.10Alex Ellswroth22:30.33South Iredell
8.11Ryan Turner23:20.23Bunker Hill
9.11Colt Bradley23:38.81South Iredell
10.10Josh Alvaradejo23:49.02Draughn
11.-Patrick Underhill23:50.02 PRBunker Hill
12.10Codie Shook23:51.79Bunker Hill
13.12Jimmy Lail23:54.85Bunker Hill
14.10William Huffman23:59.07 SRSouth Iredell
15.9Joel Forsyth24:00.08South Iredell
16.12Forrest Gibson24:14.93Bunker Hill
17.10Adam Berry25:00.41Draughn
18.10Caleb Smith25:01.39Bunker Hill
19.12Michael Wilson25:01.87Draughn
20.9Dexter Bellingham25:02.26South Iredell
21.-Bradley Bocker25:21.93 PRSouth Iredell
22.10Jeremiah Armstrong25:24.74Bunker Hill
23.12Ben Kanzigg25:29.89South Iredell
24.10Kyle Linebarger25:46.30Bunker Hill
25.10Logan Vance25:51.98South Iredell
26.9Justin Setzer25:56.30Bunker Hill
27.10Jeremy Foster25:58.47Bandys
28.9Garrett Hollar26:02.56Bunker Hill
29.10Alex Lopez26:59.19Bandys
30.12Brendan Mazaleski27:08.24Draughn
31.11Mack Williams27:08.58South Iredell
32.12Dylan Powell27:09.10South Iredell
33.-Dustin Barker27:09.82 SRSouth Iredell
34.9Brandon Poarch27:28.23Draughn
35.9Logan Ruppard28:09.10Draughn
36.12Alan Pump29:06.42Bunker Hill
37.10John Stillwell29:10.50 PRBandys
38.11Logan Geisler29:45.41 SRSouth Iredell
39.9Justin Browning30:16.11 SRDraughn
40.11Forrest Fender30:48.54 PRDraughn
41.-Holden Langdon31:03.33 SRSouth Iredell
42.9Brandon Tolley31:31.85South Iredell
43.10Cody Bouphavong32:36.81Bunker Hill
44.11Logan Quinney33:09.58Bunker Hill
45.11Trevor Ward33:10.70Bunker Hill
46.-Justin Dakota Evri...37:44.86 PRSouth Iredell
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Womens Results

5,000 Meters Varsity  
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Bunker Hill

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1.12Jessica Browning25:01.33Draughn
2.9Aleah Blalock25:10.41Draughn
3.11Sydney LeCras26:06.51South Iredell
4.12Alexis Mitchell26:31.31Bunker Hill
5.11Brittany Moss27:23.01 PRBandys
6.9Jo Johnson27:26.14Draughn
7.12Casey Frye27:35.68Bunker Hill
8.11Breanna Hollar27:37.27Bunker Hill
9.-Brittni Pemelton28:10.62 PRBandys
10.11Hunter Laney28:15.91Bandys
11.9Cassidy Manus28:48.16South Iredell
12.11Elizabeth Easter28:52.66South Iredell
13.-Payton Blakenship28:53.09 PRSouth Iredell
14.11Katie Lambert29:09.45Draughn
15.9Makayla Hedrick29:29.32Bunker Hill
16.9Sarah Young29:29.69Bunker Hill
17.12Irene Pump29:57.74Bunker Hill
18.11Savannah Wesson30:09.14Bunker Hill
19.12Meleah Lewis30:11.22Bunker Hill
20.12Leslye Villegas30:59.70Bunker Hill
21.10Rebekah Terry32:39.59South Iredell
22.9Desiree Baker32:40.82South Iredell
23.9Jasmine Jenkins33:26.05 SRBunker Hill
24.11Katie Dockery34:01.63Draughn
25.11Patricia Chavez34:39.10Bunker Hill
26.12Heather Copeland34:42.87Draughn
27.9Sarah Murguia35:00.02South Iredell
28.-Helena Vadez35:02.73 PRSouth Iredell
29.11Jazmin McCorkle35:03.19Bandys
30.11Kylie Thornburg35:04.15Bandys
31.10Hannah Dagenhart35:05.45South Iredell
32.11Ashley Peltack35:10.85Bandys
33.9Morgan Wright35:15.21Bunker Hill
34.9Jessica Sigmon35:37.46Bunker Hill
35.-Kendyl Rose35:39.44 PRBandys
36.10Sarah Metts35:41.05Bandys
37.12Nikkie Langsey35:51.54Bunker Hill
38.11Jessica Broughton35:57.32Bandys
39.9Kayla Harris35:57.79 SRSouth Iredell
40.11Sarah-Kelly Hawes38:03.10Draughn
41.11Kristen Renno38:33.58Bandys
42.9Katelyn Rhoney39:21.60Draughn
43.10Lacey Elliot39:22.15Draughn
44.-Ashley Lyons40:24.85 PRBandys
45.-Sarah McCarville40:32.49 PRBandys
46.9Marissa Rothwell42:48.08South Iredell
47.-Sydney McKenzie44:40.19 PRSouth Iredell
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